Difficult Situation Doesn’t Stop me From Helping People

Yesterday, I went out. I was looking for a landline phone in the store. Then while going home, I saw one old lady looking for something. She looks exhausted. I really want to ignore her because I was feeling irritated about my problem, however, I can’t resists looking at her face. She was very worried. I passed her by. I overheard her saying “where did you go, oh no” and she was in an awkward position like she wants to walk fast or run. I looked back at her and observed her walk. I know that when I fail to helped her, her body will just drop down the ground. I can’t take it, for sure my conscience will never stop to bother me. I followed her. I overheard she was crying. I rushed near her and asked her what is happening. She was grasping for breathe and she told me she was looking for her puppy. She was holding the leash and her puppy run away while she was buying something. I asked her what time does her puppy got escape and she told me in less than 30 minutes.

I remember while I was trying to contact a diagnostic center on the landline, I saw a puppy running away. It was running fast. I told the old lady to just sit down and I will look at her dog. She sat and nod at me, she was very exhausted. I was praying while running to look for the puppy. I kept on praying that I will able to see it because the lady for sure will going to cry. I know how it feels so I wish not to happen to her. She also remind me of my mother so I told myself, I will do my best to help her. In less than 25 minutes, I able to see a puppy under a car. It looks very scared from the bikes that was coming everywhere. I know that it is the puppy so I kept on calling it. Suddenly, the lady was there and she called the name of the puppy, “Riri”. I called her Riri and she went out and lick my hands. Oh my, she is the puppy. I carried her and gave her to the old lady. The old lady cried and she never stop thanking me. I told her that is okay and I hope Riri will never escape again. Riri is small size for a puppy. I don’t know her breed, though.

As I was walking going home, I realized I did not get out of the house because I need to contact the diagnostic centers, but because I have an assignment to do. That is what God is doing, he is using you as an intrument to help people. For that reason, if you know you can able to help, help.


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Oh He loves to Kick!!

Teej visited us again this afternoon. I think that is good, that he gets used to seeing us every day. My mother needs to feed the kittens in the cage that is why she returned home. During the whole day, she was at my sister’s house because she will take care of my nephew. She only comes back at home to feed the pets and when she wants too. I am glad that when Teej arrived, I was newly bath and powdered. My mother asked me to carry him and of course, her beautiful Auntie would love too. He is happy again. He keeps on looking at his beautiful Auntie, ME, and then he kicks. He kicks all the time. He kicks when he saw the dogs, he kicks when there is someone talking, he kicks when he is seeing cats walking, he kicks when someone is clapping. My father turned on the television to watch some mix martial arts, then Teej became busy looking at the television. He keeps on kicking once he saw someone kicking. After watching for longer hours, he cannot stop kicking.

It makes me hard to hold him because besides he is too heavy to hold, he moves all the time. Right now that he enjoys kicking, it makes it harder for me more. I cannot even lift him when I want to change position. I was trying to make him sleep but he was kicking all the time that was making it hard for me to be comfortable carrying him. I came back to sitting position and hold him the way he wants to be held. Then he kicks again. Sometimes I was holding his big legs and he kicked. He even holds my hair very tight telling me I look like a rocker that all of my hairs were on my face. I know, I know. The next time, I will tie it.

Before I end today’s blogging let me share some cute pictures of him from yesterday. These are my favorites from him because he was looking straight at the camera and he looks cute.

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It Doesn’t Matter if you Think you are Ugly, What Matter is there is Someone who Accepts You as YOU

A good friend send me a text message inviting me on her wedding. She wants me to sing. Her wedding is on September, the month of my birthday. I don’t remember her when I received her message. I even asked her who she was and said she is… leave the name to me, let’s name her Pau. I haven’t ask her that I will share her story in my blogs. I will not mention her real name but I will be sharing her good news. I really tried to recall who is Pau and why on earth she knows my number. Then I remember, she was one of my friend that I got closed with during the time we were support Julielmo Loveteam. After two hours, I gave her my another reply and I said sorry I hardly remember her but I remember her now! I told her that I am saving my mobile load and she understands. She kept on sending me messages telling me her love story. I cannot help but smile because I now recall exactly how she looks like.

Nope, she is not ugly. She is my friend so I need to be biased, lol. Yet, she is not ugly. She is fat, fair in complexion but she is not ugly. She maybe cute but her face is full of fluffiness, but she is so beautiful when she smile. Her beauty starts where her eyes starts to smile and she is nice so she is a real beauty to me. She said that she met her soon-to-be-hubby during the time she was volunteering for Tacloban. She even shared that she failed to lose weight so I should expect to see her with the same size. Her fiancee is not fat though. He is with normal size of a man and very manly. The looks resembles big similarities with Dingdong….. Avanzado. I was laughing that she said she don’t know what happened, but all she knows is that she did not put any love potion in his foods. One day she just woke up seeing her boyfriend offering a ring and kneeling at her. I was like HOMAYGAD!! while reading her text message. Like Really??? Does he have a brother?

Moving forward, I am happy for her. She must done something good that she deserves that man. Maybe that man really doesn’t look on a person’s external looks but on what is inside them. She is a very loving, sincere and loyal individual. I know her fiancee saw it that is why he wants her for the rest of his life. I am so jealous!!! The girl who always says she is ugly and will never have a boyfriend is now getting married. She deserved it. I am so happy!! She is my good news today.

It doesn’t matter if you think you are ugly, what matter is there is someone who accepts you as you.


It’s The Climb!!

Most of my friends hate Miley Cyrus, much more when she did the Wrecking Ball and We Can’t Stop Music Videos. I saw both of the videos and I can see is a person who was troubled and shaken. Maybe I have my own meaning of troubled and shaken because when I say it, it means they have something inside them that they want to let others know by their action alone. They are not comfortable to say it with words, just watch how they act and you know they are going through. Getting back to Miley, whenever I am hearing my friends bashing her, I always think of the song The Climb. Then I will say, I will not bash her because she made the song The Climb.

One of the great things that Miley Cyrus contributed with music and the lives of others is singing this song and having it inside her albums. I love this song. I am listening to it right now. This song is the one that exactly describe what happens to our lives. Life is an uphill battle but everyone deserves a good life. It is the climb that matters. It is your journey to success despite the struggles. There will be stones that will be thrown at you, you will be hit and bleeds, but you will learn to put betadine and clean it and cover it with gauze pads, lol.

To be serious, there will be a lot of stones will be thrown at you and you will get hit. When you are lining up, there will be lots of shoves and push so that you will be out of the line, but you will get back on track. You will never stop. That is my own insights about this song. This is what Miley Cyrus is helping me now.

Let me share this with you if you are not aware of the song.

Video credits: Hollywood records channel YouTube




Everyone started from Zero

No one said that life should be with bed of roses. It might be but full of thorns. Life is as good as the red color of roses but the thorns makes it difficult to handle. You must be very careful of handling it or you might feel pain and bleeding. Life is exactly as it is.

In life, everyone started from zero. I only got this topic by listening to the song Loser Like Me performed by Glee cast. No matter how you try, you will lead to difficulty and rejection. Not only that you make mistakes, you will be rejected by people around you too. They will say how loser you are for not reaching your goal and for believing that someday you will be successful.

Everyone started from zero in learning how to live their life. Sometimes you achieved something leading you to believing that you will be reaching another one, but hey, life is not like that. You will be forever making mistakes and learning from it. You always starts from zero. One day you feel you all have the faith and believe in yourself, then the next day you are losing it, they you start again, having the same faith and believe in yourself. That is how it works, with all honesty.

Starting from zero means you learned something and you will now be careful. You started to realized you made mistakes, you will try to remember it. You started to accept that you did not give your best, so you will give your bests. It will just cycled again. It will be never ending. It always comes back to zero. The only thing that improves on you will be your will power. It should get bigger, your rates should increased so that no matter how many rejection and failed results, your confidence will get better. You learn to shrug it off and say to yourself, I can’t still do this, I did it before, I can do it again.


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Too Shy To Know

I never thought that I have a college classmate reading my posts. Now, he is updated with what is happening with me. I feel shy knowing though I am sure all of what I shared in here are true. I feel shy because he happens to know my thoughts now. He even recommended separating my rants or personal posts from posts about writing. I think I will follow his recommendation. I will create another site that is all about writing, the insights that I read from other’s article. This blog site should be about inspiration but I put my rants and day to day activities in here. I think I ruin the objective of this blog site. I will start over. Because of this, I want to build 2 sites additional. 1 site will be about what I know about writings. The other one is my day to day journal. This blog site My Message to the World will be full of inspirational posts. I will start over. I am not sure if I will start for now but I think I will.

Moreover, he told me that ever since we were in college, he knows that I love writing as I love writing everything from the whiteboard, lol. I was laughing at him and I began to miss our college days where we can only afford eating waffle cheese flavour and mini hotdogs that costs Php1.00 each. We survived college eating those foods because our allowance was literally for photocopying our research from the library. He also mentioned he used to do 1-2-3 when he was riding in a jeepney because he was saving his money for the other days. 1-2-3 means you will riding a public vehicle without paying. That is bad but he did it for the sake of the allowance which is always not sufficient. I cannot blame him, it was hard during our college days. Thanks to the allowances I got from scholarship, I survived it.


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Happy Birthday Angel08! JoDee

I met JoDee during Bubblews. I love her thoughts. Actually, during those times, I have lots of foreigner friends and these people became my big sister online. When I have problems, they are always there to the rescue to make me feel okay. I have my adopted Auntie as well and I am missing her. She is Malika Bourne aka Nononcents-nana. Amongst my friendsssssss at Bubblews, JoDee aka Angel08 remains with me and we have been together for so long now. When I have a new site I invite them, we were literally holding hands and pulling each other to join, lol. JoDee is one of my lovely friends who had stayed with me for so long.

Today is her birthday! (woot woot! this is our favorite expression). Don’t ask the age, she is too young. I don’t know what to say about her, I am not ready for this posts. I am doing this because I know the words will come out. JoDee is my loyal friend and I have a lot of loyal friends too. She is one of the people I can count on when I have something to worry about. We consistently talk through Facebook and I love receiving messages coming from her. She doesn’t know about this but during the time she said that I can say share everything to her I really cried because I feel lucky having her. I feel like God is adding another angel in my life, more mature and more open-minded. I am grateful she never get tired of me. Everything about our friendship means so much.

If you happen to know Jodee aka Angel08 here in Blogjob, drop by on her timeline and greet her. This person is very sincere and loving. She will virtually hug you. Not just a regular hug, but a BFF Tight Hug, just like when I am hugging you virtually here.

Happy birthday BFF! I love you!! JoDee



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I Assume the reason why they are not giving me some tests…

Never mind me posting this one because it is a product of overthinking and imagination, lol. I cannot avoid but to assume that it is the reason because it is happening right now. I am talking about Usabilityhub. Yesterday, I received my first ever payment but then it has a note that they deducted 0.20 to my payment because I answered some tests quickly, as quickly as less than 2 seconds. I don’t know how I did it. I don’t remember at all doing that kind of answer, however, if I really did then it is against their quality guidelines. Now I am assuming, because of that impression, they are not giving me some tests.

I learned from some of my friends who are working on that site, they are getting some tests ranging from 2-7 tests a day, even during the weekends. Me, I tried my might to refresh the site for some tests but I am not getting any. It makes me feel I am of the hook or they are now taking a look on everything I do there. I love to know if someone got paid and received the same messages. If I will not some tests, then they are giving me the impressio to leave the site. I will still try it for a week. If the same treatment is happening, then I guess I better leave the site.

That is okay, there are some sites like that. I admit that I made a mistakes. I don’t want to ruin my reputation and the site’s reputation too so if the best thing is to refraining me to have some tests, then let them do that. I guess they are really into quality. I will do my best to meet their guidelines but they need to give me some tests first to try me again. That is okay, I understand.


They have a Beautiful Names

I was talking to a friend this afternoon before I went to nap. I was asking him help regarding my internet problem. He told me a technique in order to save my prepaid load on my mobile using the internet so that I could blog and send messages using Facebook messenger as well. I did it in the evening and it work. While talking to him from the messenger, he told me that his two daughters are at home, visiting him. They used to be in the province but since it is vacation time, they are staying with him. I asked him what are their names. He answered that it is Cam and Des. I told him how short their name were and he corrected that it is just their nicknames. Cam’s real name is Camera and Des is Destiny. I couldn’t believe he name her daughter those names but it is beautiful, Camera and Destiny.

Of course someone will react, why Camera? Okay let me share you the story. Camera is the eldest and she is 9. She was name Camera because there was a camera event that his father joined in and he won something. That something is what he dream ever since. Two dreams came true and he made it into one. Destiny on the other hand was named after, nope not the cable, but she was born on the exact date her mother dream about her. Even on the exact time. And her mother dreamt about it while she was 12 years old only. When her dream happened, the youngest daughter is named Destiny, because everything about her is destined to happen.

I love the story behind the name and I love how my friend shared the story to me. He is a well known joker. He makes people laugh, so imagine how much laughter I gave in this afternoon before the story ended.


Eating the leftover Pancake

There are two pancakes left but I attack one of it, so one is left now. Attack is our way of saying “let’s eat”, I apologize for my term. I put butter, powdered milk and brown sugar. Sorry that it was half already because I was enjoying eating it when I remember I need to take a picture. Good thing I remember because I really want to show you my invention, lol.

Yes, I invented it. I invented the pancake with butter, powdered milk and brown sugar on top, instead of whip cream or honey. In the future, I want a business like this. I want to start a pancake business, with a varieties of whip cream and different dips. I want this business because this kind of food makes people happy. I was feeling sad when I woke up earlier but then I remember it is 1 in the morning now. I used to feel hungry. I remember the leftover pancake. After eating it I feel full and satisfied. While eating it feel I was like a young girl enjoying the take home food that my parents brought for me. It literally puts a smile on my face. Imagine putting a smile on the face of other people when they tasted my pancakes, for sure everyone will go crazy. It is a good business idea and I want to make it happen.

My pancake will be fuller. Fuller of love and tastes. I will sell it with cheaper price. I will experiment on the dips and different sauce. It will rock!! Just give me enough time and you will see Grecy’s Pancakes all over your place because I will different branches, even in Hollywood, mark it!!

Do you imagine how amazing the taste the pancake I just ate this morning, it taste really awesome. I even dream of having a business!! This is what this pancake did to me.


Photo is mine


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