Been A Fan of Meteor Garden TV Series

By Maricel April 27, 2016 TV Show

Meteor Garden has been phenomenon here in the Philippines it was a great hit during the millennium year. In view of this since the start of Meteor Garden was aired in ABS-CBN Channel 2 the other channel station here in the Philippines were also been airing other Korean series which made the Korean actor and actress known here in our country as such during that year Meteor Garden series has been on top among any other foreign series.

I have been a big fan of this Korean series, fresh to watch something new for us viewers it was really get the attention of whoever watch the Meteor Garden. The story of this is all about this 4 rich guy who are studying in a well known school and with the one woman who came from a simple family. From there, they will meet each other, the rich guy who is known in the school were all of the girls are adoring them but when this simple girl came to their life something has change.

This rich guy from a well known family will fall in love to the simple girl. They are really opposite to each other, but this reach guy didn’t stop pursuing in courting San Chai. The only problem with their relationship is the mother of the guy who is not in favor of his girlfriend. Before they became couple San Chai were also fall in love to one of the member of F4 that is their member called and the guy San Chai adore Washiley which is a deep person who has this girlfriend a very well known artist. Dao Ming Si or Jerry Yan has become famous even the other member of F4 since the day they appeared on Philippine television and from then they have been a big star in their country and also here in the Philippines.

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