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They have a Beautiful Names

I was talking to a friend this afternoon before I went to nap. I was asking him help regarding my internet problem. He told me a technique in order to save my prepaid load on my mobile using the internet so that I could blog and send messages using Facebook messenger as well. I did it in the evening and it work. While talking to him from the messenger, he told me that his two daughters are at home, visiting him. They used to be in the province but since it is vacation time, they are staying with him. I asked him what are their names. He answered that it is Cam and Des. I told him how short their name were and he corrected that it is just their nicknames. Cam’s real name is Camera and Des is Destiny. I couldn’t believe he name her daughter those names but it is beautiful, Camera and Destiny.

Of course someone will react, why Camera? Okay let me share you the story. Camera is the eldest and she is 9. She was name Camera because there was a camera event that his father joined in and he won something. That something is what he dream ever since. Two dreams came true and he made it into one. Destiny on the other hand was named after, nope not the cable, but she was born on the exact date her mother dream about her. Even on the exact time. And her mother dreamt about it while she was 12 years old only. When her dream happened, the youngest daughter is named Destiny, because everything about her is destined to happen.

I love the story behind the name and I love how my friend shared the story to me. He is a well known joker. He makes people laugh, so imagine how much laughter I gave in this afternoon before the story ended.


Traits that are So Filipino, The Good One

There are lots of character traits that makes you so Filipino. We might not be proud on some traits, but in able for us to see the difference from other nationalities is just enough for us. If I forget to include something and you are a Filipino, feel free to comment below.

  1. Filipinos likes to say “Ano” Or “Kuwan”. When a Filipino is conversing with other Filipino, they replace the specific terms to “Ano” or “Kuwan”. For example “May ano ako kaya di ako pumunta” (I have something that is why I did not go). In a Filipino sense, what he answered is nonsense. It did not give justice to the conversation. Having “ano” in a conversation makes a conversation vague and funny.
  2. Tabo or Dipper. This is truly Filipino. If you see a dipper in a pale in your country, for sure there is a Filipino living in that house.
  3. We cannot eat a meal without a rice. Rice is very stapple in our country. Even if we are on a snack, sometimes we eat rice.
  4. When a Filipino offered you food, you must eat. We feel bad if you haven’t touches your food. We are good in hospitality and that is the kind of traits we are so proud off.
  5. We called everyone as Ma’am or Sir. I am sure about this. This is the kind of traits we have been doing ever since, much more if we are in front of a foreigner. We call them Ma’am or Sir, instead of their names.
  6. During natural calamity, you will see us smiling or laughing. It is not because we are insane and always positive, but some of us find rumors and something to laugh about rather than drowning our faith.
  7. We love singing. I assumed 80% of Filipinos love singing, but it doesn’t mean we all are good singers. Maybe some of us have the confidence or maybe they have been to tough life recently that they choose to sing out loud the stress, it is a big help, though.
  8. We love to use our mobile for social networks, music, watching television, alarm clock, etc, rather than the natural thing, Calling.
  9. Whenever there is a celebration at home, you share the food to your neighbors and they will great you happy birthday, or happy anniversary. I know it happens even in a different country too.
  10. We love watching drama or tale series. We love to entertain drama in television and we apply it on real life.


Most of us are One Day Millionaire, when one try their luck in betting in Lotto and when they get lucky in winning it, they will buy everything they want and not everything that they need. That is how we are oriented when it comes to money. However, not all Filipinos are like that.


Any violent reaction is entertained. This post is not to offend Filipino as I am a Filipino too.


In the picture, is Jeepney. Jeepney can be found only in the Philippines. Credits from Pixabay




Harana or Seranading

Harana or Seranading is an old tradition of courtship in the Philippines. If a guy wants a lady, he needs to introduce himself to the family first and ask the young lady for a visit at their house. Once the lady agrees they need to bring something special to the whole family. During the term of courtship, they need to serenade the lady to show how they love them. They are mostly in groups when they are serenading the lady and he should perform songs that will describe her feelings about her. These are influenced by Spanish culture when they invade the country before. In Spanish, it is called Habanera.

If you are aware of Christmas caroling, they are the same. Both are done to entertain but the different is to the purpose why they are doing it. With a series of Harana, the guy will capture the heart of the young lady. In this way, the family will able to know the guy completely. Not only serenading but some guys even fetch water from the well for the girl’s family and they mostly doing it in the morning. It is part of their courtship. The guy gives his time to serve the family of the girl and everything requires hard work and perseverance before they able to be inside a relationship. This kind of traits is truly Filipino, however, we cannot find it anywhere at present.

At present, when it comes to a relationship, sometimes the parents know that their daughter is pregnant where they are not even aware that she is in a relationship. Some of them are even hiding their relationship with their parents because they are still young and for sure they will not be allowed. If there is something bad happened to the young adults, the parents will be the one to blame, where in the first place, they do not have knowledge about it.

Serenading only happens to some shows in the television and if there is some girl’s birthday or they are having monthsary or anniversary. It is no longer found in courtship.


Photo from Pixabay


Pregnancy before Marriage

What is your view about pregnancy before marriage? Are the lovers too in love with each other that they guy make the girl pregnant? Are these people choose to have a child first because they already want to start a family because it is not cheap to get married? They prefer to save more for pregnancy and having children rather than marriage. I cannot judge them as I don’t know the reason behind. I just want to put up the views and be open-minded.

The Philippines is one of the conservative countries. They are very religious. During our old lives, if there is someone who witnessed you’ve been kissed by your lover, your parents will force you to get married. Your lover needs to marry you as soon as possible because kissing is not an honorable act.They find it rude. The man will assume responsible for it and he needs to marry his girlfriend asap or it create a big rumor in the neighborhood and the girl will give disgrace in the family. That is only kissing. I am not sure if there were women who get pregnant first before marriage during that time because for sure she will cause a shame.

Right now, there is kissing after a date. Others will start a relationship after a week of knowing each other. Some women are giving their body to the person they know they didn’t love, just for lust and curiosity. Some are even more aggressive that after a month of relationship they are being intimate with their boyfriend. In other words, most are now getting liberated. There are lots of factors to be considered. The media, environment, and surrounding, teaching, attitudes of people, nature of people, just to name a few. It is because they able to see it on some foreign films, they tend to do the same, it is because it is fun. Their interests lead them to do something that will bring them harm.

However, there are still some matured couple that really wants to have a baby first. Some of them might not want to engage in marriage as maybe, they are not sure of each other. They think it might lead to annulment or divorce in later time.

What should be the right thing? Is this really depends on everyone’s situation in life?



Photo from Pixabay


Statue of Saints Moving

What do you do when you see a statue of Saints, moving? Like the head is rotating towards you just to let you know they are watching you? When I was young I had that kind of imagination. I still remember when my mother told me that one time we were in the church. I was a toddler then. She was carrying me and I was looking at the statue of saints inside the church when she heard me crying like I was really scared. I kept on pointing my finger on one statue and I started to make a scene inside the church in the middle of the mass. The priest went to me and hold my forehead. Every person in the church started laughing because I stop crying and looked straight at the priest. I just stop from being scared after that. I was not sure what happened to me. I can’t recall anymore.

When I was growing up, my usual dream was a statue of saints moving. I was inside the church praying. There were only few people praying as well. I was kneeling beside a certain statue of Saint holding a book. I saw behind my eyes that he dropped the book and he picked it, looking at me. I was like “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?”. That is my exact reaction in that dreams. He even looked fiercely when he looked at me that made me scared more. It seems the intention is making me scared. I ran as fast as I can and I don’t recall what happened next.

That does not end there. I still had a nightmare about them. I was in one room and the electricity was out. I went to pick something in my room and I saw there were some people walking towards me. I stopped for a while and I used my cell phone as my light. They were all statue, walking towards me. I went out as fast as I can and that give me a fright.

I wonder I have the usual dreams like that.

Dear Future Husband….I Hope you are a good Cook

Photo from
Photo from

I was browsing some pictures at Pinterest and I got to see this picture above. I was laughing when I read it because it defines me, exactly. I literally stick out my tongue and grin. My future husband will be very unlucky because her future wife does not know how to cook. I only know how to eat food. I hope he is okay with canned goods, instant noodles, and we have fast food everywhere, I can even buy a packed meal on mini-restaurant in the street. Lol. For sure if I will maintain to be like this, my future husband will go back to her mother and file annulment.

Sometimes I am thinking there is something lacking me and I know it right now. I do not have cooking skill. I am good in researching food to cook but I cannot touch cooking utensil. I already forgot how to use a rice cooker. I know how to fried egg and fried rice, but I do not know how to use our stove, poor me. Our stove is different now compared to what we have before. I know how to use it before but now I am not touching the new stove. I can’t even use the stove to boil water so sometimes I am bathing with cold water.

Dear future husband, if you are reading this, you can laugh but please do not judge, I am not a book. I am willing to learn anyway, just make sure that your salary is better than mine so that I can be absent working online to prepare your food. Please apply long patience because I might learn how to cook but I can’t promise that the food will be tasty and yummy, just like your mom’s cook. Anyway, we have Knorr cube or Magic granules to lean on for a better tasting food. Have faith in me, I will learn it and I will be expert in time.


Weekends be like…

Photo from Instagram Cohmedy Account

This is a perfect picture of weekends. The perfect picture to spend the weekends as well. I love to be beside a tree and sit under it. My exact face would be this.


Love to be like this exactly. I miss being in a tree. There are not trees in the city because a local government cuts it and they are the ones that saying they are helping their people. All the floods and change in climate could be the result because they cut trees just to urbanized a certain city. That is totally awful.

To stay focus on the topic, what is your ideal weekend? My ideal weekend is sleeping, but recently I can’t. If I need to sleep, my body do not permit me. When I need to be awake, I am sleepy. This is quite a struggle for me. My life is boring. I only face my laptop every day. I could plan a get away even while I am alone but the budget and savings cannot permit me. I am always on the priority side. Nothing left for me.

Just today, when I woke up, the kittens in the cage called me. The look on their eyes was telling me that I stop playing with them. I spent my 30 minutes. While playing with them, they had given me 3 topics to blog about, so I spent another 30 minutes until we the time we took our breakfast. I even cleaned their cage and gave them fresh water. The little kitty that has eye problem is sweet, he loves my hand. He totally picks me as his owner.

Later on, I will watch a movie called Spotlight because I failed to watch it last night as I was sleeping the whole time. My father is interested in watching it as well, so I guess I will be sharing my laptop with him later.

Other than that, I don’t plan anything. If I will not be blogging, I am sleeping, if I will not be sleeping, I am eating. That is the cycle of my life.




Who Doesn’t Own a Cellphone?

Photo is mine

Who doesn’t own a cellphone?

Shailene Woodley.

Yes, I am not joking, she doesn’t own a cellphone.

For sure there are still people who don’t own a cellphone, especially those living in a Rural area, those who really can afford it. But there are really people, who are living in a city who doesn’t own one, that doesn’t even care, and she is famous. She is Shailene Woodley.


You read it from herself, she doesn’t own a cellphone.

Why Shailene, what seems to be a problem with a cellphone and you don’t have one?

Basically, her reason is, she wants to interact. She wants communication not using the thumb or fingers. She wants a real talk. She also hates GPS. When she is driving, she wants to ask people if she is lost or getting there. She wants to learn and to learn normally. Ugh, it hurts if you want to ask me because most of the time I online. I really everything on Google and I send a message to friends once in a while when I am not online. It seems to me that is the trending way to live.

Yeah, she has a point there. I remember one video where the cellphones of the participants was advised to be kept for a while and they were left in one room. The videos shows the difference of people with cellphones and without cellphones that are stuck in one room for 2 hours. With a cellphone, people are all bowing down busy reading their messages or checking anything from their cellphones. The place is silent because no one is talking. When their cell phones were confiscated, that was the time that they started looking at each other and talk to other people in the room. It was a good story sharing for 2 hours and then they were told that it was just part of the experiment. You know what they realized something. They realized that some of us are slaves of our gadgets that we need to check it from time to time and we forgotten we have a voice and we should interact normally.

It is not that I want to be Shailene Woodley because I need my cellphone but the thoughts about having it is right. We need to interact not only online but in real life, not virtual but a true people in the flesh, eye to eye, high fives, real laughter, maybe we already forgotten that it is part of being human.




Popping Bubble Wrap, why so Addicting?

Photo from Pixabay edited by me

What is with the Bubble wrap and why it is so addicting to pop it?

You know what, when there is a bubble wrap everywhere, I collect it and keep it. Nope, I can keep it for a little hour but you will find me popping it. When it pops, how I love the sound. What is with this bubble wrap that makes me stick my fingers until I am satisfied while popping it?

I guess it has something do to with the feeling. The feeling of your objectives coming to life is what makes it satisfying. Do you observe yourself while holding a bubble wrap, when you failed to pop one, you will pop some more and it needs to be continuous? It might discourage you a little when it did not pop but you keep on moving to pop everything until all are popped up. Sometimes I wish that they are just our enemies that we just pop them all up, lol.

Seriously, there is something about feeling or touching the bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is designed to protect fragile things like glasses and gadgets inside a box. When the product is out, we steal the bubble wrap because the other purpose is to pop out the bubble. There is a calming effect once you hold bubble wrap that once it pops out, you feel satisfied. No matter how you deny, you feel happy!

It is also making me focus. Whenever I am thinking and the bubble wrap is there, I hold it, pop it but I am looking at the monitor and reading something. I am focusing but for real I am doing two things at the same time. For Psychological sakes, it says something about handling stress. When we are nervous our hand perspire or sometimes it went out cold, popping up the bubble wrap is the better alternative to loosen up from this stress and have fun doing it at the same time.

bubble wrap


Trying out these Sites, What to know?

Photo from Pixabay

Aside from having Forum Coin, Blogjob, Humanatic, MPA, Ayuwage and Whzon, I have new sites that I am working on and I am just trying this site if this could pay me.

Mykites – this is a socio-blogging that you only need to update by posting more than 100 characters, with a picture or not. You need to get active to share likes, view, comment. To reach the minimum $15 you need to participate in a team effort.  It can be a slow paying site, depending on your activity. Pays through Paypal.

Gaption – social sites. It is like Facebook with a very nice set-up. You will find it complicated at firsts, but if you are there, I will guide you. Pays through Paypal. I saw two of the members got paid already.

Indyaforums – I am there too but I am not that active. Indya forums is about India. If you are not a person living in India then you will have less activity. It is a slow paying site. Pays through Paypal. Slow paying site unless you get active. Someone got paid of $1, through Amazon. There is Paypal but you need to have RS 500 first to get $8.

Sweeba – I have this account last year but I never get active. I am touching it right now. Posted a few. If I have time, I will post some more. Sweeba will give you 0.003 for updates. It is like Twitter, you need to use a hashtag. I am fairly new so I cannot say any review as of the moment. Minimum of $5. I am not sure if through Paypal. I will check it out first.

Quizbook – this is the site that earns you for answering quizzes. If you are good with movies and trivia, even history and culture, you can earn good in here. Pays $10 to Paypal. Every 10 points are equivalent to 0.01. Slow paying site? Yes, it is, but sometimes I enjoy it because my brain works when I am there.

Rabadaba – Rabadaba is like Instagram. Sadie Marie got paid there. I am not active there anymore though the site is Paying $10 through Paypal, however, it takes 100,000 points before you can have your $10.

I never experienced getting paid to any of this site, I can give you referral links, though. Just ask.


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