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As a Writer, We are fortunate to do the things we Love, Writing

Are you fortunate to do the things you love? It might be being busy with your business, taking care of your kids and be a fulltime mother, being lucky to find the right job and working every day, or just being a person, helping a person. These are all examples of doing the things you love. Doing the things you love varies. It depends on your whole being and what you really want to do.

I am below mediocre writer who writes to express my thoughts. First, when I was just starting, I do not care if I will have a reader or not, what I want is to develop my craft. I write my day to day activities, rants, reviews, and what insights of what I learned from books and other people. I am enjoying what I am doing. I cannot skip a day without writing. I need to write because it is my form of breathing. I also love making friends and learning to other people’s experience that is why I am reading a lot.

I do believe that I am one of the fortunate ones that are doing the things they love that is why I am happy to be here in this site where I can continue what I love to do. This blog site is giving me a chance to grow in a manner that will be easy for me. While I am in here, I will continue what I love to do. I know that without this site, I will be feeling frustrated with life because I think that I am the only one experiencing certain situations. I am glad that there are things that I love to do and I am literally doing it. This is one of the good things I will remember for sure during tough times. I am still lucky doing some bloggings and earning from it.



What keeps you going?

Writing is a lonely business according to the article I am reading titled The Nearly Ultimate Guide to a Better Writing. It is because your audience are few people, in fact, I only have few people commenting on my blogs and those blogs are selective topic, those that really caught up their attention and similar to their experienced. Writing is tiring when you know you have no audience to read what you write, unlike the other profession like singers, painter, dancer, actors etc, surely, there will be people that will clap for them when they love what they see on them, there will be praises right away and a community of people will grow and will be called a Fan.

In writing, we cannot say we can experience this kind. Not all writers are appreciated. Most of the writers that are popular at present have been through a lot of rejections in the past. They even lose their hair because they always strangle it when they received bad news. Yes, we are not the fictional writers that are popular today. We might be a simple blogger that write to express our thoughts. We are considered writers as we inspire people. Bloggers who writes about tutorials are very inspiring because they help you with your problems. In just click of one of their topics, they can already help you with the one you are looking for. They provide answers to questions of everyone.

When you know you are not the kind of writers who are receiving comments from people all around, what keeps you going? What keeps you continue what you are doing? What is your main objective and subject to grow with? I am not talking as a blogger in Blogjob, but as a writer that express his/her thoughts through their blogs. What makes you continue what you have started? What is holding you on with your writing?


Why do you write?

I know I have been asking this question to a lot of writers I know even before. I even posted the same topic on my blogs about the objective of writing and unfortunately, maybe of the same title. Have you been asking people why they write?

I ask people why they write. I am asking why in general. Like when I am seeing my mother writing all of her debts before, I asked her why is she writing it. She answered that it is for her to track down all of her debts and all that she had paid off. I am also asking some of my classmate why they are using organizer to write their activities and they said they just want to remember their activities and the upcoming ones. After that, I do the same with my organizer.

Some of the suitors of my beautiful friends were confessing their love through writing. They gave them love letters. I wonder why they write it when they know they can say it anyway. However, when it comes to matter of love and emotions, it is not easy to confess the truth. It might take a lot of courage to put your feelings into writing but there are lots of courageous guys can do it and surpassed it. For them, no matter what the result is, it is the memories that will live on is what they are making.

I interviewed one of my friends who is a blogger for 10 years. She said writing on her blog site is her way of adding contribution to the information in the internet. She said that she feels that she has a certain role and that is what she is doing. She is writing reviews and tutorials, and not that she is carrying her own seat but she proudly said that she had helped a lot of people already by just having her own blog site. May I ask you, what is the reason why you write?


It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly. – C. J. Cherryh

Do you edit your writings? A friend who is a blogger too says that you need to edit it. Your blog should be spontaneous and with attractive and interesting title, however, if you do not edit it, it is a disaster. It affects your reputation. You would want to lose a reader. She is asking me if I have a reader. I told her I am not sure because sometimes there will be someone leaving a comment on my posts, it means they read it isn’t it? She find time to read my blogs and she told me if it was edited before submitting. I told her yes, because I am using Grammarly to edit my posts. Grammarly is an app that will correct your grammar. She said that my blogs are good but some are not free flowing. I started to feel scared on the next words she will say so I tried to change the topic. But anyway, she will about to read this posts so I cannot escape her critic anyway.

She told me this quote “It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly” by C.J. Cherryh.

I am not sure who is C.J. Cherryh but for sure she/he is a writer as her/his quotes is aobut writing. My friend added that even if I am writing my daily journal, I should be editing my writing. Editing our blog before we finally submit it means we are responsible from what we are posting online. One day we will able to meet someone that will criticize our writings. No matter how we put our heart with our content, there will be people who will put their nasty remarks on it. They could say “Are you sure you are a passionate writer, because I did not read it with your work”. We do not wish for that hurtful opinions, we must practice the art of writing and doing the right thing.


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Not Good to Force yourself to Write

I already had a plan for Saturday. I said that I will be advancing 13 blogs on Saturday and 12 blogs on Sunday besides having my routine blog of 11 a day. I failed to do it. I realized how hard it is to compose a blog regularly and I will be advancing 12 and 13 blogs during the weekends. I think I can do it but due to heat stroke last Friday, I think I don’t the energy to composed blogs. I will try to do it later on. Today is already Sunday in my country and it is 5:11 in the morning. I will try my best to composed a blog later on and this time, I need to do 11 blogs plus 25 blogs. I think I can’t do it, but I will try.

Why am I forcing myself to blog 25 topics this weekend? This is for the reason I am planning to put 5 advance blogs every day, Monday to Friday so that I will compose 6 blogs every day instead of 11 blogs. The 5 advanced blogs are my bullets so that I will not get stress in thinking about topics to share during the time that I am exhausted. If I can blog 30 this weekend, why not, but since I haven’t started anything yet, it is quite impossible. I am still going to try.

When I get back to my offline job at daytime, for sure I will be exhausted again to blog that is why advance blog will give me a lot of help to survive in a day. It can really give me a relief because I can finish my blogging for 3 hours, all in all, but I want to cut it for more than an hour so that I could take a lot of rest. I can do it, I just need a lot of time to start it and consistency is a must. On the other side, it is not good to force yourself to write so I take my time before I able to compose new topics.


Need to make it into a Habit

I started blogging at 10 in the evening. As much as I want to blog earlier than that, I was tired. I was thinking, what if I will be absent for today? Then I remember my quota and taking advantage of the limits, I started taking my dinner and starts blogging after. It is always a struggle but once I started it, it continues. It is a machine that is heating. Now this is the last blog and I never thought that I finished my blogging activity for 3 hours. Yey! I think I did it before but I can’t be consistent with the time as my brain is flying to whatever places sometimes. I guess if I will maintain my focus in one site, I will able to finish it. While blogging, I was checking my other sites that requires me to click only. I am not even totally focus on Blogjob.

I need to make it into a Habit. I need to set the time that I need to finish my blogging for 3 hours for I am getting back to my regular offline work next week. My plan is to get some sleep. If can make it at home at 7 in the evening, a good nap for an hour or two will be okay, then I will start my blogging activity at 9 in the evening. I need to finish at 12 in the midnight and stay a little for some sites. Or might as well, if my time is really limited, I need to skip the napping. I think I can’t. It depends on how exhausted I am.

Everything is a blessing so I need to try it all. I will give up some of my sites, but not blogging. One thing is for sure, I will have a lot of stories to tell because I am always out.


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By Being Consistent, I can finish my blogging for 3 Hours

I know I started at before 12 midnight today. I have lots of stops as I edited some picture and I checked some old pictures of my dog, Gelo, on my files. Now, it is my 9th blog and I need two more to end this. I am not sure if I able to come back to posts 2 more as I know I will be sleeping. I drink Biogesic for the pain on my neck and now I feel sleepy. Paracetamol is one of the over the counter drugs that puts me to sleep but always in the wrong time. I said in a wrong time because I really need it to relieve the pain but it always makes me sleep. I hardly remember if my doctor allows me to drink Paracetamol again or they never allow me to drink it, oh no, I totally forgot!! I am not sure.

Right now, after drinking paracetamol, the pain is still there. I am not enduring it. Blogging is helping me to cope up with the pain but once I move, I remember the pain because I feel it. I hope I do not die in sleep because it might lead to stroke. I don’t want to say it but I did. I just wish God will allow me another gazillion days to live. You know what, I never sleep with this kind of situation, but right now I need too. I hope the pain goes away too. My schedule is strict and I need to finish a lot of things to make up to my deadline. If this pain is still here tomorrow, then I will be losing a day. I pray for the pain to go away. Please God do not allow a day to be wasted.

Today, I finished 9 blogs for 2 hours, so to my estimation, I can finish it for 3 hours, that is if I have a lot of topic to share.


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Can you put time with your thoughts?

Can you put time with your thoughts? I have thoughts like this because I able to made 5 blogs for an hour when I was in the hospital last week. It is difficult to blog because during that time I was using my mobile phone. Or maybe because the WiFi was fast and it is less than 10 minutes I could create a topic. My brain was continuously giving me some words and thoughts that my hand, despite the pain, oblige to type those. It never happens to me inside our house. It took me 30 minutes before I could compose a blog post. Sometimes I can do 3 blogs in an hour. That was the best number I can do so far. It was magical that I made 5 blogs in an hour using my mobile. Is this something to do with my courage that time? Or my wants? Or my needs to create 5 blogs more because I am taking advantage of the time while waiting. What do you think?

Right now, I don’t have something to post. This topic pops out in my mind because I am still wondering until now how I do it but I can not blog more than 5 at home. I remember I did this before but that was the time that I already had topics and my thoughts were full to support that topic. At present, I am totally zero topics and I need to surf around to look for one. I even have topics in mind yet I know I cannot support the body of the blog because I have no example for that. I think I cannot give justice to the posts. It will be another useless post again coming from me.

Whatever it is, I will try this time. I will be happy if I can add 4 blogs in an hour, anyway, I have all the time today.


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Eavesdropping, unlikely Muse but Helpful

When I am riding a jeepney, I usually eavesdrop on people’s conversations. It is not eavesdropping with a purpose but sometimes because their voices are loud, you can eavesdrop freely. Mostly the topic is about gossip and on the regular topic, about life, bills, parents, quarrels, misunderstanding, mother in law, husband, love life, to name a few. These people give me an idea of what I need to write next. Their stories are true to life. I always want to write true to life stories. For real, true to life stories are the ones that the reader would want to read for some obvious reason, learning.

My favorite is eavesdropping the conversation of intellectual people. Even if I don’t understand their term, I love listening to their ideas and how they handle an intellectual conversation. I love the question and answer. I do not hear it to some regular people. Some people answer the question with a question, but intellectual conversation involves question and answer and the reason behind the answer. I love it. I mostly hear this on MRT or Metro Rail Train.

Some of the intellectual conversation for me are those like having a conversation about the book they had read. One will describe the book and why he or she likes it. It will give me an idea to check that book in the internet and read some additional reviews too. I will either love to have it or let it pass but for sure I would love to have a copy of that book to read. One should not share it if it is not interesting as the normal way of sharing things should always be interesting.

Eavesdropping helps me a lot. Thank you that even though I had a surgery on my ear before I can able to hear clearly inches away from me. For sure after the ride, you will find me writing what I heard and you will find it on my next blog.


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What is your Muse?

A muse is an inspiration to creative writing. How do you find your inspiration to write? When and where do you find it?

Some go to the beach where they find it peaceful with a breeze of air and the sound of the waves. Some could start writing inside the church, where everything is solemn. Some will lock themselves in their room for a couple of hours, away from the things that will disturb them. While other have their own way, what is your muse?

Personally, I have ways to find my inspiration to write.

One of my muses is washing the dishes with music in the background. I finished my fiction novel because of doing that. I tell my mother to leave the dishes with me, all of it because I will be thinking of a good story to write but I do not tell her. While washing the dishes with a mellow music, the story keeps on downloading in my brain. I stop from time to time to dry my hand because I will be writing the plot. I have my mini notebook and pen all the time.

Another muse for me is travelling going to work. I look at people around me. I look at their facial expression. I usually doing this to my blog. As always, the people around me are helping me to composed blogs. It is beneficial if you are very observant. If I will think of a good topic, I type it on my Keep Notes on my Mobile, with some supporting words and then save. When I blog, I check it and then I will write about it.

I also find my muse with playing and talking with my kittens. They are not the automatic topic sometimes but having a relaxing mood because you are playing with your pets diminishes the stress I feel on that day. It clears out my mind by a healthy laugh and I know when I am ready to blog.

These three had helped me a lot and improving my writing skills as well. I cannot get rid of writing because there is always something to write, all the time.


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