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Bacon Wrapped Green Asparagus With Bell Peppers

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Ready to Serve
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Ready to Serve

The other day my Thai friend brought delicious green asparagus with Enokitake or Enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon at work. It was the first time I have seen and then eaten that mushroom. It tasted delicious together with asparagus. Anyway, for me, every food that wrapped in bacon stripes is yummy. I did not know the name of that mushroom then and so I researched online.


Enokitake is a japanese mushroom that is getting popular in Thailand. It looks white, long and thin in appearance. The bacon wrapped food of my Thai friend was delicious that it inspired me to make similar food for tomorrows lunch. I have no Enokitake mushrooms because Asian shop is far from where I live for a spontaneous cooking. I created my own recipe adapting my Thai friends food.

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Ingredients
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Ingredients

Ingredients of Bacon Wrapped Green Asparagus with Bell Peppers:

12 pieces of green asparagus

12 bacon stripes

a quarter of yellow bell pepper

a quarter of red bell pepper

2 pieces of carrots

white pepper powder

12 toothpicks

oil for frying



  1. Cut off the bottom of the green asparagus which has become hard and throw them in the bin. Wash the asparagus.
  2. Deseed, wash and cut the bell peppers into stripes.
  3. Shave or peel off the skin of carrots. Wash and cut them into stripes, too.
  4. Wrap one asparagus, 2 stripes of bell peppers and a stripe of carrot with a bacon and sprinkle white pepper powder on it. Repeat wrapping until all are done.
  5. Secure the bacon wrapped vegetables with toothpicks.
  6. Heat the frying pan with vegetable or coconut oil.
  7. Fry the bacon wrapped vegetables on both sides until golden brown.
  8. Serve as  starters, or with boiled rice, with mashed or cooked potatoes for lunch or  dinner.

Serves 3-4 persons

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus in the pan
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus in the frying pan


  • You can use blanched spring onions to secure the bacon wrapped asparagus instead of toothpicks.
  • You can use any vegetables you like with asparagus.
  • You can add Enoki mushrooms if you can buy those in an Asian shop.
  • No need to add salt as the bacon is already salted enough.
  • If you have leftover of the ingredients, just stir fry with the same oil and frying pan after frying the wrapped asparagus.


I hope you like this recipe and will try cooking this. It is indeed delicious as we have eaten some of these wraps veggies after frying them. The rest will be heated in the microwave for our lunch. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Asparagus is a veggie that is supposed to have lots of health benefits but I don’t eat it often. However, if you say it can be served with bacon, I guess I can try harder to incorporate into my diet. 🙂

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