By Maricel April 29, 2016 Food

Does anyone here tasted Durian fruits? Well I am just asking this question because even me have not yet tasted Durian ever since. Did you know that this Durian fruit has this strong aroma? The Durian has this repulsive smell especially if it is your first time to see this one of a  kind fruit.

According to Wikipedia “Durian” is derived from the Malay-Indonesian languages word for duri or “spike”. It has this distinct odour which is very strong and you know it is Durian only has this kind of smell.

Durian has been known as the “King of Fruits” in South East Asian countries. Durian has been known for its bad smell, but if you have tasted this fruit it is very delicious, succulent, soft and only Durian has this unique characteristics.

Hate it or love this fruit but it is up to you of how you can handle this kind of fruit. Maybe it has this bad smell on the outside which you think you couldn’t resist, think again when you get the chance to taste this, it’s delicious on the inside everyone is loving this fruit. It has been known in different Asian countries not because of the strong bad smell of it but because it is one of a kind delicious fruit you could ever had.

Here in my country the Philippines there is one city who is the number one capital that is selling this kind of fruit Durian it is located in Davao City, Philippines. This city has been known for this fruit, they have this wide market which their number one product to sell most especially to the tourists who are visiting the city is by way of selling this one of a kind fruit called Durian, truly we are gifted to have this kind of fruit.


Is there anyone here tasted Abnoy”

By Maricel April 28, 2016 Food

Here is another Filipino food to share here in the site this is called “Abnoy”. Abnoy is made of spoiled eggs it is cooked in a big pan. Abnoy has this ingredients of salted egg, parsley, flour, water, rotten egg and other secret ingredients to make Abnoy even more delicious. Abnoy has this not so good smell when cooking because the duck egg that is using here is already “bugok” or in english term “rotten” egg.

My Tita is cooking this Abnoy to sell for every slice it cost only P5.00 a very affordable price. I can smell it even we are just two house away because of the smell or aroma of Abnoy. I love eating Abnoy even though it has that bad smell but truly it was very delicious best to eat to add some salt, vinegar that has red chili. I know that some of you is still curious what this taste like, some others live here in the Philippines may not like this because of the smell of it but I can assure you it is really something you should try for yourself to know what I am talking about. Abnoy has been part of Filipino food every now and then it is good for snack too if you want to try something else that you shouldn’t taste before.

Here in the Philippines there are so many delicious food that our tourists can explore to eat. Aside from the beautiful places in the different cities here there were also many food to choose from where you can only find it here in the Philippines just like this filipino food that I am sharing with you.

Nowadays, there were so many ways to cook this Abnoy if you don’t want to smell the duck “rotten egg of it. But some says who are making of this Abnoy it is not that quite delicious if you remove the rotten egg because that is what makes the “Abnoy” delicious. 

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Been A Fan of Meteor Garden TV Series

By Maricel April 27, 2016 TV Show

Meteor Garden has been phenomenon here in the Philippines it was a great hit during the millennium year. In view of this since the start of Meteor Garden was aired in ABS-CBN Channel 2 the other channel station here in the Philippines were also been airing other Korean series which made the Korean actor and actress known here in our country as such during that year Meteor Garden series has been on top among any other foreign series.

I have been a big fan of this Korean series, fresh to watch something new for us viewers it was really get the attention of whoever watch the Meteor Garden. The story of this is all about this 4 rich guy who are studying in a well known school and with the one woman who came from a simple family. From there, they will meet each other, the rich guy who is known in the school were all of the girls are adoring them but when this simple girl came to their life something has change.

This rich guy from a well known family will fall in love to the simple girl. They are really opposite to each other, but this reach guy didn’t stop pursuing in courting San Chai. The only problem with their relationship is the mother of the guy who is not in favor of his girlfriend. Before they became couple San Chai were also fall in love to one of the member of F4 that is their member called and the guy San Chai adore Washiley which is a deep person who has this girlfriend a very well known artist. Dao Ming Si or Jerry Yan has become famous even the other member of F4 since the day they appeared on Philippine television and from then they have been a big star in their country and also here in the Philippines.

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By Maricel April 26, 2016 Food

Lasagna is a classic Italian food, it is a baked pasta. Lasagna is originated in Italy and National Lasagna Day is celebrated every 29th day of July in the region of Naples. The word “lasagna” is referred to the pot in which the food was cooked. Here in the Philippines “Lasagna” has been introduced to us and from then on you can find it in some restaurants here in the Philippines where you can dine in, no need to go to other country just to have this food Lasagna which originally started in Italy.

Emilia Romagna from Italy is a farm economist in the northern region. The pasta from Emilia Romagna is always served, it has thick sauce with onions carrots, finely ground pork and beef, with celery, butter and tomatoes.

Nowadays there were so many twist with “Lasagna” when you order, many chef are adding some ingredients on this food to make it more creamy, cheesy and delicious. Lasagna in some ways has this familiarity with baked macaroni and there is also of course a different on how it is cooked and with the pasta that Lasagna has.

I really miss eating Lasagna I don’t even remember when was the last time I ate Lasagna. On the first time that I ate Lasagna because it’s Italian I am still not quite love that much since it is my first time. Rarely we have this Lasagna whenever we have occasion in my place maybe because of how it was done and also to add with the ingredients to consider when making Lasagna.

Everytime I see a commercial on television about Lasagna. I can’t help it and thinking when will be the day that my craving of eating Lasagna will comfort me. Well, still hoping that one of the coming days I can taste again Lasagna.

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Does anyone here loves to eat “balut”?

By Maricel April 26, 2016 Food

Balut is one of the Filipino food that we all love to eat. This Filipino food “Balut” can be found everywhere here in the Philippines, there are vendors selling this at night. This is best to eat when hot and once in a while I buy this too. Balut is boiled it has this soup inside best to put some salt on it while drinking the soup of it and the most challenging part it to eat the baby chick of balut together with the yellow part of the balut.

Balut is a healthy food for our body it’s okay to eat 2 pieces of it but it should not exceed than that because some say it is high in cholesterol. Once in a while it is good to eat I myself I am doing it is healthy and delicious.

Only here in the Philippines where you can find this Filipino food. Many tourists who are visiting the country is also trying to eat this filipino food called balut and it turned out that they love the taste of it. If you are a first time to eat “balut” it is best not to look on the baby chick of balut and it is best to eat with the combination of yellow part of balut with some salt and a little vinegar and that’s it.

If you are on a vacation here in the Philippines don’t forget to try this “balut”, your stay here would not be complete if you haven’t try to eat this “balut”.

Truly there are so many filipino food that most of the tourists would love to eat like this “balut” that I am introducing here in my blog this is something you shouldn’t miss to try my fellow blogger it is challenging to eat balut for the first time but once you finally do it you feel great that you overcome of eating balut.

article is written by me @maricel

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How about Yellow Mango for dessert.

By Maricel April 25, 2016 Food

Just had this dessert after eating for our dinner I just miss this yellow mango to eat after eating meal. Honestly I rarely buy yellow mango because of the high price in the market every time I ask the vendor how much is per kilo of this yellow mango it is almost P120.00 which honestly I cannot afford to buy and actually I always end up buying banana it is more cheaper than this yellow mango. 

Let me tell you a brief story why I was able to buy this yellow mango last Sunday and that is our town fiesta also. While I was biking I saw this vendor selling yellow mango and I ask how much is per kilo and then she answered P40.00 I can’t believe it so I buy 1 kilo of it and I ask again the vendor why this is cheap in price in the market that I always stop by and she said to me because the owner of this mango has this farm of mango that is why it is cheaper.

Luckily I was able to buy yellow mango it has been a long time since I had this for dessert in our table. Not bad 1 kilo of yellow mango at a lower price it is sweet and very delicious my son loves it and if you would ask he really loves to eat mango whether it is green or yellow mango.

Once in awhile it is good to crave for something that we want to eat and happily able to buy this product and share with our family. For today I was lucky that I get the chance to buy this yellow mango for a cheaper price with the same quality that I can buy in the market. I hope you do enjoy your dessert too my fellow blogger here in the site as we do here.

article is written by me @maricel

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Sinampalukan Itik or Duck Stuffed in Tamarind.

By Maricel April 25, 2016 Uncategorized

Let me introduce to your our town’s best selling product which we are known for this kind of food. One of the main way of earnings of some on my fellow neighboring town is through this duck farming, selling different kind of menu like fried duck, salted eggs, duck adobo, okoy, balot, penoy and many more.

I don’t know if some of you have tasted any of this menu in your entire life. If you have watched the show of GMA 7 “Kapuso Mo jessica Soho” our town were featured with the different way of cooking of duck as one of our town’s best seller with the tourists visiting our place.

I know in every town there is one product that we are known for. When you  come here in my town you will see this big statue of duck and from there you are already here in my town Victoria, Laguna. While you were travelling you can see selling this kind of food that our country is known for.

This dish Sinampalukan Itik has the main ingredients of real tamarind to achieve the good combination of tamarind and duck. The process of cooking this dish is taking about a few hours until the meat of the duck is tendered. I am proud that our town has this unique delicacies that we can call our own. How I wish I could send you this dish to give you the satisfaction that this product of my town is really delicious and I am really recommending this to try and introduce you, it will be a big help you could give to our town to increase selling of our product and also to our vendors. 

Sinampalukan Itik is also good if you want to fry it or just as it is to eat. You can do whatever you want to experiment using duck like kaldereta, adobo and many other you could do using this duck.

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Delicious Creamy Palabok

By Maricel April 24, 2016 Food

Here is another Filipino snack I would like to share to you my fellow bloggers this is called “Palabok”. Here in the Philippines there were so many Filipino snack to choose from like for for example: Pansit, SPaghetti, Lumpia Sariwa, Turon, Banana Cue, Kamote Cue, Kakanin and so on. Honestly this is not one of my favorite snack,  before I am the type of person who is not quite trying to eat food that is not quite trying to eat food that is not my usual type anyway. As the day passess by I tried to taste this kind of snack and I like it and from then on I really love now eating Palabok.

If some of you is not familiar with this kind of snack I am surely pursuing you to try this snack and surely you will like it. Not a typical snack that we are eating but this is something a different variant you will love to enjoy eating because of the ingredients in it chicharon, parsley, tinapa minced, tofu, the noodles and also the creamy sauce that add the special taste of this snack called Palabok.

Just to share to you there is a vendor who is rounding here every 3:00 in the afternoon selling Palabok and Spaghetti at affordable price only P15.00 actually I almost eat everyday of Palabok while waiting for my time here to blog or while I am writing my article to post here in the site.

If you have not tried this one yet maybe one of this day you could just give it a try and say to me that is very delicious snack to eat. It has been a while I haven’t taste this kind of snack and now that there is a vendor who is regularly rounding to sell Palabok I always buy to him. 

article is written by me @maricel

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Celebrating Our Town Fiesta

By Maricel April 24, 2016 Personal

Every last Sunday of the month of April we are celebrating our town fiesta here in Victoria, Laguna Philippines. Today is Sunday and we are already on the last week of the month, it has been the tradition ever since that I was born and now that I have already a family of my own still the same tradition we are celebrating.

Let me get you further what town fiesta is all about here in my town, in every house there is a special dish serve for those family,, relatives, friends and other people we known that are coming into our house to eat for lunch, having dessert like leche flan, buko salad, ube or any kind of dessert that is available on the table. 

It is good to celebrate because you have to come to see your family, relatives, and friends that haven’t seen in quite a while because we are all busy in every aspect of our life like our works, and we are far from each other and town fiesta is the only time we get to see and know what is happening in each other when they visit our home like this kind of celebration town fiesta.

Aside from the celebration there is also this small tiangge we called it here “perya” you can find here all the items you want to buy at affordable price for example clothes, things to use at home, toys, food cart also where you can buy drinks, burger, fries, popcorn and many others.

My son is looking forward to it because he is fond of collecting lego toy and tonight he will buy lego toy together with my mother. My son is very excited he kept on counting the days for the day of our town fiesta and now it has come and he was just waiting for the night to come and buy another lego for his collection.

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Still undecided which candidate to vote this coming May 2016 election.

By Maricel April 23, 2016 Personal

It is less than 3 weeks before we come to the deciding day of which candidate we are going to vote. It is in our hands if we want changes to our country, we must start for ourselves of choosing the good leaders running for this May 2016 election. We all know that there are some political candidates who has this good heart to help and serve the Filipino community and the others are just running for candidacy to rule their town by their position and to have fame and glory.

In my observation during this campaign period all the political candidates running for election have the same platforms to introduce to us, what they want to happen for our country when they win the election period.

This platforms like poverty which until now is existing in our country, many leaders have their time to be in that position but sdtillthe same result. Free education to those who are in need, free medicine for every baranggays, the drug addiction which has been dominant until now, giving jobs in order, to survive for every family and the different crime rates here in our country.

This kind of platforms is not new to us anymore right? I know that we,should not let our future depend on the leaders of our country. We on our way has the final say what life we want for our family and this leaders running for this May 2016 election is here to help, improve our country by their leadership even if that is the case we are still liable to choose whose candidate to give responsibility to be a progressive country because in the end we,are,also the one will benefit the success of what our country have gained for their good governance because we vote for them and we choose the right leader for our country.

Article is written by me @maricel
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