After waiting for the rain to come finally it happened today.

By Maricel May 1, 2016 Personal

I was seating on a chair just finished writing my first post on my notepad. Every morning I always have this long chair to seat on our terrace to absorb a fresh wind that will help us feel calm in spite of the hot weather that we are experiencing right now also a good way of saving electricity of not using electric fan which in fact the 2wind that the electric fan is producing is also hot because of the hot weather.

This afternoon while I was seating on the chair and watching television I have noticed that I heard the thunderstorm and the trees all the while brings cold wind and I look up in the sky the sky turned into dark and I therefore conclude looks like its going to rain today. Still waiting for the raindrops I feel  so thankful and feel relieved for a while even the trees that has been so dry and thirst I can see they were all happy for the rain that has come today. All the living things are rejoicing for this beautiful weekend to start here.

As I wrote this post I am relaxed seating on my chair while I was watching volleyball games. Enjoying my time while the trees bringing a cool wind it’s just a wonderful moment to write while I have so many ideas in my mind right now and this is the right time for me to let this pen wrote what I have in my mind it is really inspiring to take this time as of the moment while my mind is full of great ideas in my post.

As I end this post I have come up with a great article to share and for that I successfully finished two posts on my blog while waiting for my time to reset in Blogjob.

article is written by me @maricel

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