Pre- Celebration, 8 Months of Relationship

You might seen me posting about my girl friends that is because I am so proud of this friendship. We met this afternoon after my best friend ended her shift. We went to Gateway and we did a pre-celebration.

Me and my bestfriend, Diane, met August 4, 2007 at Cuneta Astrodome. We watched UAAP. We are both fans of this UAAP basketball player, Chris Tiu. He is the reason why I met Diane. Before we met personally, me and Diane were chatting in our yahoo groups. We also met Anna there. We both see Anna, August 24, 2007. This made us celebrating our 8th year friendship, me with Diane, during August 4 and during August 24, is our anniversary.

The rest is history.

Earlier, I thought we will never see Anna again. This is because she has problem about her mother. Her mother has illness. She has Alzheimer. She cannot get out of their house because there is no one that can look for her mother. Actually, Anna is no longer working because she needs to take care of her mother. Even if there are problems like that, because we want to see Anna, for the reason that we misses her, we forced her to be there. She went there and we became some old pals that can’t help laughing even if the topic is some petty things.

My life is seem complete because of them. Our favorite thing to do is to make fun of our enemy, in our own way and laugh hard. I can say that we have the hardest laughing out loud moment, every time we meet. We never fail to laugh. I think this laughter is because of all the stress we are feeling everyday. I feel that each of us, is our stress reliever that is why we laughed like that.

Okay, we only went to Breadtalk, our new hang out and ordered some freshly baked bread and we enjoyed our afternoon.


Go the Distance

Do you have a song for yourself? Do you find yourself singing that song when you are down? Or maybe singing that song when you are happy? Does this song lift your spirit up and make you feel good after?

Well, I have this song that I sing to myself. I do believe that this song if for me. It makes me get back to the zone and focus on my goals. A lot of times I am hurt. There are people who do not believe in my capacity. I am free judged by people around me. Sometimes, it is my own father who says that there are things I can’t do. The times that you just need yourself to believe in you.

The song Go the Distance is sung by Michael Bolton. It is the theme song of the movie Hercules. Go the Distance is what I am playing as I am creating this blog. This song is about dreams and making it happens. There are some people that will leave you behind, not because they just don’t want, but because they do not believe in you. It hurts that while making your dreams became a reality, there are people pushing you down with harsh criticism. You feel alone in this battle. You feel you should be afraid.

As the song goes,  I won’t accept defeat, I won’t look back, I can go the distance because that is what I am heading. I don’t care how far, I can go the distance, like a shooting star. I will make my dreams happen. These people will see me getting there. I might be going there, kneeling, but they will not see me stopping because I am hearing them shouting that “I can’t”.

I will be an inspiration. I will make my dreams happen. I was born to be successful and this is my real purpose in this planet.



Being Sick….

Being sick is not always easy, that is what I am always telling with myself. I am hearing most of my friends, who are tired at work, telling themselves that they want to have a sick. They want to get a flu or fever so that they can be excuse to go to work for a day or two. When they are officially sick, they are very thankful. It is a different case for me. I want to be fine and okay everyday. I do not like to be sick because I am sick all the time.

I am sick all the time, you read it right, I am sick all the time. When I eat, I feel bloated, that is why I need to eat a little. When I stay online for long and I missed sleep at night, I have migraine the other day. I even have a migraine even on a normal day. There are lots of pain in my bones. Sometimes I will be shock that I have high fever. Maybe this is because of my ruptured liver.

I am tired of being sick but I do believe that everything will be temporary. I know I will be okay. I apply Law of attraction to almost everything because when I do this, I feel okay. I do find pictures that will make me laugh. I watched videos that makes me inspire. I do not sulk myself of thinking about this illness. I cannot supply myself with medicine as my source of income is not enough. I will just change my attitude towards things so that everything negative about my body and my thinking will be changed too.

I do believe being sick is just a state of mind. Everything you attract will affect you so I attract positive things instead. Since, everything has a reason, i find good reason to what is happening to my body and my life, because I want to understand it. I need to love myself so it will reciprocate to me too.

Just Another Afternoon

It was a very busy day to me yesterday. I was in and out of the bank since I was doing encashment and need to deposit some money in my friend’s account. I was walking and running because the bank will be close at 3 in the afternoon. I did finished my task before the said time. As a result, I was very tired. I did a long walk just to go to a nearby mall. I stayed in a foodcourt and have my late lunch.

After a while, I send a message to my sister for us to meet, since she is going near the place I was in. We met passed 5 in the afternoon and we have a milk tea while talking to each other. My sister is happy. She is having her baby. I am proud of her. I keep on praying that everything will be safe and fine. I hope that when she delivers her first baby boy, it will not be that hard on her. I hope my prayers will be granted.

She said, she likes the milk tea. The picture attached is a picture of Chatime Ooling which I bought at Chatime. It is not that delicious but it is relaxing. I am glad that my sister and her baby likes the taste. I usually treats my sister for food because I want to test what her baby likes to eat. As far as I know, all of the food that I bought makes her happy. It means the baby is happy inside. This makes me want to earn money to treat her again.

After 3 months, I will be seeing my nephew. As the time is near, I do not want my sister to get stressed. I want her to enjoy this moment and to feel excited so that when she is in pain, the winning emotion will be pure happiness.



Online Vs Offline Job

I am doing this post to share my perspective about online from offline job. Some of the people I know are intrigue on how I earn online and why I am doing this instead of having offline job. I have offline job but the earning is not enough so I need to add my online income. Thank God that I have online income because I will not survive.

Well let me describe Online job. Online job is your work online and you get to paid through payment processor that transfers to your bank account. It can be varieties of work because there are lots of available work online. The job is always international, at least for me as I am from the Philippines. Offline job, on the other hand, is the kind of job that is based on your experiences and skills. It is either local or international. Online job can be based on your experience and skills too, but most of it are too easy to understand that even the young ones can join. Again, Offline job pays you through your bank or through cash. It can be paid monthly or every 15 days, while Online jobs pays you for every task you finished and if you reached the minimum payment.

What is best, offline or online job?

Based on experiences, I will let you know the nature of these jobs and you decide.

You can work at the comfort of your home when you have online job. You will not commute, you will not spend for your gas fee, you will not get tired of the traffic in the street. You own your time, you do not have a boss. You do not have to wear something professional, because you can wear anything while doing the job. You do not need to be in peer pressure as you are working independently. However, you do not have benefits like you are getting in your offline job. Even the bonuses are not present. All of your earnings depends on the work done. You can have all the risk and pressure in the road and inside the office while doing your offline job but you get to learn and be challenged. Offline job can give you a steady income compare to online job.

So what do you choose?

I choose to be with both.


Earning Online is Possible

I was having insufficient funds when I started earning online. The timing is right because I am willing to learn even I anticipate that it is hard. My first online venture is a forum and discussion sites called Mylot. I am not a natural English speaker, nor a writer, so you will imagine how I struggle just to earn cents  a day. Yes, you read it right, I earn 0.65 estimated per day at Mylot. I was never discourage because I love what I am doing. Even up until now, I never stop learning different sites and I am earning good from it.

Many of my friends are still in doubt about earning online. Most of them are having dirty minds and keep on teasing me that I am on an adult site that is why I am earning good. I never tried that. In fact, my earning is not okay for a living. My earnings online is just an additional to my primary source of income.

Fast forward to present. How can one earn online? What are the earning site that people should try? The types of earning online are blogging, revenue sharing sites, paid to click sites, get paid to do something sites, forum sites, affiliate marketing sites and bitcoins. The earning ways for you to have a high paying sites are trying out with Odesk or Freelancer dot com. These sites requires your skills and you need to be qualified and gain good reputations in order for you to get a gig or project.

The next thing you do is to find, which of these sites you can do. Do not expect to much from this sites as you need to gain a lot of experience to have techniques in order to earn good. Learning is contagious online so you need to prepare yourself to learn a lot. Once you have surrendered yourself to all of this kind of challenges, welcome to world of online earnings!


To be continued…

Going on 8 years…

We might not have the beautiful faces that you usually see, but I am proud of this friendship I have. For me, I have the most beautiful imperfection when I have these girls. We are not the goody goody type, but we are not that bad either. Can I say we have the average attitude and we get the strength from each other.

I already shared to you how we three, met. It was a history but it seems like yesterday. I am proud of what my girls had become. I am proud of their achievements. I saw them grow. They grew up to be the women of strength. We like to make fun, but we give respect. We help each other and we always tell the truth. I cannot have this kind of friendship with others, I know, that is why I treasure it.

They say that when you and your best friend lasted for 7 years, the friendship will last forever. It means you already accepted how can your friends can be witch, sometimes, lol. Even if they are witch, they are the most beautiful witch, and so I am.  They are the type that I am willing to give my life just to defend them. We already proven how we love each other. I trust that this friendship will takes a lifetime.

I am grateful. Sometimes, when I am stress and thinking about my problems, I stop and smile. I might have a big problem but I know I have friends like them that I can talk to. They cannot give financially but they will never leave me until they helped me. I do the same for them.

My advise, not all can find a friendship like this, so treasure it when you have one. You are lucky to have found one best friend, so it means I am too lucky as I have two. Hug your friend/s for me and savor the gift of this kind of relationship.

Real Friendship is like a Pot of Gold

Real friendship is like a pot of gold, that is what my former Supervisor told me when she was still alive. She is one of my true friends. She told me that when she is gone, I will meet wonderful individuals that I will value for the rest of my life. I found them even before she died. Thank you Ma’am Lillian.

In the picture, is me and my goofy friends. We never get serious until we need too. When we are together, there will be a series of laughter and funny stories. Even the not so funny ones will be funnier because we put on some jokes whenever we get serious. When someone is crying, she is not crying because she is mad or frustrated, but because she is dying of laughter. I can say these two are my laughing buddies. They are my source of strength and I can’t live without them.

We meet year 2007. We are one of the followers of Chris Tiu during his UAAP Basketball time. We owe everything to Chris Tiu as if without him, I will never met these two wonderful ladies I have right now. I considered them as a gift and my extended families. I never thought that I could love them and accept their flaws. I never imagine having this friendship to last for 8 years now. We might change our appearance but we do not change how to treat each other. We might be changing opinions but we know how to give respect.

This friendship is tested with times that when one is down and we need to help each other, we will do everything to keep her back on track and believe that life is a piece of struggle. I should mention everything I believe we have in this friendship we have, but I will spare some of it for future post.

I love you girls, forever.



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