I’ve Watched The Presidential Debate Tonight

I am watching a Presidential debate tonight. I love the show that’s why I’ve delayed my schedule to post. Now, I am convinced who is the presidential candidate to opt on May 9. There are many speculations of a bias arrangement on a debate, but I know it’s only their way to overthrow someone’s system to decrease the trust of the public. Social media is admittedly a boisterous atmosphere that brings the misleading issues for the candidates.

This debate is certainly essential to know them better. There some questions for the presidential candidates that never had answered even if there is a tremendous chance to answer the intriguing issues. For me, he can’t answer because he was blameworthy and was looking for a witty statement, but never got the time to the fact that they are limited to use time.

The other candidate is realistic and brave. He said that even his children who will use drugs will be killed under his administration. He is unfearful to destroy people that are moving in violating the jurisdictions in the Philippines. I like his intrepid spirit, but the fact the rules in the Philippines is solely for the richer people, I am not convinced that he can take my vote. What if those who he thinks that disrupted the rule will be killed, but are only accused? He has the good characteristics to become a president, but I am frightened if he can kill those innocent people.

The other one who has proven a lot for his country acts benevolently and his rule is not apprehensive. He promised to fulfill his platforms just after 5 months of his state.

The different female candidate has the commanding platforms and concern for the people in the Philippines, but she needs to live in a legislative world for many years before running to be a president.

The election is approaching. I just wish that the people will vote wisely.

I Taught Them For Two Days

It’s been 8:53 in the evening tonight my friends. How are you? I was relaxing for two days after I redeemed. According to my horoscope that talks of my health, I need to take a break. The doctor did not only said that, yet even the horoscope had advised. I did not defend myself to the horoscope, but there’s no bad when trying the fact that it is also a good advice.

For my two days of absences, I did not open my laptop and phone. I had the two boring days. So, I just went back to my old hobby which is to draw. Because the class is near approaching, my little sister and cousin grabbed their chance to learn interesting facts about art. They seemed to be the interested learners in art. My little sister has the similarity to my blogjob friend’s nephew that love to learn an art.

So, for two days, I used my time to teach them a thing that is one of my passion too. I taught them the right and simple steps to draw the faces of the animals. First, I taught the face of an owl. Next was a cat, and then a dog. They learned easily. If we know how to teach them in a simple way, they can learn faster.

To draw an animal face better, we should recognize the shapes of their faces. It is the first and relaxed action to create a mere level, but a learner can admittedly learn faster. My next goal if I will be having a spare time will allow them to master in drawing a person’s face. They are luckier enough that there is someone in their early age who can teach them. Honestly, the most difficult figure to draw is a person’s face and I began to know to sketch the explicit portrait during the high school life.

I Will Buy This Belt

Happy lunch my dear friends. I don’t have any idea what to post now, but I hope I can make it before the expiration of my points. So far, I only have 1 hour and 22 minutes to post 5.

Anyway, there is no meal yet in the house because I am rushing to post. My mother and little sister also went to the mall. It has been a while they have not bonded together, so today, they grabbed the chance since they don’t have any important things to do this day.

About me, later I will cook our meal. The carpenters are hungry now, maybe. They need to take their early lunch, but I hope they understand if the meal is late. I will be having a busier later. Good thing I was taking a bath early in the morning even if it was delayed a little bit.

While I was aiming to continue my sleep, my mind was recalling the scariest scenes in the horror movie we watched last night. I thought I can sleep back, but I didn’t so I went to the kitchen to drink a coffee. My mother was giving me a sachet of the coffee and slices of bread. I never liked drinking the coffee with bread so I was opting the rice and viand. My mother said not to do it because I’ve gained weight a lot. I can’t really control myself. I had a two breakfast this morning. My mother is worried for my clothes that are not suitable. I thought I can lose weight this month, but I can’t because I have no motivations. I am always lethargic and discouraged sometimes because my knees will immediately swelling every time I am done working out. My idea is to just buy a belt that can reduce my belly fats online.

They Don’t Do Their Job

I really thought I can’t make the 10 posts in the morning yesterday because I only had 1 hour to post 6. But my blog site, “Your Music Playlist” helped me to do a strategy where I can make a post faster and before my daily limit expires, I can provide those needed articles. My technique if I am running out of time is to post the song lyrics and edit them later. Then I can’t miss many points. I did that yesterday morning. I thought I can’t do it because I consumed a lot of time to write down the needed of the foods to make for the different kind of foods for my blog, “Pinoy Delicacies.”

The house was noisy too. I was halted to concentrate because the carpenters were building the ceiling in the kitchen. The carpenters said they will consume five days to repair the ceiling. They are the new hires because the previous one demanded a big money for his labor and lied that there is a huge damage in the ceiling. My mother discontinued to hire him.

When she called my relative, our relative swore he had a friend that repairs a house with a cheaper payment for a labor. Now, he is very noisy repairing the kitchen and the ceiling because there is a big hole in there that the passage of the water drops down on the kitchen’s floor during rainy days. He said that the carpenters that did the ceiling were worst for not fixing it in a durable construction. He said that the lamps are not built safely too. My mother will not hire them again. They should do their better job to get the money they deserve.

I am worried if it will happen to their other clients who have built their new houses. Those carpenters don’t deserve to receive an expensive payment for their labor. They don’t do their job better.

I’ve Learned From That Good Horror Movie

I love adventures in the forest. There are the scariest things we can found in the jungle, but because of their enticing views, I am always dreaming on having an adventure in this kind of place again. But last night, there is a lesson that I learned. I love this horror and adventure film because the protagonists went to the cave. There were six women in the story. They thought that cave was written in the book and explored yet, but when they arrived, their leader said it was not written in the book and unexplored. Her companies were furry, but they never had a choice than to follow her order because that cave has only one passage to escape. They were locked through the huge stones to come back to the existing hole where they entered so they continued to find passages they can exit.

Through their pursuit of passages, they confronted different beings under the cave that eat people. These beings can only use their nose and ears to know the people that would come to their territory. They can’t see, but they are aggressive and fierce to attack. If we don’t know how to defend ourselves, we will die. Out of the six women, there were the two gals remained, but the protagonist who is the weird one killed their leader.

The was huffing and puffing to watch the unstoppable and scary episodes. I am talking about the 2005 film, “The Descent.” It is really good. If I would rate it, I would give 8/10. It is not perfect because I was confused why the main cast needed to kill their Asian leader to the climax where in fact, she never intended to kill their ally. She was accidentally hit by the weapon.

The thing I’ve learned is not to fulfill our curiosity to explore the unknown place if we want to live longer.

Thank You For A Faster Payment Sir Sheridan

Because I was mistaken to request a payout yesterday, I requested it again this morning. I thought I can just redeem tomorrow, but our real kind admin sent it after just I requested. I am extraordinarily thankful to him. I thought I violated rules again and it is the last time that I work in Blogjob. I’ve experienced a glitch when I explored the Rewards button as I was directed to the Home Page. I was disabled to request for a payment. Indeed, I was worried. If it will happen, I will miss all my friends here, but thank God that there are no rules I broke.

Every time I am requesting for a cashout, I am in a tense because I can remember those times when I outraged the rules in Blogjob twice. Our kind admin said that if I will infringe it three times, I am permanently be terminated. OMG! I think I am one of the luckier writers to the fact that I’ve found a site that genuinely have a heart to the employees and would give a chance to the members who have disrupted the rules.

This state reminds me when I joined a forum site like The Forum Wheel. I was just making one mistake when my rating was lowered, but they terminated my account directly. I can extraordinarily compare between the admin there and in Blogjob. There are the huge differences. It might be unprofessional to overhear in comparing people, but I can’t control myself expressing my thoughts through this writing.

I am always praying that like Humanatic, Blogjob will exist for many years. I keep on praying that the site will gain many viewers every day. I am happier today to receive the fruit of my action again. Thank you so much, Sir @sheridan! I wish there will be many blessings that come to your life and more happiness with your family.


How To Request A Payment In Blogjob

Since there are the new changes in Blogjob, some of the older members are confused to redeem. It has a different process than before. Supposed to be, I’d receive my payment again today, but I never knew there are the other methods to do before receiving the payment. I thought in just one click underneath the Select Options button that can be found in Redeem Points, it was enough. I do not expect that I am waiting for nothing this morning, but it’s okay because I don’t need an emergency money. Those new members will also be confused to redeem their payment for the first time. This article will help.

How To Redeem The Payment In Blogjob

  1. Click the Activity. 
  2. At the top of the interface, click the Rewards. 
  3. Click the Redeem Points. It’s up to you if you would like to pick a payment from Amazon, Coinbase, and PayPal.
  4. Below the options, click Select Options.
  5. Capture peyment r 1To choose the Select Options, you can choose whether you would like to redeem the $25, $50, and $100.payment2
  6. If done, Click the Add to Cart. 
  7. Go back to the Rewards and click.
  8. Click the Order Status.
  9. Provide the basic information that asked in the form.
  10. Lastly, click the Proceed Checkout. 

For a few minutes, you will receive an email confirming your receipt and the payment is processed. The payment will arrive on your email address and PayPal account in less in 24 hours.


If you would experience a glitch to redeem, just refresh your computer or reload. In my experience, I was directed to the homepage instead of the page where I intended to cash out. If not working, you can send a protest to the Blogjob Support. Sometimes, the Blogjob admin takes a time to respond through the Support. I would suggest to writing down your complaint on his wall instead of sending an email.


Would You Hire A Carpenter?

During the rainy season, we do not like to stay in the kitchen. There is a leak which is very hassle. After the rain, we need to get the mop and rags to sip the turbid rainwater and vacuum the floor. Before, I liked to have a rain, but now, I hate it. We don’t want to struggle often when raining, so my mother was looking for a carpenter to fix the problem in the ceiling. This house is older. Some things are brittle. We need to be cautious to manage these things or they will split. Surely, these things need a replacement.

The wash tub was also wrecked when my sister-in-law brushed it and the faucets in the comfort rooms are malfunctioning. Today is the day where the carpenters need to come, but I don’t think if they can because they have a family problem at the hospital. The carpenters said they will postpone the schedule. Instead of today, they moved it tomorrow.

There are many carpenters we know but they are far from us. I just wish they will come here tomorrow because I don’t like if raining. The house is so untidy to look. There are many lamps that need to be replaced. When we turn them on, they will not produce lights.

In your house, do you need a carpenter when there are the portions that wrecked? At home, even if there are two males, we really need the carpenters because my brother and father don’t know how to build a house and to fix the issues within the house. Sometimes I am irritated to my brother. In his 28 years of age, he doesn’t have the knowledge to fix the quandaries at home. I often tell it to them that if only I am a man, I would not waste my time to listen to the music throughout the day or texting. I will use my times to repair my house and beautify. I will also make the beautiful seats and gather the logs from the mountain. We have many logs at the hill. The only problem is, my father and brother are not creative and hardworking people.

The Music Now And Before

My sister and I were dancing before we slept last night. I played the songs of the Steps. This group is enticing. They just don’t sing, but they dance too with their untechnical movements that many people can learn easily. Since I was in high school, Steps is one of the groups I liked and was able to try their dances. There are many steps of them where I can’t get, but last night, I knew them already. If this group is existing these days, maybe they have many views on Youtube. But, they were famous in their era. This era is not for them. It means I need to accept the fact that these artists are not hit nowadays. If only there was a Youtube before and the social medias like Twitter and Facebook!

I can really say that the artists before and their music videos are timeless and underrated. I wish they will exist back today. While I was watching and learning the lyrics of their music videos and songs, I never managed myself comparing the music before and today. Sorry to say to the music lovers of the modern songs, but I prefer much to listening to the songs in the old era. Haven’t you noticed? The music videos we can see on the Youtube are loaded with the rough pictures, cursing, and profanity. Through music, they are exposing their real color which is not indeed a good idea for the youth and the children that can see. They are expressing their freedom through their songs.

Before, we were not worried our children to watch the hit music videos. Now, we are worried of the inferior ideas that can bring to their minds from the verses that use the impious language, the appearance of the cleavage, butts, and the demonic symbols. There are also the wicked notes of the lyrics that talk about s**, drugs, and any other kinds of negative influence that can convey the young minds.

What Is Your Goal Today?

How are you today my friends? I am not feeling well. I was sleeping again late in the evening. It was okay if I did have a late nap if before I slept, I never thought of many things. Now, I am enduring the discomfort in my brows. Seems like a headache. Fine, I should struggle the illness because I did not control myself even if I knew the outcome.

Somehow, I am grateful that I made my first task in the morning which is to take a bath. There are times I can’t because of the shortage of water and honestly, I am lethargic. I know some of you would be lethargic to take a bath as it happens to me sometimes, but I need to do it or else I will feel like I am in hell. It is indeed the most important thing to do in the morning before anything else. It can boost our energy.

Anyway, I hope you have a good morning today and you will be having a productive day. I wish I could. My goal today is to earn big on the other site like humanatic after my tasks in blogjob. I am hopeful that I can make this aim because when I opened my humanatic account, there is another category that opens which is the Car Wars Summary that pays big. It is opened because luckily, I increased my rating. From 85 to 95. I never thought I can make it but I am thankful to God for giving me the ideas that give me hope. Today, I will try my very best to fulfill this aim . Even if I am forbidden to get stress, I have the strategies how to fight it. I hope it will work. What about you? What is your goal today?