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Welcome To My Blog!!!

Come into my world of blogging. Enjoy reading my posts and maybe you will find some recipes for your meals and for your parties. If you want to share your world with this friendly community while earning, why not join BlogJob. Join for free. Come on! Start sharing your hobbies, travels and adventures here https://blogjob.com/?ref=thelme55

Banana Coconut Cupcakes

Banana Coconut Cupcakes by Thelma Alberts
Banana Coconut Cupcakes by ©Thelma Alberts

Have you tried  baking a simple sponge cake recipe and kept on tweaking the recipe itself? I have just baked banana with coconut cupcakes spontaneously. The first time with coconut and I was amazed how delicious the cupcakes were. Of course I let my hubby try one of these cupcakes first and waited his honest comment. See? No wonder my hubby doesn´t lose weight. He is my guinea pig. LOL! I tried one too and was not really surprised. Banana and coconut go  well together.


Anyway, from the simple sponge cake that I have made, I just added 2 mashed bananas, 2 tablespoons of dessicated coconut and 2 tablespoons of chocolate sprinkles before mixing the batter well. My sponge cake recipe is a very old one and I can´t remember where I got it. The first time I baked this simple sponge cake (20 years ago), I thought it was a very boring recipe and so every time I baked sponge cake, I tweaked it. Sometimes I made this with pineapple and coconut and it was always yummy. I did not make always cakes from this recipe but made cupcakes instead. Just like this afternoon.

Banana Coconut Cupcakes by Thelma Alberts
Banana Coconut Cupcakes by ©Thelma Alberts

Here´s  the simple sponge cake recipe:

2 cups self raising flour

1 cup soft margarine or butter

1 cup brown sugar

4 eggs


Procedure with additional ingredients for the 24 pieces banana coconut cupcakes:

  1. Sift the flour. Add the margarine or butter, brown sugar and eggs in a mixing bowl.
  2. Blend them well in a mixer. Add 2 mashed bananas, 2 tablespoons of dessicated coconut and 2 tablespoons chocolate sprinkles. Fold them well into the batter mixture.
  3. Put the batter in the cupcakes baking tin with cupcake papers.
  4. Bake in the 175 °C preheated oven for about 20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. If the cupcake bounces back when touching it, then the baked cupcakes are ready.


A simple sponge cake  recipe can be made into a very delicious cake or cupcakes. You just have to be creative. They look grand when decorating them with glaze icing. I still have to do that after this post. Thanks for reading. Good luck to the year 2016. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!!

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Buffet Food Ideas For A Celebration

Chicken Lettuce Salad
Chicken Lettuce Salad

Tomorrow will be the last day of the year 2015. It is then too late for me to write this blog for tomorrows New Years Eve celebration but there are still  more celebrations to come. Think about the Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries, communions  and any parties  you want to organize. You might think of a buffet for your party where every one can serve themselves. Of course you can order these foods from a catering business or you will make them yourself.

Buffet Food Ideas:

For a starter:

There are plenty of starters you can make and some of these are chicken soup, tomato soup, pumpkin cream soup, tomato mozzarella salad, vegetable salad, lettuce salad or chicken salad.

Baked Spareribs
Baked Spareribs

Main Dish:

  • Baked Mince Meat with Bell Peppers
  • Chicken Curry with Mango
  • Frikadellen (the German burgers)
  • Roast pork or beef
  • Kassler with Sauerkraut
  • Spaghetti Carbonara
  • Lechon (Filipino grilled pork)
  • Pork Chops with Mushrooms
  • Buttered Salmon
  • Buttered Shrimps
  • Fried Chicken
  • Roast Ham with Vegetables
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Pizza, for lovers of pizza

These main dishes are some of my favorites. You can serve them with boiled potatoes, potato puree, potato dumplings or boiled rice.

Fruit Cake
Fruit Cake


  • Schwarzwäldertorte (Black Forest cake)
  • Strawberry tartlets
  • Cupcakes
  • Muffins
  • Fruit salad
  • Frozen Cherry Cream
  • Mango Strawberry Cream
  • Apple Pancakes with Honey
  • Chocolate Strawberry Cake Pops
  • Macaroni salad
  • Ice Cake
  • Chocolate Cake

These desserts are really delicious. Some of these desserts are in my HP writing site. You are welcome to check this out.

Have you tried some of these foods? Can you add some food to my buffet ideas? I have some celebrations next year and I am already thinking what to make. I will surely make all the food that I serve for the coming celebration because I can save a lot when I am the one who will prepare. Some of the food will be cooked / made ahead the celebrations to avoid hectic.


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Healthy Banana And Mandarine Smoothie

Banana and Mandarine Smoothie
Banana and Mandarine Smoothie

After a few days of eating varieties of delicious food this Christmas,  I thought of making something healthy today. Well, after we had a visitor because I was serving some Christmas gingerbread chocolate cookies and marzipan Christmas cake  for our afternoon snacķ.


Yes,  I really have to make something healthy. We received a smoothie maker this Christmas. When I told my hubby that we have smoothie for dinner, he said that he didn’t mind. He wondered though what else I would put in the smoothie maker besides Bratwurst (German  sausage), potatoes and brown gravy. LOL! Of course he was joking.


Banana Orange Smoothie Ingredients:

1 Banana

1 Mandarine

1 teaspoon of honey

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

1 glas of fresh milk



After cleansing my new smoothie maker, I put the milk first in the smoothie holder or bottle. I then added the cut banana, the mandarine fruits, lemon juice and the honey. Then I screwed the blade unit on top  of the smoothie bottle  before putting it on the machine.

Making this smoothie is really simple. Just follow the direction of your smoothie maker. You can use any kind of fruits you like.


Fruits for making smoothies:

  • Strawberries
  • Black or blueberries
  • Pineapples
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Mandarine
  • Tangerine
  • Plum
  • Cranberries
  • Avocado
  • Guava
  • Pear
  • Banana
  • Grapes
  • Jackfruits
  • Tomatoes
  • Carambola or Star fruits
  • Cherries
  • Durian


Vegetables for smoothies:

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Lettuce
  • Zucchini
  • Peppers


Herbs and spices for smoothies:

  • Ginger root or powder
  • Parsley
  • Cinnamon
  • Turmeric
  • Cloves
  • Chili or cayenne pepper


There are many kinds of fruits and vegetables for making smoothies. It depends on your taste. If you like durian fruits, you can add this too in your smoothies. This is the fruit that I don´t like, not because of the disgusting smell but because it had caused me stomach ache when I have eaten this fruit once. Maybe it was just heavy for my tummy.

Enjoy making your healthy smoothie!

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Banana and Mandarine Smoothie
Banana and Mandarine Smoothie

My Chocolate Christmas Fondant Cake

My Christmas Cake by Thelma Alberts
My Christmas Cake by ©Thelma Alberts

Merry Christmas!  Have you  done with your Christmas celebration? We are not done, yet. The second  Christmas day (26 of Dec.) has just started. In England  and Ireland, it is Boxing Day. What about  in your country?

A few days ago, I baked  a chocolate cake. It was just a simple chocolate  sponge cake. The middle of the baked cake sunk a bit and so I put gingerbread  cookie in the middle  to make the top of the cake flat and easy to frost.  Then I decorated it in Christmas decorations.  I frosted the ready to roll white fondant icing on top and on the sides of the cake . I covered the  chocolate cake with this icing. I  didn’t plan how the cake should look like but I made trees, stars, roses and plaited icing from the remnants of my colored fondant icing before decorating. I was creative again.

Making the Christmas  fondant  decorations was fun. It reminded me of my childhood playing mud and forming them into food. It made me realised that my future was already “planned” by my fate.

Things Needed In Frosting With  Fondant Icing:

  • White, red, pink and green fondant icing.
  • Cookie cutters  (star, tree, angel, anything for  Christmas )
  • Turntable, easy to decorate the cake with the use of this baking gadget.
  • Any chocolate candies. The chocolates I used are filled with brandy.
  • Sharp knife
  • Toothpicks with Christmas tree toppers that hold the standing fondant tree  frosting.
  • Honey, used for pasting the fondant frosting.
  • Cake holder.
  • Baking paper for putting the decorations.
Fondant Icing Decorations by Thelma Alberts
Fondant Icing Decorations made  by ©Thelma Alberts

Decorating a very simple chocolate sponge  cake into a special one is the best I did this Christmas.  The smell of the cinnamon cookie inserted in the cake had given the cake a Christmas  flavour.

I served this cake today for our family Christmas dinner dessert. My daughter-in-law said that it looked like an American cake. What do you think? It was definitely a very yummy holiday cake.

Copyright 2015 by ©Thelma Alberts


Freshly Baked Cookies From My Kitchen

Coconut Tangerine Cookies
Coconut Tangerine Cookies ©Thelma Alberts

My kitchen and I were busy again today. I was baking 2 batches of cookies and a chocolate cake. I made these goodies today as I will not be having much time tomorrow and the other days before Christmas. I made coconut tangerine cookies and chocolate rum flavored cookies from an old simple basic recipe that I have. I wanted to make chocolate cake pops but I don´t have time making them and so here I am with my cookies.

Actually, the basic recipe only consists of 225 grams of self raising flour, 100 gram of sugar, 100 gram of butter or margarine, a beaten egg, lemon rind and juice of tangerine, mandarine or half of an orange. Everything added on this dough is my own creative imagination. It depends on what  taste I want them to be.

Today, I was craving for coconut and chocolate cookies. So I made the basic dough and then I tweaked them by adding dessicated coconuts and any other ingredients I found in my kitchen cupboard. I formed them into balls and made them flat by pressing a fork on the cookie balls. Then I added some dessicated coconut on each ready to bake cookies. I baked them in 175 °C preheated oven for 10 minutes.

For the Coconut Tangerine Cookies: (ca.45 pieces)

  • Basic dough
  • 50 grams dessicated coconut
  • 1 teaspoon dried orange rind
Baking rum from Amazon

For the Chocolate Rum Cookies: (ca. 50 pieces)

  • Basic dough
  • 2 teaspoons chocolate powder mixed with 2 teaspoons of warm water
  • a few drops of rum, it depends how intensive you want it.

I did not form these chocolate rum cookies into normal cookies. Instead I put them in small paper cases as I have seen that I still have lots of them in my baking cupboard. So, these look like chocolate balls. I am going to put white glaze on them tomorrow so they will look good when I will give them as gifts  to some of the people I work with. These were baked for 15 minutes.

As I said, you can tweak these cookies / balls into what you want to make. You can use cranberries and other dried fruits instead of dessicated coconuts. Then you have to think what flavor would taste good to the dried fruits you are using.

Thanks for reading and don´t forget to comment and share this blog to any social media sites you have. Enjoy cooking! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU!!!

Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved by ©Thelma Alberts

Chocolate Rum Balls / Cookies ©Thelma Alberts
Chocolate Rum Balls / Cookies ©Thelma Alberts

Hearty Bacon and Feta Egg Muffins for Brunch

Bacon and Feta Egg Muffins ©by Thelma Alberts
Bacon and Feta Egg Muffins ©by Thelma Alberts

As you might have known already from reading my blogs, I am not fond of eating breakfast. I know, I know. Breakfast is a very important meal of the day but I just can´t  eat something in the first hour of my new day. Brunch is my first meal and it should be warm.

Last Easter, I was thinking what to make for our Sunday brunch. I did not know what to cook. I had no plan because we did not have a visitor and so, on that Easter Sunday, I just checked my full fridge (as always when I don´t know what to cook) to have an idea what to cook. I saw vegetables, bacon, feta, cheese, other food and of course plenty of eggs. It was Easter and so I thought why not make something out of the eggs. I did not want to fry those eggs  or make scrambled eggs. I wanted something special. While drinking my creamy PG tea, I got an idea. Something with eggs in the muffins baking tin. Voila!!! This was the birth of my new recipe. Hearty Bacon and Feta Egg Muffins!

Bacon and Feta Egg Muffins ©by Thelma Alberts
Bacon and Feta Egg Muffins ©by Thelma Alberts


2 Packages of bacon strips

50 gram of Feta

1 tomato, washed

1  spring onion, washed

2 eggs, whisked

White pepper powder

Vegetable or olive oil for brushing the muffins tin



Muffins tin


Sharp knife

Chopping board


Bacon and Feta Egg Muffins ©by Thelma Alberts Ingredients:
Bacon and Feta Egg Muffins ©by Thelma Alberts


  1. Slice the feta, tomato and spring onion into cubes.
  2. Brush the muffins tin with vegetable or olive oil.
  3. Line the bacons in the muffins tin. Cut the bacons if they are long.
  4. Put the sliced tomatoes, spring onions and feta alternately on the bacon lined baking tin.
  5. Then add the whisked eggs on top.
  6. Sprinkle white pepper powder on top of the mixture. If you wish, you can use chili powder instead. You don´t have to add salt as bacon and feta are already salty.
  7. Bake in the preheated oven (175°C) for 10 to 15 minutes or until brown.
  8. Serve warm with potato salad and sausages or anything you want.

Have you tried this kind of muffin? What did you put in it? I will be making these hearty muffins this Christmas and I will try another vegetables in them. Thanks for reading.

Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved by ©Thelma Alberts

Bacon and Feta Egg Muffins ©Thelma Alberts
Bacon and Feta Egg Muffins ©Thelma Alberts

5 Traditional Filipino Desserts For Christmas

Biko Dessert
Biko Dessert

It is eleven days before the Holy Eve. I am thinking now what I can make for our Christmas meals including the dessert. Every year I have to make some traditional Filipino food because without it, there is something lacking for my Christmas. My Christmas is a combination of Filipino and German tradition not only in celebrating it but also when it comes to the food I will be cooking.


Filipino table setting is I think like in many other Asian countries. All the food is on the table where the family is gathered together sitting at the table, enjoying the food. When the family is huge, the food is served in buffet style or as what we Pinoys called it, “Dutch lunch”.


German meal table setting is different. We sit all at the table and start with a soup or salad as a starter, then the main meal which is mostly peeled boiled potatoes, meat and vegetables. Then desserts like mousse au chocolat or vanilla pudding. After that, coffee or tea is served.


Going back to the food, I will start writing about the Filipino desserts which are not only eaten during Christmas time but also in any other celebrations and feastivities. I know it is weird as desserts should be served last but I mostly think of the dessert first when I am planning for a Christmas meal.

Steamed Suman
 Steamed Suman

Traditional Filipino Desserts:

  1. Puto Maya
  2. Biko
  3. Suman
  4. Maja Blanca
  5. Bibingka


Puto Maya is a dessert made of glutinous or malagkit rice  cooked or steamed in coconut milk with ginger root slices (taken out before serving), a pinch of salt  and a bit of sugar. This dessert is served with sugar and chocolate drink or coffee.


Biko is mostly made of violet and white glutinous rice. This rice is cooked in a pot or in a rice cooker. When cooked, it is added to the Latik and mixed  together until well mixed. Latik is made of an almost caramelized coconut cream and brown sugar ( made of sugar cane) with anis seeds.


Suman is a dessert made of glutinous rice (brown or white). When I make this suman, I cook the glutinous rice like the way I cook the Puto Maya in a rice cooker. Steam in coconut milk and when it´s done and has cold down, I roll them in  wilted banana leaves and steam the rolled sumans for about 10 minutes. They are yummy when served warm. Well, for me.


Maja Blanca is a cake made out of corn flour and coconut milk. It is mostly combined with grated and roasted peanuts.


Bibingka is a cake made of rice flour, coconut milk, eggs, margarine and milk. The baking tin is lined with wilted banana leaves before the rice flour mixture is added to it.


These are some of the traditional Filipino desserts I mostly make for Christmas. My friend has already bought for me  wilted banana leaves  in the Asian shop when she was shopping there. I still have to decide which dessert I will make this Christmas. Last year, I made Sumans and they were delicious.


Have you tried any of this Filipino dessert? Do you have something similar to this food in your country? Thanks for reading. Enjoy your new week!

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