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By Maricel April 14, 2016 Personal

Being part of the online world I have joined many online sites that can help me earn even I am here at home taking care of my two kids. I have joined online writing sites, paid to click sites, revenue sharing sites, online investment like MMM Global, MMM Philippines but unfortunately I have not been successful to earn from this sites I just felt a bit disappointed joining from this because I have spent money and hoping that I could earn some. I know that from joining with investment is having a lot of risk to take. Honestly joining with some online sites with investment is you must be ready to what consequences it may result whether you earn or not at least you give it a try. That is part of being part of this online world whether you earn or not it is an experience being an online earner looking for many sites that will help you earning.

My experience from joining the online world gives me discouragement sometimes, but I keep it to myself that is part of the online world I am responsible for whatever action I will take as long as it will not suffer me financially. Right now I decided to take a break for a while and focus here in Blogjob because as far as I am concern this online money investment is not doing good for me as of the moment. Maybe this is not the right time for me to be part of this online money revenue sharing sites. I will just stick to Blogjob for now and Hash Ocean and as of the moment this two sites are not failing me to earn.

Moving on for now and just focus on writing, well online online writing has been my first site to join ever since I have been part of the online world.

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By Maricel March 7, 2016 Site

Every now and then when I go online I always check my other online sites that I am working on aside from Blogjob, that is my daily routine when I am online opening my different sites to see if there is any progress from any of them. Being a full time mother of two children and a plain housewife as a mother you want to have an extra income to help your husband to sustain your financial needs from your everyday life. I am thankful that I have met friends through online and from them I have found a site that will help me earn even in a small amount and I am thankful for that.

This morning while checking my other sites I am surprise that the site that I am working on has finally sent me a payment direct to my bitcoin wallet using my I just invest $6 from Hashocean and today I receive my payment already. I was very happy very quick and so fast to forward to my account with no worries at all. 

In Hashocean all you have to do is invest from a little amount of $6 and wait for your bitcoin to 0.005 before it get through to your bitcoin wallet address that’s it very easy. Hashocean was refer to me by my online friend Jack I registered there for free and I only invest last week and this morning I got my payment not bad to think that I was not doing nothing at all in the site.

If you want to join with me in this cloud mining site you are free to join or ask me how it works I will help you and guide you. This is a good site to invest your money and some of my friends are already there too. The more investment you get the more amount you cash out too.

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By Maricel February 17, 2016 Site

            Let me introduce to you my fellow blogger the new site that I have joined this morning this is a revenue sharing site TURBOADCASH this is similar to the site that I am working just like My Paying Ads and Triple Threat. I have found TurboAdCash in the group page, before joining I have to check it first if the site is really a good one and not a scam revenue site because as well all know there are so many sites from the internet who are not really paying.

            I joined the group page of the site and from there I read all the comments, feedback from the admin itself, and also the proof of payment of other members in the site and from then I was convinced that the site is really a good one.

            Since I am still waiting for My Paying Ads to come back because of some dispute that we are waiting I am happy that TubdoAdCash is timing for me to give it a try to join the site and earn while I am still waiting to my other site to work in progress.

            One thing about I like is there is no membership fee, you only need to buy ad packs worth of $2.50 and it can mature in 5 days time. Since they have no Paypal processor I buy ad packs thru Bitcoin. I have decided to buy 2 ad packs for now and if it work good then I will buy another ad packs to increase my earnings in the site.

            So for now I have 2 ad packs in progress in the site and I will wait what will be the outcome of it. The minimum withdrawal is $10 not bad and I hope this will be the beginning of new opportunities coming to me online again just like here in Blogjob.

            If you want to join the site you can add me on facebook and I will send to you y referral link in the TurboAdCash.

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By Maricel February 6, 2016 Site

                Just wanted to share this to all of my friends here in the Blogjob site I am just not aware or am the one who is experiencing this kind of slow rotation in the site and sometimes I do experience error. These past few days I notice that the slow connection is happening in the site and if not there is error appearing it is really frustrating especially if you are in a hurry to get your daily points to achieve here in the site.

                My friend @imashane487 message on my Facebook if I also experiencing this kind of error, seem like I am not the one alone experiencing this error. I have answered her about the error and I said same we are experiencing the error my friend. Every day I am experiencing this error what I do is refresh the site to get me back the site once again and do my work on the site.

                At the time I was writing this article of mine again I have experienced the same error in the site and the slow rotation in the site. Is there any other member here in the site just like me and Shane have the same problems too?  I am glad that in spite of the error I have in the site I am still able to make for my daily points and that is all that matters.

                Nevertheless I love being here in the site right now it is my number one priority to finish every day. For so many sites that are having problem right now this is the only site that is going strong so let’s make the site stay longer and work for years. After this I will go ahead and time to cook for our snacks my husband’s favorite BREAD ROLLS.

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By Maricel February 5, 2016 Site

                Is anyone here having any idea what is Usability Hub or are you already a member here in the site? Usability Hub was referred to me by a friend of mine @grecy095 she was working here for almost a week now and according to her she is already have $7 here on the site. I trust this friend of mine she also the one who refer to me the site Blogjob, Gaption, Whzon, and this one Usability Hub.

                I joined here last few days ago and so far I already have $0.40 on my account and the minimum cash out there is $20.00 still a long way to go for me there even if it is a small amount for now I know that I can reach that $20 in time just like my friend.

                I know that you are having question what we are going to do to earn to the site well it is just very easy here it is all you need to do is choose from the 2 images which you think is the best and that’s it you will get a credits for every images you think is the right to choose.

                It will only take your minutes to answer those images and you can do it in your free time or if you have nothing to do this can be a good way to earn while you are waiting for your time to Blog here in the site. I have already introduced the site to some of my online friends too and some of them are already there. I am thankful that this week I have accomplished to register to two sites again another additional to my online lists.

                I am hoping that it will work well these two sites that I joined because it will be a big help for me financially. While working here on the site I can still work to my other online sites.

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By Maricel Site

               Yesterday morning when I was checking my timeline on Facebook a friend of mine tag me with this new site called PAIDVIEWPOINT. I check on it and registered to the site without having any hesitation to sign up it was free no fee of course. From completing your profile you will get a $ earning. It was an easy site for me join there is no hassle at all.

                PAIDVIEWPOINT is a survey site which you are entitled for your opinion on every question you are going to read. After you finish the survey you will get an earning that’s very easy it only takes a minute for to answer the survey. Yesterday I was able to answer survey questionnaire and so far I already have $0.88 on my balance.

                The minimum cash out on the site is $25 well still a long way to go for me there. I am glad that some of my friends are tagging me with this kind of earning site. It will be a great help for me in a small way. I am thankful that I met them here online and it was an advantage that you are always and meet new friends who will eventually help you with the earning sites.

                There is another way to earn $25.00 for every referral you get and if they cash out you will get 20%.  That is really good so if you are not yet a member here in the site register now it is free anyway. It will just take a minute of yours while having your free time you can do this and earn in a simple just by doing survey.  Right now I am waiting for survey to answer and earn again in the site. No worry to answer the survey it is very easy I am sure you can do it too just like me.

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Taking risk in joining Hashocean

By Maricel January 26, 2016 Site

Here is another site that I have signed up a weeks ago actually I have just signed up there no clues what it is all about. I just signed up through a referral link of my friend he is earning already on Hashocean. 

You have to invest through Bitcoin if you have already have a BTC Wallet you are qualified to join. It is free membership all you have to do is invest and wait for your invest to earn. Yesterday when I open my account I was surprised to see that I am earning even though I have not yet invested. It is good if you invest for you to earn fast and more earnings you can get.

If you are having doubts to join that’s okay, this is a trusted site just to inform you some of my friends have already cashed out here. Most of my online friends are here already in the site. Hashocean is a Cloud Mining that has Six data centres. High earning power. There is also a return of investment within 5 months and 15 KH/s for every new users and forever. This were just a few features Hashocean can offer to you really a good offer to try and invest right now.

New opportunities are coming on mmy way here on the online world and I am happy to welcome it with a positive outlook that this site will help me earn while some of my sites where in progress to work on.

I am so glad and happy that some of my friends are helping mme to find an earning opportunity. I am loving what I have found by working online being a full time mom. It such a great help for me even I am just here at home I still manage to earn even a small amount and that is really most important to help me in a little way through online.

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By Maricel January 25, 2016 Site

Yesterday a friend of mine message me on my facebook page about this site called Recyclix and he ask me if I am already a member of this site? My response to his question is no, he gave to me the referral link and I give give it a try since some of my sites online are in a working progress for now. Without hesitation I did sign up to his link and once you registered you will get a bonus of Euro 20 to buy a waste and that’s it you will just wait for the progress on your account.

One of the site that I’d like to join is free and with no membership fee to pay. Some of the sites that I have joined there is a fee which until I am waiting for the migration to get my balance there but until now there is no update.

I was just trying to join my luck here in Recyclix and hoping that I could earn here. My friend told me that it is a good site or a trusted site so I did not having second thought in joining the site. It is free and you have a bonus balance to buy waste so if you are interested to join just let me know.

You will not release any money just signup and confirm an email to get your EURO 20 to start earnings on the site. Another site to work for me and I am glad that there are sites coming for me even there are sites that are saying goodbye to me I still think positive at this time. That is part of the online world you earn some, and lose some part of growing up by joining the online world another learning experience to me and I am still thankful for it.

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By Maricel January 24, 2016 Site

It has been weeks now or maybe months already I have been waiting for my other sites to come back again or should I say to work on a normal day. There are days, months that has been wasted and with that span of day I have not earned for a long period of time. My mind is saying don’t worry just be positive that everything will be back for good if not now maybe the other day or next week.

There are sites that I have been signed up for this past few days but until now there is no earning for me. I am not loosing hope here I know there are many other sites to join here I just have to keep my faith crossed that I will found a good site to earn just like Blogjob just came in time when I needed it.

Some of the sites that I am having problem are MyPayingAds this is about for Paypal Issues and until now we are waiting for any updates by them and once it was done we can go back to normal earnings again. My Paying Ads has been a great help to me and it was a good site Mr. Uday Nara is a good admin to be trusted of and he was doing everything that he can to keep the site stay longer here on the online world.

Another one is the MMM actually this is a good one also it started on 2011 and until now but for some reason there are changes to be made and right now it is under maintenance they were fixing things according to the letter or memo they have shown to the site. There is also Triple Threat until now the funds to transfer from Payza is ongoing that is why I cannot access the site because my membership already expired I need to pay for the membership of $10 but until now I was not able to do that because I am still waiting for the migrating of my balance to payza which until now is not done. 

I am still hoping for the best to my pending sites to back normally.

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Joining the Bitcoin site

By Maricel January 14, 2016 Site

Since most of my sites that I am working right now is having problem with the Paypal updates I have decided to join the online bitcoin world to earn at least while waiting for the updates for some of my sites here.

I have already joined the bitcoin world already but I haven’t continue to work on that actually so yesterday evening through the help of my friend online I decide to join and sign up with his referral link.

Actually it was just an easy task to do joining the bitcoin world you just wait for the time to get the satoshi and collect it to your account. I know that it is very hard also to before you can earn from bitcoin it will take maybe years or months before you can withdraw. Well as for me it is much better to do bitcoin while waiting for the updates for my other sites to come back on the regular earning but as of now I will just stick on bitcoin and make a time for it.

Some of my online friends are already there they are also having problems to the other site. If you want to earn also from Bitcoin you can register for free and if you want to invest from Bitcoin there is also a site for that which you can join and make your investment grow.

Bitcoin right now is very in demand as far as I can see from the social media it has a good feedback for those who are members of the different sites of Bitcoin. You can do your task in Bitcoin if you are done here to take some extra income also. It will not be that big for now but when you combine all your earnings from Bitcoin site that you are joining it will be big also.

article is written by me @maricel

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