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By Maricel September 29, 2015 New to Blogging

Finally, I decided to come back again to writing online, well it has been quite a while now since I made my writing skills work but now here I am again giving it a try once again. It is not easy for me to come back after coming for so many failures to writing sites before and I must admit that I encountered a bad experience from them which really did not work out right and eventually did not pay me back.

Well, it took me almost years or maybe I don’t even remember when was the last time I make my last post to writing sites before. The trauma is there really my other online friends have experienced it too. Coming back to writing has having doubts for days, months, and it came for me to know that this blogging site is really paying.

From the proof of my friend that she got her second payment here that was the time I made myself to decide to come back and why not try again. It is now or never I guess well I guess in writing we also encountered scam writing sites but in the end there will be a good site that will really help us find a way in time.

For me this is the right time now to come back and make my first blogging here. I am glad and happy that I came across to know the site thru a friend of mine her name Grecy Garcia. I commend her hard working women who deserve to mention her name. Thank you my friend that I came to know you and introduce this blogging site to me. I am grateful to share to you this comeback writing posts of mine today I just hope you like it more posts are coming to me.


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