By Maricel April 29, 2016 Food

Does anyone here tasted Durian fruits? Well I am just asking this question because even me have not yet tasted Durian ever since. Did you know that this Durian fruit has this strong aroma? The Durian has this repulsive smell especially if it is your first time to see this one of a  kind fruit.

According to Wikipedia “Durian” is derived from the Malay-Indonesian languages word for duri or “spike”. It has this distinct odour which is very strong and you know it is Durian only has this kind of smell.

Durian has been known as the “King of Fruits” in South East Asian countries. Durian has been known for its bad smell, but if you have tasted this fruit it is very delicious, succulent, soft and only Durian has this unique characteristics.

Hate it or love this fruit but it is up to you of how you can handle this kind of fruit. Maybe it has this bad smell on the outside which you think you couldn’t resist, think again when you get the chance to taste this, it’s delicious on the inside everyone is loving this fruit. It has been known in different Asian countries not because of the strong bad smell of it but because it is one of a kind delicious fruit you could ever had.

Here in my country the Philippines there is one city who is the number one capital that is selling this kind of fruit Durian it is located in Davao City, Philippines. This city has been known for this fruit, they have this wide market which their number one product to sell most especially to the tourists who are visiting the city is by way of selling this one of a kind fruit called Durian, truly we are gifted to have this kind of fruit.



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