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Fried Galunggong combination of Soup Mussel

By Maricel February 29, 2016 Food

Yesterday when I was in the market looking for what lunch I am going to cook I have seen this mussel and galunggong then I decided to buy this two which is a good combination actually soup with fried. Yesterday on my blog here I was to share to you the Soup Mussel recipe that I have cooked for my family and now here is the continuation of my second dish for Sunday recipe just a recipe and I am sure you can do this at home. I don’t know when was the last time I buy galunggong because aside from the expensive price of it we rarely eat this so for Sunday I decided to buy and try it for my family since it’s Sunday.

It is good that every once in a while you buy food that you rarely eat everyday just a pleasure for your family to serve them a good food especially when you are complete as one family. Satisfying the food that you want to eat once in awhile is not bad as long as you have excess money for it that is no problem. It is hard to budget the money that you have so just make sure that you keep money for the things that is really important in the house.

As I end this day I just hope that you like this simple recipe of mine it’s simple but really good to taste. You know what everyday I am learning new recipe and honestly I can’t believe that I was able to do that and share it with you guys.

If you have any idea to what food to eat for lunch maybe you should consider this one. I will be happy if you will do it and share it here also this is one way of expressing what we have accomplished in our everyday life.

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Pork Siomai Sunday Snack

By Maricel Food

Since I am off every Sunday here this is because I am busy preparing food for my family. During Sunday we are complete my husband coming from his one week of work and that is the only day I was able to spend time with him.  When my husband is here I always make it a points to cook food that he will appreciate and love to eat. For a change I have this Pork Siomai for our Sunday snack this is one of the food that my husband love to eat specially when it is spicy. He likes spicy food so for Sunday I have made this and he love it. 

I was always busy during Sunday I almost make my time in the kitchen to cook for breakfast we just have fried eggplant and fried Tinapa and for our lunch I just made Fried Galunggong and Soup Mussel  and for our snack I have this Pork Siomai. It was a long day for me doing all of this stuff for my family but it is all worth it we get to spend time together eat all the food that I prepare for Sunday and that is really one of my big accomplishment to come up with during Sunday serve my family. 

I don’t even remember when was the last time I made Pork Siomai just when I heard a friend of mine selling it I buy half of kilo for P60.00 not bad because the quality of Pork Siomai is really good and you will not regret it when you buy it. I just buy garlic and fried it, calamansi, red chili and soy sauce for the filling in the Pork Siomai. Has anyone here eat Pork Siomai you should try this is really delicious and I am sure you will crave for this if you tasted it once.

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Soup Mussel for Sunday dish.

By Maricel February 28, 2016 Food

Here is another dish that I would like to share to you it has been a long while since I cook this for my family. Sunday is a busy day for me I was not able to visit my sites because Sunday is family time for me. Yesterday when I go to the market I saw this mussel then I decided to buy this only 1/2 kilo that is good enough for us.

First I cleaned it with water I remove the the unwanted things on the part of the mussel. I also buy 1/2 kilo Galunggong this is a good combination to eat this dish I fry it. To make this mussel soup is very easy here are the following ingredients.

garlic, minced

onions, chopped

ginger, cut into lengthwise

tomatoes, chopped

1/2 kilo of mussel

green chili

3 cups of water

black pepper

salt to taste


Here is the following procedure

  1. In a pan saute ginger, garlic, onions, and tomatoes mixed all of them.
  2. Then add the mussel, add black pepper and salt simmer it until it boils.
  3. Add 3 cups of water, green chili then simmer it again.
  4. Ready to serve very easy to follow this dish I am sure that you will  love it.

Sunday has been a great family bonding to us. Spending time with my family during weekend is the best day to experience. Okay I hope there is something you have learned with my dish that I share to you. I wonder if you are eating this kind of dish too, well just sharing this if you don’t like it no problem with me.just wanted to share the dish that I am cooking with my family its my pleasure to serve them.

If you want to try this dish you are free to make this one for your family something new to try at home.

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Chicken Arroz Caldo

By Maricel Food

Just wanted to share this dish to all of you this is called  Chicken Arroz Caldo this is different with the Lugaw. Yesterday my mother in law visit us that is Sunday and she make this Chicken Arroz Caldo for us when she visited us. My mother in law is a good cook she can cook any kind of recipe. I really love the recipe that she is cooking for us no doubt she loves to cook.

Here are the following ingredients if you want to cook Arroz Caldo also for your family I really loved to share it to all of you. This is a very healthy and especially if there is someone sick at your home it will  help them feel better.







chinese pechay

spring onions

boiled rice

salt and pepper to taste

For the procedure

  1. You have to boiled the rice in a casserole first to let it cooked and then the chicken  should be boiled until it is tendered then set it aside.
  2. In the pan saute ginger, garlic, onions and add the boiled meat then mixed all of the ingredients.
  3. Add the boiled rice and simmer it for  a minute until it boiled then add water it depends on you how many cups of water you would like as long as the taste of the  ingredients is there.
  4. Add the potato, chinese pechay and then simmer it until the potato is tender that’s it ready to serve for your family.
  5. You can add on top the fried garlic, and spring onions to make it delicious. It is up to you if you would like to have calamansi put into it.

There you go your Chicken Arroz Caldo is easy to cook and good to eat for breakfast especially if we have a cold weather it is best to cook this.

article is written by me @maricel

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By Maricel February 27, 2016 Personal

            No one is perfect, including me I am not perfect I made a lot of mistakes in my life good thing about that I have learned from it and made me a better person. We all have different attitude, we have different lifestyle in living, we all have our own beliefs in life to address for ourselves and for that it is a matter of how we handle the life that we are up to. No one has the right to judge you or me because each one of us doesn’t know what we have been through and what we are dealing in our everyday life. There are types of people who are fond of talking others people’s life instead of minding their own life which they already know for themselves that they also have problems to solve.

            People are like that they like to talk other’s life but they did not see what life they have. Whether they have guilt to that person or insecure of whatsoever. Sometimes those gossips were the roots of having misunderstanding by the person involve. I guess we are living in a community where some people are just like that. We cannot stop them from minding our own life, just let them be if they are happy by doing that give it to them as long as you know for yourselves what you are that’s all that matters.

            We are entitle to the life that we want to live, we are here on Earth not to please everybody so why worry or burden from what their thinking just go on with your life. Live a happy life continues what you are doing as long as it will give you the life that you want they don’t matter at all. Pray for them because they needed it the most than you.

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Do you remember the cartoon series that you are watching when you were young?

By Maricel Personal

            Watching cartoons feels like you are going back from your toddler age. There are so many cartoons to watch during my young age and honestly there was a lesson learned from every cartoon series that I am watching. There were many cartoons that made me cry that really touches my heart, and there were also some cartoons that made me laugh. It feels good to bring back those memories watching what you love most during childhood days.

There were many cartoons series that really made a mark from me if I can recall until now there were cartoon series that are coming back on television and honestly I can’t believe that even I am a parent already my kids were able to watch the cartoon series that I am watching when I was still young. For example can you remember Princess Sarah, Prince Cedie, Tom Sawyer, Julio and Julia, Tom and Jerry favorite of my son, Mr. Bean the funny cartoon series to watch laugh trip when I was watching it what else Dog of Flanders this is really a teary eyed cartoon series, Remi this is all about family there were so many cartoons that are coming on my mind right now its bring back those days just a happy to remember.

I am sure many of you can relate to me and right now you were thinking what cartoon series you have watch when you were a child. If we can bring back those years that had past all we can remember is fun, happiness, good memories to cherish while we are growing up. Well I guess everyone here watch cartoons before? If not I guess your childhood days were not that full of so many memories to be happy or maybe you have this corny experience at your young age just kidding maybe we all have different like of series to watch but honestly I love watching cartoon series.

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Don’t underestimate the power of prayers.

By Maricel February 26, 2016 Personal

            Prayers are one of the most powerful salvations to me. All my life that I have experience the ups and down one of the thing that I do is praying it gives me the calmness, to clear my mind, to give me the courage why there are things in my life is happening. Many questions are coming to my  mind why I need to deal with all those trials that I have been through I ask God many times why it should be happening? No one knows how I feel deep in my heart, no one sees the pain and sorrow that I am experiencing those times that I am in my lowest time of my life only God is my only savior who knows what I have felt. Those days that I am almost giving up only Prayers lead me to the good path of my life right now.

            I myself I do believe in prayers, I always rely to pray when I do have questions to the things that is happening in my life. I only talk to God only Him I trust Him with all my heart that He will always guide through my hardest time and my good times too. There are so many things I should be thankful and grateful for what had happen to me for so many years and through with it I was been a better person and stronger woman where I am now.

            A prayer is my number one person to call when I needed some guidance, motivation to make things happen in my life. I know that by praying I will have peace of mind because I already express what bothers me and I know that there is always answers to my question in life no doubt about I will just have a big Faith because that is the only one thing I hold on too.

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By Maricel Personal

            Good morning to my fellow blogger today is Friday last day for the week again just here at home doing my task again. It is very cold outside and it is raining not good to go outside just stay here at home for the meantime. Honestly when it is raining it feels good to just lye in bed and sleep all day because of the cold weather and also the rain seems to be not going to stop.

            Nevertheless last day of classes for my kids I am having a hard time to wake them up because of the cold weather but need to do it. They are still feeling sleepy but they have to go to school they have no classes yesterday because of holiday they felt like they don’t want to go to school this morning. I just cooked egg and hotdog for breakfast they need to hurry up from school. The water is really cold and that is why I add hot water for their bath funny they are really shaking because of cold weather after taking a bath.

            The sun is still no show it looks like the weather today is not doing well. For those who are going to work or going to school make sure you have umbrella or raincoat for your protection in the rain. Since my son is very weak from the rain I always make sure that he has protection from the rain. When it is raining it feels good to have hot coffee or hot milk to make your stomach a little bit feel the hotness of drinking hot coffee or hot milk. This morning I just had hot milk while assisting my kids from their things to bring in school.

            When it is raining it is best just to stay at home, do my usual routine for now and also make dish for our lunch I already have ingredients to cook for our lunch I will just have to wait for a few hours before I started cooking.

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By Maricel February 25, 2016 Food

            There are so many variant of rice cake you can find here in the Philippines and it has been part of many vendors to get an income from this like for selling different kind of kakanins. I love eating kakanins there are many variants that I love to eat like Cuchinta, Sapin Sapin, Palitaw, Sinukmani, Suman with Latik, Biko, Pichi Pichi, and many others.

            You can found this everywhere here in the Philippines aside from the many variants you can choose from and try to eat one of this assorted I am sure you will love it. I myself I love Suman best with the combination of Coffee. I remember every morning there is one lady using her single bike carrying different kinds of kakanin she always using her bike to sell her product that is her one way to earn and honestly I salute her for doing that it was a clean and decent job to be proud of.

            Here in our place there are many vendors now are using bike to sell different kind of snacks even in the morning or in the afternoon I can hear them saying their product to sell it is now a daily routine here in my place vendors are rounding the place to make some earnings.

            Assorted Kakanin is very heavy in the stomach if you eat this because it is rice but it is delicious most of us Filipinos love to eat kakanins aside from the cheapest price it is heavy in the stomach also as I have said earlier. Only here in the Philippines you can found these delicacies it is one of our best products to share with other countries. Now I am craving for this kakanin I feel hungry all the while it is almost evening and right I can’t buy this kakanin for now maybe tomorrow morning.

article is written by me @maricel

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I can’t live a day without music.

By Maricel Personal

            Listening to music has been part of my everyday life it gives me the motivation to do things I love to do. I cannot imagine in a day without listening to music I just feel incomplete and as I started my day one of my daily routine to do is playing a list of songs while I am doing my online sites, or even if I am cleaning at home, or doing other things. Music helps me a lot in so many ways it gives me the satisfaction or inspiration to go on with my life.

            There are so many songs that I can relate while listening to it and some of them really touch my heart. Music has been the story of my life at times when I feel down music is there for me to comfort me and feel that I will make it and when I am happy music is there for me too it joins me to celebrate the happy moment in my life and through that I am thankful that music has been my companion when I needed it the most.

            I wonder how many of you are music lovers too? It is a great feeling and happiness to listen to music it was also my friend to lean, it helps me realize when there is rain there is also sun coming up. Music gives me the courage to be with myself I can learn on my own by listening to music it helps me realize there is always hope after the thunderstorm in our life.

            If you learn to listen to music life will be so much easy, learn to understand and appreciate what you have in life you are so much blessed as long as you are alive there is always to be happy and grateful for.

article is written by me @maricel

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