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So Hungry, I want to eat a Person

When I slept earlier, I know I had eaten one slice of bread and a coffee. I went back to bed and woke up before 10 in the morning. I am taking advantage of some remaining calls so I am reviewing it instead of eating. I would to get some earnings rather than eating. Right now my stomach is growling and it do not like my idea. It is giving me some pain, and it is a pain again?

I get exhausted with some pains I am feeling lately. It makes me feel weak. With this pain right now, I can still take it. The pain at my back, the back of my neck and lowered part of my head are still there. My brain is not working because of this pain. I am trying my best to push my brain to think of a topic to share because I am taking advantage of points, yet somehow, this should be not the case. One should be writing when there is a good story to share. Let me have an excuse today because of the pain I am feeling. I am not always like that though. I am just a person who loves to share everything with blogging and loves earnings in return.

A little growl again. My stomach said that it will give out an acid if I will not have any food. I am started to get weak and okay, I will now grab a food.

Is there a time that you push something to happen because of your willingness to do your objective but your body is beginning to have a world war because they are not in favor with it. They want to be fix first before anything else. They want to be take care of, yes I am going there. See you later, going to grab some food. I am so hungry, I want to eat a person.


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Need to Eat Peanut Butter Sandwich

I know I made a topic about peanut butter sandwich being our breakfast when I was young. I even made an essay about it and read it in front of the class. I remember a friend who told me that she lose weight eating peanut butter sandwich. It is her ideal breakfast. Ideal breakfast? Whenever I am eating a bread with peanut butter, the bread only rotates on my mouth. Even my tongue hate it. It just let it rotate there, not biting into pieces and I will swallow it with the help of a juice or coffee. I can eat chocnut rather than peanut butter. There are times I am looking for it, asking for it, but most of the time I am hating it. I prefer to eat nuts.

The obvious factor that correlates to losing weight when eating peanut butter sandwich during breakfast is that it has nuts. Even how many nuts you eat, you will not get fat. Nuts don’t contain cholesterol and it is the safest food. When it comes to bread, it should be wheat bread. If you want a little excitement, put strawberry jam on top of your peanut butter and then you are good to go. Strawberry is a fruit and berries are ideal if you really want to lose weight. All kinds of berries contain different vitamins that our body needed. There are berries which fight even cancer.

Peanut Butter with Strawberry jam, I prefer this rather than the plane. I remember too that I haven’t tried having peanut with wheat bread because wheat bread cost a lot, at present, I need to prefer having it. This contains 300 calories combine with what you get with wheat bread, fiber. You have saved a lot of energy even if you are going to eat at 12 in the afternoon.


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Removing Chicken Skin

I only learned to remove the chicken skin on fried chicken or any kind of chicken dish from the movie of Popoy and Basha, One More Chance. Popoy was peeling off chicken skin from the fried chicken he will be giving to Basha. Basha, on the other side, was just looking, got the chicken skin that was peeled but she was stopped by Popoy and she didn’t like it.

I wonder what that is all about, that is what I said to myself. Later on, I found out that all the saturated fats from the chicken are all stored in the chicken skin. If you eat it, it will increase your cholesterol level. Specifically, it contains 2.5 grams of Saturated fats and 50 calories. Saturated fats are those that are found in fast food restaurant foods. It is only there to make your belly fat. These are unwanted fats.

If you are into dieting, you should eat the breast of the chicken, and put it on your vegetable salad. That is the healthy and ideal use of chicken in your diet. You can also eat chicken, but the breast part without the skin is what other’s recommended. Even the dietician will say to remove chicken skin.

I am laughing right now as I love eating a chicken skin. I love that it is crispy and contains oil. I never thought, it alone, will lead me to have a big amount of cholesterol entry, which might make my nerve problems to get even more severe. Right now, after the word severe, my emotions changes to a more serious one because I don’t want to get severe, I want to recover. I will not say it but I will instead do it. I will not include eating chicken skin whenever I am eating chicken. I know you are all aware of this, but if not, then I am sharing this with you.


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Eat in the Right Place, on the Right Time

Do you observe some people in the office, they can bring their lunch at their cubicle and eat it there. Some company do not allow it because whenever you are eating in your cube, the food will be smelled every corner of the room and you need a Glade spray to lessen the spray. That is why some office has a pantry, a place to eat and gather to food. You need to stay there and allow a time to eat. It is sometimes 30 to 1 hour. If there is no pantry in the office, some tend to go out of the office and find a convenient place to eat or they are dining out in some restaurant. If there is no place for you and only in your cube, then you need to spray Glade, lol.

Do you know that when you are eating and your eyes are busy with something, you tend to eat more than you expected? Let us say you have a packed lunch and you packed lots of foods. If your eyes are busy with something, and not in your food, you tend to eat a lot. You might be looking at your computer and checking your social network because that is the only time it is allowed. You are not aware you already finished your food. You tend to eat more when you have more because you are still not finished your eyes being busy on the screen.

If you are in the right place, you are focusing on eating. You will have your focus on finishing your food and do what you need to do after. Sometimes you will finish less than 30 minutes because you are that focus. Our purpose is to focus on food and to lessen eating too much by only not being focus on the food. That is mostly the attitude of people who get fat. In order to focus on food, you need to be in a right place to eat it and spend your time on your food, solely.


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Spice up your Food!

One of the effective tried and tested ways to burn your belly fats is to eat spicy foods or putting a spice to your sauces. This is the advice of one of my amigas at Facebook. She all have the spices she needed to lose her belly fat and you know she succeeded in doing this and I want to do the same. I believe, claim it!!

I will share what I learned from our conversation. She said that she drink ginger juice, the very hot one. Ginger is a good anti-oxidant. It is used as a treatment for cough problems and even colds. It contains Capsaicin, this is the one that makes Ginger to tastes hot. Capsaicin increases the metabolism of a person, regardless of size. Once it increased metabolism all the food intake will be digested and no amount of food will be stored in your belly.

Another one is Garlic. Garlic is a known fat burner. If you eat nuts with fried crispy garlic, you are really burning your fat. I love eating crispy fried garlic. I put it on my rice, even the rice is not fried. If you always have Garlic in your diet, it helps in burning your fat fast. If you will be consistent, it will greatly increase the melts of fats in your body, not just in your belly.

She also puts Turmeric powder in her dish and in warm water. I am not a fan of turmeric but since this one is a cousin of Ginger, I know I can eat it. It is always found in Indian foods. It helps to solve the inflammation in the body.

Chili Powder. This is one that I haven’t tried but I am not coward enough to do it, in fact, I am really interested in putting it in a glass of water. I know I can’t take it, but I will do it in sprinkle amount, then I added another one until I can handle it. She said it makes her perspire a lot. When she is doing cardio exercise, she perspires good because of Chili powder.


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Starvation is the Not Answer, I am not Killing Myself

Me and an acquaintance had a long talk about dieting. I told you I am into dieting lately and so far the only thing I could do is to cut in eating rice. Today, I haven’t eaten any rice, I don’t know about tomorrow. She told me the things that can effectively make her thin. She became thin lately and I know the reason. She developed a habit of not eating that is why. The specific reason of confinement in the hospital is what I failed to know. She proudly shared that she only eat once a day and she drinks water for the rest of the meal. She became thin after 2 weeks. I let her share her story but it is all about nonsense stuff and I think she is not really into dieting, but only to become thin.

Dieting is all about knowing the food you eat to keep you healthy. It is not specifically because of losing weight alone. You lose your weight because you lose excessive fats. You lose excessive fats because you do dieting and cardio exercises. I sensed her purpose is not the same as mine, yet she keep on insisting for me to have one meal a day and drink water.

From what I learned, she was starving herself. She collapsed one time and was brought to the hospital. She had a gastric problem since then. She was in the hospital for a week and on recovery at her home. I am wondering what she was up to since she is telling a lie. I even asked her that she was brought to the hospital and everyone from the circle of friends knows it, they even posted their picture of the visit at Instagram. She did not answer me but she continue referring me to eating once a day.

Oh no, starvation is never my thing. It only happens when I have a fever and I have no sense of taste at all. I am not killing myself. Now I am thinking, what she is up to as she is introducing me to something that endangers her?


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Less Rice Intake…What is that?

I started this year with lesser rice intake. Actually, for 4 days December 30, 31, Jan 1 and 2, I was not eating rice and then flop, I forgot about it! Lesser rice, what is that? I don’t understand.

During the holidays, I know I will be eating that much. I thought we cannot afford to prepare something, yet my mother prepared some because it is not only for the family. I only eat the dish or the viands, but I was not touching the rice. I don’t want to feel bloated which happens to me every year. My belly is now over expanding and I can’t stop it from getting bigger. Jan 3, I began eating rice again, but with a lesser amount. I cannot maintain to make it stretch for  a week. My body can’t handle it since it gets used to having rice intake. Then I forgot about eating lesser rice since then.

Eating rice, in a large portion makes me feel sleepy. This is too much amount of carbohydrates. If you want to keep yourself awake, eat a lesser amount of rice. Cutting down rice gives you additional nutrients that for sure will melt down into energy once you start moving again.

Now, I am planning again to cut down my rice intake. My best friend is having red rice. Red rice is expensive. Now I am thinking, if I am really serious about this diet thing, I should put on savings to buy the foods that really need. It is not about saying and planning it. I should take action in buying those foods and start eating it.

About the cardio exercise, I need a place to do it as I don’t want myself doing the exercise while my dogs are on the side wondering if I am inviting them to play with me or not, lol.

This is really hard.


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My Father is a Great Cook!!

One of the reasons I am fluffy is because my father is a great cook. I don’t know how to cook. I don’t know that even though both of my parents loves to cook, I haven’t learned anything from them. I only know how to fried rice, fried egg, the usual fried foods but I can’t cook varieties. I can’t cook a main dish.

Earlier, I was busy commenting on Write2Earn I saw one post of the members. The picture of a dish that really makes my mouth waters. I called them to check the food because the blog poster failed to introduce the food and they examined it both. They look like my doctors when it comes to examining the food. I was really laughing at them and felt proud that both of my parents are willing to know the food I want them to cook. They exchanged ideas on the ingredients of the food and my father told my mother what to buy. My mother asked for money and I did not answer. I pretend I did not hear it, lol.

In the afternoon, she has all the ingredients and when I woke up this evening, I found my father finishing cooking it. The smell, the smell is awesome!! After taking a bath, my mother came and prepared my dinner. It was really awesome. I snap a picture before I invaded the plate. It looks exactly as the photo I saw on that posts, but I don’t know the tastes. It tastes good. Now we don’t know what is the name of this dish. If you know, just put a comment because as of the meantime it remains anonymous.

I just had my dinner and my stomach is again, bloated. Stomach which is always bloated is not good.

Did I say I am dieting, I did not say that! Or maybe, DIET STARTS TOMORROW.


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Three Foods You Need to Stock When you are in a Diet

I read from a fitness blog that there are these three foods that a person who is in a diet should stock in their kitchen. Balsamic Vinegar, In-shell nuts, and fat-free plain yogurt. I love yogurt, it is not a problem. I love nuts too, but this time, it needs to be in-shell, with Vinegar, we only have  Datu Puti!

I wonder why we need to stock this? I made a little research. Let’s have it one by one.

Balsamic Vinegar, this one is originating from Italy. It the typical vinegar used for Salads. It is made from the reduction of cooked white Trebbiano grape juice. Good thing, it is not expensive and can be found in the grocery. Wosh! It also used to enhance the tastes of grilled fish, eggs and steak. This one doesn’t contain fats. Does vinegar have fats? For real, the purpose of this is to provide you flavorings to your foods without calories.

In-shell Nuts, those who put nuts in their diets lose weight of average 1.4 pounds, mostly on their waists. They eat nuts in replaced to the foods they usually eat like snack foods and sweets that contain preservatives. Even how many nuts you eat in a day, your body weight is controlled, it will not increase your weight. It also lowers the risk of getting Diabetes. These nuts should be Macadamia, Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans and Brazil nuts. I am looking at my wallet right now.

Fat-free Yogurt, I am a regular eater because it provides additional good bacteria. It makes my bowel movement to be regular. For some, this is the effective one in helping you to have a flat stomach, this is maybe because it cleans it for providing good bacteria. It also contains vitamins mostly B12. This is also high in protein and prevents high blood pressure, very beneficial if you are getting older.

I seriously need to have a budget for these three.


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The Struggle is Real with this Corn

When my mother woke up, she asked me if I already had my coffee, I said no. She came back with a coffee and this corn. Oh no, not again!! I love popcorn and sweet corn, but not the whole corn. But I love the whole corn too, the only problem is that I don’t know how to eat it. If you give me the whole corn, I will go picking or removing the corn one by one in order to eat it. I can bite it, but it is messy. I hate when the corn gets messy. I hate when the skin gets stuck in my teeth too. I can only eat this kind of corn at home. I will be very frustrating if I will eat it outside.

The struggle is real because I need to remove the corn one by one to eat it. This is what it looks like right now.

the struggle i

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Little by little I able to eat it, one by one. Do you imagine, one by one?

Of course, there are people who eat corn like that. I know I am not the only one. If this considers a weakness, I don’t care. I really need to be honest that eating corn like this is quite a challenge to me. Sometimes I removed it one by one, put in a bowl, put a dairy cream and salt. I don’t know what it called, but I love to do it before I eat it.

The real reason why I can’t bite it is I hate when it looks messy and others can eat it orderly. Some part of the corn go on my clothes sometimes and the remaining bone of the corn looks messy. I hate it when it messy. Nope, this is not a serious case of corn eating, it is just that I am one of the weirdest people when it comes to corn.



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