Spring 2018 in OC

Wednesday, May 9, 2018, 11:30 pm.

I finished drawing 200 pages of my graphic novel. I now am working on rotouching all the pages. As of today, I have 60 pages to do. Then, I plan to work on the script and cover art. I recently attended a 4-day Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza. I noticed that it is getting smaller, but it was interesting. I am still attending various meetups, as I work on my graphic novel. It is getting warm here in Southern Cali. At the Spring Garden Show, I won a raffle plant, which was some pretty flowers. So, I am working on trying to keep it alive. I placed it on my doorstep because I think it gets the most sunlight, and I am giving it water, like every day or two. So, I hope it is doing OK. I also have gotten into a recent celebrity murder of a Swedish DJ. I believe he was an Illuminati Sacrifice because many videos I checked out pointed in that direction, which is sad. I wasn’t familiar with this celebrity because I think he was more famous in Europe. But I was familiar with some of his videos from Youtube. The music have a good beat, but the content is dark, in which I thought it looked like NWO or satanic symbolism because the characters in the videosĀ  just seem weird and creepy. On March 15th, I accidentally sprained my thumb while I was packing my groceries into my car at a grocery store parking lot. My thumb feels better now, but I think it is still slowly healing because it isn’t completely healed yet. Meanwhile, a week or so ago, I accidentally stabbed my other hand while trying to break a Thai coconut. The cut now looks dried up. My life seems kind of slow, but I am working on finishing up my graphic novel as well as checking out meetups. The weather is nice, and I want to enjoy the weather.

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