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Eating the leftover Pancake

There are two pancakes left but I attack one of it, so one is left now. Attack is our way of saying “let’s eat”, I apologize for my term. I put butter, powdered milk and brown sugar. Sorry that it was half already because I was enjoying eating it when I remember I need to take a picture. Good thing I remember because I really want to show you my invention, lol.

Yes, I invented it. I invented the pancake with butter, powdered milk and brown sugar on top, instead of whip cream or honey. In the future, I want a business like this. I want to start a pancake business, with a varieties of whip cream and different dips. I want this business because this kind of food makes people happy. I was feeling sad when I woke up earlier but then I remember it is 1 in the morning now. I used to feel hungry. I remember the leftover pancake. After eating it I feel full and satisfied. While eating it feel I was like a young girl enjoying the take home food that my parents brought for me. It literally puts a smile on my face. Imagine putting a smile on the face of other people when they tasted my pancakes, for sure everyone will go crazy. It is a good business idea and I want to make it happen.

My pancake will be fuller. Fuller of love and tastes. I will sell it with cheaper price. I will experiment on the dips and different sauce. It will rock!! Just give me enough time and you will see Grecy’s Pancakes all over your place because I will different branches, even in Hollywood, mark it!!

Do you imagine how amazing the taste the pancake I just ate this morning, it taste really awesome. I even dream of having a business!! This is what this pancake did to me.


Photo is mine


The Pancake Last Night

Since earlier I failed to attached a picture of my post about Pancake, I am doing this today with this posts. Last night, while the site is down, I craved for a pancake. The character in the movie my father was watching last night keep on saying “pancake”. I craved for it. I was losing appetite and still losing appetite. I do not enjoy food. Last night, my father cooked pancake for me. That is what I was munching while doing blogs last night. I even finished 3 pancakes. My father also cooked Pancit during the morning. Those became my dinner last night, pancake and pancit. It is good to balance saltiness and sweetness. I put powdered milk, butter and sugar on the pancakes. I plan to put calamansi on the pancit, but for sure it will upset my stomach as I already put powdered milk on my pancake. In the picture, my pancake doesn’t have powdered milk because during that time I haven’t decided to put anything other than butter. I accidentally put powdered milk while preparing my coffee. It tastes awesome!!I will do it again.

There are still pancakes left for tonight. I will be munching it while struggling to blog because of internet problem. For sure it will cool me off. For the meantime I am thinking if I will take a nap first before continuing my activity because I think I need some sleep. My very cute nephew visited us this afternoon that is why I have to get up in bed and entertained him. Actually, I was the one who’ve been entertained. If an angel will visit you, surely you will be very entertained.

If I will prepare my pancake later, I will snap a picture for you to have an idea. I wish to have honey combined with butter or butter and condensed milk, but we don’t have it. I have Apple Cider Honey here but the taste is not likely to be put in a pancake.


I want Pancake!

The movie Walking Tall talks about the word pancake. I am not sure what that is about but someone from the character talks about he/she wants to have pancakes. Me too, I want pancakes. It has been a week since I am losing my appetite at home. I cannot taste it. I only drink water to ease the pain of being hungry. I even don’t think the foods are enticing and exciting to eat. I am looking for food that I really want to eat. Right now, when the word pancake came out, I want Pancake! I want hot pancake with a butter melting on it.

I feel sorry for myself for losing the appetite with food when I know I am always hungry. I had never been rejecting food in my entire existence. When there is food in front of me, I will make sure I will taste it. When I fail to finish the food, I will make sure I will taste it. Right now, when I am seeing food, I will frown already, because I know I will not like it. The smell is enticing sometimes, but as soon as I tasted a little, it will not make a difference.

The water is the main culprit. If I will be doing this in my entire life, this will be the disadvantage. 8 glasses of water will ruin your appetite. This would be the reason why you are not hungry. For sure, when you are not that hungry, you will lose weight, but gradually for sure. I lost 1 kilogram, yet I don’t think it has something to do with the water alone because I know I have been busy getting out of the house last week and the perspiration melted my fats. That is what I am sure of.

I asked my mother to buy pancakes and I am very ready to eat it!! I am so hungry.



Losing the Appetite to all kinds of Food

God knows how much I want to eat food. There are foods at home but I wonder why I don’t like it. I want something strange. I want something weird. I want to combine a certain food and eat it. I cannot find the taste of the food at home anymore and drinking a lot of water has something to do about it. Drinking a lot of water will really lead you to ruin your appetite. I am not the kind who drink a full glass of water before eating my meal, but I am the type who drink water after an hour for 8 hours. I think that is the reason and the only reason for this. I cannot pick foods I like. I only eat because I need to eat. I do not enjoy a meal at all. When I feel hungry, I check out our foods, then I when I see it, I frown. I am grateful for the food, but not to the feeling. I know I will not taste it and my food experience will never be happy again.

I want a chocolate bar in a bread. If I will able to see a croissant much better. I want exactly I saw in the picture. I want something sweet to something salty. The taste should meet in the middle. I want a cake with mayonaise and tuna. I want chips dipping in a cocojam. Yes, I know what you are thinking, am I pregnant? Big NO. I think this is something to do with eating food and not tasting it. It is the only reason I feel sad when I am seeing foods. Good thing my father cooked Sinigang na Bangus and he fried some Bangus (milk fish) too. I enjoyed my late lunch because of that. I wonder what kind of viand they wil cook tomorrow. I hope it is different, to put a smile on my face.


Photo from Pixabay



I want this Hamburger Now!!

That is the disadvantage when I start to get tired after doing a lot of things. I just finished 3 buns and right now I want some more. I don’t have food in here now. I was checking out some pictures of food at Pixabay and I found this picture of a hamburger. My mind is telling me that it really wants it and I can’t do anything about it. I wish we have something in technology where we can order online and we can have the food getting out of the screen also. If we have that kind then I will really praise the technology for sure.

Looking at these hamburgers, it melts my mouth. My stomach is complaining because my brain is focused on how the hamburger looks like. And it has fries on the side too. I love chewing both of it. This is something very difficult. You see, it is hard when you feel you need to taste something but you can’t because you don’t have it. I don’t have the courage to get out of the house and visits a fast food chain as they are open for 24 hours anyway. First, I don’t have the money. Second, I don’t have the courage. Third, I don’t want to get out of the house, it is dangerous out there. Now I am just looking at the picture of the foods, I guess I need to stop doing it as it is not helping me.

I feel frustrated because my stomach is growling and I want some more!! Lesson learned, if you are going to do a lot of things, make sure you have a stock food so that when you get hungry, you just eat it. Make sure that the food on stock is what you really like to serve yourself after the hard work you had done. I should have known better.


Photo from Pixabay


If the Vegetable is Re-cook or Re-heat….. I don’t like to eat it anymore

Call me choosy, but if a certain vegetable viand is re-heat or re-cook like you have for your lunch and it is the same viand in the evening but it is re-heat, I don’t like it anymore. I just wish when my parents are cooking vegetable it is on the right amount that we can able to finish at lunch or cook another, the same viand in the evening. We have that viand tonight and I was really hungry. When I saw that the vegetable looks lame, I don’t want to eat it anymore. The taste is good but it become lesser compared in the morning that instead of the urging myself to eat it because I am really hungry, I don’t want to eat.  Even though my stomach is aching, I might eat a little and that’s it. I want another viand but I can’t say to my father as I don’t want to hurt him. I want to eat boiled egg dip in the vinegar with onions yet unfortunately, he will not do it as he is very tired now. He only wants to watch television. I understand him?

I did not enjoy my dinner because of it. I know I open up this to them before because we are just wasting our money once the food will get spoil because no one wants to eat it anymore, even the pets. I am not sure if they able to absorb that. It is hard to earn money to buy foods, but when the food will get spoil because we don’t like it anymore, it is a waste of money. Even the rice. We have lots of leftover rice in the morning. I hope my mother will find time to fried it so she does not have to cook rice in the morning as there are lots of leftovers last night. I wonder why she never do it again? If she does it, we can save cooking rice in the morning, we will do it before lunch.

Okay, I am over thinking again, next topic.


Photo from Pixabay


Soft Drinks will be in Demand

Soft drink is like a staple drink here in the Philippines. During celebrations, instead of serving other juices or Iced tea, it is very normal to serve soft drinks. These are the two most in demand soft drinks in the Philippines, RC Cola and Coca Cola. We seldom drink Coca Cola as we prefer RC Cola for it is cheaper. Though sometimes we buy Coca Cola for my father if he feels he needs Insulin intake. Instead of Insulin which he is not putting in his body anymore, he choose Coca cola. Both have high amount of sugar and not advisable to drink soft drinks everyday.

If you happen to see some videos at YouTube where people are cooking soft drink to find out how many sugar are in it, they found out that the soft drinks itself is the sugar. It became syrupy and the syrup of sugar is really thick. The title of the video is Watch this and You Would Not Drink Cola at all. The soft drinks they use as an example is Coca Cola itself. I always see the syrupy sugar when I am drinking soft drinks, that is why if I can avoid it, I will avoid it. I am more of a coffee person.

Soft drinks will be in demand because it is summer. Obviously, the weather is hot so instead of drinking water, some will drink soft drinks because it is refreshing. Even some are aware of the possible health problems with drinking coffee, they do not mind it at all or maybe they are not fully aware. One causes of diabetes is drinking soft drinks. If you have the habit of drinking soft drinks instead of water, I hope you stop. It contains a lot of sugar that will lead you to have diabetes. You should be controlling the intake of sugar before it is too late.


Photo from Pixabay


Crab, My Favorite Food, but Not my Favorite Attitude

I love crab. Do you know that when I was young, I though we were rich? My father always brings home crabs at home every week. I thought he buys it, but no, it was only given to him. He has this friend who is a fisherman. This friend of him visits him at work and give him crabs. Maybe they were super close. Then one day I stop eating crabs. I am not sure if I found it out immediately or I learned the situation when I was growing up. My father stops taking home some king crabs because his friend died. The wife of his friend told him that he can have crabs anytime he wants but my father was kind of shy because he was not close to the wife, but the wife is kind and nice.

Since then, if we want crabs, we buy it. We seldom have a king crab fiesta at home. It doesn’t stop me from loving the tastes. I love it!! I love it to death. Or maybe I love it when I was young, because it is kind of dangerous to help to eat more than 3 crabs with a regular size because it is high in cholesterol. Actually, all sea foods contains cholesterol. There are selection of fishes that are good for our health because it contains Omega, like tuna. That situation introduced me to shrimps. Shrimps is way cheaper than crabs. My mother buys me shrimps instead if she can’t afford the crabs, though we still have crabs from time to time, especially during family celebrations.

I love crabs. What I don’t like is the crab attitude though called crab mentality. That is the kind of attitude I really curse. I hate people that will put you down if you are up because it hurts them. I know it does not only happen in my country. It happens everywhere now.


Photo from Pixabay



The New Spelling of Pizza is , Pixa!! Lol

I was asked by my friend of what is my favorite Pizza. I told her that I love cheesy overload and pepperoni, sometimes meat overload. She was giving me the emoticon that is confused. I even share some Pizza story and she was sending me laughing emoticons. I can’t figure why she is sending laughing emoticons so I asked why. She said that she realized I was talking about Pizza but my spelling is Pixa. I checked my message and what the, yes I was typing Pixa all over the message and I wonder why. Then I remember, I used to typing Pixabay at the end of my blog posts. I can’t stop laughing. That pixa is for Pixabay. I told her to forgive me and from now on if I am typing Pixa as the my new word for Pizza. I am even doing it here, so I need to edit this post in order for you to understand.

Does it happen to you? I get used to typing Pixabay because I am using it all the time. I never thought I am using it to the other word. My friend said that I gave her a good laugh. She was very stress earlier but because of Pixa, she was laughing. It is an honor to make her laugh, though.

So because we are talking about Pixa, ops, Pizza, what is your favorite flavor? I want the Hawaiian, pepperoni, cheesy overload and meet overload. If I have all the flavors in one box I will able to finish it. I will not share it. My favorite Pizza brand before was Pizza Hut, but right now I love Domino’s Pizza and Yellow Cab. They are not cheap, but the quality of taste is what I am after. I also love Greenwich, it is much cheaper. Pizza everyone?


Photo from Pizzabay, joke… Pixabay


An Apple a Day, is…….. Not Cheap!

An apple a day is not cheap! I know you are thinking “An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away” yes it is true, but it is not cheap. It costs Php25 each. I bought 4 for Php100 before. The last time I bought it was 2015 and it is now 2016. I wonder how much is the move with the price. One thing is for sure with apple, it provides your vitamins and it is a good fiber source. If you are having your snack hour and if you want your brain to work, just eat one apple. It is a good replacement to sweet. Any kind of apple will do. Mango has the same health benefits, but it is not easy to eat Mango inside the office isn’t it. With apple, you will just wash the fruit and bite it. Eat the skin, it is a source of nutrients too.

My father eat apple when he has a bowel movement problem. It works on me too. When I don’t have tea, I eat apple, yet mostly I have tea, I will steal one from my father. I love Apple. I love Apple compare to Banana. I love orange and grapes too. If you put the four in front of me, I will finish the grapes, then the orange, then the apple, I will give the banana to my brother because for sure I am full. These four fruits gives you fiber too. If you have these four fruits, you must be earning good.

Why do I keep on insisting? Obviously, as much as I want to eat fruits, I don’t have a spare money for it. However, if I am going on a healthy lifestyle and living, that should not be a problem anymore. I should adjusts just to have fruits. Okay, I will have fruits. We have banana at home. I will eat one.


Photo from Pixabay


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