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By Maricel March 31, 2016 Personal

Another school year to end and new batches of graduates in our society. Congratulations to all the students who graduate from Elementary, High School and Colleges. To the graduates of 2016 congratulations finally after all the hard work you have done, put into at last the long wait to graduate has come. It is exciting, happy, feel nervous, sad that some of you will parted ways but it is part of your grown ups. This is not the end, this is just the beginning of your new career as you face the new challenges in your different fields of studies or works.

I know some of you will become a Doctor, Businessman, Public Official, Lawyer, Attorney, Teacher, Seaman, Painter and many others. The journey to begin your dreams is just being started and there are many obstacles, hardships, hard work for you to able to achieve your dream what to become. We will never know what journey are waiting for you Graduates but just keep in mind that it is only you who can make it possible if you want to be a successful person that you want to be. Dreaming big for yourself is not bad, this is your motivation to keep you in the right path that you want to go if you will keep it to yourself.

You are witnessed already of what country we had, and I hope that you as the NEW Graduates of 2016 will give our country the big changes that we are all been waiting for. A Economy that will give many people a good work.

So, to all the Graduates aim high, dream big, make your country proud of you and remember you can do it just believe in yourself and have the determination to make it happen with your will to make you a successful person.

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By Maricel Personal

I don’t know where to start or where to begin this article of mine. I am thinking of a better word to say here, there were so many things I have in mind. This morning I woke up at around 7:00 in the morning I just feel my body is tired and that is why I get up in bed. I am not 100% better that I was before unlike this week that I feel so tired, sick, lazy, and don’t want to do things like I usually do which is really not I wanted to be me for this week but I can’t. My boy need to rest and I have to get some medication to make me feel better to get back in shape. I also loss weight because of not in the mood of eating for this week I can see it in my face everytime I look in the mirror I saw a face with stress, worries to carry on. 

While I was sitting on the chair and I was looking outside it just came to my mind to take a picture of the outside. Here is the picture, see it’s  beautiful yet so simple, it’s describe the simplicity of who I am right now. Right now I am in a state of stress of thinking things which I wanted to fight and overcome once again. I should not continue everyday of my life thinking what if? and how?  This pictures that I capture reflects how life is beautiful while you still have it. Don’t waste any single seconds of your life to the things you cannot control instead focus on the things that is already there for you and be happy and continue to live the life that will make you happy with your family and that is the most important thing to do.

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By Maricel March 30, 2016 Personal

It is almost 11:00 in the evening when my son and I finish watching this new series aired in ABS-CBN Channel 2 Jane The Virgin it was really a good series to watch every night and my son and I are really enjoying every scene of the series. When I was lying in my bed I get my cellular phone and started listen to my favorite FM radio station that was really my way to get me easily sleep but unfortunately last night I am having trouble to sleep I don’t know why? I kept thinking on many things both financially, emotionally,  to my online sites that I am working on still not going good as I speak honestly only Blogjob that keeps me going here.

It is already 12 midnight and I am still awake listening to DJ while he was playing a song in the background it was a beautiful old song I really love it. On that night I don’t know what positive I can get to sleep. Before I forgot before I go to sleep I always make it a point to pray to God, talk to Him that is also one thing that I can share to you without praying I am not comfortable to sleep every night I don’t know it has been my way ever since to pray before I sleep it keeps me contented that I pray to God and leave to Him all my prayers and hoping that God will guide my family.

I don’t know what time I almost sleep that is why I always sleep late at night and just watch television until I feel sleepy already to get me easily sleep in bed as much as I could. I don’t know if Insomnia I am experiencing right now I am not use to sleep early now because my eyes can’t.

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The America’s Hit TV Series: Jane The Virgin is Trending in the Philippines.

By Maricel TV Show

I am very fan of watching television series ever since especially when I am fan of artists who is portraying the role. In ABS-CBN there was this America’s Hit TV series entitled: “Jane The Virgin” they always play the full trailer of the series and I was convinced to watch it. From the trailer that I have watched this is a good series to watch every night. Because it is America’s Hit TV series they need to dub the language into Tagalog version in order for the Filipino viewer to understand it more well it has been the traditional in every country to dub the language in order for the viewer to understand more the series. 

From the trailer that I saw it was really a good series to watch every night. It was aired here in the Philippines on ABS-CBN Channel 2 last Monday and of course I did not forget to watch the first night of it and the sequence of the scene is really fast. 

Jane was accidentally became pregnant because the doctor inseminate her the sperm cell of a guy which supposed to be it was to be inseminated to his wife and from there the story will start. Jane has already a boyfriend and on the day the guy is going to propose to her, Jane told to her boyfriend that she was pregnant and the boyfriend shocked and she explained everything to him. The boyfriend wanted to not continue Jane the pregnancy but Jane wanted because she wanted it to give to the couple and they all agreed but all  of a sudden when Jane found out what is really the past of the father she don’t want to give it anymore. Looks exciting to watch and this evening there is more revelation coming up in the series.

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By Maricel March 28, 2016 Personal

Today as I start my day here I am having hesitation whether to blog or not, thinking to take a rest to my online sites and get back until I feel get better. As of this time I am in the middle of stressful mind and honestly I don’t like to get stress come on me but I guess it happened to you also. As much as I can I want to look positive to the things that is happening with me personally and with my financial condition. Some of the online sites that I was looking forward to help me earn is not doing good and I still have pending payment which took already for a month now and I am still thinking if I will renew my membership or not because until now they are not paying me. There had been changes in the site all of a sudden and too bad I have been covered with the changes of payment that is why I feel a little bit disappointed and honestly this is the only site that I can turn to at this moment.

I have never been this self emotional to the things that is happening to me right now, no one to talk to what I am feeling right now as much as I can solve this problem I will not lean to others that is me ever since no one knows what I feel, what I am experiencing in my life no one knows what I have been through and how did I overcome those trials I only pray to God and seek for His guidance to help me get through with it especially at this time I needed God right now by my side to guide me and I know there is a way for everything.

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By Maricel Personal

For the last week we are experiencing a hot weather and according to the weather forecast it is the start of summer time already so in the past weeks here in my  place in the Philippines the heat of the sun is really felt and the electric fan is not enough to ease the heat of the hot weather. Yesterday morning all of a sudden the weather change there is wind and rain all of a sudden and it feels cold. As I watch the news yesterday evening it is because of the I. T. C. Z that is why we are experiencing this cold weather early in the morning.

Due to the weather condition change from hot to cold maybe the condition of my body did not handle because to tell you honestly my fellow blogger my body is weak if the weather changes I get sick easily and until my fever is on and off how I wish that I can get better in the coming days because honestly I am not liking what I am feeling right now this is not me that is why some of my household chores get affected also doing my online sites.

I have been on and off physically doing my task online and also I overthink to many things I wish I can do when I am not sick because of the changing of weather here in my country. Today I cannot handle what the weather we have right now because at this moment in time I am just push  myself to be here online and if I had the chance that I feel a little better I do some cleaning here at home. There is no one to help me right now my husband is already at his work and my eldest daughter is with her grandmother to help and my son was just only 9 years old and I cannot push to do some household chores. 

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By Maricel March 27, 2016 Personal

I don’t know what to say nor what I am feeling right now there are so many things coming on my mind worrying things here I go again I know that I should not let negative thinking come to me because it will really affect me both physically and emotionally. 

This past few days I have been sick I have miss my goal here sad to say but I just let it be it happens for everyone I know not only me I know so I am trying to move and be here again. Since I am sick my husband is in charge in the household chores while he is in vacation for work and for that I am thankful at least I am taking my rest. Aside from that I am thinking the other sites that I am working now which is taking a slow progress until now and I am hoping and praying that it work rapidly again. Honestly this is the only site that I can say I am earning big and pay so fast and I am lucky and blessed to found this site that is why I am still here doing my task no matter what happened.

I am here in front of you telling you that this is not the same me and even I don’t want this feeling this is really not me. I guess I am just thinking too many things on my mind and how it will work that is why. Right now I need God with me I know I can find answer with Him. When things seem to be falling apart I just pray and talk to God and I know He will find away for me I trust Him and I believe Him. All I need right now is Faith in God.

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By Maricel Food

Here is another dish that I wanted to share to you while looking at the image I know some of you  think it’s not delicious or not yet tried this dish yet. While my husband is here for a vacation from the Holy week my husband requested to have this dish “kulao” which we called in Tagalog. Honestly it is not very easy to come up with this kind of dish there are many steps before we get into this dish and that I will tell you how it is done.

Here are the following ingredients:

8 pcs. eggplant, grilled

1 coconut milk

4 pcs. garlic, minced

1 pc. onions

1/2 cup vinegar

salt and pepper to taste

1 cup boiled water for the coconut milk to get the milk

1 pc. green chili

Here are following Procedure

  1.  First we need to grilled the eggplant and peel the eggplant, cut the tail and set aside.
  2. In a bowl add the 1 cup boiled water with the coconut milk and squeeze it until we get the squeeze milk and set aside.
  3. In a pan we need to add the 1/2 cup vinegar, garlic, onions, salt and pepper to taste and now we will add the squeeze milk the simmer until it boils then add the eggplant and simmer it again.
  4. That’s it ready to serve with the family and I hope you enjoy this dish that I share to you 

There you go looks like it is  easy but it takes a lot effort to this dish but it is all worth it I will assure you. It is best combined with fried fish also. 

I hope you like this recipe that I am sharing to you my fellow blogger something new to come up with and I am happy that I was able to share it with you here my fellow blogger.

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Bistek Longganisa with boiled egg

By Maricel March 26, 2016 Food

Here is another dish that I wanted to share with all of you I hope you like it. This Longganisa is made from Lucban, Quezon Philippines. Lucban is known for their product Longganisa this is very different from the other Longganisa that we use to buy in the market it has a unique taste and only the province of Lucian, Quezon had this that is why many people come to this place just to buy their best selling Longganisa. Last Good Friday mother in law visit the sacred Kamay ni Jesus in Lucban Quezon and because they are already they buy the best selling product Longganisa. Luckily and thankful that my mother give us the half portion of Longganisa.

In the morning that is black Saturday my husband cook in bistek and I boiled 2 eggs this two food is a good combination. Since I am not feeling well for the meantime he is in charge at home. I don’t need to worry how he cook because he is a good cook for your information and for that I am thankful and blessed to have a husband who knows how to cook.

I know that some of you recognize this dish that I am sharing will recognize especially to my fellow Filipino blogger maybe one of these days you already eat this. I know that this is just a simpledish to share but this is delicious especially my husband cook this for us I really appreciate every effort he do for us. I don’t even remember when was the last time I ate Longganisa the product of Lucian, Quezon I can assure you that when you visit the place don’t forget to buy their best selling product Longganisa. We really had a great morning breakfast with this dish and no doubt the Longganisa has its own unique taste.

Article is written by me @maricel
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By Maricel Personal

The past day I have been off here last other night I got fever and flu and for that I was not able to blog and I missed 150 points which until now I still have fever and flu a little bit okay now. Today I don’t want to failed again 150 points that is why even here in my tablet I want to finish my task. You know what my fellow blogger until now I am thinking the points that I have lost. Well I guess I have to forget what I have lost and move forward maybe I am not the only one who failed to reach my goal here.

Honestly my fellow blogger I get easily sick ever since I was a child that is why I always take vitamins for prevention to get me sick. I am not getting any younger and at this time I should take care of myself and be careful in everything or anything that I am doing after all I will benefit from it right? Since I am sick my way of eating has changed unlike before because ofmyfeverand flu and to add on that my breathing has change also that is why my eldest is in charge in doing the laundry with the help of my husband.

Since I am sick my husband is in charge in the kitchen, my son really admire her Papa the way he cook sometimes I get jealous just a joke honestly my husband is a good ever since we’d been together as a couple. I am just taking a rest for now my fellow blogger and hopefully one of this day I will be back to normal and back into shape. Well anyway I miss you all here that is why I keep oncoming back here here in the site.

article is written by me @maricel
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