Wed 2.22.17 Summary

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I didn’t sleep all night. So, when I noticed it is daylight, I decided to sleep in to get my beauty sleep. I just had too much thoughts going through my head, wondering about different things that I kept me awake all night worrying. But, nevertheless, I got up at 10am, ate something, and went for a walk to the UCI campus. They have added another bridge for students in the dormitory to use, which connects them to the Student Center without waiting for the crosswalk lights. There are also more outdoor seating areas, which looks like picnic tables under trellises. I walked back home, and then I drove to Mothers Market because I was out of certain items, and Gumby ran out of litter for his box. He also had little bit of dry food.

While watching youtube videos, I notice it is 8:19pm.

As I watch the 2004 indie film, Coffee and Cigarettes, I start thinking about out food duet pairs that I enjoyed in my lifetime. During the 70s, I was in elementary school, and I often had tea and cookies for breakfast, mostly with my grandmother, whenever she was over. During the 80s, I remember eating lots of pop and pizza with friends because junk food was all the rage for kids. This junk food trend continued throughout my teen years. During college, I drank lots of black coffee for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breaks, with meals, muffins, pastry, or bagel. After college, which was really between 1987 and early 90s, I was into designer gourmet coffee drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Then, during the mid to late 90s, I got into juicing and veggie snacks, and my interest in vegetarian food slowly grew to vegan food, although I still eat vegetarian food. During 2000, I continued to eat simple and quickie foods, such as coffee and grilled cheese sandwich, whether real cheese or vegan cheese. Then, I bought my first espresso machine from Bed Bath & Beyond, and I was enjoying it a lot making fun coffee drinks. But, after a couple of months, I shockingly found that townhouse was built with cheap electric wiring, and the machine would sometimes not work properly. After exchanging the machine a couple of times, I realized it had nothing to do with the machine, and it was cheap-made townhouse. So, I told the people at the store that I need a refund because none of them will work in my townhouse. During the mid 2000s, a coffee-tasting event at UCI’s Starbucks got me to experiment with making coffee drinks and snacks for cocktail parties. I also won my first French Press in a raffle at Starbucks. I had fun using it at home until I accidentally dropped it in the sink and it cracked. Then, I found a nice Bodum French Press at TJ Maxx. There were two sizes, a large one and small one, and I decided to buy the small one because I am one person, and it is more practical for me. The big one is probably better if you have more people in a household like a family or a couple. I later bought my first Moka from TJ Maxx, in which I did various espresso drinks on the stove. I later found a cute silver one, which is smaller moka, but when I got home, I realized the handle was missing. I still like it, and I am still trying to find a hand for it somewhere. But my overall favorite coffee duet that I most enjoy is Espresso and the Internet, my two addictions.


1st card reading video for Wednesday, 2.22.17

Ace of Emotion card has to do with a new beginning to do something you love or be with the person you love. The 7-year cleansing process is a clue. You will start a brand new chapter. Emotional connection with someone will be a deep start. Theatre group and editing as well as volunteer job are some clues. Bring back something that you used to do when you used to be a kid. You might be in the spotlight, but in a comfortable environment, and you will get to know someone better to start your life together as a couple. The people are with will inspire you, and you enjoy being together, like a one big happy family. You might adopt a new animal, or taking care of someone else’s animal. A new announcement, such as someone is pregnant. Or, maybe start to date someone.

The World card has to do with a stage and finale. There will be a new beginning. There is a collection of something, such as a fashion collection, and you will move on to something better. You will be free and connected, maybe on the internet, and you will be protected.

Chickadee card has to do with intense focus, untangled, illuminating you path, stability, security, structure, and fearless truth by expressing oneself.  Don’t be serious. Enjoy, play and relax in whatever you are doing.


2nd card reading video for Wednesday, 2.22.17

The Emperor card, 4th card, has to do with scrutiny and restriction.

The Hierophant card, 5th card, has to do with an authority figure judging and criticizing you, and it is filled with negative energy.

The 4 of Swords card has to do with meditating about your situation. Do whatever feels right for you.

These three cards add up to 13, and the number 13 reduces to 4. The number 4 means creating structures and foundation for your life.

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The 2.20.17 and 2.21.17 Summary

This week started out kind of slow. But I continued to go to yoga at the gym as well as hiking meetups. There was a change of plans, in which a business seminar on Wednesday evening didn’t work out, and they scheduled me for Tuesday evening. I decided not to go because I rather go street hiking.

1st card reading video for Monday, 2.20.17

The 8 of Fire card is about Fusion. Listen to your passions and idea because it will bring something together, lead you to an opportunity.

Elementor of Lotus card has to do with spirituality. You are able to receive messages from God. Pay attention to signs.

The Realization, 20th card, has to do with a rebirth. It will become a reality on Monday.

These three cards add up to 29, and the number 29 reduces to 11. The number 11 means service.


2nd card reading video is for Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Knight of Cups card has to do with being extreme, uncontrollable, and getting out of hand because you become too emotional.

The 7 of Swords card has to do with being self-interested to get their way.

Queen of Cups card has to with giving away what she has, and put your emotions into a creative outlet. Or, you can help the less fortunate.

These three cards add up to 9, and the number 9 means spirituality and completion.


3rd card reading video for Monday, 2.20.17 and Tuesday, 2.21.17

Queen of Air card has to do with balanced thinking, and moving with the flow by seeing the big picture of the situation. You need to adapt to the situation by being independent and multitasking. Rearrange your schedule to make your dreams into a reality. Leo energy needs to face fears and make best of current situation. She might be sarcastic funny. She has her own timing.  Clear the space around you so things can come through. Do some art on the wall with fancy words and quotes. Look for inspirational and motivational signs because you might be seeking a deep relationship.

The 10 of Wands card has to do with a transition time, where you need to figure out what to do next in the transitional changes. You might feel drained. You might need to clear out space and do spring cleaning. You need to change something in your life to move through a transition.

The 35 card has to do with infinity sign, wind chimes, bells, and bubbles. You are on a platform, and you are rising up from a situation in comfort and meditation. It has to do with solitude, loneliness, and isolation, as you get lost in your own thoughts.

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Weekend of 2.18.17 and 2.19.17 Summary

1st card reading video for Weekend of 2.18.17 and 2.19.17

Play card has to do with playing fun childhood toys or adventures. Go on a short distance trip, which might include concierge desk, swimming pool, and be playful. Consider goings to national park, and walk on a long trail, or maybe go to a museum or art store. Just relax and don’t worry, and see what you will discover. You will stop at certain areas, as you move along on your path. Or, maybe even fall in love. (It is too wet to do anything outside on Saturday. So, I stayed home and working on my project. Nothing interesting was on the indie channel. But I occasionally played Facebook games).

The 6 of Earth card has to do with balancing giving and receiving. Balance your life with work and play in order to recharge. Hang out in the playground. It has to do with gifts. Someone will go with you to an event as well as to help you do something, maybe to better handle everything on your schedule in a productive way. There might be new career opportunities. It starts with a conversation, and move from there toward a direction. Maybe, take a break looming an item to create something practical and fun. You might meet someone to workout with to exercise with.

The Finch card has to do with tiny, small, and powerful. Go on an adventure and live your life. Go on a different direction. Go on endless activities and mingle, and dive into a new subject, path or direction.


2nd card reading video for Saturday

Ace of Swords card is a gift from God. You will receive a great idea or inspiration from God. You feel it is very unique. Others will be inspired like you with this same idea.

The Star card, 17th card,  is in reverse, which indicates that you might be stuck in emotional problems, worrying that the worst will happen. You might be thinking about negative stuff as well as sad feelings. Try to remain optimistic by maybe meditating.

Judgement card, 20th card, is in reverse, which indicates you will only receive an idea.

These three cards add up to 38, and the number 38 reduces to 11. The number 11 means service.


3rd card reading video for Sunday

The 10 of Wands card indicates that you need to take a day off and unburden yourself to relax.

The 8 of Cups card has to do with walk away, leave fear behind, and do something fun.

The 5 of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates it is important to hang out with others.

These three cards add up to 23, and the number 23 reduces to 5. The number 5 means personal freedom.

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Friday 2.17.17

My Actual Friday, February 17, 2017

I woke up at around 7am, and I started to get ready for yoga. After feeding Gumby and eating my own breakfast, I noticed the sky outside looked very cloudy and dark for after 7am. I thought to myself that it might rain sometime today, but I am not actually sure when. I decided to draw another page for my graphic novel. After finishing the pencil drawing, I decided to take a break and got to the gym for one hour of yoga. When I opened my garage door, I noticed it is windy, cold, and sprinkling a little bit. I decided to go inside to check the hourly weather report on the internet for Irvine. I noticed the report indicates 90% chance of rain in the morning and afternoon, and 100% chance of rain in the evening and nighttime as well as winds. It is almost 11am, and it just feels cold and windy outside, but it isn’t raining yet, although the ground is damp. It might have been raining during early hours. I decided to stay home and get some work done. I will wait and see how the weather is in the evening. If it doesn’t rain, then I might go on local street hiking meetup.

At around 11:30am, it started to rain hard, coupled with wild winds, which were shaking the trees turbulently. It was like tsunami weather, with cloudy, dark sky, wild winds, and heavy rain. Gumby sat on my bed, looking out from the window, and I can tell he was scared. He kept looking up at me, and then back at the window, wondering what is going on outside. I comforted him and told him it will be OK. I think I also heard thunder, but I am not sure. Anyway, according to an internet weather report, this tsunami-like rainstorm will continue until Saturday.

Meanwhile, I finished drawing a page, and then I made a cup of hot cocoa. I don’t think there will be any hiking this evening. I might draw another page tonight.


1st card reading video for Friday

Business Venture card is about a certain door opening toward other future doors. It has to do with golden opportunities and abundance as well as deep connections. Do what makes you happy. Be aware of the unexpected that will change your life. It is about being at the right time and in the right place. It is all about a word of mouth. Make your project for adults, filled with adventure. Your unique style will open the door to something better. Check flea markets and consignment store for cool antiques and vintage items. You might need to recharge in order to gain more energy.

The Tower Card has to do with something unexpected happening to help you start something new, which might involve doing something different, which will allow you to do something better. It might have to do with a sudden change of perspective. It is about seeing the truth. Everything around you might seem chaotic, but this chaos might be a good thing for your life. It will help you start your new beginning.  It will happen quickly, and you have to make the best of it in order to turn it into a positive situation. Helping someone out at a booth for some business convention can lead to something big. Then, it will get you to déjà vu, which will lead you to your destination.

Page of Cups card is a messenger of emotions. It will make you feel like a teenager in love, or a fountain of youth. A dove will bring you a message or news from someone and it will be a new beginning. Do some yoga in a different way, maybe go to a different yoga instructor or go to a different gym at a different location. You will get a social invitation. You will meet someone at this location. You will have a bonding relationship. Start to travel in different directions to meet this déjà vu love that you are meant for.

The pelican card, 27th card, has to do with completion and spirituality. Look for fallen feathers for signs. Clues include bridge, negotiation, plan, a balanced compromise, meeting half ways, adapting to a situation and moving with the flow, and remaining focused and in the present moment.


2nd card reading video for Friday

The 9 of Pentacles card is about an elegant woman. Make plans to make things happen in your life. It has to do with creativity, making money, and practical matters.

Page of Wands card is in reverse, which indicates you are experienced and skills to do whatever you want to do.

The Hierophant, 5th card, has to do with you are independent, and you don’t follow any establishment, institution or demented system or ideology. Dismiss any negativity, and move with your own ideas.

These three cards add up to 15, and the number 15 reduces to 6. The number 6 means temporary opportunity, where a window will suddenly open.

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Thursday 2.16.17 Summary

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fast-forward to Thursday morning, where I woke up and fed Gumby, and I decided to go back to bed, even though I had slept early last night. I woke up again at noon, ate my lunch while watching the movie, Touched by Fire, starring Katie Holmes. It is an interesting film about bipolar disorder. What I found most interesting about this film is that two people in the mental institution, who bonded together while they were there, always ended up meeting together at a particular room at exactly 3am, which is the Satanic Hour. It is probably Zionist-occupied media’s way of promoting their aliens propaganda. But it was an interesting drama anyway because psychological movies are interesting to watch, even though most of these movies are quiet disturbing in some way.

After the movie, I changed my clothes and decided to drive by the gas station in my old MX-3 car, which is only about two blocks. When I drove by, I noticed that half of the station was open for service. They were still working on one row of gas machine things. But there was also a long line for the gas machines that are now available for service. I drove back home again in order to bring my VW for gasoline. When I entered the station, I found one gas machine available for my side gas tank. (Everyone’s gas tank is located on different side, which is that way for my new Beetle and old MX3). So, I had to drive to certain sides of the station for certain gas machine to use. When I finished, and I was driving out of the station, I noticed the caravan line for gasoline had grown longer, and some cars were still in the street, trying to enter into the gas station. I also noticed that unleaded gas for my car is now $2.979/gallon in this station, while other local stations service $3+ of unleaded gas/gallon.

I went back home to work on my graphic novel project as well as do some blogging for fun.


1st card reading video for Thursday, 2.16.17

New Partner card is a chance meeting. Expect the unexpected will come through. When you meet this person, you feel it is déjà vu, whether running into this person or running into someone who gives you information about someone or something, and it feels like meeting your soulmate by accident, which will feel weird. Now, is the right time to do something, and it involves something that was lost and you know found it as a sign. Pay attention to new people that enter your life, in which you will feel familiar with them for some reason.  Someone might open up to you, and they didn’t open up before. (I woke up at around noon, just as the movie, Touched by Fire, was starting, in which I enjoyed eating my brunch while watching it, and this movie is about a couple who met each other in a mental institution because they related with each other in some way and they bonded).

The 7 of Ariel card has to do with something begins with a good conversation, and the relationship will grow. It is about organization and tending to each part separately in order to make everything work out as a whole. Work on things based on a season by doing things different during each season. There is something new that is about to happen. Pay attention for an unusual doorway to better things ahead.

The 41 card has to do with layers that need to be peeled to show your inner beauty. Clues include youth, wisdom, and age; the déjà vu meeting is about whoever you meet, you will feel that it feels right, regardless of the mask the person wears.


2nd card reading video for Thursday

The 8 of Swords card is about feeling stuck, and you are confused about something or situation. Think of a creative way to get past this rut and confusion.

The Magician card, which is the 1st card, indicates that you have everything you need to make things happen. The infinity symbol in this card indicates that you always have the power to fix things. You just need to be creative and use what you have around you.

The King of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates that you might not be using your own intelligence and strength, as well as you aren’t making any effort toward your destination. Use whatever ideas that come up today to make it all work.

These three cards add up to 10, and the number 10 reduces to 1. The number 1 means creation, leadership, and taking charge of your own life in order to make things happen toward your goals.

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Wednesday 2.15.17 Summary

stux / Pixabay

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I dropped by the usual gas station that I use to put some gasoline into my Beetle. But I suddenly noticed the whole station was closed off and there were men in neon-colored worker-uniform working on the gas machines. There were other people turning around and driving out to go elsewhere for gas. I drove to the stations by Wholesome Choice, but when I got there, I noticed the gas price was too high—above $3 per gallon. I had ¼ of gas left inside my tank, and I figured it would be enough to get me to yoga at the Spectrum Center and back.

After one hour of yoga at the Spectrum gym, I drove by the usual gas station that I go to again, and I noticed that they haven’t finished working on their station issues. I wonder what is going on with station. I decided to go home and return tomorrow morning.


1st card reading video for Wednesday, 2.15.17

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Lovers card deck is used again for this video mini reading because romance and love continues all this week.

Princess of Arrows card has to do with someone on a mission to find love. She is also like the Psyche and Cupid.

The 4 of Coins card is in reverse, which indicates you are open to new things.

The 4 of Cups card is in reverse, which indicates you are open and emotionally available, but it is important to take a risk. It can lead to romance and love. Do something different and new today to break the routine. (I didn’t do anything different today. I just went to yoga class, relaxed in the sauna, and then came home, where I continued to work on my graphic novel, before taking breaks on the internet. I am working on my graphic novel in a different way, minimalist ink pens and markers for borders).

These three cards add up to 9, and the number 9 means spirituality and completion.


2nd card reading video for Wednesday, 2.15.17

Self-Love card is about a road to truth. You are fitting into new clothes or relaxing more. It is also to prepare your meals early so that you have healthy food in your refrigerator when you need an extra snack. (I did go to sleep early on Wednesday night, about 9:30pm, and that is very early for me. I am running out of cinnamon powder. I did go to the gym for an hour of yoga and a couple of minutes inside the sauna, but I forgot to go inside the steam room).

Celebration card is about is about letting go and living in the moment because you see the big picture and your dreams. You know understand more and where you are at, and you are trying to make things happen. It is about Divine Timing, and it feels right, as you following the flow toward your destination. Angels are guiding you toward your destination, as God lights your path with a bright light. Clues include 1979 song by Smashing Pumpkins. Your current goal or plan might change into something bigger and better. Just enjoy your current journey as a fun adventure. Have faith that everything will turn out great.

The Sparrow card has to do with something delicate that needs to unfold naturally, maybe through a rose bush filled with thorns sometimes, and you might go through a gentle flight afterwards. It also means that it is important to be a part of a group. Use group effort and blending in with others before moving forward on your own, which involves being open for new changes.


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Happy Valentine’ Day 2017

My Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I slept late last night because when I was in bed, I noticed the time was 2:22am.  But my phone rang at 6:30am, and I got up to see if it was important. It was the same crap, probably sales shit, but they called, and when I picked up the phone, they just hanged up. I didn’t even answer, and they didn’t say anything. I lay in bed, just relaxing and hanging out with Gumby, as I thought about what I needed to do on today’s list.

I woke up early today, fed Gumby, and turned on my computer. I chatted for a while on IMVU, and I noticed that there is a Valentine’s gift from the site in my inbox. It is a cute heart-shaped couch. I placed it inside my large beach house. I actually made copies, and I placed them in different areas, but I ended up moving the one in the balcony to an empty room.

I checked the meetup sites, and I decided to sign up for the usual meetups, which is local hiking in Woodbridge and Turtle Rock. I signed up for the ones in February.

I decided to go back to bed, and I woke up at noon, ate my brunch, and I made hot cocoa. I drank my hot cocoa while watching an animated movie about fairies looking for a magic love potion, and there is an evil creature who wants this potion. It reminds me of an animated version of Lord of the Rings. This animated film is called, Strange Magic.

I drew another page, and I am getting the hang of doing most of the work with colored pencils, but using black ink pens and sharpies to outline borders and certain areas to make certain areas in the scene stand out more. I plan to do the whole graphic novel this way, as well as redo some or all of the first 33 pages that I already drew.

I watched to foreign movies on the indie channel, which were interesting. But I was mostly drawing, coloring, and occasionally looking up to read English subtitles and check out the movie. The movie, Amour, is sad. I wasn’t paying attention to Like Water for Chocolate, although I noticed from the scenes that it looked like a romantic film. Then, Before Midnight came on. I have seen it before a couple of times. Since it is in English, I was mostly listening to it, but occasionally I looked up to take a break.


Valentine’s Day 2017

1st card reading video for Valentine’s Day

King of Summer card is a traditional man who seems non-emotional. Quiet, mysterious, sexy and loving, but you might have a connection anyway, and it might happen all of the sudden. A romance you can trust and you can work well together on projects, trips, and brainstorming. Fairy lights, lanterns, and romantic candlelight amidst an enchanted forest lighten up your surroundings with clarity. It doesn’t happen right away, but it will happen within weeks or days. Talk about the past and reminisce, by looking through books and albums, before planning something for the future.  This could be someone you might know. Start a new chapter together for your future. Someone will give you advice to help you move toward someone.

Ace of Air card has to do the truth. Speak your truth and be clear about situations. It will be a new situation, which has to do with being unclear before, and everything is clear now. You can get out of situations in unique ways, like flying a kite. Once you find the right connection, it will work out for the long term and feel natural. Consider taking a new detour on your routine path, which might be like a labyrinth maze as well as meditate in nature for ideas in your surroundings. Then, make the effort in order to make it happen. (This sounds like some kind of adventure).

Breakthrough card is about breaking through something, releasing something, and feeling free. It is about being able to handle anything because it will be magical. The card depicts a snow globe with a carousel house inside, and a unicorn on top. He might be nervous, and you shouldn’t push anything. He seems sad because something was omitted or said in the past. Something might be draining, and it important to get enough sleep and relax to energize. It is a road to truth. It is about chasing a dream. You need to get out of the carnival, and live your current life. Go with the changes  and the flow.

2nd card reading video for Valentine’s Day

He decides to use the Lovers card for this supposedly romantic day.

Prince of Staves card is in reverse, and it indicates that you don’t have a passionate lover in your current life. (True, all I have is Gumby, my male cat, but he is my cute 17-year-old baby).

The 10 of Coins card is also in reverse, and it indicates you need to be open to something new to discover something you don’t have in your life.

The 9 of Coins card depicts a prosperous woman filled with love, and there are doves around you, giving you hope. You need to put effort, and walk through the doorway. Join activities and meetups, and get out in society. It requires a lot of effort and work. (I think I am already doing that).

These three cards add up to 20, and the number 20 reduces to 2. The number 2 means relationships.


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Monday 2.13.17 Summary

My Monday, February 13, 2017

I woke up today on a beautiful, sunny and warm day, which looked more like spring than winter.  For breakfast, I decided to make raw vegan cereal. I used some of the packaged granola I bought at Mother’s Market, and I poured some hot tea over the granola. It was tasty because the packaged granola already had some cinnamon and other spices. I took my vitamins with the rest of the tea.

I worked a little on my graphic novel before I drove to the gym for yoga. After one hour of yoga, I came back home, ate my lunch, and continued to work on my graphic novel. All of the sudden, I noticed the time at 4:44pm. I ate a snack before taking my shower, and then, I ate my dinner. I also decided to make banana milk, which is one banana and 2 ½ cups of water in a blender. It turned out very foamy on top that I placed some over my hot cocoa and espresso drinks. It makes perfect vegan milk for toppings, especially hot drinks because I was able to make it very fluffy and foamy like professionally-made coffee drinks.

After my bathroom break, I returned to my computers, where I was getting ready to watch some videos, especially one on dreams. But for some reason, as soon as I clicked on my computer screen, a Doreen Virtue Angel Messages video come on my screen and it is for the week of February 13 to February 17, 2017. I mostly like to watch her videos because she is at an animal sanctuary, saving many animals from slaughter and murder. So, I like to promote her videos in the hope that more and more people open up animal sanctuaries to save more and more animals from destruction.

She uses the Romance Angels cards for this Valentine’s Week.

For Monday and Tuesday, Finances and Careers card might have to do with financial issues are associated with your love life. It is about being involved with something you really love and passionate about. Pray and volunteer to get your start. You will fall back in love with your life.

For Wednesday and Thursday, Let Go of Control Issues card has to do with allowing such situation to unfold naturally. Let your Friends Help You card is about asking for and accepting support from others.

For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Trust card has to do with calling for you to have faith in God. True Love card has to do with romantic love and finding the one. It is the romance of a lifetime. Join activities meetups and hang out with others in society.


1st card reading video for Monday, February 13, 2017

The High Priestess card, 2nd card, has a lot of knowledge and she is fearless, but she might not take too much action. She takes notes and puts them in storage.

The 4 of Cups card is about being given blessings, but you don’t feel like doing anything. You have too much emotions and feelings.

Page of Wands card has to do with learn and creativity. Use your creative outlet to communicate all the knowledge, feelings, and emotions into your creative project.

These three cards add up to 7, and the number 7 means mind and creativity. You don’t need any more research. Express yourself with all your knowledge, feelings, and creativity.


Monday card reading video for February 13, 2017

Write card has to do with information, communication, and writing things down because it is about releasing something and letting things go. Create energetic picture, filled with symbols as well as black and white pictures; create your nook where you can do creative stuff, write, loom, or just meditating. Take a nap during the day if you get drained, and then continue with your work after you are energized.

Teaching and Learning card is also the 57 card. It is about finding solutions as well as helping differences in opinions. Expand the situation by brainstorming for creative solutions. Clues might include video games.

Knight of Air card has to do with figuring things out along the way. It is important to take occasional naps to rejuvenate so you can continue. Take what you need, such as basics, and drive somewhere. You just want to get things done to finish your big project. There is a change in your environment, and you just need to go along with the changes. You are seeking the truth and moving in the direct path. There is many ways to do whatever you are doing. Review your options before you move to the next step.

The Sun card has to do with a happy outcome. You get brilliant new ideas that will lead you to success. The sun is lighting the right way for you, which will bring clarity on something you were unclear about something before.

The Lovers card has to do with making the decision that has to do something about love, clarity, divine timing, and the balance. She seems bored and he seems unhappy. They need to communicate and speak up to negotiate and compromise on a decision that will make them both happy. Release expectations, and it will bring balance and harmony. It is all about happening in the right place and right down, and you should listen to inner guidance and natural flow of conversation. And, they become comfortable with each other.

The Finch card has to do with creativity. Making small changes can create big improvements. Work on creating the build-up rather than just jumping into things and doing it fast. Go on a new road with new experience. Go on an exciting journey or adventure by leaving your comfort zone. Your world will look different.


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Weekend 2.11 and 2.12 Summary

Saturday, February 11, 2017

After I ate my brunch, I finished up the last page that I was working on yesterday, and then I decided to change my clothes because I wanted to check out an art gallery reception at the Spectrum Center. As I was picking up my purse, I noticed it was 4:44pm. I drove to the Spectrum Center, noticing that the sky looks cloudy and cool. The outdoor mall was crowded and lively with people, enjoying their evening at the mall. It kind of looked like Disneyland. I browsed inside the art gallery for one hour, check out the featured artist who was seated in front, signing autographs on his paintings. Napeoloni’s work is kind of sad for me because I get depressed when I check it out. I was told from a previous time that his artwork was inspired by his childhood, in which he had health problems, and he had to spend time alone. His best friends were his toys. I think many kinds are like that, regardless of health conditions. I ate some snacks while I checked out other artworks by other artists. I checked out Robert Finale’s paintings, and they reminded me of the late Thomas Kinkade’s paintings. Their paintings display colorful and bright lights illuminating a town, city or countryside. It looks pretty and heavenly because sometimes this bright light seems to come for the sky, moon, and even lightning. It is interesting to check out other people’s work because it is interesting to see what different artists do. I walked around in the mall for a while, checking out new stores, while noticing Wet Seal and American Apparel are still having their closing sale. Macy’s was bought by Saks, and who knows which store is next on the chopping block. It felt cold today, even though I was wearing my aubergine-colored pea coat and burgundy-colored knit hat that I bought at around ten years ago. When I arrived and changed my clothes, I decided to walk outside by my carport to check out the linear eclipse full moon in Leo, but I couldn’t see any full moon anywhere in the dark sky. I might be too early. I will check again around 10pm or 11pm.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I just woke up and got out of bed because Gumby was bugging me to feed him his breakfast. I suddenly noticed that the time was 10:10am. I noticed that it looked beautiful outside because the sun looked bright and the sky looked clear. It looked like a perfect spring day, even though it is still wintertime. In southern California, the seasons sometimes tend to blend into each other because the weather is unpredictable but mild. Then, I worked on last night’s page, outlining some areas with black ink pen and sharpie. I drew another page and colored it with pencils, before doing some outlining. I took some breaks and ate some snacks between drawing and working on my graphic novel. After eating my dinner, I decided to go on the internet for a break.

While working on my graphic novel, I decided to watch some movies on the indie channels, which include Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Side Effects, The Fifth Element, and City of God. They are all interesting movies, and the more I watch a specific movie, I am likely to pick up something different about it that I didn’t see last time, which is interesting. I think that is how critics analyze a movie. They have to pick at every detail, as they scrutinize and analyze every second of the film.


Card reading video for Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Lovers card is in reverse, which indicates that you might feel alone because you are not meeting the right person.

The Emperor card is in reverse, which indicates imbalance and uncertainty.

Knight of Wands card is about love and romance, and doing something you love because you really want to.

These three cards add up to 11, and the number 11 means service.


Card reading for Sunday, February 12, 2017

The 9 of Wands card has to do with having been through a lot in your life. You are drained and exhausted. There is hope.

Ace of Coins card has to do with a blessings, healing, or something positive entering your life.

The 5 of Cups card has to do with looking at the positive perspective in order to be more productive.

These three cards add up to 15, and the number 15 reduces to 6. The number 6 means temporary opportunity.

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My Friday 2.10.17

My Friday, February 10, 2017

I was in bed all night, but I couldn’t sleep. I decided to get out of bed around 6:30am and eat breakfast. Then, I drew another page for my graphic novel, but I didn’t color or outline anything. I decided to go to the gym for yoga. It looks very cloudy and overcast outside, like it is about to rain. After parking my car, I stayed inside, listening to music on the radio until 11:11am. At the yoga room, I found a penny.  I noticed there will be an art reception on Saturday evening at the Spectrum Center. As I drove back home at 1pm, I noticed there was a lot of traffic. I decided to drive around on another street.

I made some raw food porridge from my Raw Food book, which includes celery, kiwi, apply, and pear as well as flaxseed and cinnamon.

I checked the weather forecast on the internet, and I noticed it will rain from 5pm to 1am. I am not sure if I will go to the street hiking meetup.  At 4:44pm, it looked dry, but still cloudy, outside, and I am still wondering if I should go tonight. This walk/hike is short, around one hour long, and I am wondering will it will start to rain. There was very light sprinkling on the walk, but we finished the route just in time, as it started to rain more. It was still soft rain. As I drove home, my windows started to fog up. I wiped the window during red-light stops as well as lowered my window a little, which helps defog.

I returned home and decided to watch Coffee and Cigarettes again, while doing other stuff.

My Facebook page reminded me of a Maher Zain song, which I liked. He is a Lebanese Artist living in Stockholm, Sweden.


1st card reading video for Friday, February 10, 2017

“When all hope is gone, life brings you surprises.”

The Temperance card, 14th card, depicts an angel pondering by a pond with lily pads, lotus flowers, and monarch butterflies fluttering around. It has to do with perfect balance and she understands things.

The 9 of Swords card indicates she has stopped dreaming because life showed her that it isn’t easy to get what she really wants. She feels hopeless.

Knight of Pentacles card indicates your prince charming will suddenly appear and surprise you in a positive way.

These three cards add up to 24, and the number 24 reduces to 6. The number 6 means temporary opportunity. Look around you on Friday for something wonderful to happen.


2nd card reading video for the weekend of Feb 10, 11 and 12, 2017

The Chariot card has to do with a road to success. You are in the driving seat. You need to be organized to help become more productive. There is someone behind you supporting you, as you do something, but let something from your past go in order to move forward.

Be open to Success card

Remain Positive card has to do with the doors are opening, and you just need to walk through to move forward. Let go of negative crap.

Ask for Help for Others card has to do with asking for advice, direction and help. Clues include property and going to a different location. Look for ideas or information that keep popping up in front of you, urging you to move to a particular direction or do something, and you will discover something new or meet someone new.

Let Go of Control Issues card indicates that just control your life and what you do, and ignore others. Wait for something to happen naturally, at the right time, and work on a creative project and household tasks.

Free Yourself card indicates it is a good idea to get out of the house and do something fun.

The Swallow card has to do with patience, temperance, and art by combining different things to make it expressive and priceless. Move to a different direction to explore and adapt a new experience.  You already know what to do all along. You just need a recap to remind you what to do.


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