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My Chocolate Christmas Fondant Cake

My Christmas Cake by Thelma Alberts
My Christmas Cake by ©Thelma Alberts

Merry Christmas!  Have you  done with your Christmas celebration? We are not done, yet. The second  Christmas day (26 of Dec.) has just started. In England  and Ireland, it is Boxing Day. What about  in your country?

A few days ago, I baked  a chocolate cake. It was just a simple chocolate  sponge cake. The middle of the baked cake sunk a bit and so I put gingerbread  cookie in the middle  to make the top of the cake flat and easy to frost.  Then I decorated it in Christmas decorations.  I frosted the ready to roll white fondant icing on top and on the sides of the cake . I covered the  chocolate cake with this icing. I  didn’t plan how the cake should look like but I made trees, stars, roses and plaited icing from the remnants of my colored fondant icing before decorating. I was creative again.

Making the Christmas  fondant  decorations was fun. It reminded me of my childhood playing mud and forming them into food. It made me realised that my future was already “planned” by my fate.

Things Needed In Frosting With  Fondant Icing:

  • White, red, pink and green fondant icing.
  • Cookie cutters  (star, tree, angel, anything for  Christmas )
  • Turntable, easy to decorate the cake with the use of this baking gadget.
  • Any chocolate candies. The chocolates I used are filled with brandy.
  • Sharp knife
  • Toothpicks with Christmas tree toppers that hold the standing fondant tree  frosting.
  • Honey, used for pasting the fondant frosting.
  • Cake holder.
  • Baking paper for putting the decorations.
Fondant Icing Decorations by Thelma Alberts
Fondant Icing Decorations made  by ©Thelma Alberts

Decorating a very simple chocolate sponge  cake into a special one is the best I did this Christmas.  The smell of the cinnamon cookie inserted in the cake had given the cake a Christmas  flavour.

I served this cake today for our family Christmas dinner dessert. My daughter-in-law said that it looked like an American cake. What do you think? It was definitely a very yummy holiday cake.

Copyright 2015 by ©Thelma Alberts


Freshly Baked Cookies From My Kitchen

Coconut Tangerine Cookies
Coconut Tangerine Cookies ©Thelma Alberts

My kitchen and I were busy again today. I was baking 2 batches of cookies and a chocolate cake. I made these goodies today as I will not be having much time tomorrow and the other days before Christmas. I made coconut tangerine cookies and chocolate rum flavored cookies from an old simple basic recipe that I have. I wanted to make chocolate cake pops but I don´t have time making them and so here I am with my cookies.

Actually, the basic recipe only consists of 225 grams of self raising flour, 100 gram of sugar, 100 gram of butter or margarine, a beaten egg, lemon rind and juice of tangerine, mandarine or half of an orange. Everything added on this dough is my own creative imagination. It depends on what  taste I want them to be.

Today, I was craving for coconut and chocolate cookies. So I made the basic dough and then I tweaked them by adding dessicated coconuts and any other ingredients I found in my kitchen cupboard. I formed them into balls and made them flat by pressing a fork on the cookie balls. Then I added some dessicated coconut on each ready to bake cookies. I baked them in 175 °C preheated oven for 10 minutes.

For the Coconut Tangerine Cookies: (ca.45 pieces)

  • Basic dough
  • 50 grams dessicated coconut
  • 1 teaspoon dried orange rind
Baking rum from Amazon

For the Chocolate Rum Cookies: (ca. 50 pieces)

  • Basic dough
  • 2 teaspoons chocolate powder mixed with 2 teaspoons of warm water
  • a few drops of rum, it depends how intensive you want it.

I did not form these chocolate rum cookies into normal cookies. Instead I put them in small paper cases as I have seen that I still have lots of them in my baking cupboard. So, these look like chocolate balls. I am going to put white glaze on them tomorrow so they will look good when I will give them as gifts  to some of the people I work with. These were baked for 15 minutes.

As I said, you can tweak these cookies / balls into what you want to make. You can use cranberries and other dried fruits instead of dessicated coconuts. Then you have to think what flavor would taste good to the dried fruits you are using.

Thanks for reading and don´t forget to comment and share this blog to any social media sites you have. Enjoy cooking! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU!!!

Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved by ©Thelma Alberts

Chocolate Rum Balls / Cookies ©Thelma Alberts
Chocolate Rum Balls / Cookies ©Thelma Alberts

5 Traditional Filipino Desserts For Christmas

Biko Dessert
Biko Dessert

It is eleven days before the Holy Eve. I am thinking now what I can make for our Christmas meals including the dessert. Every year I have to make some traditional Filipino food because without it, there is something lacking for my Christmas. My Christmas is a combination of Filipino and German tradition not only in celebrating it but also when it comes to the food I will be cooking.


Filipino table setting is I think like in many other Asian countries. All the food is on the table where the family is gathered together sitting at the table, enjoying the food. When the family is huge, the food is served in buffet style or as what we Pinoys called it, “Dutch lunch”.


German meal table setting is different. We sit all at the table and start with a soup or salad as a starter, then the main meal which is mostly peeled boiled potatoes, meat and vegetables. Then desserts like mousse au chocolat or vanilla pudding. After that, coffee or tea is served.


Going back to the food, I will start writing about the Filipino desserts which are not only eaten during Christmas time but also in any other celebrations and feastivities. I know it is weird as desserts should be served last but I mostly think of the dessert first when I am planning for a Christmas meal.

Steamed Suman
 Steamed Suman

Traditional Filipino Desserts:

  1. Puto Maya
  2. Biko
  3. Suman
  4. Maja Blanca
  5. Bibingka


Puto Maya is a dessert made of glutinous or malagkit rice  cooked or steamed in coconut milk with ginger root slices (taken out before serving), a pinch of salt  and a bit of sugar. This dessert is served with sugar and chocolate drink or coffee.


Biko is mostly made of violet and white glutinous rice. This rice is cooked in a pot or in a rice cooker. When cooked, it is added to the Latik and mixed  together until well mixed. Latik is made of an almost caramelized coconut cream and brown sugar ( made of sugar cane) with anis seeds.


Suman is a dessert made of glutinous rice (brown or white). When I make this suman, I cook the glutinous rice like the way I cook the Puto Maya in a rice cooker. Steam in coconut milk and when it´s done and has cold down, I roll them in  wilted banana leaves and steam the rolled sumans for about 10 minutes. They are yummy when served warm. Well, for me.


Maja Blanca is a cake made out of corn flour and coconut milk. It is mostly combined with grated and roasted peanuts.


Bibingka is a cake made of rice flour, coconut milk, eggs, margarine and milk. The baking tin is lined with wilted banana leaves before the rice flour mixture is added to it.


These are some of the traditional Filipino desserts I mostly make for Christmas. My friend has already bought for me  wilted banana leaves  in the Asian shop when she was shopping there. I still have to decide which dessert I will make this Christmas. Last year, I made Sumans and they were delicious.


Have you tried any of this Filipino dessert? Do you have something similar to this food in your country? Thanks for reading. Enjoy your new week!

Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved by ©Thelma Alberts

DIY From A Gingerbread House Kit

My newly built DIY Gingerbread House
My 1st newly built DIY Gingerbread House 2015 ©Thelma Alberts

At last my 2 DIY Gingerbread houses are finished. I bought the DIY Gingerbread houses kit in Aldi so I did not have to bake for the roofs, walls, floor and chimney. I save the time in baking. The DIY kit had all the ingredients I needed including the candies. I only had to add confectioners sugar and egg white for making the paste.

I did not really counted the time I spent for making these houses because I was so deep in concentration when making them that I forgot the time. All I know was that I spent an afternoon for building them while listening to a relaxing music and pasting the houses with confectioner sugar and egg white and let them dry for overnight. Then this evening, I finished decorating them. I love the finished products. I made 2 gingerbread houses for gifts.

Gingerbread Building "Materials" ©Thelma Alberts
Gingerbread Building “Materials” ©Thelma Alberts


  • 1 Gingerbread House Kit
  • 250 grams confectioner sugar
  • 1 egg white ( room temperature)
  • tootpicks as many as you need
  • a cardboard wrapped in a Christmas gift paper for putting the Gingerbread house
  • rotating or spinning cake board
  • knife
  • drinking glass or plastic or books for supporting the newly build house
  • sieve and a bowl
  • electric mixer
  • icing bag
Gingerbread House Building Site ©Thelma Alberts
Gingerbread House Building Site ©Thelma Alberts

How To Build It:

  1. Gather all the ingredients on the table.
  2. Put the wrapped cardboard on the rotating cake board.
  3. Sieve the confectioner sugar in a bowl and add egg white. Then blend it in the electric mixer until the consistency is hard enough to use it as a paste. Then put it in the icing bag and it is ready to use. Don´t make it so hard as you will have a difficulty in getting it out from the icing bag.
  4. Put the floor on the middle of the cardboard and start building the house by following the instruction. Not all DIY Gingerbread kit has a detailed instruction so please concentrate in building by your own description.
  5. I made it like this: After putting the floor, I pasted the lower part of the back wall by using the confectioner mixture and pasted it on the floor. Then I put something (a glass or a book) behind it to hold the pasted wall.
  6. Then I pasted the right wall by putting the icing on the lower part and both sides of it. Then pasted on the standing back wall and pressed it a bit. I did the same with the left side wall.
  7.  I put the icing mixture on the lower part of the front house wall, then the inner sides where I pasted it to the 2 side walls.
  8. Then I put the icing paste on the upper sides of the back and front walls. After that, I pasted the 2 roofs. I fixed it with toothpicks to hold.
  9. The next I pasted was the chimney. I let the “building”  dry overnight.
  10. I decorated this the next day with candies and the decorations included in the DIY kit.
My 2nd DIY Gingerbread House 2015 ©Thelma Alberts
My 2nd newly built DIY Gingerbread House 2015 ©Thelma Alberts


  • Use tootpicks to fix the walls to the floor and whenever you need it and get rid of it slowly when the house is dry for decorations.
  • If you have nobody to help you holding the walls while pasting, use books or drinking glass or plastic (photo) to hold it so it will not fall apart.

This is the second time I think I have use ready to build gingerbread house as I have no time for baking the gingerbread. I hope you will like it. Please feel free to comment and share to any social media sites that you have. I have an article in Hubpages about making gingerbread house. If you want to check. Thanks for reading.

Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved by ©Thelma Alberts

Sweets and Dessert Ideas For Christmas

Gingerbread House made by the author a few years ago.
Gingerbread House made by the author a few years ago.

There are only 10 weeks left for Christmas. Time is fast. It seems that it was just yesterday that I have made my gingerbread house. My gingerbread house is still here above my living room cupboard. I don´t have to make for this Christmas. I just have to use this again for my Christmas decoration at home. In fact, I have used this gingerbread house for many things these past few days. I was designing a few Zazzle products out of the photo of my DIY gingerbread house.

Thinking about Christmas is a bit nostalgic to me as the year almost end and a new year will come. I do not know what will happen next year. I am no longer thinking much of tomorrow and of the new year and the next new years to come. I live for my day now, however I live my life and be grateful about it.

Anyway, back to the main topic. Christmas time is the best time for me in baking as I love doing it. I would be making some sweets and desserts for my friends and relatives for gifts. Have you got any idea what to make?

Hazelnut Cupcakes
Hazelnut Cupcakes

Here are my sweets and dessert ideas for Christmas:

  1. Baking  Cookies—-lots of different kinds of cookies. Peanut butter, coconut, walnuts and gingerbread cookies.
  2. Baking Brownies—-chocolate brownies with Christmas decorations on them.
  3. Baking Cupcakes—-hazelnut or banana cupcakes frosted with marzipan or marshmallows.
  4. Making Cake Pops—-from self bake cake or baking cake pops with the use of cake pops maker. An easy way to make them as you don´t have to form the cake pops into balls.
  5. Making Polvoron—-a  Filipino Spanish style shortbread made of flour, sugar, powder milk and butter.
  6. Making Biko—a red glutinous or sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and brown sugar.
I could write more and bake all these goodies but I have to find out yet whom I am going to see this Christmas. The Torch Ginger cake pop above was designed by me out of the oil painting of  my hubby. If you want to make your own cake pops, here´s the recipe for you to follow. I hope I have given you ideas for this Christmas. Thanks for reading.


Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved by ©Thelma Alberts

Selfmade Cake Pops
Selfmade Cake Pops
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