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Craving for Chicken Macaroni Salad

Photo from The Food Network

I am busy listening to calls, posting pictures and thinking of my next topic for my blog then suddenly I smell a Chicken Macaroni Salad. I don’t know where the smell is from because, in our house, most of the people are still sleeping. Maybe it came from the neighbors. Maybe the smell is not really Chicken Macaroni Salad but it just smell like it. I started to look for high-quality pictures at Google and the picture attached makes my mouth waters.

I want Macaroni Salad right now. I want it to have a lot of chicken, carrot, cheese and mayonnaise. We put Nestle cream in our Macaroni Salad and we want it to become the creamiest. Sometimes we put pickles, sometimes not. Sometimes we have ham and potatoes in it. We also put apples. You know our Chicken Macaroni Salad is the best macaroni salad for me. I haven’t tasted from the restaurants, maybe because I am not ordering it, lol.

What should be the secret of how to make your Chicken Macaroni Salad to be the best macaroni salad? There is no secret for it but put your love in doing it. It is simply to do, you just boil your macaroni and when it is already cooked add the diced cheese, carrot, potato, ham, pickles, and chicken. Then add a good amount of mayonnaise and Nestle cream. For sure it is good to eat when it is cold so it is good to refrigerate it first before eating. Add a little salt if it is needed. There are lot of ways to do Macaroni and that is depend on what you really want. Some like to be sweet, I prefer it to be salty with lots of chickens, just like the picture.

Now, my problem is that, how can I persuade my mother to prepare this to me?


I am Fond of Eating Chicharon

I haven’t had my lunch. I woke up late and had my spaghetti as my should be breakfast. To not spoil the food, I ate it. Now, I haven’t had my lunch. I need to have my lunch, but my mother is still cooking it. It is 4 in the afternoon and I am not hungry, this is because I just ate Chicharon. Chicharon is a crunchy fried skin of a pork. It has a lot of cholesterol so I eat it dipping with vinegar. I just finished a pack. I used to eat this when I need to stay up late. I need something to munch during that time and vinegar is keeping me awake for its sour tastes.  Sour tastes can keep you awake that is why every online earning people are eating this during the time that they need to do a lot in the middle of the night.

Why do I choose eating Chicharon? First let me advise you that eating this is not good for your health. One pack is enough and make sure you have a vinegar as a dip. It has a lot of salts and some chicharon has preservatives. Also, it is oily so it has a lot of cholesterol. But I love eating this because of the tastes. There is a brand of Chicharon selling good quality and it is on R Lapids. They are selling chicharon for quite a long time and has been popular ever since, although I don’t buy their product because their price does not correlates to my wallet, lols.

Chicharon is like chocolate, cake and Ice Cream to me. It gives me a certain comfort that when I eat it, I feel okay. I do not feel happy, but it gives me an “okay” feeling, which means I am at ease in what I am doing, whatever it is.



My Treat for Myself

Do you treat yourself sometimes? What is your objective in treating yourself? Do you think you look like a fool for doing that, or you are simply rewarding yourself to get you improve in the future, because there is no one acknowledging your hard work but you?

I have this kind of thing with myself. I treat myself whenever I achieved something. My objective is that I have a goal and I do plans to achieve. When I achieved my goal after executing the plan, it means I am successful. A reward for myself uplifts my spirit and confidence. Because I am the one that managed the plan, of course, I am the one that will give a reward for myself. I do this for appreciation. Someone will say, “Way to go Grecy” or “congratulations Grecy” but my way of appreciating my hard work is treating myself.

I had a lot of ways to treat myself. When the budget is not enough, I will treat myself with a long rest or long sleep. Or either I will sleep and when I wake up, instead of working for another day, I will be watching the movies that I missed on my Laptop. I make sure I will fun while doing it. A good cup of hot choco or coffee with little snack will do me good too. If the budget is enough, I will buy something for myself. I will think of the things that I need that I don’t have. I will not ever think about the things that I only wanted. That kind of attitude was developed when I started to earn my money from my company. I should not waste my money and prioritize the needs of my family before myself. It looks I am depriving myself for having that things that I dream of, but what matters to me is their welfare. I never became selfish but sometimes I need to just think about them first before myself because they rely on me.

The typical things I buy are an umbrella, small bag, coin purse, toothpaste, small notebook, pen, vitamins, slippers, cheap shoes, and of course, treating myself to an affordable fast food chain. I am happy with that. Sometimes I am lucky, because when I inspire a friend after knowing that I achieved something, they are the ones that treat me everywhere.

Nibbling Powdered Milk

For real, I am not sure of the words nibble. I researched the English translation of the Tagalog words “Papak” and my head is in pain because I cannot see anything. Even Google Translate is not helping. I found out the word nibble because of the example so I use it instead.

Part of my childhood is eating or nibbling powdered milk. I had a lot of favorite milk before. Birch Tree, Nido, Sunny Boy and Bear Brand are the brands of milk I love to nibble. My favorite is Birch Tree (it’s everybody’s milk), however, it is not the cheapest brand. Ever since, the cheapest brand is Bear Brand, no wonder it is the only existing milk that I had known from the past. I love Birch Tree, Nido and Sunny Boy more because of the tastes of the milk. It has more milk, less sugar. Bear Brand is full of starch and sugar, less milk. Yet we don’t have a choice but to buy it because it is the only milk around.

I love nibbling powdered milk maybe because I used to be doing this when I was young. I do remember that I not only nibbled powdered milk but Ovaltine and Milo as well. Ovaltine and Milo are brands of chocolate drinks. My mother buys a chocolate drink and prepares it for us with milk and sugar. She likes to do it with hot water. We have a steady supply before, maybe because the prices of food products before are not as high at present. That is the reason that regardless I nibbled and nibbled a powdered milk for a day, I still have a supply of powdered milk at home.

Whenever I am preparing my coffee, I put powdered milk. But before the coffee preparation ended, for sure I will eat a spoonful of powdered milk. That is a kind of thing that I can’t detached from my system.

How do you want your Eggs?

I don’t know about eggs. What I only know is the people are required to eat 2 a day, only. More of that, will lead to danger as it is high in cholesterol. But when they ask, how do you like your eggs? I can’t answer. They will ask  me again, Sunny side up, hard boiled, soft boiled, hard scrambled? I will answer, you just need to cook it and I will eat it.

I never thought there are more than 10 types of cooking the eggs. Let me share it to you now, for sure not all are aware of this.


Hard Boiled egg 






Hard Scrambled


Soft Scrambled



Perfect Scrambled



And there are lots to mention actually. If you want to know more, you check this blog as he gave a complete information about different types of cooking eggs and how it is done.

After reading Breakfast with Nick’s Blog, I totally learned about different ways of cooking eggs. I prefer the soft boiled because I loves the yolk to be runny. I want to have it soup like just like the picture attached above. This will be done if you apply the 5-minute or 6-minute egg that they are saying. I want to spread the yolk to my fried rice. I remember I always have sunny side up, I had that one earlier. I will ask my mother to have the soft boiled egg to be part of my breakfast tomorrow.

Let me share you facts about eggs. Eggs give you high-quality protein. It contains amino acid and next to milk in giving good nutrition to babies. You can tell if it is hard or soft cooked when you rotate it. Once it rotates easily, it is hard-cooked but if not, then it is soft. Egg yolk is the natural source of Vitamin D so if you are lacking on that vitamin, you can eat an egg’s yolk especially when it is soft-cooked. Yolk color is depending on the diet of the Hen. Howard Helmer is a the Omelette King. He can do 427 omelette for 30 minutes.


Here you go, some facts about eggs. How do you want your eggs?





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