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By Maricel October 31, 2015 Personal

         Everyone around the world is very busy now in preparation for All Saints Day. Here in my country they are preparing to come in the cemetery before and after All Saints Day why is that? Number one is that they want to avoid too many people in the cemetery and also with the traffic that they are facing on this day.

        Do you have already flowers, candles, and food prepared when you come in the cemetery? Well make sure you that you have planned this because we only do this once a year to come and visit our loved ones who just passed away. This is the only moment we get to pray for them give them our time since we are all busy with our daily things in life.

      Some of my neighborhoods go in the cemetery November 1, and some of them go to the cemetery October 31 to avoid with the people who come on the day of All Saints Day. My family went to the cemetery on November 2, we always do that because there are only few people who come in the cemetery and also good way to pray peacefully for our loved ones.

    Since November 2 will fall on Monday and it was announced that it is a regular day by our government I don’t know if this will follow by my fellow citizen because we are used to that November 1 and 2 is holiday here in the Philippines.

       How about you my fellow friend what day are you going in the cemetery? Whatever that dates is what’s important is we get the chance to spend time to visit them in the cemetery that’s all that matters. Bring them flowers, candles and pray for them that we did not forget them.

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By Maricel Personal

           This morning I wake up late I feel so tired actually it has been a work mode online for this week and I am so happy that all of my sites that I am with is going pretty well. My eyes are very tired and I can feel it that so last night I decided to sleep early but I can’t I guess if you already use to be awake until midnight it is very hard to do my sleep and unfortunately I sleep also late.

          I almost feel the back pain also so I just lay in my bed a little bit late, it is raining outside early this morning and a bit cold this weekend. I heard in the news that it was just a tail end but will not be a typhoon here in the Philippines.

          Believe it or not I am still in my bed at 8:30 in the morning I am late in my online site that was my thinking but I had no choice but take my rest for a while. I decided to take a cup of coffee for myself which is very good in this cold and windy Saturday. I even postponed my laundry and decided to do it tomorrow and that is Sunday well I just hope that it will not rain tomorrow. Weekend is a busy day for me for my family and I will not be around again with my online site I will be offline by then to give time for my family.

         I like the weather today not too hot and not too cold just find and I love it. This weekend also will fall to All Saints Day and my family was going to the cemetery by then well I guess most of my online friends are busy then. Have a great weekend everyone and I will see you again this week.

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By Maricel October 30, 2015 Site

         Here are the sites that I am working right now and I am very much happy to share it with you all here. First I will introduce to you of course Blogjob very easy for every likes, comments, posting photos, logging in, you will get a point from it and if you are making article you will get 50 points for it. When you reach the maximum points of 5k you will get $50 and 10k points you will earn $100. 

          The second site that I working on right now is Humanatic in this site you will listen to the voice call and choose where the conversation fits the answer you can cash out here for a minimum of $10. I have already cash out my $102 as a member.

          The third site that I am working on is Whzon all you have to do here is post any kind of photos except nude and you are entitled to cash out for 1k points which is $10 Canadian. I have cash out here 8 times.

          The fourth site that I am working on is Bitlanders this is the same as Whzon you will post photos or videos the earning here is through bitcoin but you can cash out here in Paypal also. I have cash out here once and coming with my second.

          The fifth site that I am working is My Paying Ads all you have to do here is buy Ad Packs for a minimum of $5 and click for the ads daily. I already cash out here 2 times and aiming for my third here.

          The sixth site that I am working on is HQRevshare this is the same in My Paying Ads you will buy also Ad Packs for $5 and visit daily, refer a friend, advertise your link for you to earn more.

         The seventh site that I am working on is Buzzwhale here you will advertise their product through social media very easy I have cashed out here once and aiming for my second now.

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By Maricel Site

          It is nice to be back on track again working on paid to click sites right now. My Paying Ads is referred to me by a friend of mine here in social media. Actually I have been engaged before to other paid to click sites but it didn’t work out for me at that time so I decided to take my time off there and find another earning site for me.

          Through my friends I find another online site that I will work on again and get paid. Some paid to click sites that I have been through is just a scam actually and did not pay me for being a member for quite a long time I don’t want to mention the sites anymore.

         Right now my focus is to my new found earning revenue site and this is “My Paying Ads”. I invest here $5 only for a beginner I take risk and give it a try that it will work by this time and luckily I was not wrong to invest $5 in My Paying Ads. If you have invest here more the return of investment is big also and aside from you have to click some sites for you to earn also very easy,

         If you want to move your account more better you can also refer a friend to register on your link because that would be a great help to you to cash out because there is a percentage that you will get for every ad pack purchase that they will buy.

         Right now I already cash out here 2 times and I am so happy that I already get my $5 investment and earn extra $5 and right now I am on my 3rd cash out now. The secret here is you just keep on re-purchasing ad packs for you to earn more, refer a friend, click an ads daily and that’s it you will earn just like me.

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By Maricel October 29, 2015 Food

            I would like to share this to you this one dish that I learned to cook because this is one of my husband’s favorite viand. I try to research on the internet on how to cook this called “kare-kare”. Now a day it is very easy now to look on the different kind of dish if you want to learn to cook different kind of dish.  I admit I am not a good cook but I am learning and every day I get better and better in cooking. It started when I became a full time housewife now after being employed for almost 10 years and now that my husband is working I am the one in charge in cooking for my family and I am happy to serve it.

            Here is the ingredient in preparing the dish: 2 hours estimated cooking time.

  • 1 kilo of beef (round or sirloin cut) cut into cubes, beef tripe or oxtail (cut 2 inch long) or a combination of all three (beef, tripe and oxtail)
  • 3 cups of peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup grounded toasted rice
  • 1/2 cup cooked bagoong alamang (anchovies)
  • 2 pieces onions, diced
  • 2 heads of garlic, minced
  • 4 tablespoons atsuete oil
  • 4 pieces eggplant, sliced 1 inch thick
  • 1 bundle Pechay (Bok choy) cut into 2 pieces
  • 1 bundle of sitaw (string beans) cut to 2″ long
  • 1 banana bud, cut similar to eggplant slices, blanch in boiling water
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 8 cups of water
  • Salt to taste

Here is the instruction on how to cook Kare-Kare.

  • In a stock pot, boil beef, tripe and oxtails in water for an hour or until cooked. Strain and keep the stock.
  • In a big pan or wok, heat oil and atsuete oil.
  • Sauté garlic, onions until golden brown, then add the stock, toasted rice, beef, oxtail and peanut butter. Bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Salt to taste.
  • Add the eggplant, string beans, pechay and banana bud. Cook the vegetables for a few minutes – Do not overcook the vegetables.
  • Serve with bagoong on the side and hot plain rice.

This coming weekend I will cook this dish again for my husband it has been a long time since I cook this dish for him. This is such a great idea for his homecoming from his 1 week work.

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By Maricel Personal

                How many of you joined from this so called online money investment through social media? It is very in demand now there are many individuals who are creating this kind of group. There are some groups of online investment that are not scam but yet the problem is the fund was not taking care of so that is why they have to close the group and in return those who have pending investments are the one suffering especially those are just newly pay ins.

                There are also some groups of online investment that is really a scam and they are everywhere, what they are going to do is they will post a big return for the money that they invest and after a week or two the group page were already gone well that is really scam they just get all the money first but they did not pay out any members of their group.

                Here in online investment there is a gamble let us admit it we may earn or we may lose our money and even the capital of it will not be back. There were promises that they are going to refund the money but how are we sure when we are going to get the money that we invest? What they are going to do is they going to put again another complain and wait for them to have the fund so that we can get the refund.

                As for my personal experience I have earned in online investment and at this time I am still waiting for the refund where the group promised that they are going to give back the money to us but how long should we wait or is there any chance that we can still get it or just let it gone.

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By Maricel October 28, 2015 Personal

                The sun is up at this moment in time, the weather is not that hot it seems like the wind seems to be Christmas is just around the corner how I may so right now. I wake up at around 7:00 I almost forget what is the day right now because there is no classes how funny it is, well by the way it is Thursday if I may right and the date I check also is October 29, 2015 just a reminder also if you have forgot also my fellow friend.   

                I had a good sleep last night after doing my online site I slept at around 11:30 in the evening because my connection is so slow so I decided to sleep already and come back here again in the morning.

                I know that we all have different daily routines in the morning some of us have their coffee with bread, or maybe some of you are having juice drinks or fruits, well my family and I are more comfortable with rice and sunny side up egg in the morning.

                My fellow writer around the globe whatever you are doing right now at this juncture in times don’t forget to thank the Lord for another day that we are lucky to have it and be with our family and friends. Give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for the life that we have and let’s make it meaningful and worth it as we start our day with the different things that we are up to.

                Don’t forget to pray and thank God for all the blessings that we are receiving every day we are still fortunate that we spend it with our family. Most important thing is live the life to the fullest and make the most out.

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By Maricel Food

                It is already dinner time and I am thinking what dish to cook for my family and I have come up with this Filipino dish which is very easy thing to do and I am sure you can do this also. At around 4:00 in the afternoon I ride with my bicycle to buy the ingredients for my dish this evening. Yes you heard it right I am just using a bicycle here as my way of transportation my exercise too.

                I have here oil, garlic, onion, tomatoes, pepper, chicken, green chili, soy sauce, vinegar, ajinomoto and that it all is set for my chicken adobo for this evening. First we need to pre-heat the stove and put the pan after that put oil what I am doing is I fry first the chicken and set it aside after sautéing the garlic, onions, and tomatoes and put the fry chicken and add the pepper and sauté all of them.

                Let it simmer for a while and then I will add the vinegar and soy sauce and add the ajinomoto or bitsin that is what we called in Filipino term. Then I will just simmer it again for a minute and after that I will add the green chili to add some flavor on it. Okay this evening I am mission accomplished with my dish for my family I just hope you like this dish of mine.

                Everyday I am learning a new dish for my family and I am so happy that I was able to come up with this one. Don’t worry I still have more dish to share with you guys and I will share it with you all here. It is really my pleasure and I am so thankful that my dish was really appreciated by my family that is really my happiness.

article is written by me @maricel

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The word “I LOVE YOU”

By Maricel October 27, 2015 Personal

                The word “I Love You” is a precious word that comes from our lips when we say this word to a person it touches their heart so deeply. Have you ever remember when was the last time you said “I Love You” for someone or to a person who sincerely dearest to you?

                I must admit that I rarely said this word for quite a long time now with the people who really meant to me in my life. I know I am not that quite affectionate person of saying the word “I Love You” instead I am doing the word “I Love You” by doing this with an action that is how I show my love for family.

                I know that hearing or saying the word “I Love You” is really something meaningful for each and every one of us. This is not yet the end of the world to show or say I Love You to the people you really love say it, and you will feel great and happy that you finally said it to them.

                I came up with this because of I just saw on television there was a movie that will going to be released today #ILOVEYOUDAY and I decided why not make an article for this one such a brilliant idea I guess to all the person who will read this article of mine because maybe some of us are often forget to say “I Love You” to our love ones just a reminder from me that is not too late to do it starting today.

                I am calling all you my fellow friends here in the Blogjob let’s start today to say I Love You. From me I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

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By Maricel Personal

                This afternoon while doing my online blog here I noticed that my points is not moving I thought there were just a delay but all the thread that I am doing in the site were not working for me to get an increase my points here I am still wondering why until now.

                I am just worried that is this happening to some our members here in the site as I look back with my question in the general discussion some of them experience it too and they even email the support team about it with these points of delay. They advise me to do an email also with my problem and they said it will be credited then.

                This afternoon I only made one article for my blog here and thankfully it was credited that was the only points that has been credit to me my fellow friend after being here from morning until in the afternoon still I only get 50 points for this day and which is not my goal here I want to pursue my 150 points but because of this problem with points it did not happen to me today.

                I just hope that after publishing this post of mine it will give me credits because I work hard for me just like any other members here in the site. Moving I log in here again and even for log points there is no credit for me unlike yesterday I reached my goal. I am hoping that this problem with my points will be fixed as soonest as possible time.

                So right now I am working again here for my first article to my 150 points goal again and I just hope that it will be credited by this time. Well I just hope that this address my problems to the support team of the site thank you very much.  

article is written by me @maricel

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