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By Maricel February 16, 2016 Personal

                There is no turning back in life, everything happens for a reason. Yesterday is another milestone in our life to remember and if there is bad thing that happen from yesterday we just have to let it go or maybe forget about it and move forward. Looking back yesterday and reminisce what was happen has changed me a lot where I am and what I am today.

                I can say that today where I am now I have change to be a better person, yesterday teaches me so many things like in dealing problems don’t be too much get affected by it instead feel positive and pray that things will going on the right track. I have learned from yesterday to be myself, focus on the things that make me happy, disregard the negative things as much as I can.

                Yesterday teaches me to be a braver person to face what life has to offer. I have been through a lot, I cried, I feel pain, I forgive others, and I have moved on. Life is beautiful and wasting our time to nonsense is really not a good thing to do instead focus on things that will make you a better person, makes you happy and will make you feel amazing that life is so many opportunities to have if we will just look on the positive way.

                Yesterday is a lesson that I have learned from it and made a good person that I am now. I have change a lot I look life now in a positive way and live by it. I do things on my way not harming anyone as long as I am happy with what I have I am complete in my life. I have my family, I am lucky to have an online job, my husband has a work, my kids are studying everything is going good.

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Farewell German Moreno a.k.a. Kuya Germs

By Maricel January 8, 2016 Showbiz

The Philippine showbizness were now in deep grief Mr German Moreno a.k.a. Kuya Germs were called to him in showbiz has passed away this morning at 3:22. For those who don’t know Mr. German Moreno he was known as the star builder in the Philippine showbiz. All the greatest talents that we are idolizing were trained under him and now are making a big name in the Philippine Showbiz.

His longest running show in the television is That’s Entertainment and now the late night show called Walang Tulugan. He has been in the Philippine showbizness for almost 5 decades now. His journey from reaching the good life has not been easy he started as janitor and made a big screen appearance in the television that’s where his journey begin and until now all his advocacy to help those young talents are really a trademark of him.

He died at the age of 73. My sincere condolence to the family of Mr. German Moreno maybe this is God’s will for you to rest and be with HIM. You have helped many artists and I can see it when they go to your burial it was overflowing of artists or even ordinary people who know you.

Some of the artists have given their since condolence and they were really shocked when they found out about the lost of the big foundation in the Philippine Showbizness.

He was a big lost for the Philippine Showbizness for being a second father to the artists who were really there to help them and believe with their talents the legacy and the teaching that you have put into the artists were appreciated and will be treasured even if you passed away.

Farewell Mr. German Moreno you were a great achievement for the Philippine showbizness. May your soul rest in peace. Thank you for the support and love you give and especially the entertainment that you have given for 5 decades you have been in the showbiz.

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Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla awarded as Face of the Year in Vietnam

By Maricel Showbiz

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla is indeed the phenomenal love team of their generation and no doubt because of their undoubtedly supportive fans they have really a thousand fans around the globe who are watching all their whereabouts.

For those who are avid fans of Kathniel Love Team they were chosen in the country of Vietnam as Face of the YearWho would have thought that this Philippine Loveteam of their generation will conquer the other country.

Right now Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla is in Vietnam to receive the award. I just check it on my twitter account all the news about them. While they were in the airport there were many fans waiting for them and saying their names.

Here in the Philippines they were the biggest contender of other loveteam why not they have huge fans who are very supportive of them. Right now they were doing the remake of Pangako Sayo which became a big hit series during the 90’s I am a big fan of Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa who play the original  series.

At my age when Pangako Sayo were remake I was happy and excited to watch it portray the role of Jericho Rosales by Daniel Padilla as Angelo, while Kristine Hermosa by Kathryn Bernardo as Yna Macaspac. 

According to the team who chose Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla to lead the role in the remake of Pangako Sayo they were fit to portray the role.

This is another milestone in their career as loveteam to receive an award abroad which they didn’t know that their soap were played in Vietnam that is why they got the award for Face of the Year.

Right now they were the number one love team in the Philippine television. Left and right television commercial they were endorsing and also aside from doing movies and right now they were really the loveteam to watch out.

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Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza invades Magazine Cover

By Maricel December 19, 2015 Showbiz

                Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is this year break through artists who conquer the heart of the Filipino people with their very natural clamor on the camera. Who would have thought that these two artists will invade the Philippine television in the segment of Eat Bulaga Kalyeserye. It was never planned and actually it was an incident that Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza will click when Alden Richards watch Maine Mendoza dub smash and got confused and from there it all started the never ending story of Kalyeserye in Eat Bulaga.

                From them on their status in their career really blossom which they never thought it would happen in just a month and would change their life. Now that their career is stepping up there is left and right television commercial offered to them which made them really phenomenon almost the entire commercial they have. They also have a first movie entitled My Bebe Love #kilig pa more they really conquer everything in the television and right now there is also Magazine Cover offered to them and di you know that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were this year Asia’s People of the Year Lifestyle Magazine and Alden Richards were this year Man of the Year of Garage Magazine.

                The cover that you have seen is from YES Magazine Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is the cover for 2016. Everything is going right to their career right television guesting, television commercial, movie project and now they conquer the different Magazine cover. There is also ALDUB fans day that they were doing to give credits to all the effort for the fans that made them really phenomenon where they are now. Aside from that they receive different recognition award from the television left and right and the other recognition giving group in the Philippines. They were just starting their love teams and they all receiving this huge blessing from their career.

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Your Face Sounds Familiar Final 5

By Maricel December 8, 2015 Showbiz

I enjoy watching the evening show in ABS-CBN every Saturday and Sunday this is Your Face Sounds Familiar. Your Face Sounds Familiar is hosted by Billy Crawford and the jury that will give the score from 1 to 8 are singer Jed Madela, the Megastar Sharon Cuneta and the Pure Energy Gary Valenciano.

Last Sunday I watch the show again and this  is a surprise performance because they are going to perform two different singer in one show that is an exciting part singing and performing at the same time with their chosen artists.

It was a big challenge for them performing two artists. They all did their best to give the audience a great entertainment. From this performance the 3 judges will have to decide which artists is their final four.

This are the following artists who are going to perform two artists in one performance KZ Tandingan, Kakai Bautista, Erick, Michael Pangilinan, Myrtle, Sam Concepcion, Kian Cirpriano, Denise Laurel. This artists will going to portray two artists in performing and from this performance the three judges will have to decide which is the Final Four for the Face Sound Familiar.

This is a great show to watch you will see them perform at its best to be the final four. I love watching the show it really amazed me that they almost look like the artists that they are portraying and also the voice that is really incredible.

Everyone deserve to be on the final four but there can only be four to choose from the artists who perform that night. After the performance the artists are entitled to give their 3 points to their co-artists but they are not allowed to give it their selves. Now the 3 judges are up to give 1 to 8 points to them and the artists that will get to the final four is Sam Concepcion, Kean Cipriano, KZ Tandingan, and lastly theire is a tie for the number 4 spot and this is Denise Laurel and Michael Pangilinan.

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Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza invades TV endorsement

By Maricel December 6, 2015 Showbiz

I just noticed when Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza #Aldub hits the television in the noontime show of Eat Bulaga in the segment of “Kalyeserye” they are receiving left and right television commercial. The first TV commercial that they did was the MCDO  commercial and from then on it all started the many TV commercial that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are doing and here are the names of brand that they are endorsing here it is from TIDE  this is a brand of detergent bar that we use in the laundry I like the commercial so cute of them.

They also have a milk brand that they are endorsing and this is BEAR BRAND I know that it will be a great promotion for them to patronize their product. Another product that they are endorsing is TALK N TEXT  this is for your cellphone if you want to buy load or sim card. A brilliant idea to get Alden Richars and Maine Mendoza to endorse their product.

They also have a DOWNY commercial this is to use to your clothes to smell it like a perfume brand. If you want to keep your clothes clean from stain they also have a commercial you can use ZONROX bleach. 

If you want to keep your teeth clean and fresh they also endorsing this toothpaste brand and this is HAPPY toothpaste. Maine Mendoza or Yaya Dub is also endorsing the sardines brand and this is 555 sardines.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is endorsing the new product of DATU PUTI BBQ sauce you can put to your barbecue or add it to your fried barbecue just like I am seeing in their commercial. Maine Mendoza has a TV commercial for shampoo brand and this REJOICE shampoo. 

The power of Aldub or Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is powerful tandem now in the Philippine showbiz. Aldub tandem is indeed phenomenon for this year.

article is written by me @maricel

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Welcome to the world Baby Maria Letizia Dantes

By Maricel December 4, 2015 Showbiz

Everyone is excited to see the first baby of the royal couple in the showbiz Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes. We are witness to the royal wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Dantes last year of December it was a big event on that day.

We are all witness their relationship from the day they admitted that they are officially on and from then on their lovelife has been following in showbiz. In a relationship there is ups and down but their love for each other made them stronger and they reach the final stage of getting married. They are very happy as a couple and now and even happier when Marian Rivera Dantes got pregnant. One of the biggest blessing to be a woman is to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby girl.

Finally we saw the first photo of baby Maria Letizia Dantes so adorable and beautiful just like her mother actress Marian Rivera Dantes. As a woman it complete us to become a mother it can never explain the feeling of how blessed to become a mother. The long wait is over for Mr. and Mrs. Dantes they have gifted a blessing that is priceless to treasure and that is baby maria Letizia Dantes.

Truly the royal couple is very much happy especially this coming Christmas they will be celebrating it with their first daughter baby Maria Letizia Dantes. I like her name traditional because of Maria and Letizia is really unique a good combination for their baby. For baby Letizia welcome to the world full of many beautiful things that is in store for you. You are so lucky to be a daughter of the royal couple and I am sure you will get the love in the world. Be a good daughter to your parents I know that they will raise you in good moral character.

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