Mid June 2018

Sunday, 6.10.18

It is now mid June, and I am still working on this and that. I am almost finished retouching my graphic novel. I have 3 more pages to edit, before I will start on writing a script for 200 pages. And, then, I plan to scan pages on my computer to type in the script.

Miraculously, my ceiling fan worked today, all of the sudden. I think it was a fuse. Appliances or fixtures would stop working, and after a while, they will start working. Maybe my fax/copier with cordless phone will eventually work. I placed it upstairs in my den, for now.

I finally got a ring fixed to my size. Now, I need to make my annual car check sometime this summer. I hope they can also fix small dents in one day.

This week’s weather feels hot and humid. I was planning on henna my hair today, but I didn’t. I hope to do it this week, either Thursday or the weekend. I need to do other personal maintenance work.

I am loving my new keyboard cover, in which I am hoping it will keep my keyboard clean. I am currently typing on it, and it works well, although it is for a Mac, and my computer is a PC. It fits perfect over the 4 center rows of numbers and letters as well as space key, but the top F keys and bottom control/alt keys don’t fit. The important and most used keys fit this cover.


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