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By Maricel May 3, 2016 Food

Haven’t done this for a while cooking Pancake for snack. This afternoon my nephew gave me this one pack of Magnolia Pancake. No need for ingredients to add on it I only need 3/4 cup of water and mix with the ready made ingredients, and there is already a maple syrup included on it when you buy this product.

Just to share to you guys when I first try to cook pancake it was not that successful it’s not really delicious and it did not turn out the way I want it to do so and because of that I did not try again. The good thing with this easy to cook Pancake less hassle for the ingredients it is already measured all you have to do is follow the step by step on the back cover of the product and that’s it very easy to do no hassle, less effort and the result is very delicious especially if you want sugar on top of pancake or if you like with margarine too and add it with maple syrup , that’s more tasty and sweet especially for kids who really loves to eat pancake.

For this afternoon I give it a try once again since there is instruction to be followed quite excited to cook pancake. I just follow the step and successfully I have made a very well shape of Pancake this afternoon for our snack while watching television. My kids were very excited to taste this easy to cook pancake they can’t wait to taste this easy to cook Magnolia Pancake.

It is best to eat while it’s hot so after cooking my kids were very excited to eat and I can see on their expression that they are really enjoying eating pancakes. We really had a great time eating together and as a Mom I am glad that they like it and even me I couldn’t believe that I can cook Pancakes again using this ready to cook Magnolia Pancake.

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By Maricel May 2, 2016 Food

For the past years I have not yet tasted any kind of vegetable salad I couldn’t remember what year is that when I first tasted vegetable salad. Honestly I am very choosy when it comes to vegetables I really don’t like the taste of any kind of vegetables. The first time  I ate salad is when I was working  it was a birthday celebration of our supervisor at that time. At first I was hesitant to taste it, the restaurant is offering at that time eat all you can buffet it is a good thing we have an HRM teacher who knows how to arrange and pick vegetables in one plate all out.

It was a great experience for me for the first time I really enjoyed eating vegetable salad with lots of mayonnaise and from then on I really appreciate eating any kind of salad.

Nowadays there were so many ways on how to make vegetable salad whether it is grilled or cold salads the good thing about it aside from its creaminess, deliciousness it is very healthy for our body. Usually the main ingredients of salad are consist  of lettuce, vegetables and fruits this were the common ingredients on how to make vegetable salad. It is really refreshing that once in a while we were able to make any kind of salad for our family and if you are vegetable lovers or vegetarian you really appreciated it.

If you want to make your own salad you can try it too as most of us love to experiment any kind of dishes just to satisfy our craving for the food that we really want to eat.

Nevertheless maybe some  of you just finish eating vegetable salad right now. How I wish I could also experience it once again and it was a wonderful moments for me that for the first time I was able to eat vegetables that is one of the hardest thing for me to eat vegetables especially no cook.

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After waiting for the rain to come finally it happened today.

By Maricel May 1, 2016 Personal

I was seating on a chair just finished writing my first post on my notepad. Every morning I always have this long chair to seat on our terrace to absorb a fresh wind that will help us feel calm in spite of the hot weather that we are experiencing right now also a good way of saving electricity of not using electric fan which in fact the 2wind that the electric fan is producing is also hot because of the hot weather.

This afternoon while I was seating on the chair and watching television I have noticed that I heard the thunderstorm and the trees all the while brings cold wind and I look up in the sky the sky turned into dark and I therefore conclude looks like its going to rain today. Still waiting for the raindrops I feel  so thankful and feel relieved for a while even the trees that has been so dry and thirst I can see they were all happy for the rain that has come today. All the living things are rejoicing for this beautiful weekend to start here.

As I wrote this post I am relaxed seating on my chair while I was watching volleyball games. Enjoying my time while the trees bringing a cool wind it’s just a wonderful moment to write while I have so many ideas in my mind right now and this is the right time for me to let this pen wrote what I have in my mind it is really inspiring to take this time as of the moment while my mind is full of great ideas in my post.

As I end this post I have come up with a great article to share and for that I successfully finished two posts on my blog while waiting for my time to reset in Blogjob.

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