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Overspending of Politcal Candidates during Campaign Period.

By Maricel April 22, 2016 Politics

Election time once again here in the Philippines. The political candidates are very busy right now campaigning to their respective towns. During this campaign period there were many fliers given away from each political candidates. Watching television you can see advertisement from this politicians making their speech of what they can do if they win the election and what they have done under their term something like that.

When you go outside you will see big tarpaulin with their face and their position running for elections. Everywhere you can see them, court you to vote for them and made a promise if they,win the election you can count on them. This platforms has been done for so many election period but what have you noticed is there any changes has been made after winning of this political candidates?

Here we go again have we learned our lesson? Or we will make the same decision to vote? It is in our hands to make or have a brighter future to this candidate? Does it came to your mind where this politicians are getting their budget to campaign? As you can see all tarpaulin seeing everywhere cost a big amount, fliers and many others to give to the voter’s and also television advertisements.

Naming all of this campaign materials is really something to take notice of. Just recently there is a politician who had been accused of overspending during campaign period and this politicians has been removed to his position.

I know there is allotment of how much should be spent during campaign period it should not be exceeded but does it follow by this politicians? That is a big question and I think that this campaign period that is happening right now for May 2016 election there is overspending especially those who are running for a higher position in the government.

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By Maricel January 20, 2016 Politics

Corruption is a massive thing happening worldwide. Your view about it why this thing happens even in a small community. Our country Philippines according to the survey international we are on the list which is really not good for us Filipinos belonging to the top countries worldwide who have this bad credibility on our country. Corruption has many forms to consider, who are the person involved? what is the reason behind this corruption? Is there any superior or leader behind this thing? So many questions to ask and finding answer to all of this.

If you are aware right now there are some politicians that has been accused because of graft and corruption. They were now into jail they were sentenced for life imprisonment. Despite of this case there are still politicians or in the position whether you are working in a company, public government and private offices. If you are doing things whether it is a favor to make or there is money involved and you are using your position to take advantage that can be known as a corruption your abusing your position just to make the fame and fortune or luxury you are aiming for.

It’s just too bad that we are the one who put them in their position when  we thought they were the right person to be in that position, but what happen? We will find out that they are the one who are doing things which is above the law. They have promise the duties and responsibilities according to law but they are the one who violate the rules.

Corruption is everywhere and we know that this system will go on as the years goes by. I have come to a point that are all politicians corrupt? What about in a public service? Those in the private is there corruption going on also? This is one of the biggest problem in every country until now there is no solution how can this stop. We the citizen of our country is their victim of corruption. It should be used to more important things, giving for those less fortunate, a housing project for those who needs a home, a classroom in the province, funds for medicine in the center especially for those in a small province, good job to offer, facilities improvement, laboratory materials in the hospital, give a scholarship fund to students who deserve to continue the study. The improvement in public works and highways, maintain cleanliness give salary increase to the employee and may other. If this were just be done we will have a good country to be proud and happy to be known worldwide.

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By Maricel Politics

Political advertisement on television is now going on. When you watch the television you can see different politician saying their platforms to make their televiewers the views about they want to know about them. There are government officials who are now decided to join the political advertisement. Maybe they just use their position when they are still serving the government to make a name for themselves before they run to politics so that people may recognize them easily. There are government officials who will run for the candidacy this coming election in May 2016.

Being a public servant is a good intention to make. Political advertisement is more an advanced campaign for each candidate and it has a wide range of communicating to the people watching the advertisement. As you can watch the advertisement of every politician they want poverty to be solved, every family members will not be hungry, giving jobs for those who want to work, good justice for those who are seeking for justice and many other. This were just a few platforms they want to happen. For so many years of voting is this platforms of they were telling has been solved. Come to think of it, if all the politicians were have the heart to serve our country with no return to expect from serving our country maybe it will be lessen or should I say there is a good opportunity for each and every individual.

Until now the heavy traffic is happening. How many politicians made a promise from this problem? They have won the candidacy and yet still the same and now the Election 2016 is here again. What would it be now? Years had passed new generation of voters is in and still we have the same problem to face nothing’s change for us even in the small community.

It is a good feeling hearing their good platforms for our country. The question is what is the assurance that they will do it when they win this coming election? To the voters like we learned already let us choose the right candidate that will serve for our country. For the politicians please bear in mind you are here as a candidate to be a good public servant and not here just because you have hidden agenda to make.

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Disqualification of Sen. Grace Poe for Presidency

By Maricel December 4, 2015 Politics

Election 2016 is just 5 months away from now. The rivalry for running the Presidency is one of the biggest agenda who’s gonna win for this coming election of May 2015. Politics is really a crucial way on how you gonna campaign, protect your reputation to the public. When joining the world of politics you should be aware and prepared what the media is going to report against you, your candidate rivalry is talking about you also.

There are so many candidates to choose from they have different platforms for their campaign if they win the candidacy. Part of the propaganda of each politician is how they treat each other when they are against to each other and that is part of this election.

Even though were still 5 months away from the election day Se. Grace Poe has been disqualified by the Comelec because of her citizenship as a Filipino. There are person who filed against her citizenship as a Filipino. According to reports to run for Presidency the candidate should have at least 10 years of stay in the Philippines. Sen. Grace Poe were also questioned if she is really born Filipino or not because until right now they need to find out who is the real parent of the Senator Grace Poe because as well all know that she was adopted by actress Susan Rocess and the late King of Movie Fernando Poe.

Sen. Grace Poe filed already a motion for this disqualification to the Supreme Court. Watching the news Sen. Grace Poe stated if she just accept the invitation to her to run as Vice-President and not the Presidency maybe this will not happen to her. She also stated that there were a mistakes and they admit that, this is why they have many supporting documents that will tell that their family stay for 10 years in the Philippines already. Let us all wait for what will happen to her file to the Supreme Court.

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By Maricel October 15, 2015 Politics

                I would like to appeal as a Filipino citizen for this country this coming election let us vote a candidate that will truly have the heart to serve and give our country honor and not just those who are there to have fame and fortune with their own welfare.

Election is coming again this May 2016 and we have still more months to go but we have seen different kind of advertisement of politicians in the television. There are politicians who already filed their candidacy, there were re-elected, some are artists. Upon watching the interviews of different politicians you will noticed that there are some issues for both parties that they were telling to each other well that’s politics.

                This coming Election 2016 what are we again to expect especially to those candidates that we are going to vote in May. Even politician who has cases can file a candidacy how about that but still there are voters who vote for them even if they know what this politician did.

                This coming election expect the unexpected for different parties of candidates you will see that they have this different platforms in our country. I can say that this coming election even if we both the candidates that we want to win and we know for a fact that this candidate really wants to help the country there are still chances that might not win because as well know election is really that smooth when it comes to counting of voters.

                Many politicians are accused for being corrupt everybody knows that how we can solve that if our own leaders in our country are doing that. They should be the role model to their countrymen that will look up to their will in this country. I just hope that we find the right leadership in our country that we are still looking for many years now.

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