I bought load at Coins.ph

Before, I discovered that we can pay our bills using Coins.ph. Coins.ph is a web wallet. If you are into Bitcoin mining, you gather all your bitcoins and put it in here. There is an equivalent amount depending on your currency. I am happy that this site was build in my country and now it is getting better and better. I told you that I want to try to pay my bills there. I don’t have any idea on how can I get my receipt once I do that. I better reads some reviews. Earlier, since I saw before that you can buy a load, I tried it earlier for my phone. I less Php50 on my web wallet balance to pay for the load I bought. I even received rebates from trying out the service. Now I still have money there and for sure I will become addicting in earning Bitcoins because I am taking advantage of everything in Coins.ph.

If the featured image will able to appear, that is the screenshot I made earlier. I received the load immediately. I even received Php2.50 for trying out the service. I am happy. I will be very willing to earn more bitcoins to put on my web wallet. The ways are so simple. You just enter your number, the site itself will able to identify the network if it is Smart, Globe or Sun. Then you will need to put the denomination of amount, there are 20,50,100 and so forth, you will choose from it. You need to click it and there you go, you will receive a note that your load is on the way. In less than 15 seconds, I received mine. That is how easy and accessible it. It is good for an emergency, when you know the store is close and you need your mobile to be loaded. This will only applicable if you have balance on your web wallet. You can only have a balance by working on bitcoin sites.


Photo is mine, from Coins.ph

Coconut as a Cleansing Factor

Ever since I was young, when someone from the family was having UTI, we will say “drink coconut”. I able to buy two earlier. My only thing is to drink the coconut juice because that is the specific thing I need to consume with it to cleanse my UTI. I can feel there is an intense pain on the lower part of my stomach. I can sense that the bacteria are still there. Now it makes me sad because for sure I will still fail the test because I am still positive with UTI. For sure the doctor will not say I am cleared and another medication will about to happen. It supposed to be today, but I did not go to the diagnostic center because as far as I remember I got my sleep past 7 in the morning already. It is hard for me to sleep every Sunday, but it was my fault, anyway.

I went out to find coconut as the juice of it will able to help me. I do remember people drinking coconut juice and they were get cleared. If I will able to see a coconut seller tomorrow near the diagnostic center for sure I will be buying some coconuts. Another is baking soda. You need to put the powder, teaspoon on it, in a warm water and drink it. It is a great cleanser. While doing that, I will be putting baking soda on my teeth as it whitens the teeth. Much better if it has a lemon. I will squeeze the lemon in it and put it on my teeth. It will surely makes my teeth whitens.

I love to prioritize about my UTI. I already accepted that I am still not cleared or maybe I need to sincerely ask God for this one. Maybe I am praying less.

Photo from Pixabay


It is Hard in the Situation Like This…But

I am all bankrupt. I don’t have money at all. I think I need to do something. I should be going out and have my urinary test to test for the present of UTI, however, the money I am expecting failed to arrive because my friend already spent it. She said she will try her best to give me something later. I only need 1k so that when I needed to have another medication, I can able to buy medicine as well. Right now, my cell phone has no load either, I cannot respond to the message sent to me. I need to get out of the house and try to withdraw the money from Bitcoin that I have on my Coins.ph. I have few coins there and it will help me to have a mobile load as well. Why I am not trying that out. But I need to still get out as I need to pay some bills and find a coconut juice.

I was asking my brother to get to me to have my cell phone loaded but he is taking care of my nephew on the other house as my mother went to the hospital. She has been coughing a lot lately and we can say that she has a dry cough. For sure there will be an accumulation of phlegm in her lungs. I hope nothing serious with it. Anyway, as I was writing this blog, I was trying to buy load at Coins.ph. I used my remaining money on my wallet. I deducted Php50 from having my mobile loaded. I just did. I already received the load actually and it is making me smile because I was having a hard time thinking who will have me loaded but now I already have it. I love Coins.ph. In the future, I will use it to pay my bills.

I Changed The Theme and I can See It

I told you earlier that I am having a problem with seeing the full content of my blog. Normally, when I am posting my blog, I need to view it after editing so that I could check how it appears on the screen. When I checked on the posts, the title only appears. Now I decided to change the theme because I am assuming that it has to do with the theme. Right now, I able to see my post with complete content and I am now seeing it, thanks to God. I even mentioned Sheridan earlier, I should leave a note to him to do not bother to check it.

I thought it has something to do with me copy pasting my blog from MS Word transferring to WordPress. I am glad I able to see it now. Maybe my theme before was full. It has something to do with the WordPress. It makes the post heavy to load that is why it only shows the title. I am having some errors before using that theme. I don’t remember the name of the theme, but ever since I used it, it is hard to load. Maybe that it something to do with it.

I will still choose another theme because this one that I used is very simple though I like it. I used this before. It is the kind of theme that you can post it without a featured image and it still looks formal. I love posting pictures but it took me time to load Pixabay at present that is why I am not using any picture with my blog. Maybe with this theme, it will be easier now. I will try.

I am glad to be able to know the problem because I able to fix it now. I hope I still be able to post some more as the time is running out and everything will get reset. See you around.



What is part of the Past that you find it Hard to Accept?

What is the part of your past that is hard to accept? I cannot be specific with problems with the past. All I know is that those things leads me to a person I am now. There were lots of regrets. I should have done this and that. There were lots of blaming thoughts and it is hard to find peace when I start to remember all of these. However, when I really need too analyzed what happened, those things lead me to solving other problem. I was prepared to face a difficult problem because I have a bullet. My bullet is called experience. Experiences have thought me to define myself to lead me to the best person to help myself. It even leads me to become a person that the other person needs. Every emotion that brought by those experiences are within me and that is the kind of emotions I am avoiding others to feel. I tell them how much things will get to worst and I am there to guide them.

If we will say we hard to accept our past, we could be wrong. We cannot have a brighter future with having denials about our past. Again, it leads us to the person we are now. It leads us to be cautious, well guided, being humble, be forgiving but not forgetting, and be understanding and most especially feeling grateful that it happens. I cannot say all will agree but if you come to analyze there is no other way. Even if you regret your past a thousand folds you cannot change everything. The only thing you can change is your decision now so that you do not have the same situation after ten years.

Maybe there are parts that are hard to accept, but remembering it and living in the moment are on the boundary of acceptance. You just learned to make a difference.

Only Title is Appearing

I am posting my blog right now. It is an advance Blogs copy paste from MS Word. Every time I am posting my blog I try to see how it looks like when people will read it. When I checked it now, I never thought that the only title is appearing. Even clicking the title doesn’t get me anywhere. I was even having difficulty in opening my specific blog site title My Message to the World before I start blogging in it. I only got to see one posts and when I opened it, the title only appears. I wonder why this is happening. I am doing this blog to try if this will able to push through but if not, my next resort is to change the theme.

It makes me nervous because if the title only appears on my blog, it looks like everything I posted seems like a joke. How can someone read my blog if the title only appear. On my dashboard or what we call, newsfeed, I can see that I had posted a blog as I can see the title and the body of it, but if you click on the blog itself, the title only appears. I already mentioned Sheridan to take a look at it. I am assuming that my blog site My Message to the World has a problem, so when this post doesn’t push through, then I have to change the theme, hoping that my content will able to be read not only the title.

I am running out of time to take advantage of my limit post. I think I need not to go with it but solve my issue as of the moment. I know the problem is with my theme or because my posts number is now full. I hope to resolve this one.


Enjoyed this Movie Hot Pursuit

When my father switched the television channel to Star Movies, because we were watching on other station before it, I saw Sofia Vergara. She is with Reese Witherspoon in this movie called Hot Pursuit. I told my father to just stay there. I love Sofia Vergara. I know her on Modern Family. I never watched that shows but I only known her to be part of that show as she was interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres before. Sofia Vergara is the sexy Latina. She is very funny. I love her. I am not sure if she is good to pair up with my favorite actress Reese Witherspoon, but after this movie, I think they are.

In the movie, Reese is a cop with the surname Cooper. She always does the pursuit wrong. Now she was left to protect Daniella Riva, Sofia Vergara’s character. They witness a crime that led them to flow. Cooper needs to protect Daniella. Daniella’s husband Felipe got killed and Cooper is there to protect Daniella because she is a witness. They had a series of running from the cops because both became fugitive. In the end, I never thought that the cops itself are protecting the killer, Vicente Cortez. Vicente Cortez is the one that killed the brother of Daniella.

Anyway, the story is real funny, especially the last part where they show the behind the scene. This is directed by Anne Fletcher and when it comes to this director, surely the movie will be real funny. I also love the ups and downs of the characters. I thought they trust each other but they don’t. They have their own mission so they need to use each other to escape it. Actually, Cooper is there to always protect Daniella, Daniella wants to escape cooper because she needs to do something. In the end, she blurted her mission and that is to kill Vicente Cortez because she was longing to do it for 6 years now.

Even though there are ups and down with the relationship, they never thought that will treasure each other. They never thought that a friendship could start in it. It is a comedy and feel good movie. If you are bored, I highly recommend this.

Not that much as of the Moment

I did continue my blogging earlier but I am saving my drafts using MS Word file. I thought I will enjoy checking out some social network sites but I got bored so I returned on blogging. I was watching Hot Pursuit on Star Movies and enjoying it. When there is a commercial, either I was blogging or talking to a dear friend at Facebook. He has a problem and I hope it gets resolved.

Actually, I felt bad when I saw that the site has maintenance for long. Maybe I am not getting used to seeing a maintenance too long, I understand, though. My good friend said it is a site migration. It will take for long for sure so better accept that I lose one day. That is okay. I understand. I find things I will do for today. I get attach to this site that is why I felt worried and now since I am not the only one, I feel okay.

Although I don’t have a list of topic for today, I better keep blogging. I know in time I will able to find new topics. This is the right time to storm the net for topics. A time for reading. A time for watching movies. A time for taking care of the kittens. In fact, I took one to a warm bath because she is dirty. The smallest and the youngest of the kittens. She hates me after. I even cleaned the floor. I was supposed to wash the dishes but there is none. I better watch this movie at Star Movies instead.

No matter what happens, I still consider this a great day and I am grateful. Tomorrow will be another challenge for me and I wish the good news will come out. I hope all of my prayers and medication will able to pay out. Or maybe if I am posting this on the next day, that will be the day that the results should come out.



I want to be in the middle of everything with a calming heart

This is one of my dreams. My house is always with noise not only because the inside of it are the quarrelling of my parents, the barking of dogs, the cry of the cats, the cooking, the television, the radio etc, but also with the loud sound of the neighbors and everything happening outside. I am always in the middle of noise that disturbs my peace. Sometimes I go to somewhere quiet. I go to adoration chapel and spend time with God. I talk with him. It is time to adore him and to be grateful to all the blessing I am receiving. It is the part where I asked for him and to share my prayer requests.

What I only wish is to have a calming heart. No matter I am in between every noise, I want to have it. Being in a place where silence is everywhere, but the calming heart is not there, it is useless. I want to have it. It is the equivalent of true peace. I am longing for peace for a long time. I will never find it boring. Solving problems give me peace. In the night, at least I do not have things I will worry about. That I will leave each day that I know there is hope for me for everything. I want peace not only for myself but for all the people as well.

How to find the calming heart is to erase worrying. I always worry, that is why it is very hard on me. In worrying, I feel stress but it makes me prepared. I guess I have the different ways on how to deal with my problems. It is not easy for me all the time. I guess I just need to find time deleting the feeling worry for that is the only way to find the calming heart.


Everytime you find a humor in different situation you win

They say that when you feel troubled but you can still joke around about it and you can still laugh about it, then you can win it. You can able to face the struggle with difficulty but with full acceptance that it is just a problem and every person will able to surpass it. There are less people who are feeling this way. Instead of fret and complain, they go about it. They analyze the problem but they make sure that they are calm and focus. This is the best way to deal with the problem as problem will go away once it is solved.

I need to ask myself and review it. I need to remember if there was a time that I laughed at my problem. Yes, the answer is yes. I had laughed at my problem a lot of times. I even laughed at my problem where the same problem happened again. I cannot be perfect when it comes to problem. My problems were in different degrees. Even the heaviest one, I remember singing at videoke to just let myself cried out. I laughed at myself after it, because it makes my voice to sound good. I said to myself, I could be a great singer if I am full of emotions. Maybe I am affected with the problems, but I still managed to enjoy singing and appreciate what it caused to my voice.

Now, I have different approach to problem. I always think that I have to deal it right away. I try to be less stress. I try my best to deal with the problem alone and moving on when I need someone with me for help. Laughing it out makes the air inside to come out literally, so that whatever heaviness you are feeling inside, it will lightens a beat. Just make sure that you are laughing at something funny, not the kind that is needed your little seriousness.



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