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This is Weird..

I know I posted these blogs When the Site is Down and Too Much Hot (something like that) but I am not seeing both on this blog site. I am pretty sure I had posted two of them as I am checking my posts once I submitted it. If these posts are not posted then where did it go. I am thinking that when I posted the topic Too Much Hot, or something like that, I think I clicked the edit my posts and put the topic When the Site is Down, then submitted it. I know When the Site is Down blog is posted because a member did put a comment on that blog. When I opened that blog, I saw the title of the blog became Hello Another Weekdays. I think I again did clicked the Edit your posts on When the site is Down posts and put the content of Hello Another Weekdays. If that is the case, what is happening to me? Lol.

I lost 2 blogs in a day and there is nothing I could do to force this. I checked my Dashboard if I only failed to post those 2 blogs but it is not there. I know I already posted these two.

However, I know I posted the two of these blogs as I saw it. Maybe I need to copy and paste the url to my MS Word to check my blog posting from now on and not only the points credit to really track it. I will start on this blog. I even mentioned Sheridan for missing points but I told him to disregard it as I am investigating on it first. After investigating this is what I found out but I am still doubtfu,l though.

I guess I will be careful with posting and I will avoid rush post to double check my blog.

Why do you write?

I know I have been asking this question to a lot of writers I know even before. I even posted the same topic on my blogs about the objective of writing and unfortunately, maybe of the same title. Have you been asking people why they write?

I ask people why they write. I am asking why in general. Like when I am seeing my mother writing all of her debts before, I asked her why is she writing it. She answered that it is for her to track down all of her debts and all that she had paid off. I am also asking some of my classmate why they are using organizer to write their activities and they said they just want to remember their activities and the upcoming ones. After that, I do the same with my organizer.

Some of the suitors of my beautiful friends were confessing their love through writing. They gave them love letters. I wonder why they write it when they know they can say it anyway. However, when it comes to matter of love and emotions, it is not easy to confess the truth. It might take a lot of courage to put your feelings into writing but there are lots of courageous guys can do it and surpassed it. For them, no matter what the result is, it is the memories that will live on is what they are making.

I interviewed one of my friends who is a blogger for 10 years. She said writing on her blog site is her way of adding contribution to the information in the internet. She said that she feels that she has a certain role and that is what she is doing. She is writing reviews and tutorials, and not that she is carrying her own seat but she proudly said that she had helped a lot of people already by just having her own blog site. May I ask you, what is the reason why you write?


Getting Back Online

To be honest, I don’t have anything to share. I was just reading some pdf books on my mobile and when I remember something, I write it down. I have a lot of titles of the posts on my notes but I haven’t started any content to support the title. I was in bed past 11 in the evening in my country but then the dogs started barking that puts me to the waking state again. I didn’t want to get up in bed but I can’t get back to a sleep mode because it is already wrecked by the sound made by my dogs. I got irritated with my mother too because she was not coming back as soon as she gets to my sister’s house. It seems that she is really forcing the idea to have an argument every day here at home. I think I got the attitude of being hard headed on her because she is definitely one.

Since I can’t get back to sleep, I decided to draft on my mobile. I transfer it to a messenger and then it will be posted in here. It is hard when my thoughts are not consistent. I just hope I can able to create 11 topics all in one sitting. I stop from time to time when my brain is already drained. I read pdf books at my laptop again. Good thing I had downloaded a lot, especially the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. You can get a lot of insights by reading those kinds of inspirational stories. I mostly remembered the lesson in my life before. One of the reasons why I can furnish inspirational blogs is because of Chicken Soup for the Soul. I hope I already downloaded a lot of pdf copy of this one.

So far so good, if I have topics to share, I will be here.


Something is Blocking my Thoughts

Even if I try to post continuously, I stop from time to time. Besides the internet problem, I cannot compose a blog since something is blocking my thoughts. I was typing using mobile. I have all my thoughts with me, then after a while I will stop and think, I lose all the thoughts that were with me while I was starting the draft. I try to remember it but still it cannot push through, I don’t remember at all. I started doing something else and I will remember another thoughts so I will start another draft. It means I started another topic. I already had 5 started topics that I cannot continue because my thoughts are divided or to make it worst, I can’t continue anymore. I let that draft to be use some other time. If I will force my brain to think additional words to the content, it might not give any quality content for sure.

Something is blocking my thoughts and I don’t know what it is. I know I already moved on from worrying about my problem. It doesn’t sound a problem anymore since I already think of my other options. If that would not work, then another options should come out. Right now, I am busy with posting my blogs despite internet problem. I had done this a lot of times before. I consider a strong team work should be done to make it possible.

Has this happened to you? What do you do when the thoughts are block? Do you think again and try to retrieve the thoughts? Have you retrieved it? I have been reading the content over and over and still as of the moment I can’t add words on it. Maybe it is wrong to start the topic anyway, lol. Tomorrow if my mind is fresh, I will able to finish that blog for sure.


Photo from Pixabay


I Need to Learn more About WordPress

I am looking on my settings. I have three blogging sites in here and two of my sites has some things on the right part where I can see my activity per month and I can see if there is someone put a comment on my posts. On the theme that I am using right now, I cannot see something like that. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I need to compare how it looks like compared with my other blogging sites.I love the simplicity of this theme but there is something lacking in it that makes it is easier for me. I will navigate it right now. Need to learn more about WordPress.

Isn’t it amazing that you can test different themes and you can customize it as well! That is the exact term, customize. Customization is the one that I want to do today though I don’t have any idea. Since I cannot customize, for now, I only check my email when someone leave a comment to my blog. I check the blog one by one for comments. I reply if there is one, or I either click the link that I received on my email as it is easier for me.

I am also on the look for new themes that I can play around. I want this blog to look like a real blog. Right now, it looks cute because of the theme. People will assume this blog is from a student for sure, lol. I want something that features little maturity because I am building a reputation. I also want someone white in color, not making it hard to look at. I love blue too but it needs to look like a real blog. Why do I like it to look like that, it is because I have ads in my blog.

I Changed The Theme and I can See It

I told you earlier that I am having a problem with seeing the full content of my blog. Normally, when I am posting my blog, I need to view it after editing so that I could check how it appears on the screen. When I checked on the posts, the title only appears. Now I decided to change the theme because I am assuming that it has to do with the theme. Right now, I able to see my post with complete content and I am now seeing it, thanks to God. I even mentioned Sheridan earlier, I should leave a note to him to do not bother to check it.

I thought it has something to do with me copy pasting my blog from MS Word transferring to WordPress. I am glad I able to see it now. Maybe my theme before was full. It has something to do with the WordPress. It makes the post heavy to load that is why it only shows the title. I am having some errors before using that theme. I don’t remember the name of the theme, but ever since I used it, it is hard to load. Maybe that it something to do with it.

I will still choose another theme because this one that I used is very simple though I like it. I used this before. It is the kind of theme that you can post it without a featured image and it still looks formal. I love posting pictures but it took me time to load Pixabay at present that is why I am not using any picture with my blog. Maybe with this theme, it will be easier now. I will try.

I am glad to be able to know the problem because I able to fix it now. I hope I still be able to post some more as the time is running out and everything will get reset. See you around.



Only Title is Appearing

I am posting my blog right now. It is an advance Blogs copy paste from MS Word. Every time I am posting my blog I try to see how it looks like when people will read it. When I checked it now, I never thought that the only title is appearing. Even clicking the title doesn’t get me anywhere. I was even having difficulty in opening my specific blog site title My Message to the World before I start blogging in it. I only got to see one posts and when I opened it, the title only appears. I wonder why this is happening. I am doing this blog to try if this will able to push through but if not, my next resort is to change the theme.

It makes me nervous because if the title only appears on my blog, it looks like everything I posted seems like a joke. How can someone read my blog if the title only appear. On my dashboard or what we call, newsfeed, I can see that I had posted a blog as I can see the title and the body of it, but if you click on the blog itself, the title only appears. I already mentioned Sheridan to take a look at it. I am assuming that my blog site My Message to the World has a problem, so when this post doesn’t push through, then I have to change the theme, hoping that my content will able to be read not only the title.

I am running out of time to take advantage of my limit post. I think I need not to go with it but solve my issue as of the moment. I know the problem is with my theme or because my posts number is now full. I hope to resolve this one.


Problems leads me to Blogging

Based on experience, the advantage of problems is that I have a lot of topics to share on my blogs. Despite the hardship, there is a reason to earn on the other side of the situation. I am taking advantage of lots of thoughts because I am earning points on my blogging. Sharing the thoughts of your problems online could lead to everyone to be aware of what is happening with you. One day you will meet people who will be having the same problem and it is good that you able to help them because you know how to help them. You also create awareness for people because some situations are new to some, so if they read your thoughts/situations/problems they will surely bear that it mind. It serves as an eye opener.

When I am reading problems about Paypal online and on Facebook pages, I bookmarked it. I read the situation and I try to understand. I want to be aware of things that I always do. Paypal is a big part of my life that is why when someone is having problems with it, I read the story and I try to remember it. Their lesson from experience is my new lesson in advance.

I always tell my friend that experienced recent problems to blog it because for sure it will help other people. However, they choose to keep the problem with us and never online unless we need to share complaints about a service for being unfair. Blogging and sharing it on Social Network will create a great awareness to Netizen and they could be the reason why your blog will get viral for sure. Everyone is doing that on Facebook.

Blogging the problems is really helpful. When I have problems, I use Google to search for similar experiences. Some of my problems got solved by reading some blogs alone. This is very useful so I am doing the same.




I love Interacting!

Ever since I love interacting, but when I planned to use up my limiting points in here, I became busy with posting. There are people visiting my blogs and I love them for visiting my blogs. One reader makes me happy, leaving a comment is so much already. Yes, I am that shallow when it comes to my writings, lol. Tonight, I did a little interaction. I visited my newsfeed and there are lots of talented bloggers posting their topics and shoutouts. I am torn between happy and sad for the posts. I love reading the regular activity posts and I also love those who are posting on how they able to blog in different circumstances. I feel there are lots of passionate writers on the site. I want to be one. Don’t get me wrong, I know I love to write and this is my passion too, but to be honest, I am not that confident with what I shared in here. If you feel you are not a writer, how about me? I feel the same way. However, let me share some tips. When I feel like I am the worst in writing, I just say that I write what I feel and I do what I feel comfortable doing. I stop putting a standard on the quality content because the same with a painting, we all have a different impression about our own art. If we find our writing to be a quality content because it is original, then it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I love to write and this is my passion too, but to be honest, I am not that confident with what I shared in here. If you feel you are not a writer, how about me? I feel the same way. However, let me share some tips. When I feel like I am the worst in writing, I just say that I write what I feel and I do what I feel comfortable doing. I stop putting a standard on the quality content because the same with a painting, we all have a different impression about our own art. If we find our writing to be a quality content because it is original, then it is.

In interacting I learn many things. I learned that I am not the only one having this dilemma with writings. I felt I was embraced by the same problem and now it makes me feel more comfortable with my writings. I might sound boring at times, but there are some of my writings that will lighten you a bit and inspire you for sure. This is only through the help of interacting. With interacting, you possible learn new things.



Not Good to Force yourself to Write

I already had a plan for Saturday. I said that I will be advancing 13 blogs on Saturday and 12 blogs on Sunday besides having my routine blog of 11 a day. I failed to do it. I realized how hard it is to compose a blog regularly and I will be advancing 12 and 13 blogs during the weekends. I think I can do it but due to heat stroke last Friday, I think I don’t the energy to composed blogs. I will try to do it later on. Today is already Sunday in my country and it is 5:11 in the morning. I will try my best to composed a blog later on and this time, I need to do 11 blogs plus 25 blogs. I think I can’t do it, but I will try.

Why am I forcing myself to blog 25 topics this weekend? This is for the reason I am planning to put 5 advance blogs every day, Monday to Friday so that I will compose 6 blogs every day instead of 11 blogs. The 5 advanced blogs are my bullets so that I will not get stress in thinking about topics to share during the time that I am exhausted. If I can blog 30 this weekend, why not, but since I haven’t started anything yet, it is quite impossible. I am still going to try.

When I get back to my offline job at daytime, for sure I will be exhausted again to blog that is why advance blog will give me a lot of help to survive in a day. It can really give me a relief because I can finish my blogging for 3 hours, all in all, but I want to cut it for more than an hour so that I could take a lot of rest. I can do it, I just need a lot of time to start it and consistency is a must. On the other side, it is not good to force yourself to write so I take my time before I able to compose new topics.


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