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By Maricel September 30, 2015 Personal

 My life’s journey has been a roller coaster ride I must say. The road that I had been through is not easy for all you know. I had been through a lot of battle of my life I have struggled a lot and to tell you honestly there are moments of my life that I almost gave I surrender what I have.
                We all have different journey, we have different stories to tell, I might not experience the struggle what you have been through I can say that the journey of my life has been very hard for me to put me where I am now.
                My family life is not perfect but we still manage to fix it with the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ and I am thankful for that. Misunderstanding as a couple is a part of our journey for me it is up to me on how to take it or leave it all along instead.
                My career as a working Mom or a freelance earner online is not stable as it is unlike if I am employed in an institution or to any field of work related to the degree that I have finished.
                Through the test of time or should I say over the years that God gave me the life and facing all those challenges in life I must say that I have become a stronger person or woman now. Un like before that I am too much affected of the things that is happening in my life but right now I manage to pray to the Lord and lift up to Him my worries in life and wake up in the morning with a fresh hopes, positive energy, good vibes and keep on moving after life is still beautiful.

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Community Activism

By Maricel Personal

Just reading the title it has many meaning to begin with in the first place. I know that there are a lot of problems that our country are facing right now and the number one group that makes their demand for the right justice is the community activism.

When we say community activism it involves any social groups within our country that wants justice to what they are fighting for. I have watched many news and we can see that there are many groups of activists who were there to fight for their right as a people.

I myself I understand them because they just want justice but you know what at some point there are incidents that we cannot avoid like having injured those persons that are just doing their right and give what they deserve as a citizen of a country.

Being part of a community activism is something you are very strong and willing to fight for what you believe in. To be part of a community activism it takes a lot of guts to be part of them and remain with their stand. Community activism is one of our voices to express how we feel with what is happening to our country.

Community activism will always be there as long as there are anomalies or injustices that are happening. They will always remain there and make their voice be heard for the truth to come out. Well I guess there will be no community activism will be formed if there is good governance in one country. Until now we can see this under our government. I know that they are just fighting for the rights that they want to take action that is no longer working even if they knew that it will take a lot of process before it was heard.

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By Maricel September 29, 2015 Personal

This word gives a lot of meaning to me right now. The word itself is really an encouraging word to give an action on it. I know that we all have different worries in life that we have to deal with but come to think life is still beautiful to stay on a stress that will only give us sorrow in our everyday life.

I must admit that I love being alone, I never told what I feel inside of me I’d rather keep it to myself than let others see me what I am going through that is really what I am. I have been through a lot of pain for the past years now and I can say that with all the ups and downs that I have experienced I have gained to be a stronger person or women now.

I am still lucky to be where I am now I might not be financially stable but I can still manage to eat thrice a day and if still lucky we can still have our snack with my family. I might say thru the test of time I have been stronger now, a fighter of my own, I never rely on other people with what problem I am with.

We all dealing with our life but come to think of it we are still lucky that we are still on Earth living and making our life more meaningful so why waste your time to a non sense thing that will just give you a bad day.

God is good I am thankful to Him that Lord Jesus Christ always guide me in times of trials that I am facing right now. I trust and lift up to Him what I have right now. Pain gained me more confidence to face problems I just pray and ask the Lord to guide and blessed whatever stress I have right now after all God is all I have when things go wrong.


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By Maricel New to Blogging

Finally, I decided to come back again to writing online, well it has been quite a while now since I made my writing skills work but now here I am again giving it a try once again. It is not easy for me to come back after coming for so many failures to writing sites before and I must admit that I encountered a bad experience from them which really did not work out right and eventually did not pay me back.

Well, it took me almost years or maybe I don’t even remember when was the last time I make my last post to writing sites before. The trauma is there really my other online friends have experienced it too. Coming back to writing has having doubts for days, months, and it came for me to know that this blogging site is really paying.

From the proof of my friend that she got her second payment here that was the time I made myself to decide to come back and why not try again. It is now or never I guess well I guess in writing we also encountered scam writing sites but in the end there will be a good site that will really help us find a way in time.

For me this is the right time now to come back and make my first blogging here. I am glad and happy that I came across to know the site thru a friend of mine her name Grecy Garcia. I commend her hard working women who deserve to mention her name. Thank you my friend that I came to know you and introduce this blogging site to me. I am grateful to share to you this comeback writing posts of mine today I just hope you like it more posts are coming to me.


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