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Sinampalukan Itik or Duck Stuffed in Tamarind.

By Maricel April 25, 2016 Uncategorized

Let me introduce to your our town’s best selling product which we are known for this kind of food. One of the main way of earnings of some on my fellow neighboring town is through this duck farming, selling different kind of menu like fried duck, salted eggs, duck adobo, okoy, balot, penoy and many more.

I don’t know if some of you have tasted any of this menu in your entire life. If you have watched the show of GMA 7 “Kapuso Mo jessica Soho” our town were featured with the different way of cooking of duck as one of our town’s best seller with the tourists visiting our place.

I know in every town there is one product that we are known for. When you  come here in my town you will see this big statue of duck and from there you are already here in my town Victoria, Laguna. While you were travelling you can see selling this kind of food that our country is known for.

This dish Sinampalukan Itik has the main ingredients of real tamarind to achieve the good combination of tamarind and duck. The process of cooking this dish is taking about a few hours until the meat of the duck is tendered. I am proud that our town has this unique delicacies that we can call our own. How I wish I could send you this dish to give you the satisfaction that this product of my town is really delicious and I am really recommending this to try and introduce you, it will be a big help you could give to our town to increase selling of our product and also to our vendors. 

Sinampalukan Itik is also good if you want to fry it or just as it is to eat. You can do whatever you want to experiment using duck like kaldereta, adobo and many other you could do using this duck.

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By Maricel April 4, 2016 Uncategorized

I was not around yesterday in the site to do my blogging and that was Sunday it is for my Family to spend time. I am excited to get back on track here and do my goal this morning. I started at around 9:00 in the morning here in the site before doing my blog here I started interacting first with my fellow here and after that I will do my 2 articles here before my time runs out.

When I first open the site oh no it is UNDER MAINTENANCE and I feel a bit sad but I never lose hope I have waited for a few minutes and hoping that I can log in and thank God I was able to log and the site is back. I only have 4 hours to go to do my daily goal here and every minute of it is counting that is why I don’t need to waste any single seconds that I am here in the site. 

It was my habit that every time I am online I first visit the site Blogjob before I go on to the other site. After interacting to other fellow bloggers here it is time for me to do my article after finishing it, my next thing to do is to upload a photo on it but unfortunately after many times of trying to upload an image on the site there is error appearing as much as I wanted to post it with pictures I can’t I think there is something to do with the maintenance of the site. I decided to update it later maybe then when I get back I can upload a photo on my 2 articles that I have posted here this morning.

Anyway I already post on the General Discussion about on my concern here and I got a reply @shaeridan and from the time that I have posted this I was able to update my 2 articles posted earlier and successfully the photo is successful too. Thanks to @sheridan for the quick response on the site.

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It is a tiring laundry day for me this Saturday.

By Maricel March 19, 2016 Personal

Today is Saturday and this is the day for me to do the laundry at home. Good thing I have washing machine and spinner dryer to use it was a big help for me to have this machine in doing the laundry. This morning I hear someone is calling my name that is why I had to get up in bed already to see who is that and good thing someone wake me up it is almost 7:00 in the morning. I want to start early doing my laundry with the help of my eldest daughter because it is one week to wash today and I need the help my eldest daughter. Right now she is 12 years old and she was a big help already doing other household chores here at home.

Before starting my laundry I just had milk and bread to give me some energy before I do the laundry. The sun is good no signal of raining and this is a good sign to do my laundry. Since it is one week clothes to wash it took me and my daughter at around 11:00 o’clock to finish the laundry. Now that I am doing the laundry for today I have no time to check my online sites this morning that is why I already finished my task in advanced last night here in the site.

After doing the laundry I only buy cook viand for lunch since I am already tired and I cannot cook for today. After eating lunch time for me to take a rest while watching a noontime show and before I take a bath before I visit my online sites and after this I will go to the market to buy chicken to make chicken adobo for dinner since my husband is coming home tonight for his one week work.

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By Maricel March 18, 2016 Uncategorized

Since we are engage to online world and we have this advance technology that we are using one of the things that we can do from being online is to shop anything that we want to buy right? Social media sites has been very in demand now when it comes to online shopping and you can also see it appearing to your wall about different kind of products that they are selling including furniture you want to buy at your home, clothes, jeans, shoes, make up, even herbal drinks, gadgets, and etc. 

Anything that you want to shop online nowadays you can find it. I have experience to shop online and honestly when I got the items I didn’t expect that it will be the appearance of the item I got disappointed especially from clothes that I buy so when it comes to clothes I’d rather shop to the mall to make me convince about the items that I really love to buy.

For now I rarely shop online aside from the fee added I am not happy with the outcome of my order when shopping online. For me it is best to shop when you see the item personally to see if there is any defect or damage from the item that you are buying online.

I am not against for those who shop online I am just making my statement with my experience on shopping online. For now I’d rather see it for myself to let me decided if I will buy the item or not. The only advantage on shopping online you don’t need to go outside and help you also save your time if you want to buy something for yourself or even for your home too. I still give credits for those who have business online they also a big help for those who really don’t want to go out and just wait for the item to arrive to their home.

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By Maricel March 12, 2016 Uncategorized

                Just wanted to share this Filipino food to you my fellow bloggers I know some of you have tasted this food called here in the Philippines KEPENG it is very sweet because of sugar that thickened the nuts. The other night my eldest daughter buys this Kepeng while she was taking a Visita Iglesia conducted by their school. Kepeng is one of the tourists’ foods you can buy when you visit the place here in the Philippines this is very delicious this is good for dessert with a cheap price I am sure you will not regret buying this delicacy that we have here in the Philippines.

                It has been a long time since I had the chance to eat this kind of food only when we travel to other places there are many food you can try to buy and eat while your touring around the place especially now that we are on a summer vacation some of us are looking for summer getaway to have some relaxation from the heat of the sun. I suggest that you buy other Filipino delicacies like Buko Pie, Egg Pie, Ube, Kakanin, and many other food that you haven’t try yet in your whole life I am giving you an idea when you come and visit the place don’t forget to try our Filipino food.

                If you are still thinking or curious with what I am talking about it is for you to find out what it taste like and I am definitely guarantee that you will love it for sure. Our country is known for many kinds of varieties of food that you want to try and give to your family and friends when you go home. Not yet too late you still have time to buy our Filipino products and share it to your loved ones.

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Visita Iglesia

By Maricel March 11, 2016 Uncategorized

Yesterday my eldest daughter had their Visita Iglesia conducted by their school. They visited different churches in Batangas, City, Philippines as part of their devotion as a Catholic school. For me it is a good way of teaching students or make them know what kind of churches to see aside from the church they use to attend mass here in our place. It is good that they are exploring other churches in other cities that will give them additional learning and knowledge every time they visit each churches. 

Now that Holy Week is already near Visita Iglesia has been part of many Catholic people to visit other churches in different cities here in the Philippines. This is one way of knowing what the other cities offered to other devotees when they visit churches.

Yesterday my eldest daughter experience this Visita Iglesia she told me that she really enjoyed their visiting in Batangas City.  She said that she learned many things while visiting the churches and she even buy a souvenirs from the churches that they visit. As a mother I was really happy that she did enjoy visiting churches together with her classmates and teachers that is another way of exploring the outside world of being a students.

This is one way that I want my daughter to keep her faith and love for God at her early age. I want her to be attached with God because in that way she will be in good way in her life when she grow old. I know that some of you experience this Visita Iglesia in your place and I wanna know what you have learned from it and what gives you spiritually and emotionally as a Catholic person? Now that the Lent is coming this is one way to give our self to God and have ourselves be with God.

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By Maricel January 11, 2016 Uncategorized

Time check is 10:30 in the morning doing my different online sites for the day. Yesterday morning I decided to work on my daily routine from doing breakfast, cleaning the house and after that doing my task here online.

I have decided to do my online task only from day and cancel working in the evening from online. This past few months I have tried to work from evening until midnight which is not my usual routine to do actually. I just give it a try because some of my work were in the middle of midnight especially from reviewing a calls.

I admit that since I have engaged myself from doing some of my sites from midnight I am having a hard time to wake up early because my kids still early for school and I have to get up early also.

I remember there was a day that my kids were almost late for school maybe because I did not hear my alarm clock ring or I am just too sleepy at that time. From this day on I am changing my work from night it will be from day. I will just have to get to sleep early and wake up early and from then on I can still to do my task here online and also I had a good sleep too which is I know my body needs it too right now.

For some of my friends who were missing me at night I will just check on you by day. As much as I want too I have to set my priority now I know I can still earn even I change my time of work here online. I needed this it will be good to my health also. I cannot compete to those who are really awake in the middle of the night working online I just let them be.

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My first weekly task for January is done.

By Maricel January 9, 2016 Uncategorized

It is a good week for me to start online and offline I was able to achieve my task here. There are new sites that has been sign up and I am very thankful to add it on my online lists another income for me I hope it will continue by the following day.

There is change of time that I need to do and that is staying late at night which I am having a not enough sleep actually and I will start it by this coming second week of January I just need enough sleep I am just being conscious about my health condition staying late is not good for me actually.

Here in Blogjob I was able to do my 150 points daily and I am thankful for it. I am making my goal here even more better to get a high points in time. Some of the sites that I am working on is having a conflict and I hope that it will be okay in the coming days.

So far so good this first week of January for me, new opportunity has come to work on and hoping for many more to come. I have to set my priority also which site to do first which I can earn more.

A great new year to start of the week and I am loving it. I will just continue what I am doing and focus more to my task daily to achieve the goal that I want to my online task. I know that there are days that we are off to think, to write, to do the task but for me this is a free opportunity that has been given to me and I will not waste the good chance that the online world is giving to me. Overall it was a great week that I achieve for my online sites. 

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By Maricel January 7, 2016 Uncategorized

How many of you are using paypal processor here working online? I am one of the few members of Paypal who are using their system and making sure that the money on my account in Paypal is safe right?

There was this person who add me on my facebook account well I accepted the friend request of that person. This person message me if I want to encash my $ with a minimum fee of $2 in exchange for $1 is equivalent to 47 that is really big if I can sum up. The offer was good and this person say that he/she can send it to my card just to give the card number of VISA DEBIT CARD.

This person already gave her email address to me but I am having second thought anyway I just research on her account on facebook there was no information or any proof that this person is really a Paypal Encasher.

I am not judging the person but of course I have to make sure that this person is really a payer and not just those who want to stole money from me or just like any other Paypal user especially online.

I still have to be safe because I work hard for the money that I have earned. I still have to consult some of my friends online here I know that they also know a person who is a Paypal Encasher.

Until now I still have doubt I have a feeling that there is something wrong or might be not sure of if I will trust that person especially that I have just met online. It is better to ask to those who are really expert about this worries of mine.

I just pray that this person is really a trusted one I just wanna make sure the profile or background of this person before I say yes to the offer.

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By Maricel January 5, 2016 Uncategorized

Last night while interacting here in the site of Blogjob I have read two sites that one of my fellow writer here is introducing. I read his post and I was interested to join in the site to add some extra income for me here online while waiting for my pending payments to other site that I am currently working right now. 

This morning I decided to sign up to the two new sites namely Sweeba and Gaption. Successfully I registered and right now I am already working on Gaption as of the moment while on Sweeba I am still having problems for logging in I don’t know why I already give my email and still waiting for their response to my request. I think there is a delay with the site so I decided to log in tomorrow morning to see if it is already okay.

So far Gaption is good an easy task to work on there just sharing photos, giving updates on what is happening on you, making likes and comments too. I am happy that there is two new sites to work on for 2016 and I hope it will be doing well just like here in Blogjob it is really amazing and fast when it comes to payment that is what I like about here in the site.

If you are interested to join its free and a simple task to do and you will be paid. So what are you waiting for me join with me and I will see you all there. Some of our friends here are already there and I will be glad to see you all.

This is a great online opportunity that is coming to us don’t miss this and I am sure you will love it too. I will just see you around and let’s interact there.

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