Wednesday, 3.14.18 Places to Go

I often find myself climbing high places, whether hiking hilly local neighborhoods or thinking about what’s next for my graphic novel. I am always alone and distant, just observing my surroundings, mostly for research work, brainstorming, and for insights and inspiration, especially when I am stuck. But I try to take breaks to enjoy my surroundings at events and activities so to connect and participate with others. Hiking in nature, yoga at the gym, walking, photography and comedy meetups, and I might even go to a move once in a while.

Although my style is laidback, casual and simple, I do have some luxurious items from family, in which I keep as decor as well as keepsakes. But my place still looks like a coastal cottage/bohemian style flat.

I’m always busy, working on my graphic novel, checking meetups, and organizing my life to get things done. I need to pay closer attention to my dreams, when I remember them, as well as meditate for insights and pay attention to signs.

Places to go:

1. Somewhere elegant with marble, gold, and red cushioned chairs.

2. Somewhere coastal with trees to climb, but elegant environment as well as water and greenery in the background.

3. Park

On Wednesday, I started working on retouching my graphic novel, and I did 7 pages. Then, I took a break and went to a Photo Meetup.

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