The New Me: Embracing Change?

Hello everyone! It has been a long time I haven’t stepped on this blogsite. I have an independent blogsite but now I am no longer active on that. I miss Blogjob and made a little visit today. I remember I had a certain blogsite that is all about inspiration and here it is. I am looking for some inspiration so I read few of my entries.

I am thinking when I got my inspiration to wrote those blogs before but maybe my inspiration is that before, I was paid from doing it. Right now, the site is no longer paying, but the owner make our blogs still visible. We can monetize it if we want, so let me continue this journey.

There were lots of stories I want to share, yet, I am thinking if I will share it all. Right now, I need some motivation so I searched some quotes and watched inspirational videos at YouTube. I learned something and that is Motivation is nothing without Discipline.

Right now, I didn’t went for work. It’s been two days now because of sore throat and flu. I am at home and when I am staying at home, mostly I work online and then I became tardy. Tomorrow, I need to get back on my feet. I need to take charge of what I am feeling because mostly in the morning, it will be toxic already with all the question and answer. Even if they know you were not there yesterday, they will still need to know the answer coming from you. They expect you to perform as they do or else they will give you a failing grade. I know what they think about me, that is why I don’t have the motivation to excel. That is wrong anyway. I need to change the attitude and perform even if the people around me believe that I look like a dumb.

I need to apply what I learned about Discipline. I need to create a New Day for me, to start that new habit. For now, even if the job is toxic and I am always unhappy, I need to perform and get the job done. I think I don’t need to excel. I have some other plans. I just don’t want to be a burden there and still wants to be part of the solution. Let us see.

The only problem is that, I am not looking forward. No matter I have the courage, I still have something inside me that is making me unhappy. It is making me demotivated. I know everything will fall into place in the right time, it is just that my emotion is not correlating to what I want to happen. Or maybe I don’t know what I want to happen, lol.

So what is the title is all about. The New Me, Embracing Change and it has a question mark? Yes, it has a question mark because I don’t know exactly what I want. The first thing I learned today is Discipline. Then the second thing is I want to go to work 15 minutes earlier. I want to smile and when the person who stresses me out appears, I will just ignore the feeling and focus of what she wants me to do.  I will do it for a week and let us see if I can stay there. I will change my attitude first, hoping some change will happen and then the title on my next post will be Embracing Change because I Changed. lol

I hate promises now. I don’t accept promises either. Promises are like blowing in the wind for me. I will execute those three I mentioned and see the changes, hoping it will help me.

Slowly but surely. Slowly but surely because I don’t know what I want to happen now…



This Should be A Good News

I have a new job. I started last May 16 and I got to meet very nice people that I can consider now as friends. We are together all the time, I mean during the start of the work, break time and going home. The people at work are all hard working and passionate, based on my observation, after a week. Right now, maybe I noticed something is wrong but I understand as there is no perfect company as people are not perfect at all.

I am happy to be working again, getting out of the house, learning, talking with people, learning about people, learning about what is happening outside world, many to mentions. What makes me sad is that even though I had made a week surviving the struggle of heavy traffic, I am still not yet adjusted to the heavy feeling. I should be thankful and appreciative, I do and I am doing it all the time, but the feeling of sadness is there and I am feeling that again. I feel I am in the wrong place again.

Since I had changed, I am very willing to stay, but I will not be talking about the number of days. I wish to weigh things. I wish to know the advantage. Some people would do everything to get this job and now I am about to give it up? I guess today, no way. I know I am not happy everytime I wake up in the morning, but I hope God give me the reason to excited. Maybe I am blinded on my own selfishness and not thinking that God is helping me to reach my dreams. God did not give this opportunity to me because it is easy to do. It will still be a whole ride of a struggle and challenges because everything should be done the hard way. People should do their share on how to enjoy even the worst job they have because sometimes it is the only one that saves your life.


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There is no Easy Job in this world, There are just people who do not Surrender Easily

If you think about it, there is no easy in this world. Everything comes with a struggle and hard work. There are people who feel tired already but still they continue what they are doing because in working they are earning money. Even the lowest earning job has a struggle. Struggle with a combination of learning and earning. There is nothing easy in this world. All results are brought by pain. Every kind of jobs has its own challenge so do not pick on certain jobs to be lighter when you haven’t tried doing it.

The window cleaner of the building. You might think they are just cleaning the windows, but they are cleaning the windows of the building. Buildings are composed of different floors and some have a lot of floors. They will be riding something that will bring them to the peak of the building and it is not easy because the wind is blowing hard there, accidents can occur anytime. How about the window cleaner is afraid of heights, do you think it will be easy for him?

The one who is selling food. The one who has a cart. Do you think pushing a cart and shouting at people what you could offer is easy? How about staying outdoors, in the middle of the hot sun? How about melting your fats because you are under the sun every day? How about on the heavy rain? The only hindrance for them is the weather. If the weather does not cooperate, do you think they will stop selling what they sell? Of course not, they will still sell because if not they will not earn for today.

Have you ever wonder about their situations? These are just two of the million kinds of job that people do. If they surrender from doing it, how can they able to earn. Personally, I give my hats off to them because they are doing a very noble job. People might find it easy because it is brainless, like they used to think but nope, no job is brainless. Every job used every brain for every human being doing the job.

This is my late tribute to all the workers of the world. You are doing a noble job and if you are doing this to your family, I will kneel and give you a red carpet entrance when I see you. Keep it the good work and never surrender. Life is tough and you are tougher that is why you are still alive! I am proud of every worker little or big ones.


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Lifting Someone Means Lifting Yourself

How many times you drop and fall? A lot of times maybe? Is there someone who help you to stand up? Is there someone lift you up and stand again? The meaning might be literal, but also, let us consider the deeper meaning of this passage. Lifting someone means lifting yourself. How could someone lift themselves? That is hard. Only another person can able to lift you up unless you have a magic power to lift yourself. On a deeper sense, how could someone lift themselves when they are lifting people?

I will make myself as an example. When one of my friends is having problems, I want to get involved in making them feel calm and focus. I might not be the exact person to help them, but for sure I am the exact person that will calm them so that it helps them to focus. Once they are focused, they can able to find the solution or either, they able to realized what happened and accept it. I, as an observer, will able to see the transition of a person. From being weak because of the problems, my presence or message, perhaps, will help them realized something, will do it and might be solving the problem. That transition is my basis in handling the problem of my own. Whenever I have a problem, I will only remember what my friends did. Of course, I will let myself calm to focus because sometimes no one is doing that to me. If I am alone and have problems, I will just remember what my friends did and solve my problem. In that way, I lift someone up and I lift myself.

Learning from other’s problem and situation means lifting yourself too. You have the perfect example of someone’s experience that will be your basis when you have that kind of problem in the future. Also, once you help someone, it makes you happy internally for sure. In that way, you also lift your confidence that you are worthy of helping people and their appreciation. You lift yourself.


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Let Us be Grateful for the People Who Make us Happy

Not all the time there are people that will make us smile. In every day of our life, we will know a person or people that will make us laugh with their funny jokes, make us smile and teary eyed because of their surprises, make us smile because they shared us something inspiring, make us smile because you see them helping without expecting in return, you smile because they are friendly and you happy because you have friends who are true to you.

Even if I am occasionally sad, there are people or things that make us happy. Sometimes my father will blurt a word. He might sound not joking but he sounds funny. He loves to make fun of the name “Dodong, Diday, Duday” in a different dialect. I remember I was eating my breakfast when he started saying those names, I really vomited what I ate because I can’t stop myself from laughing. 

I have a male friend who looks like a troll. Maybe I am judgemental, but whenever I see him and his hair, he makes me happy. I am always holding the hair. I wonder how he did it. He said that he spent 1 hour every morning putting gel on it. His hair has a blonde color and it is fading away. Half of the hair are black already the lowered part is blonde. He looks really like a troll. I told him that I do not wish him to be offended by my laugh, but I really love to laugh whenever I see him. He allows me anyway because he said my laugh is contagious.

Aside from that, I also have a girl pal that is always absent-minded. She always does things with mistakes. If you ask her to give you a coffee, she will make you a juice and the water is hot. I wonder why she has a job, lol. She is really funny. She is the funniest. I am with her to guide her because I don’t want her to get hurt by other people. 

I have lots of people around me that really makes me laugh and I feel happy. It doesn’t mean things should be funny, but sometimes their good deeds and manners what makes you respect them and be happy with them.


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Making Other’s Look Bad, Doesn’t Makes you Look Good

Charge to experience from my neighbor, I experienced the worst from them. Of course, they are not truly bad, or truly the worst, they just don’t have their own decision in life and easily to believe in other people’s opinion first. They don’t know how to analyze a certain problem and not open-minded. They might be open-minded in different sense, but not on the situation that involves the people they hate or the people that their friend’s hate. I don’t want to attack them in my post, but the only thing that I want to share is the attitude of people that I found on the people on my neighborhood. Some of them have this kind of attitude.

Most of the people in my neighborhood gives priority to hearsay. If only they know the meaning of it. If other people will say their opinion that you are a hore because you are going home late at night or dawn, they will believe. Instead of observing on their own, they are blinded by other’s opinion. Others will not only share their opinion against you, they will even make you look filthy. In that way, they scored you out like you are in a competition with them.

Making other’s look bad, doesn’t make you look good. For me, it only means that you are so busy with other people’s life and you are insecure. If you are insecure, it means there is nothing on you that worth having because you are not nurturing or enhancing it. Being busy with other people’s life means you are not busy with your own life. It means your life is useless because you cannot do anything to improve it. You look pitiful compared to the person you are putting down.

This is the reason why when I am hearing someone putting down someone, I will have a big laugh. On the other hand, I will avoid this person because he or she will do it to anyone. You do not want to share something about you either. Thumbs down to these kinds of people.


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Life does not get Easier, You just get Stronger

Age doesn’t define maturity. Experience is what makes us feel like that. Lots of struggles and challenges in life are part of that experience. If without it, we cannot say how we can define ourselves, if we are weak, average or strong or the most, stronger. Sometimes you are comparing what happened last year to your present years. You said to yourself, “oh my life this year is easier, I never thought it could be easier”. Nope, life doesn’t change. It is a one of the hell struggles and challenges. It will never stop happening. On the other side, you only feel it lighter this year because you got stronger. You get adjusted to the problems. You become open-minded. You become more forgiving and you try to learn from the mistakes of yourself and others. You take note of the problems of the past and you promised yourself it will never happen again. That is why at present, you are doing your best to improve your life despite experiencing challenges.

Your maturity enters that. The maturity of a person comes from experiences because they value the lesson it gives to them and they use that lesson to guide them at present problems. It also leads them to be open-minded that everyone are experiencing problems and we have different levels of problems every day, what we need to do is to face it and accept the challenge. Every problem makes us a better person. It makes us to knowing ourselves more. To know our limits and capability. To know who are our real friends, those who will stay through thick and thin. To know that there are things that we find difficult at first but we don’t realized that there are just a barrier in front that we need to break and everything will be smooth sailing. We just need to act on the problem, not matter how hard we know we will be facing and what kind of pressure it will lead too.


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YOU are Your Biggest Obstacle

Have you ever wonder why your plans fail? Have you ever wonder why you haven’t met any goals? Is there a problem that avoiding that to happen, or there is something about your attitude that delays everything? For sure you are investigating on that matter, but make sure you include yourself from the reason. Why do I come up with the title? What does your attitude something to do with making your dreams come true?

These are the kind of attitude the prolong your agony in making things happen and change your life.

  1. You Get Envy Easily – you only get envy when you know some of your friends are achieving something and you are not even in the middle of yours. You wonder how they get there. You learned that there are surrounded with people who help them and you don’t have anyone to side you. You start to get envy. Feeling that way will delay you. For sure you will get disappointment. You will lose a day doing your goals and you are not likely to even continuing it. The right thing to do, focus on what you are good at and believe that everyone has unique way on handling themselves.
  2. It is easy for you to feel sorry for yourself – supposed you get envy, the next feeling you will have is to feel sorry for yourself, for you know you are alone in the battle since no one is there to support you. You will feel pity and feel small, then stop. All you need to do is to stop feel sorry for yourself. Everyday is another chance for everyone to correct their mistakes. You only need to appreciate that you still have a chance to redo everything.
  3. You get affected by negativity easily – if bad things keeps on happening, then there is a big chances you will feel negative about life. That is normal. However, everyone is telling, Think Positive or do not think at all. Once negativity strike, you are doom.
  4. You are unsure of what you really want – have you asked yourself if what your goals are those you really need? Is that the kind of thing that makes you die when you do not get it? If you are unsure of your goals, the plans are unsure also. The execution will fail because you will always have this second thoughts. Re assess your goal, then your plans. Make it close to reality.
  5. You worry too much – biggest of the lot of things that happens to you in the past, committing the same mistakes, same goals different plans but always fails, these will surely makes you worry too much. A lot of people will tell you, worrying about the things that is not yet happening is useless, (though I cannot deny that worrying works for me when it comes to having options when it comes to planning) so better save your energy for resting.
  6. You believe in yourself less – do you know that despite that you are alone in making your dreams come true, you will still able to achieve it. You only need to believe in yourself. You need to be hungry of success so that you will do everything to eat it.
  7. You are focus on the success of others, because you thought it will inspire you – if you are a jealous/envy type, it will not work on you. You will tend not to be open-minded. Focus on yourself. If you learned someone became successful, congratulate them, be happy for them,the next thing is you. You must be the next big thing. Get back to focus on yourself.

There are lots to mention. By start assessing yourself, you will change your attitude towards your success. I hope you solves your issue before having goals.


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Welcome Newbies!

I have been receiving a lot of friend requests lately and I am adding a lot of people from my friend’s lists. I love the enthusiasms of the new people that joined us here. I assume most of them knows about the site but can’t registered before as it was closed. I never know that it opened after the 3 long maintenance day. A friend had a chance to entered the site, I am glad that he is persistent. Moreover, the starting points is 100 compared to starting points before which is 150 points. So that answers why there are people who have 100 limit points compare to some members. The Earn Rewards page even changes. The Social Network Project needs you to refer 500 visitors in the site to earn additional 100 limit points and additional 100 points. The Personal Blogger still needs you to have 1000 visitors to earn additional 200 limit points and additional 200 points. I am not sure if there is a changes to some of the rewards after that since I only got a chance to complete Social Network Project and Personal Blogger Project.

My advise to those who are planning to complete these projects, start sharing your blog posts at your Social Networks. Always share it on Twitter and Google+ for these social network sites helped me to complete two of the projects. You can able to complete Personal Blogger project for sure in less than 2 months as it happened to me. It does not matter how many times you share it, share it as many times as you want. Create an interesting title, make your blog 300 words and more and of course, avoid plagiarism. If you will use a photo, give credit to it. Everything should be original. You can freely use Pixabay as I am doing it too but you need to put a credit.

I know most of the newbies are real bloggers. I know most of them. If they read this posts, they will be having a big laugh actually. However, I am just sharing some tips, assuming there is someone who needs it.

You can add me as friend anytime. You can mention me anytime if you need help.

For the meantime, enjoy our second home and please no spamming.


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The True Meaning of Help

The true meaning of help varies with people. It depends on the way they experienced the help and being open-minded with the people who had helped them and for those who ignored them. One of the reason why giving help became one of the miracle in this world is that there are people who needs big help but they had chosen to help other people. They are helping themselves in that situation according to them. Helping in a way the weight of the problem lessen because they are opening their minds that helping people don’t have a limit anymore. You can help even if you need help too. The heaviness inside you will lighten up a bit because you have proven that if you can save other’s problem, you are capable of solving yours. You will start to value yourself and the things that you can do to anyone. You start to believe in yourself. You start to feel inspired. In this way, you are very ready and tough enough to face your own problem, until you solved it. This is how God is helping us. He is giving us assignment. He is changing our negativity to positivity. He wants us to feel our worth. He wants us to acknowledge our capability because we can do what is impossible if we really want to.

There is something that will happen to you when you help without waiting something in return. Although it is hard to do, but it is true. I tried it many times. I am a sensitive person and I get irritated easily, but with helping people, it makes me widen my perspective, makes me believe in life again, and makes me trust people and myself. Sometimes you will know I am losing hope one day, but then after a day, I have full courage to face life again because I realized my worth and the reason why I still exists. If you can help, help.


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