Thanksgiving/Black Friday After-Sale


(Since I haven’t uploaded today’s snapshots into my computer, I decided to use one of my older photos that I took at Spectrum Center. This one is a window display of Windsor boutique. I like these clothes and accessories that the mannequins are wearing. It looks similar to my style. But I have similar items in different colors).

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Today is Small Business Saturday, but I am not aware of any small businesses, unless working on the internet as a freelance blogger is considered a small business. But, anyway, I woke up around noon, fed Gumby, and ate my own brunch. I needed to get out, but I didn’t have anywhere to go. So, I decided to go to Spectrum Center. I drove out at 4pm. When I arrived there, I found a parking space quickly at the usually lot where I always park at that mall. The outdoor mall was very crowded, similar to yesterday’s Black Friday event at South Coast Plaza. So, I am sure yesterday, from early morning at 12am to nighttime, it was just as crowded at the Spectrum Center. It is a holiday, filled with families, pets, and lovers, hanging out together, shopping, and maybe eating a meal or snack. I mostly went to there browse, people watch, and take some snapshots for blogging purposes. I also noticed that this mall was promoting Disneyland everywhere that the Spectrum Center started looking like Disneyland with the crowd, carousel, Ferris Wheel, ice skating rink in the fall and winter, and choo-choo train for the toddlers.

All of the sudden, I walked by Forever 21, and I noticed that they were having one of their holiday sales. It was a big mistake to even enter the store. I went straight to the sales racks, checking out the items. I ended up getting two winter design leggings, blue pencil skirt, black high-heel booties, and bobby pins, which I actually needed. But the bobby pins were very cheap. The others were a good bargain, $7, $13, $18, and $28.

I took some snapshots of window display mannequins as well as the lighted mall at night. It became dark at 5pm, and the Ferris Wheel, carousel, and ice rink looked nice lighted up with multicolored lights. It looked like a carnival. I decided to leave at 6pm.

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