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What should be a Complete Breakfast?

Do you think I will survive a day or even half of a day just by eating this amount of food? This is what I ate this morning.


Photo is mine

Let us dissect the food. It has beans, beef, rice and some little spices. I ate that little amount. It is half of the usual cut of rice and half of the viands I used to put on my plate too. Dieticians said that in order for a breakfast to be complete, it should have the following; protein ex. egg, pork or chicken, fruit or fruits, carbohydrates ex. oatmeal, cereals, rice, and orange juice, not coffee actually. So I had beans, beef, rice and coffee. It has carbohydrate and protein. I do have orange juice and fruits. Do you think I will survive half day?

I think this one depends on the physical state of a person. If you normally eat the whole meal, unlike what I had which was half plate, then there is a big chance you get hungry after 3 hours. On the other hand, you could have energy bars after 3 hours or biscuits with water and then you need to eat at the exact 12 in the afternoon.

Based on my experiences, this amount of food makes me gets weak in the middle of the day, that is why I need to eat at the exact time of the lunch. In order to function, I need to eat full pack breakfast, maybe not complete but a whole plate of meal. However, when I eat a lot of rice, it makes me feel tired. I used to be eating a lot of viand than rice so that my stomach is full but not bloated and I can freely walk because it feels light. Do you follow a certain amount of meal or any diet plans you have with your meal?

What is Bulletproof Coffee and why it is so popular these days?

Photo from You Tube c/o Bulletproof Channel

bulletproof coffee


Have you heard about bulletproof coffee? Nope, this is not the coffee that when you drink it, you will never experience having wounds when a gun fired at you. From what I absorbed bulletproof coffee is something to do with your senses. It is something about being alert and active for more than long hours. I maybe right because according to my research, this is basically can replace a breakfast meal.

So what is this all about? 

Bulletproof coffee is the putting a butter in your coffee. Butter totally replaces the cream and sugar. You will only have coffee and butter.  They say two teaspoons of butter to be put in your coffee is a better alternative to having the natural breakfast. However, you cannot just put butter in your coffee because there is only a specific butter that they used to be put in and this is a grass-fed butter. This is the butter that came from cows which eats corn or soy. It contains fats but is not dangerous to your body.

The Benefit of Bulletproof Coffee

Actually, if you put this kind of butter, it control or maintains your cholesterol level that becomes good to your heart as well. Fats from grass fed cows contains Butyrate. Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that helps the friendly bacteria to form in the gut. This will prevent you from having neurodegenerative diseases, e.g. Alzheimer’s Parkinsons Disease and Huntington. This butter mixed with coffee is also known to burn fat faster than the normal ways. It is very helpful to severe cases of fat people. It also creates Ketones. This is produced when the body burns fats. It creates energy to keep you alert within and not compare to other foods that build up carbohydrates. Last but not the least is the replacement power. The power to replace breakfast meal for busy people. It can be compared to energy drinks.

One of the celebrities that does it is Shailene Woodley *The Fault in our Stars, Divergent.

This is the video from You Tube c/o Bulletproof Channel








Ice Cream Treat from my Brother

Photo is mine

An ice cream treats from my brother. When my brother arrived home I was working online, I blurted “Pa Ice cream ka naman!!” (Treat us for Ice cream). He instantly said yes and went out. I am really happy. I am an ice cream girl than a cake one. Now, we just finished the Ice cream and it is quite a blessing for me. Thanks to my brother!! har har.

The flavor of Ice Cream is Mango Caramel. This is the first time I tasted this flavor. I always love to have my favorite flavor, Vanilla. Sometimes I go for Mango and Ube. I likely to choose one flavor than a combination of flavor. I want the Ice cream to melt in my mouth and I am not into biting or chewing something on it. But anyway, when someone give me Ice Cream I will never say NO to them. I always have the good heart to accept it.

Photo is mine
Photo is mine

This Mango Caramel flavor came from Nestle. I prefer Selecta when it comes to Ice cream. This flavor is not that sweet even though there is a presence of caramel. Caramel is not overload, that is why the dominant taste of Mango is tasted with a very little amount of sweetness from the Caramel. The half gallon is just enough for 4 people. Actually, you could have 8 cups on this one. Just right for solo cup for 8 to 10 people that varies the amount you put in the cup. It tastes good. I will definitely buy it again. Vanilla flavor with Nestle is just lame. It did not enjoy the taste. Maybe Nestle varies the taste because they introduce Mango Caramel in a different light. I really love it.

I seldom have Ice cream right now that is why I am happy that my brother said yes and we got a treat!! Thanks Jekongbebs!!


Less Rice for 7 days Now!

Photo from Pixabay

Nope, I did not make any resolution about rice.I did not make any resolution either. I started to tell myself December 31 that I will not include rice with eating as we have lots of food then. Even on the first day of January, I was not taking rice. Because I get used to not tasting rice for two days, I ate less rice on January 2 and up until now January 6. I was tempted all the time and I don’t know what happened to me that I did it. I am hoping to do it until the end of January and see what happens. I am eating 3 spoonfuls of rice plus a lot of scoop of viand. Every meal is like that. I do not include rice with breakfast because sometimes, I am only drinking coffee, that is bad.

If eating less rice has something to do with making you thin or to lessen your weight, well let see. For the mean time, these are what I observed that benefited me for eating less rice.

First, I noticed that I feel tired but not the heavy tiredness. Before, once I get tired, laziness is the second thing that will happen. I can’t move my body, I am stuck in my bed. When I stand up, it took me 5 minutes to think what I need to do, why I am standing? Now, I have a clear idea. I guess my blood is not stuck somewhere in my body and everything is flowing through my brain. The heavy feeling is gone. Yes, we need to strike it through.

Second, because the heaviness is gone, I feel light. I walk fast and smart. Not walk fast because I am in a hurry. Perspiration is just the regular perspiration, not over perspiration. I am not sure because I lost weight, too early for that.

Third, feeling of bloated stomach, gone too. My tummy belly is soft, lol. Before it is hard, like you are knocking the wall. I can fit into pants that does not fit me. I can wear those pants again though it created an apartment with my belly. You know what I mean.

Fourth, less rice creates bowel movement regularly. I guess the feeling of lightness is through this.

When I feel light, it is easy for me to use my brain. Since I love the benefits, I love to continue it.


Blessed with Chicken

Photo from Pixabay

My mother has a friend in the wet market near our places. She is selling pork and chicken meat. My mother usually goes to the market every afternoon and when they see each other there, all the remaining chicken this lady is selling, she gave it all to my mother. One day in our life, we will have festives of chicken at home. There are times I get fed up and do not eat anymore. My favorite type of Chicken my parents cook for us is Fried Chicken. Sometimes I will find myself eating chicken alone, disregard the rice. Whenever I smell my father is cooking it, I want to eat immediately. My dogs love it. One of my dog Tutay will be alive and very active when she smells someone is cooking chicken at home. This dog of mine is always lying in bed and never wish to move. Once she smelled chicken, she started to stand up and asked everyone if she can have it soon. She also drooling for it. Actually, at present, it is not only her that drooling, it is all of them. You can see in their faces how happy they are of tasting chickens again.

We are very lucky to find someone who will just gives us their chicken so we take advantage and share the blessing to our dogs. Sometimes I cannot anymore much more if I had tasted chicken from the previous week. I can say we can have a free supply of chicken 3 times a month. We are that blessed. I include that old lady to my prayers. According to my mother, that lady is giving her their chickens because one time that she was there and the first one who bought chicken in their stall in the wet market, a lot of buyers came after her. She brings luck to old lady. The old lady like that so from now on she has a free supply chicken whenever they meet there.


I had my much awaited Puto Bumbong but..

puto bumbong

Photo is mine

I told you, I need to eat my Christmas food to feel a Christmas spirit, however, I did not feel anything. Maybe the food was not prepared with love. I was getting home earlier this afternoon when I saw one of the a stall for Puto Bumbong. Puto Bumbong is one of the foods that is popular during Christmas. This is made out of glutinous rice flour and purple yam powder. The powder is combined and put in a bamboo and steamed. Once it is steamed, it will get up of the bamboo. The results is a sticky Puto Bumbong that has margarine, grated coconut and muscovado sugar as toppings. That is what I exactly posted as my featured image.

It doesn’t taste as what I know its tastes before. Maybe the seller just wants to earn money and didn’t care to get her customer to be satisfied. Before, it consists of 4 rolls of Puto Bumbong, but not it is only 3. It costs Php20 per one packed covered with banana leaves. Before, it tastes good, I love to eat it when it is still hot and the stickiness was just right. At present, it is nothing but the combination of tastes of grated coconut meat and sugar. Even the margarine doesn’t blend with the tastes. I am kind of meticulous with the food I am eating (although I am not that choosy when it comes to foods) that is why I am always looking for the tastes that will bring me some memories.

This one fails to have me the Christmas spirits I am longing to feel. I was chewing it and swallowing it. It did not even made me emotional (cheesy!), lol. I still don’t have the Christmas spirit. I will try it on Bibingka later. I wish I able to see Bibingka because that is why I hardly see selling at present.

A Man marry a Pizza

Photo from Pixabay

A man who is always failed in a relationship and lose his faith in love, marries a pizza. He is from Russia. He is always sad according to him. He has been through a lot of relationships, but he always fail. He does not want to love again so he decided to marry a pizza. Pizza is his companion during emotional days. To be with the Pizza forever, he indeed marries it. I don’t know what happened to him, but it seems he lose his mind already. How can you marry a pizza, does a pizza will say I do back? Pizza is for eating, so on their honeymoon, he will eat it? tsk tsk tsk.  What is happening on earth, why does a person needs to marry a Pizza?

I am not laughing at this news. I find it not funny. There are people who have been through with life and became crazy. They are not thinking this big humiliation they are causing themselves. There are times I feel insane, but I never did something like that just to have an attention. Maybe because I am different as when I have problems, I just keep it to myself. I don’t mean to judge, but life challenges is not there to make us weak, it is the determining factor for your strength. You are strong, but it depends on how fast you realized how strong you are. I assumed that this person has no friends or maybe his friends already gave up with him. Or maybe the news is just a joke at all.

The reflection, when sadness attacks us, we lose our faith in yourself and in God. There will be times that we don’t believe in hoping to have the good days back. The only thing we need is to pray to God and ask him what we need to do. He will never leave us even we don’t call him.


Foods that bring Christmas Spirit back in Me

Photo from

Above is the picture of food that brings back my Christmas spirit. Of course, that food should taste good. This brings me back to the time that I was attending the dawn mass and trying to complete it because it will help my wish to come true. After the dawn mass, we will buy these foods on the stalls outside the church. We lined up with people patronizing it and fulfill our hunger. These foods are called Puto Bumbong and Bibinka. Puto Bumbong is a kakanin delicacy. It is made from glutinous rice or heirloom sticky. It is put in a bamboo or bumbong and steamed until a bumbong rise up. It is only popular during Christmas unlike Bibingka which you can always found at the Mall or specific store that produced it. On the other Bibingka is another Filipino delicacy made from galapong (milled glutinous rice), coconut milk, margarine and sugar. Sometimes they put boiled egg as toppings. The other one is Suman and this is available all the time.

I long to have these three tonight to help me find my Christmas spirit. I cannot relate to Christmas because I have all the memories, but the attached emotions to it are not there. There is something lacking. Every Christmas I feel like getting young again. I want that excitement to come alive inside me. It doesn’t need for me to shout or to show how joyful I am. I wish to found that happiness in my heart. I am the only one that needs to help myself to find it. I need to find myself again. Christmas is still the holiday where I need to be jolly and thankful. I can’t do it it truly I am not feeling it. It is hard to lie to yourself. Need to find these food later to find myself again. Finding yourself with food is very shallow, but that is me.

Today, I am busy with this

Photo is mine

Besides watching You Tube video of funny animals, I am on the search for the viand of the day. You know one of the questions that I really find it hard to answer is “What do you want me to cook for today?”. That is the regular question of my mother or sometimes my father. Whenever the question arise, I have a poker face. I don’t know the answer because I am not ready. I usually research through Google images to find ideas. When I am facing the computer, I can choose what I want but if not, I will just say what I remember. And then when the viand is already cooked, I will remember what I want. How cruel is this? This is very difficult for me.

Actually when I am dining out too. My co-office mate will ask, what you want to eat and I am just looking around, I don’t know what to choose. When I already eaten the food, I will remember what I want to eat. Is there something wrong with me? I hate this actually, that is why when I have time, I try to Google for the viand of my choose, I write it down and when my mother asked me again, I have something to answer.

Usually, on my search, I choose the one that is easy to prepare. I choose the one that they will just fry or sauteed. Definitely, I want crispy Tilapia (fish) all the time. I want something that I can dip on soy sauce with calamansi or oinion. Sometimes I choose vinegar or soy sauce with vinegar. My parents are the best cook that is why I am being careful what to choose because I always wanted to taste my favorite chosen viand. Right now I go for Menudo with quail eggs or ground beef with quail eggs.



Pretend it’s 1993!!

Photo from Pixabay

I was laughing hard on the picture I saw posted at Whzon. It is a picture outside a restaurant. It says No Wifi, Talk to Each Other, Call Your Mom, Pretend it’s 1993. I agree to this one though at times it is hard to be in a place where there is no WiFi, lol. Everyone is now attached to their mobile phones and updating their social networks. They are now depending their bill payments online because there are now online banking which you can transfer money using your online account transferring it to the online account of the a certain website to pay your bills or the website itself of your bills. You can do online shoppings and wait till your product arrives at your house. You could know the latest news/trending news posted everywhere. You can even download movies that you missed online and watch it at home. Truly, the internet partnered with gadgets gives us a lot of benefits.

However, whenever there are advantages, there are flaws. Technology of today leads us to less physical activity and rendezvous. Children became obese because of playing computer games. A lot of people are in the same place, they know each other but they seems stranger to one another because they are busy with their mobile phones. We take pictures of the food we before we eat it. We need to change ourselves for the sake of selfies. The normal talking is out. If we talk, we talk about gadgets, the latest new and trending ones. In everything that we do, we always hold our mobile phones and check it from time to time. We became technology slaves.

Compared to the year 1993. 1993 was the year where people are busy achieving lots of things. People have more time with their families. They watched movies together, go to amusement parks, museums, they travel, visit the province and the only hold one thing to capture the moment and that is a camera and moving a camera. If you want the latest news, you watch the news. If I were to ask you, what kind of way of living you want, the past one or the present one? What makes a difference to you.


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