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My last article for 2015 is all about my experience in Blogjob

By Maricel December 31, 2015 Personal

This will be my last post for 2015 and getting ready for the 2016 here in the Blogjob. This last post of mine is all about my journey here in the site. I thank my friend @grecy095 for introducing me Blogjob at first I am having hesitation but I really want it for myself so finally I decided to join and try my luck here and it didn’t fail me.

Staying here in the site for months I must admit that I struggle too due to my internet connection but that did not stop me to pursue my task here. Everyday I go to the internet shop and make 1 hour of working online and do my article here I know that it is hard for me but I am happy that finally my internet connection is back now.

Closing this 2015 here in Blogjob I achieve my goal to cash out here for the first time in the site and I am very happy the admin is really past to pay here and that is really one of the amazing thing that I like here in the site and because of that I am inspired and determined to finish my task here everyday no matter this is my priority online.

I am aiming for 2016 to get an increase points here in the site just like any other members. I needed this for me to cash out early this is a great help for me especially that I have two kids that are studying right now. I want to thank @sheridan for giving us this good opportunity to come back again in writing and try again our luck if we fail to other site this is a good site for us to start all over again and believe that everything happens for a reason and we will find a great site that will pay us and that is Blog job.

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Getting ready for New Year’s Eve

By Maricel Personal

Today is our last day for 2015 and we are all set to welcome another year of our life with positive outlook for 2016. Everyone is excited for New Year’s Eve to come and everyone is busy now preparing at their home just like me. This morning I had to go to the market to buy fruits to serve on our table and also for the ingredients that I am going to cook in the evening. In order for me not to forget the things that I need to buy I have already listed it last night so that I will not forget all the ingredients for the dish that I am going to cook.

The ingredients for my Creamy Carbonara  is already complete and for my Pizza Bread Roll is all set to do also. I will also have Barbecue to make I have already marinated it and put it in the refrigerator at the same Hotdog for my kids they love that in grilled with marshmallows. We also have Graham with fruit cocktail it is already set for New Year’s Eve.

We don’t have any fireworks  to avoid accident in celebration for welcoming the New Year 2016.  All is set for our preparation and we are only just a few hours left for the countdown to 2016 and we are all very excited for it. Everyone is very positive in welcoming 2016 whatever our standing in life we are altogether happy and excited to have a good year to welcome.

Full of hopes for 2016, ready to face opportunities for ourselves as the New Year comes. Right now I am very happy to face 2016 with full of good things to happen with my family. We are complete as one family and this is already a blessing and the rest is gift from God. Have a wonderful New Year everyone may God bless us all for 2016.

article is written by me @maricel

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Welcoming New Year with positive outlook in life

By Maricel December 30, 2015 Personal

As the year 2015 end we leave it all behind what happens and look forward for New Year of 2016 with full of hopes and positivity to work in our life. I want this 2016 for me and for my family to be a good one in terms of health, financial and also to keep our relationship even more stronger.

My 2015 has been good to me if I can analyze it even if I  undergo to some bad situations in life I still manage to deal with it and made me a better person now. I thank all those negative things that has happen to me I have learned from that and I choose to be positive always whatever comes to my life whether it is good or bad I take it as a challenge because I know that I will make it.

I know that I have failed but I am still here ready to welcome the New Year with great opportunity that are coming into my life whether it is online sites or with my family matters. I know that good things are coming on my way and my faith with God is even get stronger now. Whatever I am at I know that God is always be there for me prayers really works.

I just hope that this 2016 will open more opportunities for me to earn online and I just wish that what I have been praying for my husband God will grant my request. Above all before I go to sleep I talk to God for what I have in mind and I know He has answer for me.

May we find peace, love, happiness, forgiveness, faith and all the positive attitude that we want to achieve within us because we will benefit from this if we focus more on the positive side of our life.

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Everyone is busy preparing for New Year’s Eve

By Maricel Personal

All around the world is busy preparing for the New Year to come. We only just 1 day away to  welcome the 2016. Some of my neighbors were buying things for their New Year’s Eve food. Some of us are busy collecting 12 fruits to buy to put on their table that is their way of showing the good vibes for the New Year to come.

It is hard to collect 12 kinds of fruits actually I haven’t done that yet but maybe tomorrow when I go to the market I will try my best. Aside from the fruits that we served on the table also we have food to cook also and for tomorrow I already have decided to cook Creamy Carbonara Pasta, Barbecue, Ham and Cheese Roll, Pizza Bread Rolls, Hotdog for my kids. I also have Graham with fruit cocktail that my husband made it the other day.

I still need to buy tomorrow all the ingredients that I need for my menu. It will be a busy day for me tomorrow preparing all what I need I am the only one doing this and actually some of the dish that I am going to do is first time that I will serve for my family so I am hoping that they will like it.

Celebrating New Year with the family is a gift, the food on the table is just a decoration what’s important is we celebrate it with our family to welcome it as one happy big family. 

Are you all set for the New Year to come? We are all excited for it to welcome with a big hope full of positive energy and aiming for a good year to come. Everyone is looking forward for a great year ahead of them and we are so glad to witness another year with our family and relatives. 

article is written by me @maricel

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Pizza Bread Rolls

By Maricel December 29, 2015 Food

We only have 2 days left before New Year and I am looking for another dish to add for my menu this coming New Year’s Eve. This evening I am searching what to add on my menu and I have come up with this one I try to search on youtube and I found this called “Pizza Bread Rolls ” I know that my kids will love this because hotdog and cheese.

Here are the ingredients how to make a Pizza Bread Rolls: we need to have first Bread, hotdog, ham, pineapple tidbits, tomato sauce, green bell pepper, sliced cheese, bread crumbs and eggs. 

Here is the procedure on how to do the Pizza Bread Rolls. First we have to flatten the bread and then we will spread it with tomato sauce, then we will put ham, hotdog, 2 sliced cheese, green bell pepper that’s it then we will roll it. We will put it to the beaten egg and then roll it with the bread crumbs. As simple as that then we are ready to fry it.

A very simple step to do this kind of dish this coming New Year’s Eve and I am sure that your family and relatives will love to taste this one of your dish. 

I am very excited now to try this Pizza Bread Rolls for my family actually this will be my first time to do this. I have it already on youtube and I am sure that I could do it also.

What is your menu for this coming New Year’s Eve? Try this one if you have not yet do this in your entire life this is your chance to do it and share it with your family and relatives this coming New Year.  Have a Merry New Year to all of us and looking forward to more positive outlook in life this coming 2015.

article is written by me @maricel

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Creamy Carbonara

By Maricel Food

If you are spaghetti food lover I am sure you will love this dish too. For New Year’s Eve I want to cook this for my family I have watch a video of it on how to cook it and what are the ingredients to have. It is very easy to do and I am sure that you can do it also at your home. 

Here are the ingredients: 250 g spaghetti or pasta, 250g bacon, 1 cup cheddar cheese, 150g cream cheese, 1 cup all purpose cream, 1 cup evaporated milk, 150g mushroom, 3 tbsp. parmesan cheese, chopped parsley, 1 small onion, 3 tbsp. minced garlic, salt, olive oil, and pepper.

For the procedure we need simmer the pasta to a boiling water with salt then set aside it with cold water to avoid too much cook of pasta. Here is the procedure how to cook the sauce for our Creamy Carbonara Pasta. First set fire in medium heat, add olive oil and then saute garlic, onion, just mixed all of them and then we need to add the bacon and mushroom and mixed all together. Second we need to add the evaporated milk let it cook for about 2 minutes. Third we need to add the all purpose cream and add the cream cheese. Fourth add the cheddar cheese and let it simmer again. Fifth step we need to add pepper and salad and mixed all the ingredients and that’s it our Creamy Carbonara Pasta is all done such a very easy step to do for this New Year’s Eve.

It is best served while hot you can now ready to add your cook pasta to the creamy sauce together with parsley and parmesan cheese. This is a very delicious dish I am sure you will love it to share with your family this coming New Year. I have already a menu for my family this coming New Year hope you consider this dish that I introduce to you my fellow friend. 

article is written by me @maricel

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Unplanned but it was happen this afternoon

By Maricel December 28, 2015 Personal

I have been thinking to give myself a gift for today this is not a material thing actually I am thinking to go to the parlor shop and decided to give my hair a change of style for a change for welcoming the New Year. All along I am still decided if I will pursue it today so without any hesitation after taking a bath I take my bicycle and go to the parlor shop. 

I have a long hair now and I still don’t want it to make it short so I just tell the hairdresser to just give it a style only with a v-cut shape. I am happy with the outcome but I am not yet contented I still want some highlights for my hair for a change all this year my hair is black.

Funny though there were an incident which I didn’t expect to happen in the parlor that I went this afternoon. He cannot find the thing that he will use for my hair for the highlights I waited for about half an hour for it find but useless so I decided to go home and I tell the hair dresser I will be back tomorrow and hoping that he will find that thing that he will use for my hair what a situation I have been through which I didn’t expect from a parlor shop.

I am excited actually but I felt disappointed for what happened this afternoon. Tomorrow I will be back again there and try my luck that finally my gift for myself will be done good luck to me or to the hair dresser. If there is any updates I will let you know what will happened to me tomorrow how I wish it will all be settled on my purpose for myself.

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By Maricel Personal

One of the occasion that we are all been waiting for is the get together of our families. During Christmas time and New Year we get to see our relatives from different town, or countries this is the only way that we get the chance to see each other for quite a long years.

What a happy celebration  to reunite with your relatives from different families you get to know each other as well. Even if you are far from each other you make it a point to come to this occasion to meet personally your relatives that you haven’t seen for a while. It is a good feeling and happy moment that you were get to bond with each other even with just a day at least you know that you were relatives.

I love to meet all my relatives which I haven’t seen for a quite a while it’s been a long time since we see each other. In this occasion there are a lot of games in store for each family member which is very excited to do now. There is also program where in you will introduce your family so that the other family will know you better. Part of the reunion of course is the food that we are going to eat. 

Family Reunion is conducted for us to know our relatives which we didn’t know all along that they are part of the family just because we don’t attend the Family Reunion. It is really fun and enjoyed at the same time it only happen once a year so why not attend your Family Reunion I am sure that you will love to meet your other relatives as well.

So for those who have Family Reunion just enjoyed every moment of it and get to know your relatives as well I am sure you will look forward to meet them.

article is written by me @maricel

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By Maricel December 27, 2015 Personal

As the year ends for 2015 I am looking forward to a better me for this coming 2016. I will not let anyone ruin me for they think they have to say against me. I don’t care what they are at me as long as I don’t do harm for them I will live my life the way I want it.

For 2015 I know that I have done great things in life when it comes to my outlook in life I avoided negative spirit come to me, instead I just being me and be positive in everything that I do whether it is for myself, my family and my work online. I have God that will protect me from anyone I have Faith in Him, and have the positive outlook for everything that I am with.

This year has been good to me I can say that and I have improved a lot when it comes to my attitude in life and perseverance to be myself and focus on what I do. I don’t let any negative things come to me I just pray and hoping that things will turn out right in the right path of my life. 

I know that some people around me have against me I just don’t mind them I just ignore them if they don’t like me the way I am well it is not my problem anymore. I am not here on Earth to please them anyway I will live my life as long as I am happy with what I am doing and my family is with me there is no reason for me to be down at all.

Life give us chances to live and we should make the most out of it. We only live once and we should appreciate and treasure every single seconds of our life. 

article is written by me @maricel

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New Years Resolution for 2016

By Maricel Personal

We are just only 4 days away for 2015  and ready to face another year of our life. Mostly Filipinos have their New Year’s Resolution to make and their positive outlook in life is really there. I am speaking for myself I do not make any New Year’s Resolution actually it’s just that I do not believe on that but because I think there is no reason for me to have that if I want to have to change in my attitude or the way I have in life it should not come to a point to wait for the New Year.

I respect those who do that every year for themselves I just hope that they do make it happen and not just say it just because New Year has come. It is useless if you have New Resolution if you will not change the way you want it right.

Every year they do that but when the day past it seems like they forgot what they promise to make. I know that you too have also New Year Resolution for yourself too whatever it is I just hope that you put it in your heart and mind to make it possible and not just because it is New Year right?

For this New Year that will come I am aiming to more open opportunities online to work on and be more productive to thing that I do online. For myself I just want to be more positive in my life whatever challenge I will face I know that God will always be there for me. I just want to improve more of myself to be more faithful with God. I am welcoming the New Year to a more surprise challenge in life whether it is good or bad I know that I will make it and I am ready for it as long as God is with me nothing is impossible. 

article is written by me @maricel

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