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This Should be A Good News

I have a new job. I started last May 16 and I got to meet very nice people that I can consider now as friends. We are together all the time, I mean during the start of the work, break time and going home. The people at work are all hard working and passionate, based on my observation, after a week. Right now, maybe I noticed something is wrong but I understand as there is no perfect company as people are not perfect at all.

I am happy to be working again, getting out of the house, learning, talking with people, learning about people, learning about what is happening outside world, many to mentions. What makes me sad is that even though I had made a week surviving the struggle of heavy traffic, I am still not yet adjusted to the heavy feeling. I should be thankful and appreciative, I do and I am doing it all the time, but the feeling of sadness is there and I am feeling that again. I feel I am in the wrong place again.

Since I had changed, I am very willing to stay, but I will not be talking about the number of days. I wish to weigh things. I wish to know the advantage. Some people would do everything to get this job and now I am about to give it up? I guess today, no way. I know I am not happy everytime I wake up in the morning, but I hope God give me the reason to excited. Maybe I am blinded on my own selfishness and not thinking that God is helping me to reach my dreams. God did not give this opportunity to me because it is easy to do. It will still be a whole ride of a struggle and challenges because everything should be done the hard way. People should do their share on how to enjoy even the worst job they have because sometimes it is the only one that saves your life.


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Let Us be Grateful for the People Who Make us Happy

Not all the time there are people that will make us smile. In every day of our life, we will know a person or people that will make us laugh with their funny jokes, make us smile and teary eyed because of their surprises, make us smile because they shared us something inspiring, make us smile because you see them helping without expecting in return, you smile because they are friendly and you happy because you have friends who are true to you.

Even if I am occasionally sad, there are people or things that make us happy. Sometimes my father will blurt a word. He might sound not joking but he sounds funny. He loves to make fun of the name “Dodong, Diday, Duday” in a different dialect. I remember I was eating my breakfast when he started saying those names, I really vomited what I ate because I can’t stop myself from laughing. 

I have a male friend who looks like a troll. Maybe I am judgemental, but whenever I see him and his hair, he makes me happy. I am always holding the hair. I wonder how he did it. He said that he spent 1 hour every morning putting gel on it. His hair has a blonde color and it is fading away. Half of the hair are black already the lowered part is blonde. He looks really like a troll. I told him that I do not wish him to be offended by my laugh, but I really love to laugh whenever I see him. He allows me anyway because he said my laugh is contagious.

Aside from that, I also have a girl pal that is always absent-minded. She always does things with mistakes. If you ask her to give you a coffee, she will make you a juice and the water is hot. I wonder why she has a job, lol. She is really funny. She is the funniest. I am with her to guide her because I don’t want her to get hurt by other people. 

I have lots of people around me that really makes me laugh and I feel happy. It doesn’t mean things should be funny, but sometimes their good deeds and manners what makes you respect them and be happy with them.


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Making Other’s Look Bad, Doesn’t Makes you Look Good

Charge to experience from my neighbor, I experienced the worst from them. Of course, they are not truly bad, or truly the worst, they just don’t have their own decision in life and easily to believe in other people’s opinion first. They don’t know how to analyze a certain problem and not open-minded. They might be open-minded in different sense, but not on the situation that involves the people they hate or the people that their friend’s hate. I don’t want to attack them in my post, but the only thing that I want to share is the attitude of people that I found on the people on my neighborhood. Some of them have this kind of attitude.

Most of the people in my neighborhood gives priority to hearsay. If only they know the meaning of it. If other people will say their opinion that you are a hore because you are going home late at night or dawn, they will believe. Instead of observing on their own, they are blinded by other’s opinion. Others will not only share their opinion against you, they will even make you look filthy. In that way, they scored you out like you are in a competition with them.

Making other’s look bad, doesn’t make you look good. For me, it only means that you are so busy with other people’s life and you are insecure. If you are insecure, it means there is nothing on you that worth having because you are not nurturing or enhancing it. Being busy with other people’s life means you are not busy with your own life. It means your life is useless because you cannot do anything to improve it. You look pitiful compared to the person you are putting down.

This is the reason why when I am hearing someone putting down someone, I will have a big laugh. On the other hand, I will avoid this person because he or she will do it to anyone. You do not want to share something about you either. Thumbs down to these kinds of people.


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Welcome Newbies!

I have been receiving a lot of friend requests lately and I am adding a lot of people from my friend’s lists. I love the enthusiasms of the new people that joined us here. I assume most of them knows about the site but can’t registered before as it was closed. I never know that it opened after the 3 long maintenance day. A friend had a chance to entered the site, I am glad that he is persistent. Moreover, the starting points is 100 compared to starting points before which is 150 points. So that answers why there are people who have 100 limit points compare to some members. The Earn Rewards page even changes. The Social Network Project needs you to refer 500 visitors in the site to earn additional 100 limit points and additional 100 points. The Personal Blogger still needs you to have 1000 visitors to earn additional 200 limit points and additional 200 points. I am not sure if there is a changes to some of the rewards after that since I only got a chance to complete Social Network Project and Personal Blogger Project.

My advise to those who are planning to complete these projects, start sharing your blog posts at your Social Networks. Always share it on Twitter and Google+ for these social network sites helped me to complete two of the projects. You can able to complete Personal Blogger project for sure in less than 2 months as it happened to me. It does not matter how many times you share it, share it as many times as you want. Create an interesting title, make your blog 300 words and more and of course, avoid plagiarism. If you will use a photo, give credit to it. Everything should be original. You can freely use Pixabay as I am doing it too but you need to put a credit.

I know most of the newbies are real bloggers. I know most of them. If they read this posts, they will be having a big laugh actually. However, I am just sharing some tips, assuming there is someone who needs it.

You can add me as friend anytime. You can mention me anytime if you need help.

For the meantime, enjoy our second home and please no spamming.


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Oh He loves to Kick!!

Teej visited us again this afternoon. I think that is good, that he gets used to seeing us every day. My mother needs to feed the kittens in the cage that is why she returned home. During the whole day, she was at my sister’s house because she will take care of my nephew. She only comes back at home to feed the pets and when she wants too. I am glad that when Teej arrived, I was newly bath and powdered. My mother asked me to carry him and of course, her beautiful Auntie would love too. He is happy again. He keeps on looking at his beautiful Auntie, ME, and then he kicks. He kicks all the time. He kicks when he saw the dogs, he kicks when there is someone talking, he kicks when he is seeing cats walking, he kicks when someone is clapping. My father turned on the television to watch some mix martial arts, then Teej became busy looking at the television. He keeps on kicking once he saw someone kicking. After watching for longer hours, he cannot stop kicking.

It makes me hard to hold him because besides he is too heavy to hold, he moves all the time. Right now that he enjoys kicking, it makes it harder for me more. I cannot even lift him when I want to change position. I was trying to make him sleep but he was kicking all the time that was making it hard for me to be comfortable carrying him. I came back to sitting position and hold him the way he wants to be held. Then he kicks again. Sometimes I was holding his big legs and he kicked. He even holds my hair very tight telling me I look like a rocker that all of my hairs were on my face. I know, I know. The next time, I will tie it.

Before I end today’s blogging let me share some cute pictures of him from yesterday. These are my favorites from him because he was looking straight at the camera and he looks cute.

12910916_10153664022305889_1714391690_n 12920880_10153664022150889_1535055272_n 12921062_10153664022480889_1264115988_n 12939140_10153664021770889_1478704087_n

Too Shy To Know

I never thought that I have a college classmate reading my posts. Now, he is updated with what is happening with me. I feel shy knowing though I am sure all of what I shared in here are true. I feel shy because he happens to know my thoughts now. He even recommended separating my rants or personal posts from posts about writing. I think I will follow his recommendation. I will create another site that is all about writing, the insights that I read from other’s article. This blog site should be about inspiration but I put my rants and day to day activities in here. I think I ruin the objective of this blog site. I will start over. Because of this, I want to build 2 sites additional. 1 site will be about what I know about writings. The other one is my day to day journal. This blog site My Message to the World will be full of inspirational posts. I will start over. I am not sure if I will start for now but I think I will.

Moreover, he told me that ever since we were in college, he knows that I love writing as I love writing everything from the whiteboard, lol. I was laughing at him and I began to miss our college days where we can only afford eating waffle cheese flavour and mini hotdogs that costs Php1.00 each. We survived college eating those foods because our allowance was literally for photocopying our research from the library. He also mentioned he used to do 1-2-3 when he was riding in a jeepney because he was saving his money for the other days. 1-2-3 means you will riding a public vehicle without paying. That is bad but he did it for the sake of the allowance which is always not sufficient. I cannot blame him, it was hard during our college days. Thanks to the allowances I got from scholarship, I survived it.


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Happy Birthday Angel08! JoDee

I met JoDee during Bubblews. I love her thoughts. Actually, during those times, I have lots of foreigner friends and these people became my big sister online. When I have problems, they are always there to the rescue to make me feel okay. I have my adopted Auntie as well and I am missing her. She is Malika Bourne aka Nononcents-nana. Amongst my friendsssssss at Bubblews, JoDee aka Angel08 remains with me and we have been together for so long now. When I have a new site I invite them, we were literally holding hands and pulling each other to join, lol. JoDee is one of my lovely friends who had stayed with me for so long.

Today is her birthday! (woot woot! this is our favorite expression). Don’t ask the age, she is too young. I don’t know what to say about her, I am not ready for this posts. I am doing this because I know the words will come out. JoDee is my loyal friend and I have a lot of loyal friends too. She is one of the people I can count on when I have something to worry about. We consistently talk through Facebook and I love receiving messages coming from her. She doesn’t know about this but during the time she said that I can say share everything to her I really cried because I feel lucky having her. I feel like God is adding another angel in my life, more mature and more open-minded. I am grateful she never get tired of me. Everything about our friendship means so much.

If you happen to know Jodee aka Angel08 here in Blogjob, drop by on her timeline and greet her. This person is very sincere and loving. She will virtually hug you. Not just a regular hug, but a BFF Tight Hug, just like when I am hugging you virtually here.

Happy birthday BFF! I love you!! JoDee



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I Assume the reason why they are not giving me some tests…

Never mind me posting this one because it is a product of overthinking and imagination, lol. I cannot avoid but to assume that it is the reason because it is happening right now. I am talking about Usabilityhub. Yesterday, I received my first ever payment but then it has a note that they deducted 0.20 to my payment because I answered some tests quickly, as quickly as less than 2 seconds. I don’t know how I did it. I don’t remember at all doing that kind of answer, however, if I really did then it is against their quality guidelines. Now I am assuming, because of that impression, they are not giving me some tests.

I learned from some of my friends who are working on that site, they are getting some tests ranging from 2-7 tests a day, even during the weekends. Me, I tried my might to refresh the site for some tests but I am not getting any. It makes me feel I am of the hook or they are now taking a look on everything I do there. I love to know if someone got paid and received the same messages. If I will not some tests, then they are giving me the impressio to leave the site. I will still try it for a week. If the same treatment is happening, then I guess I better leave the site.

That is okay, there are some sites like that. I admit that I made a mistakes. I don’t want to ruin my reputation and the site’s reputation too so if the best thing is to refraining me to have some tests, then let them do that. I guess they are really into quality. I will do my best to meet their guidelines but they need to give me some tests first to try me again. That is okay, I understand.


Day 4 Baking Soda Challenge, Oh Sorry I mean.. Experienced

I am on my 4th day today for my baking soda experienced. As usual, I put a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass full of water. Just look at the feature image. That is the amount I am drinking for 4 days now, twice a day. I drink before I sleep early this morning. I thought it will put me to sleep earlier, but yes it did, it put me to sleep. I only woke up because the dogs started barking. I have an overacting dogs that is why little noise will lead them to #foreverbarking.

I am not sure if this is effective but this will be my last day of drinking it as I am going to an Oby Gyne tomorrow to get a check up. I will either get another urinalysis or they will give me a fit to work. I hope that I will able to explain to them what needs to explain so that I will get a fit to work and started giving all of my documents. That is what I will pray for. But first, I need to get rid of this bacteria. I should be cleared with UTI so that I will process everything in one day tomorrow. I hope I will not get a jinx again because all of my plans are wreck whenever I say it or write it.

Well, getting back to baking soda, I get used to drinking sea water, lol. Drinking it really makes me miss going to an ocean. I remember when I was little, I drowned in water. I drank a lot of sea water that is why it is very clear to me how the taste was. It is like a teaspoon of baking soda in a full glass of water. Exactly as it is. If you have a swimming pool, the one that you just made up at home, put a baking soda in it, it will taste like a sea water, lol.



A Nephew’s Visit, A Great Afternoon

I am glad that featured image is now working. I will able to post the picture of my cute nephew. While sleeping this afternoon, we were awakened by the visit of my first nephew Teej. My mother was carrying him and he was so happy to see us. My mother said that he was crying the whole afternoon that she decided to let him visits us. He stayed there less 2 hours and even though I get tired because he was very big and heavy, I enjoyed the selfie with him. I hope the add media features is okay so that I could post some of his pictures.

12910938_10153664023855889_386726252_n 12919259_10153664023835889_87006946_n 12920916_10153664022055889_301023414_n 12921062_10153664022480889_1264115988_n 12921121_10153664023315889_662053954_n 12935437_10153664022505889_587326688_n

This is my favorite from him.


That was his reaction when he saw me getting up in bed. He arrived without my awareness and I woke up hearing his voice murmuring because of dogs. When I get up he looked at me and laugh. It was loud. He has a lot of expressions now and he loves pictures. My mobile was having a low battery but the universe allowed us to take photos. It was one of the great moments with him. I have lots of pictures but for the meantime let me share those.

Teej is 4 months old getting 5th on April 17. His legs are strong. If he likes to move, he will wiggle his legs and I will follow. He loves moving. He moves all the time. When he doesn’t like his position he will kick his legs to change it. Then he will kick again when he see something interesting like my pets. When my father turned on the television he was watching. I noticed he have an interest in colors. I hope he becomes a painter someday. Sometimes he becomes silent like he is in deep thinking. I made fun of him and telling my parents that he is counting their debt. Babies are truly a blessing and I was visited by an Angel.


Photos are mine


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