I’m NOT Getting OLDer?

Been getting pictures together to either put in an album or to get picture frames for.  Reminiscing of the “good ol’ days!”  Now, that I’m going through the pictures and getting pictures from family members, I wish they (and myself) would have wrote on the back what year the picture was taken.  Apparently we thought we’d always know who the people were and how old they were!!   My mom was good about this though, because she would send pictures to her mom and then they would get passed around to my mom’s sister (my aunts.)  Whoever sent the picture around would write who it was.  The next person who got the picture would make a comment and so on.  It’s fun to look at the back of those pictures and to see all the comments!!

Anyway, the real reason for writing this post is that the other day when taking a survey, for my birth date I had to scroll down a ways!! lol  I also realize that when I see posts on FaceBook about, “remember this” or “have you ever used this” I can say I have when some people don’t even know what it is!! lol    I’m thinking I’m only 50+ years old, I’m NOT that old!!  But then I got to thinking, our oldest son will be 29 years old this year.  Our next son will be 28.  My “baby” boy will be 23!!  In 7 years my children will all be in their 30’s!!  Within that time, I will have grand kids in their 20’s!!! 

So, I’m NOT getting OLD, my kids are getting old!!  I always try to be optimistic about things! lol  So, me being in my 50’s isn’t being OLD, it’s having children in their 30’s and grandchildren in their 20’s!!  You can see from the picture a “remember” the big framed glasses?  When the picture was posted, people were saying look at those wide rimmed glasses.  The person who made the comment that “yes, indeed that she wore those wide rimmed glasses as well!”



photo is mine

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Mom to Our Dog….

When I was going through the pictures in my computer, I came across the picture of our dog, Pandora’s mom!!  Ellie was a white Boxer, that was deaf!!  My husband helped train her with hand signal.  She was a very special dog!!  She loved coffee and was addicted to cigarettes!!  You leave your coffee  with coffee in it and cigarette butts in the ashtray, she figured they were fair game!! lol  Ellie was my MIL’s dog.  She loved riding in the side car of the MIL’s motorcycle (I’ll have to find a picture of her in the side car.)

Seven years ago, she had her first litter and she had 6 or 7 pups, can’t remember exactly.  My husband helped with the deliveries as he was good with Ellie and giving her hand signals.  After the pups were able to be on their own and were “adopted” out, Ellie wasn’t the same.  She became very aggressive, so the MIL had to find her a new home.  She was adopted out to a family that lived out in the country and trained her to be a hunting dog.  Apparently, she was meant to be a country dog who liked to hunt!!

Pretty Pandora

This is our dog, Pandora!!  One of Ellie’s pups, the MIL now has another one of the pups.  I potty broke Pandora when she was little as the hubby was “laid up” with his leg/knee surgery (I’ll have to make a post about that too, found some pictures.)  Pandora was taught with sign language as well.  She also knows voice commands.  She is my ears for me when the hubby has to be gone at nights.  I wear hearing sides and at night I take them out.  Pandora is my ears for me!  Some people might say that we spoil our dog, but she protects what is ours and loves us unconditionally.  It’s only right we “spoil” her!!  She gets along with the chickens.  Her and Cogburn are my “children!’ lol  They both need attention!!


photo are mine

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My Memories….

I was going through my pictures that I have saved in my email.  That way, should I have to replace a computer, I will still have the pictures in my email, so no matter how I access my emails, I will always have the picture.  (I have it in a folder of my emails.)  So anyways, I was looking for another picture I was going to use for another writing site and I came up on this picture.

Ah, talk about some memories here!!  We bought this van from my husband’s brother because we were both working on a construction site and we thought a van would be a nice thing to have so that we could save up some money by living in this van so we could afford to buy a camper.  One Fourth of July weekend we went home and decided to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend with buying some spray paint and having some young kids come over and doing their work of “graffiti” on it.  This is what they came up with!!

When we went back to the construction site, the boss said he didn’t want that “thing” parked out at the construction site, because the company has an image to uphold!! lol  Imagine that!!  He didn’t like our “hippie” van!! lol  WE had saved enough money to rent a motel room by the week.  Every body within a 30 mile radius had seen “that” van before!! lol

Then one night after work we went to a pizza place and we parked our van away from the building.  We ordered what we wanted and drank a pitcher of beer and was still waiting on the pizza!!  We were about the only people that was in the place and couldn’t figure out why we hadn’t gotten our pizza yet..  We look out the window and here all the staff were outside taking pictures of our “hippie” van with their cellphones!!  So, if you’ve seen this van before, it’s OURS!!!

We did finally get our pizza and they apologized for taking so long, but they told us that they just had to take pictures of this van that was out in the parking lot!!  (Yeah, we already knew that, we saw you!!) 😉



photo is MINE of OUR van

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