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Day 2 of the Baking Soda Experienced

Today is the day 2 of the Baking Soda Experience. I am doing this to wash away the bacteria inside me. I have UTI and I need to get rid of this, this week. Yesterday was my first time trying out a teaspoon of it, I vomited, I felt something warm on my nape, I got a headache and some uncomforts. Before I forget, I also had an upset stomach. The experience on the first day is not unlikely. I think I did something wrong. I said unlikely because some people did not experienced this when they are drinking it. Anyway, lesson learned.

Day 2, I did it again. I put a teaspoon but not a teaspoon full of baking soda. I remember yesterday I made it full. I put the a teaspoon on a big glass and pour it out with water, full too. I drink it slowly. I remember my nape got the feeling of warm again but later on it was gone. Right now I am waiting for myself to have an upset stomach, so far I haven’t been in pain. Let us wait later but I am hoping I did it right this time.

Last night, I can feel how my stomach roar like a Lion. It was roaring in pain. I put a lot of waste and I now proven that baking soda is indeed an effective cleaner. I should do this everyday. I research if it is good to use baking soda every day but it says you can do it 3 times a week, so I am not doing every day after I got cleared on my UTI.

I am not sure if this is good for people who are trying out to eat fruits and soup for cleansing, as baking soda is for cleansing too but for sure they have different objective in what they are cleaning inside your body. I guess one should ask a doctor or dietician for that.


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There goes the Super Headache

I told you earlier that I put a teaspoon of baking soda to my tumbler, that is equivalent to a big glass with a water. I drink it slowly. I didn’t expect that baking soda tastes like powderize salt, it is really SALTY!! I vomited a lot because of it and drink 3 glasses of water. After a while, my stomach was upset and I went to comfort room to… you know…, woot woot!!

Right now, I am feeling the super headache. I checked on the medicine cabinet for Biogesic or Paracetamol but unfortunately, we do not have a stock already. I know the only way is to fill it up with water. This pain started on my nape. I had a short nap earlier tonight and when I woke up, I feel the pain on my nape. Right now the pain goes up to my head. I hate it because the pain is not the normal pain I was feeling before. It is not a typical headache or a migraine. The pain is crawling. It started with my nape, the lower part of the head, the middle, now it is on the top and I can feel a little pain on my forehead and beside my eyes. I think this is something to do with baking soda.

I am thinking right now that 1 teaspoon in a big glass filled with water is not the right amount. I think this is too much because it made my stomach upset. I felt all the waste on my body was put out. I felt weak after. I can’t even move my hands. I had a little shiver too and I failed to eat dinner because of this. I guess half a teaspoon is what I will do tomorrow.  I need to repeat this twice a day, until Monday. I am doing this because I have UTI and up until now, it is there. Wish me good luck.



Coconut as a Cleansing Factor

Ever since I was young, when someone from the family was having UTI, we will say “drink coconut”. I able to buy two earlier. My only thing is to drink the coconut juice because that is the specific thing I need to consume with it to cleanse my UTI. I can feel there is an intense pain on the lower part of my stomach. I can sense that the bacteria are still there. Now it makes me sad because for sure I will still fail the test because I am still positive with UTI. For sure the doctor will not say I am cleared and another medication will about to happen. It supposed to be today, but I did not go to the diagnostic center because as far as I remember I got my sleep past 7 in the morning already. It is hard for me to sleep every Sunday, but it was my fault, anyway.

I went out to find coconut as the juice of it will able to help me. I do remember people drinking coconut juice and they were get cleared. If I will able to see a coconut seller tomorrow near the diagnostic center for sure I will be buying some coconuts. Another is baking soda. You need to put the powder, teaspoon on it, in a warm water and drink it. It is a great cleanser. While doing that, I will be putting baking soda on my teeth as it whitens the teeth. Much better if it has a lemon. I will squeeze the lemon in it and put it on my teeth. It will surely makes my teeth whitens.

I love to prioritize about my UTI. I already accepted that I am still not cleared or maybe I need to sincerely ask God for this one. Maybe I am praying less.

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Sleeping After a Workout

I did a little exercise before I get to bed this morning. I don’t know what happened to me that I started to do a little stretching and did some lying exercise. It helped me to get some sleep immediately. I only awaken by the barks of the dogs from time to time. I felt tired after the exercise and because of that, I am planning to do it often, but I am not promising anything.

I wonder if there are some negative effects of sleeping after a workout. I made some little research and according to this article from livehealthydotchrondotcom it is okay to get some sleep after a workout. Actually, a lot of people are doing it because it gives them a good and long sleep. It makes them feel tired right after that leads to them to have a deep sleep. That is what I feel earlier. However, you must do it at the right time. Let say, for example, you have a 2-hour workout before going to bed. You must start at 8 in the evening till 10 in the evening and then you need to sleep after it. It is promoted to have more than 7 hours of sleep. If you will do it, it will lead you to weight loss. Having a long sleep in a right time promotes weight loss. Those who are sleeping less are sure will have a weight gain. It is also advised to start the workout in the afternoon too towards the evening so that you have enough time to be awake to do some activities and then you need to sleep 7 hours more.

I concluded that sleeping after a workout is not bad, but you need to do it at the right time. My workout earlier was set up in a wrong time. I even did not plan it anyway, but I am not doing it again.


Taken 2 Ciprolox at the Same time

I am taking Ciprodin and the other brand I bought was Ciprolox this afternoon. I assumed that Ciprodin is the Generic brand and Ciprolox is the Branded ones. Please correct me if I am wrong. Well, I am drinking this medicine because I want to get cleared with my UTI problems. I know and I feel that Ciprolox will the answer I long for even before, lol. I really wish. I even took a little prayer before taking 2 capsules today.

I am required to drink 500 mg every 12 hours. It means I need to drink this one twice a day for 7 days. I drank 2, lol. I know it will harm my kidney but I don’t care as I will not do it again. I did it for I missed drinking one capsule in the afternoon yesterday and one this morning. That is the schedule of this medication. I will need to drink another one this evening too but I think I am going to pass it on this evening.

I asked my friend what will happen to me when I drink 1000 mg of anti bacterial medicine. She told me that from experience, I will feel sleepy. The same goes when drinking pain removing medicine. If you drink 1000 mg of Medicol or Biogesic, or even Dolfenal and Gardan, you will be feeling sleepy. It happens to me. I feel like I have been drugged. Now I imagine why some of the people who can hardly sleep are overdosing themselves with drugs because it is the only way for them to get some sleep. Oh, am I giving you an idea?

She also said that I will feel a pain in my stomach. I felt it earlier this afternoon, but after a while, I feel sleepy. I just battle out the feeling because I need to blog. Right now I am still feeling it and trying my best not to sleep. I hope I can beat it.


I am Free from Thyroid Problems

You see on most of my picture, my neck is big. I am always mistaken to have a goiter. It looks awful because I really look like I have a goiter. But if you try to touch my neck, I will not feel pain, unless you try to choke me. Doctors always saying that for sure I have a Thyroid Problem. Whatever I have it check, it is always negative. Earlier, when I saw the results of my Thyroid, the doctor said I am okay. My thyroid is healthy. My T3, T4 and TSH are in the normal range. Why do I think I am having hypothyroidism. Or maybe I have it before but God erased it?

Just last week, the same day, last week, I was having a dilemma that I have Thyroid problems. It is a dilemma because I need to have another medication and not only that, I need to be in radioisotope tests for sure if my T3 and T4 both not in the range of the right measurement. Radioisotopes test is a big thing for me because, first, I don’t understand it. Second, does it requires injection on of the brain because T3 and T4 are produced by a gland in a brain. For sure the medication and the isotope tests will require a great amount of money, and I don’t have that.

But I don’t have to worry anymore since I am free from Thyroid problems. Last week, and even from last year, I have clear symptoms of Hypothyroidism, but I never thought I don’t have it. My worry now is less that I have to prioritize worrying about the money I need for another medications, my another urinalysis, my transportation, a fee for health id and to get free from having UTI. Those are the things I will specifically pray at this moment.


Checking out some Celebrities and Their Workout Routines

Local celebrities in my country are posting their workout routines on their Instagram Account. After learning about it, I checked Google and YouTube for some workout that I could do at home. I should take advantage of another week staying at home for some exercise. I will look for something that I could do without paying for instructor because I don’t have money anymore. There are lots of techniques and even one of them are posting a gallon filled with water being lifted over and over. The gallon starts from small gallon to double the litter, filled with water. This is done to make the arms stretch and get enough strength. I love the punched in the air. You just need to punch the right way and in the air. It lessens the sagginess of the arms. I also love the stretch with balls. You can hold anything, not only balls. You hold a pillow, raising it above your head and lowering down below your waist but you need to have your legs go up whenever you lower down what you are holding to your waists. However, a ball is recommended because it contains a certain weight. It is for your arms, waist and legs.

These are the workout routines that I remember while being busy checking out at Instagram. I also remember the stretching before the workouts. There are lots at YouTube. I used my whole afternoon trying to know more about these workouts. I need to watch it religiously as I have nerve problems. When I started it wrong, it could lead to a bigger problem in the future and I would not be wanting that. There is even exercise you can do while working online and I love it!! I will do it. There are lots of results given by Google. There are lots of blogs of the kind of workout you could do alone at home. If you want one, you can do your research.


Still It is not Too Late, I will Do my Best

Since I am feeling the usual pain, I will drink water. I will drink water every 30 minutes. I was drinking water for 3 weeks now because our environment during daytime is not friendly. Even before I was not diagnosed with UTI, I have been drinking water. I wonder why the bacteria are not washed away. Or maybe the bacteria already accumulated and the infection becomes deeper in time. As long as I am awake today, I will drink water every 30 minutes. I know I failed to drink at the exact 8 glasses, but drinking water has been my new daily routine and I always have water with me.

Even though I am so sure that the bacteria is not cleared, I will do my best to drink water. Early tomorrow I will be looking for some Coconut juice to help me with the bacteria. I hope I still able to help myself. It is it not too late to do everything about it. I averagely hate what I am feeling right now. I supposed to be very excited and cheering myself because I will able to receive a good news. I can feel that I will not be receiving a good news, that’s it. I wish for the miracle from God. Definitely and immediately, I will change my plans tomorrow if I received the bad news. How I wish I able to accept it that easy.

Even if I get cleared with UTI, there is another problem with my Thyroid so I am not still free from problems. I still need to comply with medicine and get cleared from Thyroid. I wonder if the doctor will get me cleared from Thyroid problems first before they give me the signal for health id because if they need too, then it will take me a year to get clear. Now I am overthinking and stressing myself again. I must wait for the official diagnosis and let us see what will happen.


Why do I feel like the Bacteria are still there?

While doing my first blog, I feel a certain pain on my left part of my stomach. It is just below the stomach. This is the normal pain that you feel when you have bacteria, specifically if you have UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. The bacteria are high according to the results I received last Tuesday. I was advised to drink this medicine to get cleared with it. I drink it twice a day for 7 days and I will be drinking the last capsule at 2 in the morning tomorrow. Now I am feeling the pain and I get sad instantly because maybe the bacteria are still there. I was not having any pain when I was diagnosed to have a UTI last week. I started to feel the pain when I started to drink Ciprodin. On that kind of pain, I realized I really have a UTI. While drinking the medicine, I was having pain in the stomach, which is exactly at the stomach. The way you feel when you skip your time to eat food. It goes away but it took me an hour to be able to be freed from the pain. I able to endured the pain and now I only have one capsule to take tomorrow.

I do not want to have my own diagnosis. I still want to have myself to be checked by tomorrow for the presence of these bacteria. I want to know the results. If I am not cleared, they will change the medicine and it will take me another week for another test. It will be endless. I am now feeling it will happen. It is making me sad as early as now. I have been to lots of spending and I don’t have any money in my pocket. I don’t know how will I survive if another series of test for UTI and if I really have a problem with my Thyroid.


As if I have a Choice..

As if I have a Choice…. when it comes to my health, I should comply. I find the money and do the test. This is for my own good. My prayer right now is about my thyroid problems to be normal. I am hating it but already accepted it.

I have no choice but to comply when it comes to my health issue. I don’t want to bring danger to myself by disregarding the fact about the problem. I will not ever make my dreams come true if it gets severe. Maybe I can cope up now because I am still young, but not when I reached 40 and up. Also, as I learned more about having thyroid problems before, it will help me with being tired and feeling exhausted. When my T3 and T4 will balance I guess it will lead to my better productivity and alertness. It helps me with my focus too. The first thing that I need to solve is being moody. I don’t want to be feeling moody at all. That is one of my big flaws. At present, I am doing my best to detach that to my system but because of thyroid problems I can’t. Surely, when the hormones will get balance, I will able to fix this problem.

I am hating it less now, but still the degree of hate is there. I don’t have a choice but to accept and comply. I only think now that it is for me and not for anyone. If I will spend money for this, it will be a little amount of money compare to the money I will be using for hospital bills once it get severe. I need to invest in my health and now I will do it. I don’t want to have any kind of illness so I am solving this. I don’t want any kind of illness ruin my life and my dreams.



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