Mangosteen Healthy Benefits

By Maricel April 30, 2016 Food

The largest producer country of Mangosteen and exporter is Thailand. Mangosteen has this unique appearance and flavor known for its as “the queen” of tropical fruits especially in the South-East Asian regions. The scientific name of Mangosteen is “Garcinia Mangostana”. It has this purple color which is quite popular for snow-white, it’s juicy and delicious.

Did you know that Mangosteen has many essential health benefits. This fruit is low in calories, it is rich in dietary fiber, it is also a good source of Vitamin C to help the body against viral flu. It has Vitamin B that has thiamin, niacin and folates it helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, protein and fats.

Mangosteen also contains minerals like copper, manganese and magnesium. It is important to our body to help control the heart rate, blood pressure, stroke and coronary heart diseases.

According to Wikipedia Mangosteen is a native plant in Sunda Islands in Indonesia. Mangosteen is high valued for its juice, texture, sweet and sour flavor. Mangosteen has been widely available in different Southeast Asian regions like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

This fruit Mangosteen  has three major parts: deep purple rind; white edible; the seeds which is bitter in taste while the flesh has this soft fragrance with a sweet taste. The third part is the outer shell of Mangosteen fruit called the pericarp.

According to Medical Practitioners Mangosteen provides a powerful support in the system of our body. In this fact, it is sate to eat Mangosteen and best to be the food supplement like juice in our everyday life.

I, myself is drinking this Mangosteen fruit, it is already made I will just add water on it and shake it for me to make a juice using Mangosteen. Everyday I always drink this Mangosteen fruit juice it is really good for me it has really good effects on me it helps me keep me more in my appetizing, everything you should try it and I highly recommending this fruit to be part of your daily habit to drink Mangosteen juice.

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