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My Worst When Buying Buy One Take One Item Sale

big sale
I believe you have seen in our supermarkets a BUY ONE TAKE ONE sale item right? Since it is the holiday, we are very eager to check around a sale around. Although not all the items indeed but atleast it can save our pocket especially this holiday.
We purchased for our preparing salads this Noche Buena, our special night dinner and especially the items that we prepare to make gifts like cookies, cakes and among others.
But what did you notice sometimes a Buy One Take Sale item? Me, sometimes I noticed some but not at all. Like a deformity shape of one can. My ex-boyfriend said to me before that never purchased an item with deformity. Since he is a Chemical Engineer and worked now in a manufacturing companies before.
Have you noticed the expiration dates? Sometimes it expired already but still can be used within three months of the said products. So it is up to you if you will get it or not. But if beyond three months, do not purchased it.
How about the small or slightly defect of one item especially in furnitures, dress,and so on. Will purchased it? It is a huge discounts even it is a slight defect but only in some part of an item. You can fix it alone or repair it to shop and that still you can save it.
Sometimes when we purchased an item, we picked it up immediately and we did not check an item. When we reached home, we are sad and regrets of not checking it. Now, this time, we checked it carefully because we sometimes throw it in the garbage instead of using it. We wasted a small number of cents. And that is not practical for me.
Even my mother, she carefully checked it now because she learned it too. But of course, we cannot complain to the supermarket because it is a SALE items. They put in a SALE stall and it means not saleable.
Anyone experienced like that?

Yes I am Not Lucky But I Am Blessed

In my life, I was always struggling. So many ways to do to be happy but mine is simple and yet not an extravagant one. But at least, I have a peacefulness in every way I did.
Although I am not lucky to have a medal even once nor Salutatorian, Valedictorian and not even an Honorable mention. Unlike most of my families are multi-awarded due to their excellence in school. Sorry, I have the nothing. And I do accept challenges the hurtful words from my family and relatives that I am not bright mind likes them. I am still blessed what I have had the now. Such very delightful to live a simple way of life without medals in my room.
Now, I grew up and nothing important thing in my life, as in I am useless and no none sense woman, I have a kid but nothing to provide what they want. But I am lucky I can give a child evens once, it’s a blessing for me.
And yet, even I have no success in my career but I do hopes I will go to in a right path evens I did not use my profession but still working in a medical field. Since I can find a way to make money to earn for a living., that will be fine.
If we think negative towards our life and do nothing in your life, you lead your life in a wrong fortune. It as depends on us how we fight to handle a struggles in life and try to live a better and simpler life as we might. But of course, in every way, we have to be thankful for that, they provide us what we need not nor ask for it.
But I am wondering to some people why it needs to ask for more. They have had much money but still wanting to have more money. No real happiness for them. Some people do not know how to appreciate what life is all about.
The only thing to make us happy how to live well in this world is SIMPLICITY. This are the best lessons learned in life.

I Want To Explore My Son In A Trauma Hospital

When I was in Hong Kong and I left my son with his grandparents, they begun to give a gifts like bicycle at the age of two years old. Do you think it is a right age to learn to bike? As a mother, no matter how I react, my parents doesn’t care at all. They would not listen to me either. They are stubborn oldies too like my five years old son.
A while ago, we went to the meat shop to buy meat to cook for our lunch today. I told my son for a long years as in many times as in every time we go out to be careful when in intersection areas. He was so biking so fast and even our village guards and patrol are in heart fluttering because of a possible accidents.
Now, I am thinking what can I do to listen to me before a real accidents could happen to him. I want to give him a lessons learned. Could it be possible to explore him we visit in a trauma hospitals? So that he could see how bloody the victims are. So that he could realize how the patients are suffering from their pains. I want him to see the patients especially the children that how much they cried over night because of their sufferings.
He will not listen to me no matter how I explain, no matter how I let to scared for. What is the best way so that he could understand what accident is? I am really thinking the high safety measures.
Of course I do not like him to experience the real accident but I want him to see him to explore by seeing what sufferings of a victims. Is that a good idea?
Well, I am trying to figure it out by watching youtube and I will ask him how he understand the video. I wish he can understand it easily otherwise, I will be worried and an extreme of crying. In my country, when one victim is a child, they will not pay for the hospital expenses but it is how a parent’s negligence. Although it is a child’s fault because of their stubbornness but still the parents will cover all the expenses.
Hence, I am trying to figure it out what to do regardless to keep the bike just to avoid using it. Then will wait until he matured enough and ready.

Do You Believe That We Are The One Who Work For Our Own Fortune?

Since 2015 is about to an end, I think or realizing what have been for me this year? It came to my mind for the first time because I am nearly 40s of life. I cannot believe I am about to leave the 30s stages.
I think if I have a happy or a successful life for me?
In my own destiny, I do not say I am happy and unfortunate life for me. Because I did not fulfill what I want in life hence I am no success in life. All I have to be thankful is God is with me all the time in all aspects of my life.
The why I am not successful in life because I did not get what I want. My mother controls my life, she decides what a profession that I will take no matter how I explain to her that I cannot meet their demands. Later on, I found out that I cannot try to become a success because I have the strong limitations of myself and so I am there to that point.
Is not because I have no affirmation for myself but because they are the one pay for my school fees and provide my needs. Now, since I did not reach the ladder of success, I try to be in another way to be practicable for everything. I will do what I can do for myself because I knew my own limitations.
There was a time it is because of the people who came to our life surprisingly. They ruined our own dreams and life. They allowed us to love in a wrong person and it has totally happened to any of us. But if we seek God’s help, for sure He will lead us.
But the best is to pray and seek God’s help. I knew that some people on this earth do not believe in God, but it is our own experiences how God dealt with us.
It is proven to me to pray hard as in seriously pray what we wish for in our lives. Not because granted what we want but God helped us to put in a better life. Our Life is from God’s work hence we are humbly asking Him to guide is in every way.
Have you experience that all your dreams or wants are completely given to you? I guess it is not, we must have to work hard for it, right? And sometimes, we pray hard for it.

Inspiring Fight Between Goat and Cow

While I am watching the video about the fighting of goat and a cow, I realized myself that it is a good personality when you are like a Goat. Although I like the Dogs behavior, your guardian or protector and they will give you a happiness. But in times of troubles or problems in your life, apply to become a Goat.

In the video said, no matter how big of your enemy and your problems in life. No matter how you stumble and failed many times, if you are courageous and confident to yourself, the door that are   full of opportunities will give a chance for you. Look at the Cow, he gave up pointing his head to a little goat because the goat kept on pushing him and very serious looking at the eyes. It is not because the Cow is scared but he noticed how strong the Goat is hence the Cow is kept on backing. Though both animals have no Fangs or strong nails to protect themselves but they use the power of their mind. That is a good example right!

Look at another situations of Miss Pia Alonzo,our Miss Universe 2015. I was inspired and motivate  to be like her. She dreamed to become a winner in a beauty pageant someday. She was joined in a television series before of two local networks. She quitted to come a celebrity but she is focusing on a beauty pageant in any activities. Hence the management from a reputable networks said to the interview, Pia has a strong desire to become a Miss Universe someday. Miss Pia joined Binibining Pilipinas or in English term is Miss Philippines, she joined but three times failed before she was declared to choose for Miss Universe competition. She joined many challenges in a beauty pageant activities for a long time and have a costly textbooks how to become a winner in a beauty pageant. She is very determined to that winning although Miss Pia is not a rich girl but a true confident to herself. So in a video, I intend to see how Pia is like a Goat.

Hope this inspires especially I have been inspired so much of this year so that I can reach my goal and dreams to become what I wanted to become in the future.

I Heartedly Hate My Neighbor’s Kid But I Send Him A Gift

Not because it is a Christmas time that we need to be good and send them a gift. But to teach him not to be bullied anyone from young to the old people.
Since they move here in their rented house apartment of my childhood friend, my mother and the old woman were good terms at first but after few days, these old woman started to snobbed and shunned away with my mother.
When my five years old son, came to this boy though they are one year age gap, they played good together because I was there while I am watching my son. But when I left my son, the young boy name Bikoy, begun to attacked being his maldito behavior.
Until Bikoy challenged my son to have some fights and kept on teasing him and I might think that he is some kind of bullying any kids close to my home. Hence, I do not let my son to be played with Bikoy. You will heard my voice is raising once I caught them playing together.
One day, my mother told me while he sweep outside of the house, Bikoy came to my mother and bullied her. He said, HEY! You! Old woman! My mother reaction is speeckless. She never scold nor informed the family how misbehave of Bikoy is. Actually, I am hardly hard times to control myself but my mother said, she do not like to have a war and think of that the Boy is very young. I said, no that’s bad and so they must discipline their maldito kid beside look at his devilish face! Yeah, honestly, not because my son ha sa string face value nor discriminate the facial characters, but because his bad behavior reflects his devilish face.
The family of Bikoy never disciplined this young boy. They seems like no good upbringing by their family or parents. But no matter how I felt bad to this boy, I send him a gift so that to motivate him to be a good boy.

“The Tongue Is A Two Edge Sword”

This line that I spoke this to my Aunt few days ago. Before she had several strokes today, when she speaks even to me, we did not accept those words. It is very painful of her words sometimes.
When his youngest son got married to a profession of Psychologist name her, Shawie. I did not know that my cousin got married in a civil in his early while her wife is eight years of age gap. There was a why they became close because my Aunt asked help to Shawie to spy his son until they became close and got the relationship.
As years go by, they have the two kids. One time, Shawie approached to me through Facebook and she used to express her bad feelings towards her mother-in-law,yeah her words are like a sword. It will hurt your feelings or will break your heart.
Since they are together in one roof, they argued and shouted to one another. Shawie said to me and cried that her mother-in-law�s word are like a sword that likes a double edge knife, very hurtful.
Few days ago, my AUnrt and her Nanny came to my house and we tackled about this. Yeah, her body is paralyzed now due to her multiple times of Strokes. Since, I gave her a solicited advice, she thankfully said to me because she realized now what is her mistakes.
The reason why Shawie felt badly in the beginning of their new relationships and my Aunt said, “Are you sure my son is the father of your baby in your womb?”
Shawie carried her bad feelings until she cannot stand up her mother-in-law. Both parties Shawie and my Aunt, I told them what to do to have the peace of the family. I solicited my advise that better yet my Aunt will come to Hong Kong and live there for long months. My Aunt stopped and think for what I told to her.
Finally, at last,I hope the two people will have a peace and love to one another because it endured for long years now. I told them, someday you will realize soon who is a mistake and both of you will be in good terms someday.

When They Thought You Are Dead

Do you feel uncomfortable when your thought is wrong? You finally decide that it is not a mistake and you would say to yourself that it was him or her?
Awhile ago I heard the news in early this year 2015 about the death and missing Junmar. One family is looking for their missing son in his age of 20s and they look for almost one month and they cannot find him successfully. Even in the funeral parlor, they look for their son. Until they found out the dead body and they searched for it. The parents said, it was almost the same body signs and marked as well as having a metal in his teeth and they finally thought it was their real son evens the face is not recognizable.
Until one day, when one relative send message to suddenly when online of Junmar Facebook account as he open for the longest time.The Aunt said what happen to the ir son because she thought the Father of Junmar opened the facebook account. But they are wrong, it was real Junmar open his facebook account and it was him to replied them back. Until they challenged to open their videocamera. Real Junmar was shocked about the stories that he had a wake in their hope and it is about to send in the grave.
Real Junmar begun to come to their home to inform his family, he is alive and kicking. He was said sorry to his family for not informing them and escaped them. He was in an elopement that time with his girlfriend. The girlfriend was there too to face the truth.
People in the media and who watched the television news for what had happened, they said, it was Junmar’s fault. Naturally, his parents will be worried hence they informed to the public to look for him. And that is the hardest part when you are a parents.o idea where did he go? Even in funerary service they look if their son is found

When The Babies In Womb Ingested The Dangerous Drugs

It was my first time to get an attention about the epidemic issues of taking Opiates, Barbiturates and other dangerous drugs of one’s pregnancy in the United States. I never understood this news. How come it became an epidemic and what makes them the reasons what it allowed to do that in a long run year after the babies are present in this world today.

Please try to watch the videos about the babies who ingested the dangerous drugs in the United States.Click  babies hooked in a Dangerous drugs.

While I am attending to their voices and what the babies look like after birth, I never saw when I was working in a Children’s Hospitals. But I have seen when the babies in the womb were ingested by the alcohol because the mother was in suicidal that time.

Like in the Philippines, we have a campaign and free services for the pregnant women so that they will advocate how to take care their pregnancy. They taught us what to do as well as taking care of the babies after giving birth. Then our local government granted us the free vaccines for first three months and our local health centers offered other free vaccines and they roam around the barangay or municipalities to visit or update the babies.

Hence, the young Filipino has a shining life as they grow up. And because they took care of their mothers in a natural way of care and genuine kind of love. If our Social Welfare Development found out the babies or young kids are tortured or abused by their parents or guardians or relatives, our government has appropriate actions for them. Absolutely expect the punishments it is because of against the law of Child’s welfare.

But the video that really breaks my heart. I am astounding why they need to hook babies in jeopardous drugs? What are the purposes? Are they are killing their babies or they poisoned the babies? Is video that I share here is true?Very unbelievable as in I never assent the facts.Hope you can explain me well.

All I want For Christmas Is Love

I knew I am not the only person who wish for ourselves is LOVE, but everybody does. I also wish people on this earth a happy way of life and healthy living.
But I believe some people who have hated to themselves and other people around them because of negative issues through therein. I saw or watch a TV a reality speaks from the public as well as the social media.
The why I thought of this, that I want for Christmas is Love, is because I have the hatred within my heart. Few of people that I felt bad about them and I want to forgive them without uttering this to them. I wanted to stay away from them and never contact me or to them anymore. I do not like to happen for what happen before. I got mad at them because I am not favorable for they behave before. It was so annoying and so inferior if they endeavored it again and again. I do not mean I am perfect that cannot make any mistakes. I commit mistakes before but not to the point that inadequate aspects. They never use their common sense and they did not understand what possibilities that will happen if they did mistakes again and again.
Would I say needs to be countless patience and understandings? I do not think so. I am just a human that I have sensations that I get resentful in ergo of their bad conducts. Been discerned them that they will get a negative karma for them. God punishes to all those people who commit mistakes. Though I did not mean to punish them but I was not hearkening in gathering with them in that kind of manners. I am out of love for them because of the upsets in my heart.
Hope you understand me and I believe I am not a perfect person, just a human thought being and not everybody are the same like of my individualities. One thing that I want to change my mindset and for whom I am is SELFISHNESS within me. Selfish to assimilate and equanimity to them as well as I put the limits or boundaries for them. Hence, I wish the Christmas for me is LOVE.

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