He Brought Me in Whzon

When a writing site like Bestwriters was sliding earlier, everyone departed with ache and distress. Everyone expected that the site will hook up us from catastrophes we endured in bubblews and cgp gallery. Each writer’s article had suspicions and despair that we would again experience the oppression. After that mess, I deleted all my posts, the way my friends did. After that crash, any of my writer friends lost interest to write as well as their faith in earn to write platforms. Some of them went back to their offline jobs, others focus on auditing and transcribing calls, PTC sites, micro jobs, social networking, GPT, apps, trading, typing jobs and forum paid postings. Writers faced diverted paths. That’s life, there are remarkable circumstances that although we foresee them to happen, we may nevertheless try because of money and for the sake of our ambitions.

There are freelancer friends of me along my journey in finding another door. They  encourage me reaching my goals and trusted me to provide them the opportunities. I gave up my quest and turned to be a risk taker. I was joining an association for money trading in social media, but that was not the end of my distress. Until now everyone who joined the program is mystified where the money goes behind the control of the admin. I thought, my journey in hunting online opportunities ended there. I thought I have overcome the edge of the road where I traveled. I’ve realized I am yet in between.

However, along with my journey in the midst of the road, I never stopped finding a solution to my thirst in exploring sites that really pay. When I explored a shopping website, I discovered an ad from a scam site saying, “earn golds for likes/comments.” Without any second thoughts, I clicked the ad and be in good terms with whzon. I was skeptical to waste times in providing images and videos because I never saw any payment proofs. I became inactive and continue to seek online opportunities. One week after when I reached the threshold to cash out in 1000 points/golds, I asked the whzon Sir Peter Whzon if it’s real that he really pays, he said “yes.” He instructed me how to withdraw the 1000 golds for 10CAD (Canadian Dollars). Within 6 hours, I received an email from PayPal that I received payment from whzon. I appeared motivated after that day and realized that the site really pays. I began to post the payment proof on fb and my freelancer friends started to join. My points grew fastly that I could withdraw fastly too because they give big points for referral.

The image is owned by the author.

The image is owned by the author. It is a payment from Whzon.

Yesterday, I was cashing out 10 CAD again. The payment only took 5 hours. Everyone should be motivated to work there because they really pay. I am very thankful with God for giving me Whzon. Through Whzon, I met another legit site where we are paid to post in the forum like forumcoin.

This is the payment I received from the forumcoin.

This is the payment I received from the forumcoin.


Because of Whzon, I found a site like blogjob where there is no issue in paying the members too. I am very thankful for these three sites for saving my hopeless nightmares. I know this is not yet the end of the road, but I hope they can help me grasp my desires.

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