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Haven’t done this for a while cooking Pancake for snack. This afternoon my nephew gave me this one pack of Magnolia Pancake. No need for ingredients to add on it I only need 3/4 cup of water and mix with the ready made ingredients, and there is already a maple syrup included on it when you buy this product.

Just to share to you guys when I first try to cook pancake it was not that successful it’s not really delicious and it did not turn out the way I want it to do so and because of that I did not try again. The good thing with this easy to cook Pancake less hassle for the ingredients it is already measured all you have to do is follow the step by step on the back cover of the product and that’s it very easy to do no hassle, less effort and the result is very delicious especially if you want sugar on top of pancake or if you like with margarine too and add it with maple syrup , that’s more tasty and sweet especially for kids who really loves to eat pancake.

For this afternoon I give it a try once again since there is instruction to be followed quite excited to cook pancake. I just follow the step and successfully I have made a very well shape of Pancake this afternoon for our snack while watching television. My kids were very excited to taste this easy to cook pancake they can’t wait to taste this easy to cook Magnolia Pancake.

It is best to eat while it’s hot so after cooking my kids were very excited to eat and I can see on their expression that they are really enjoying eating pancakes. We really had a great time eating together and as a Mom I am glad that they like it and even me I couldn’t believe that I can cook Pancakes again using this ready to cook Magnolia Pancake.

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