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10 German Food For Oktoberfest

Potato Dumpling with Roast Pork / Knödeln mit Schweinebraten
Potato Dumpling with Roast Pork / Knödeln mit Schweinebraten

Oktoberfest is a German traditional fun fair which is not only happening in Germany but already worldwide. This years Oktoberfest will start this coming Saturday September 19 to October 4.

I´m sure when you hear about this Oktoberfest, you´ll think about drinking a lot of beer in the beer gardens, eating a lot of Pretzels / Brezeln and seeing beautiful women wearing dirndln with bosom wide displayed in the public. The German traditional Oktoberfest is more than that. There´s a Merry Go Round in the Kermis festival besides other things one can ride.

I will not be talking much about how this fun fair originated as I have written already a lot about this German tradition  in my other writing sites. In this post I will show you what food the Germans eat on their Oktoberfest beer gardens and tents where the parties take place.

Bavarian Sausage / Weißwurst with Mustard
Bavarian Sausages / Weißwürste  with Mustard

Traditional Oktoberfest Food:

1. Weißwurst (plural. Weißwürste), the Bavarian Oktoberfest white sausage eaten with sweet mustard and Brezel.

2. Knödel (Potato dumplings) with Schweinebraten  (roast pork) and brown sauce. Can be eaten with Sauerkraut or with Rotkohl, a red cooked cabbage with apple.

3. Händl, a grilled chicken  mostly eaten with French fries.

4. Bratwurst or Bockwurst sausages with potato salad. Bratwurst is mostly grilled pork sausage while Bockwurst is  a kind  of broiled  sausage.

5. Leberkäse with potato dumpling and Sauerkraut. Leberkäse is a meat loaf made of gammon or bacon. Deliciously eaten with mustard.

6. Schweinshaxe, a knuckle of pork roasted. Schweinehaxe is the Bavarian speciality which is so delicious together with the huge glass wich is called “Mass Bier”. A liter of beer.

7. Wurstsalat, the salad made of different kinds of sausages eaten with Brezel.

8. Pork Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad.

9. Currywurst, a fried or roast sausage with tomato curry sauce eaten with  Brötchen (roll bread).

10. Savoury bread, Bretzeln (Pretzels), Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel), Schwarzwaeldertorte (black forest cake) and many other cakes.

Bavarian Weißwürste (White Sausages)
Bavarian Weißwürste (White Sausages)
Apfelstrudel / Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce.
Apfelstrudel / Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce

Here are some easy to follow recipes for your Oktoberfest party at home.

These are some of the hearty and delicious food in this festivity. Not to mention about the drinks that are consumed in this event. One should be careful not to drink when the stomach is still empty. So, enjoy your Oktoberfest wherever you are celebrating. PROST!!!

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