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Got Paid at UsabilityHub but…

If I can add some pictures in here I would but there is an error, so let me copy the feedback of Usabilityhub of my performance as a tester. By the way, I got paid. After ranting a little earlier, I received my payment after 25 days. I still give them “Great” rating on their response to me. My payment supposed to be $20 but I only got $19.80 because $.20 is not credited for a speedy response. Let me copy paste their notes on me.

“Please note that we were unable to pay you for 2 responses which failed to meet minimum standards according to our quality guidelines. In addition to not being eligible for payment, unacceptable responses impact your rating as a tester, so take care to give every test your best effort.”

I wonder what tests that I failed to response based on their guidelines. I hope they became specific on this one. On the other hand, I know I will be very careful in answering some tests again. I am thinking that the two tests that I failed to answer based on their quality guidelines were from 5 second tests because it is hard to take a glimpse on a certain site for 5 seconds and you were be facing a lot of question to answer. If there is anyone who could do it, the they are “the one”, lol.

Based on the response given, it means they are reviewing every answer to their tests so there is no choice but to be careful this time because for sure they are taking a look of my responses from now on as I had two uncredited points. I am thankful that I get a notes like this though, I appreciate it because it helps me to track my activities. I am posting this for the people who are in the site, so we can take care in answering the test.


Some Online Sites are making me Feel Sad

I am a member of UsabilityHub and Ayuwage. March 9 I cashed out at UsabilityHub and this site promises to pay within 7 days. Right now, I and the rest of the members who just cashed out too are waiting for our payment. It is April 3 already and I never imagined that I am still waiting for my money. They promise the payment for 7 days and now it will be going on for a month. One member shared that he received his payment after a month and 4 days. That is not something I am not open to deal with. If the admin of the site is replying to our emails, I should consider, but right now they remain quiet and for sure they will never reply.

On my other site, I think it is unfair that is not receiving my first payment. It is Ayuwage. All of the people I know have been paid after a day and I know someone had been paid after 5 days or within that 5 days. It has been 6 days now and my payment is still not there. I know they promised they will give payments after 5 days and I am giving them a week I will email them. I read some reviews that they pay some members and others will not receive their payment. When they started emailing them, they learned that their account were block. I hope that will not happen to me because for sure I will let the world know. Yes there are people who have good experience working on the site, but I will not give any reviews until I experienced getting paid.

I don’t want these sites to be one of my worst sites because I am only working there when I am working at my call review site. In fact, I love this site. I love working on it. It is sad that it is happening on me. Anyway, I am the jinx so I guess I should treat this one normally.


Where’s my Payment UsabilityHub?

I cash out from Usability Hub last March 9 and the site promises to give you payment for 7 days. From the reviews of the other members who got their pay, the site seems not that strict in reviewing the answer to the test you received from the site as they are not sure if their answers are right too but they got paid. I am assuming it happens to me too. It has been 23 days right now since I am waiting for my first payment and I haven’t received anything. Same goes to the other members, they haven’t received them. It makes me sad to wait for my first payment when the site tells something that I will received it within 7 days. It is becoming the pain in the ….nose.

It is easy to work in UsabilityHub, you just answer the test based on your opinion. They have Five Second test, Preference Test, Click Test and Navigation Tests. There are samples there, you can easily get how to answer the test. The flaws I am seeing right now is that the test are not giving as always. Sometimes I can get 7 tests and my lowest is 1 test per day. If you are not into refreshing the site, you cannot get the test as you anticipate it. It will take too long for you to cashout $20 to be the minimum threshold. It pays in Paypal.

Now I am waiting for my Payment. Some of the member received it after a month and 4 days. I wonder why it needs to be that long. They are very prompt in replying to my emails before and I even answer surveys and tag them as great, but I already emailed them at present to follow-up my payment and they are not replying anymore even to the other members. I am not liking the service. Right now, I am just there because I get used to clicking the tests when it is available.





Some Disadvantages of Getting Payment Online

There are some disadvantages of getting Payment Online. I was waiting for my encashment to reach BPI bank but then the bank is under maintenance. The encasher cannot send the money until the maintenance end. That is the first disadvantage for me. Second, Paypal limit. I am reading some problems with a certain group that regularly use encasher to transfer money to their bank account and they received limit. Most of them used encashment used for so long and they need to submit documents to erase the limit. I really prayed for them to solve this. I know how it feels to have this kind of problem. I think Paypal hates the idea of encashment because I assumed that they will not earn anything from it. See, when you are using encashment you will click on the Personal Payments. Personal Payments, no matter how big the money that you will transfer, it will not give you any fee. There is no deduction either. It is a win-win for you and your encasher, but not with Paypal. Maybe Paypal observed this that is why some are now with limits. On the other hand, there are reasons why your Paypal will receive a limit. You can check it out at Paypal Websites itself.

I love earning online, however, when you are earning but you cannot get your earnings to transfer to your bank, that is a big problem. That is why it is still safe to transfer money to your bank account. It is a great reflection on me right now because I am experiencing a problem with transferring money and I have no choice but to wait. I am praying too that I have a very honest encasher.

All I need is to wait.

Note to self:

Lesson learned everything you learned today, take note of it. Fix your financial status, do not depend everything online.




It is not Biggie but at least I am earning from it

The picture attached is my accumulated earnings from ClaimBTC. ClaimBTC is a Bitcoin mining site. I do claim bitcoins while blogging. Whenever the time is running out, the site says it and I will claim the bitcoin. It cost a super little amount actually but being consistent, actually not even consistent, I accumulated that earnings. It is now Php 111. 81. It cost less than $3 when converted to USD. I cannot earn that amount anywhere so I am grateful for that. It pays fasts. That picture is from my site and I am very willing to cash this out when it reached Php500 but it will be quite a long time before it happens fo sure.

Maybe you will be laughing on how I care about the site, but as an online earner for quite a long time, it is a great opportunity to have a site that consistently pay you even though it is just a little amount. I rather stay and work on the site. My other site that consistently pays me is FC or Forum Coin and of course, the very best, Blogjob. If I were you, if you are earning consistently with your site, create a goal and make it happen. Just do it consistently and always remember, never waste time on the sites that care about paying you promptly. I also have a review site, by the way, I forgot to mention it.

I am not referring people now on every site I am in as I am learning from the past experienced on some other sites. Some other sites take a long time for you to reach your threshold. I am not visiting the site anymore. I am only visiting if I remember, but to work there consistently is not my thing anymore. I am open to new sites though because I want to try it too and I want my regular friends to join me under it if I already have proven the site is paying.


Photo is mine

A Friend Got Scammed Online

She failed to say the name of the site, but I left her a message for that. I received a message earlier and I failed to respond to her since I was busy yesterday. She told me that there was this site that asked her to invest $10 and that will earn her $4 a day. From what she describe I think this one is a revenue sharing site, just like MPA. She invested $10 and she saw after 2 days she has $8. It seems that the site is true to what it saying, huh? Then after 3 days, there were errors. When it came back later in the day, she logged in and she can’t. Good thing she able to save the support email. The admin gave her maybe a reset password. Then she came back. She saw that she supposed to have $12 because it is for 3 days now, but all remaining there was $2. She asked the Admin and it says that they will be looking on to that. After 4 days, it came back and she already have $16. The site only needs $15 to withdraw, so she cash out. The site had an error. When the site came back, it was showing $1 on her account. She assumed that it was because she already withdraw $15. She waited for 7 days, she received nothing on her Paypal.

She just allow 2 days to passed but she was really nervous. After 3 days, she went back and it was showing her $1. She emailed support and asked her money. The admin respond that she is not eligible to cash out as she only have $1 in her account. Supposed to be that is already another $17 in total since the site promises to have $4 everyday, but it is not moving anymore. She insists that she made a withdrawal, but the admin was very clear that she is not eligible. So she cash out because she already have $17. It went out successful. After 2 weeks, she hasn’t received anything again. She even saw that the site doesn’t allow Paypal anymore. She was going insane.

I failed to talk to her, but I left her a message because I need to know the name of the site.


Photo from Pixabay


To Continue or Not to Continue

I have this new forum site. It is easy to earn. The threshold is $5 and I know in just for day, I could earn that. Even if my hands are in pain, I can do that. Last night I was busy with the site. I earned $2 for an hour. Right now, I checked the site and found out that the thread I started last night has not been touched. There was a view but no reply. I am thinking, there is no one in the site anymore. This makes me think I will become a spammer, posting a lot of thread knowing there are no people replying or commenting to my posts. Do you think I am only spamming the site? I don’t want to be one just to able to cash out immediately. I don’t want to ruin any sites just to earn.

I know the admin is around. I know that the other views is coming from him. I wonder why he is not telling me to stop posting. Or I guess I need to ask him if I am doing okay with my posts. Does he need help with the site or something? Do I need to continue on that site or not?

The site is awesome with friendly features but of course, I can’t say it is awesome completely as I haven’t been paid. I want to get paid but hesitant to continue as I am worried of my activity as I am the only one that is active, I guess. I am thinking sometimes that it is not about earning, it is about doing what is right for the site and following the rules because that is the site needed. If you will not cooperate, you will lose it. What is best now? I guess is to follow what the site to make it lasts.


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Write2Earn Promised Something

I was there earlier and made 6 posts. My hand cooperates so I able to posts 6. While reading, I found out that the admin Ajay said that we will not wait for 30 t0 40 days before we get our payment of $5 as he promised to have it within a week or after a week. I did not get the exact statement, but there is a week there, lol. This really entices us, the existing writers to earn fast, but it can’t happen fast as there are only a few members. I can really count them with my fingers. If we will maintain to be active, the remaining writers, we can able to earn the threshold but it will take us longer days before we received it. I already promoted this site on my Facebook, I cannot tag my friends as most of them are not into blogging anymore. Some of them are even learned from the mistakes of joining under me, which makes me sad actually.

I know I did my best to get people but we cannot blame them if they are not interested anymore. Anyway here, there are some people might be interested. I think this is the last for now that I will be talking about this site as I am not promising myself of being active there too. I am only visiting the site if I have time. I have a good friend who invited me to come and help the site and I am obliging myself as she is a good friend. I guess I will be living a day with that site. Not expecting, just blogging.

If you know people who are interested you can share this blog to them. I am not using any referral for that site so if you want to check it out just search

Yes it is co, not com.


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I found another Forum Sites, Let me try First

I found another forum sites. This site is like Forum Coin though it is just a new site and the people posting are only a few. The topics per thread are few too, I am just filling up some of the threads. Now I earned $1 from posting new thread/topics and it only needs $5. I am not into spamming the site since I read from the rules that there are no limits, FOR NOW, I guess. Wait till I get paid and I will share this site. It pays through Bitcoins and Paypal. I don’t know the owner but there are Filipinos in the site too. I need to try the site first before I will share a review. I don’t want to jinx it.

Right now I like the site because it is simple though I can’t post my picture. I guess me, discovering the site is a good timing because I have lots of thoughts to share. It is a great addition to my FC site. It works like Forum Coin. If this site is true to the earnings it promised then I will be sticking on it or else it will be another BMN or Beer Money Nation experienced once again. I am totally undecided if I will share the site as for sure people will flock on the site and some will take advantage. Sometimes the reason why the site cannot sustain it because of the flock of the members who are willing to meet the threshold in no time. Since the site is new, it will take a proper observation if I will add people on the site or never mind.

I am on my 43 posts and I love to make it up to 60 post today. I will continue it tomorrow. I don’t want to receive a note from the admin that says, “Hey you are spamming” that is a big dilemma.


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I try this site once again, IndyaForums

Indyaforums is one of the sites that has been introduced to me through Forum Coin. This evening I tried the site once again and I never thought there are lots of forum topics already, though the topics that I can be active rates very small. You need 500 rupees in order to cash out and after I left the site earlier, I already had 107.5 rupees. I need a lot of time on this site. I am on the General Discussion and this thread will earn you 0.5 for starting a new thread and 0.25 for commenting on the thread. These are all Rupees. I don’t know the conversion in dollars. While I was there, I was thinking of working on the site during weekends because I have all the time. I really wish I could remember to visit the site during weekends as I tend to forget, that is really my problem. I know the 500 rupees is equivalent to $8 so I really need to find time to work on the site. This is a slow site so before I refer people, I need to try the site first.

I love the site because it is fast. I can open the thread on the new tab. I able to earn less 12.5 Rupees for 30 minutes. I was not focused on the site earlier as I was working on Ayuwage. When Ayuwage experienced an error, that was the time I focused on the site. Again it is a slow site that is why I earned less than expected, but there are some threads that will earn you more but those needs a little research because those topics are all about India. Now I wish we have PhilippineForums, lol.

I am taking advantage of my remaining time working online that is why I am trying some of my sites.


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