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By Maricel November 29, 2015 Movie

Everyone is talking the movie “A Second Chance” I am so excited to watch it and find out what will happen to the characters of Popoy and Basha which portrayed by the the two best love team in the movie industry. John Lloyd Cruz portray the role of Popoy while Bea Alonzo portray the role of “Basha”. I have watch the part part 1 of this movie entitled “One More Chance”. It was really a great movie everyone can relate to the movie, the line especially while exchanging words is really a heartfelt to remember those were just made a mark and a until now it was remembered. And now “One More Chance” the movie was a great movie and make a blockbuster income when the premiere night and the day it was opened in more than 300 cinemas nationwide.

I am sure that this continuation of the movie will be a sure hit in the opening to more than 300 cinemas nationwide in the Philippines. It will also have its opening in the international countries. If you fall in love and relate to their movie in “One More Chance” I am definitely sure you are very excited to watch the movie “A Second Chance”. What will be the ending of this movie and from the trailer of the movie I am very curious what is the reason behind those quarrel and how they become a couple and get married after watching the first movie you want to know how did it happened and why?

A Second Chance made its 800 million earnings in the first day of the screening and aside from that they even add a cinema for the movie just by that you know that it is a blockbuster movie to watch over and over again. I am not yet to watch the movie but definitely I will watch it.

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