Busy January 2018 Start

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Monday, 1.8.18, Video

Ace of Pentacles card indicates that you will receive financial reward. A blessing from God, as well as you can make changes to improve your life.

Ace of Chalices card indicates a blessing of love and romance. (In the morning, when I woke up, I remembered that my late mother came to me in a dream to tell me someone is coming).

Judgment card, 20th card, indicates that you should pursue your calling. See yourself as you truly are. (I need to finish drawing my graphic novel).

These 3 cards add up to 22, which is the builder. You have a clear vision for the perfect future. It is time to make significant changes in your life.

It rained all day today, but I decided to go to yoga class at noon, mostly to give a woman I know something she was looking for and I had an extra one that I didn’t need. After yoga, I went to Mother’s Market. Then, I came home to relax to the background sound of calming rain.


Tuesday, 1.9.18, Video

The three cards for Tuesday involve 3 women—one is bored and lonely, one looks exotic Japanese, and one looks wealthy, and you can get everything you want.

The 4 of Chalices card indicates that her passions aren’t being realized. She has everything she needs. She has hearts on her dress.

The Sun card, 19th card, indicates she has confidence and power to get things done.

Knave of Pentacles card indicates she is learning to manage her wealth.

These 3 cards add up to 24, and the number 24 reduces to 6. The number 6 means temporary opportunity. You need to take action.

I woke up around 10:30 am and ate a vegan wrap. As I was making stovetop Moka espresso, I noticed that the time was 11:11 am. After becoming fully-awakened, I worked on my graphic novel. At around 2 pm, I looked out of the slide door window to notice that the sky looked dark and cloudy. I decided to get up and take a break. I opened my front door to notice that it was pouring rain outside, before going to my refrigerator to eat a small piece of vegan pumpkin pastry. I wonder if the rain will stop before the 6:30 pm hike, or it will be cancelled. I will check again at around 5 pm, before I decide to change my clothes or not. It has been raining for two days, so far. At 2 pm, I noticed it is still wet and cloudy outside, but there is also some wind playing around, even though it appears to have stopped raining, or maybe some very light sprinkling or misty rain. Tonight’s 6:30 pm was cancelled because it is too wet and windy. At 5:30 pm, it is now dark, windy, wet and cold, but I don’t think it is raining anymore. I worked on two pages today, and I am not sure if I will draw another page tonight. While taking a break, I noticed that the time is 5:55 pm. I ate my dinner, before making some Turkish coffee with Turkish delight.

Wednesday, 1.10.18, Video

The 4 of Pentacles card indicates you need to control your finances, keep records of everything, be organized, and file documents. You need to be responsible and serious because you want to balance everything, and still have fun with your life.

King of Wands card indicates that you can still have fun by balancing your live with work and fun excursions.

The 5 of Wands card indicates you will party and celebrate with others. Have fun with moderation. Don’t overdo it because you have other responsibilities.

These 3 cards add up to 10, and the number 1 means taking action, leadership, independent, passionate, and have fun.

Mid-January 2018 Video

This video reading is for January 10th to 16th.

Gorilla card has to do with a need to be heard. Listen compassionately to better understand the situation. Let go of the old and move on with the new or do something new, as well as consider eating more fresh fruits and veggies. Enjoy a good conversation in person, while maybe playing board games. Listen to your pet’s needs.

Queen of Winter card has to be clear in thoughts and very direct. You can get everything done because you are productive, but you still have a good sense of humor.  Find the easiest and best way to get something done.

Perfect Timing card indicates that the doors are open, and you should take actions, and it will lead you to something positive. Act on your inspirations.

Energy Work card has to do with doing yoga or spa. Pay attention to the energy in your environment and consider doing energy healing. Use energy lightbulbs for your home lighting.

Seagull card involves having a strong energy or strong foundation. Take what is given while it is there, and make them your own, and it is important to use your natural instinct. Do something unexpected as well as go somewhere new and different. You will be provided with what you need.

Thursday, 1.11.18, Video

The Fool card is 0th card, and it indicates inexperience and naivety.

The 6 of Cups card indicates connecting with someone in an innocent relationship.

The 8 of Swords card indicates you are stuck and cannot move forward. Lots of external forces prevent you from doing something.

These 3 cards add up to 14, and the number 14 reduces to 5. The number 5 means freedom, in which independence will lead you to freedom.

Friday, January 12, 2018, Video

Knight of Wands card indicates being powerful and attractive, as you pursue your life purpose. You will have a lot fun, filled with fantasy and commitment. There is also love in the air, and you might meet the right person.

The 2 of Pentacles card indicates finances issues happening all the time, but you can handle everything.

The 7 of Wands card indicates that you will have many things to do. But balance out your life with fun breaks as you deal with everything else.

These 3 cards add up to 10, and the number 10 reduces to 1. The number 1 means independent, taking action, and new beginning. Do something fun today, and it will likely open doors.

I went to yoga for an hour, before returning home at 1:30 pm and eating my late lunch. I worked on my graphic novel for 30 minutes, before going on the internet to check on different sites. I glanced at the computer time to notice 4:44 pm.

Saturday, 1.13.18, Video

The 4 of Staffs card is about a homecoming, and it depicts a man carrying his bride under a doorway. There is a celebration and coming together of some kind, whether a wedding or reunion, which is about happiness, having fun and a new beginning. You will connect with someone in a meaningful way.

The Fool card, 0 card, is Percival, and it depicts a young man looking at a gold castle in his view. It is about new beginnings, conception of an idea and reconnecting with God. The more positive you day is the closer you will move toward your golden castle because you are already very close as it is.

The Sun card, 19th card, is about The Grail, and this card is in golden and bright yellow shining forth. You have a lot of potential for happiness, peace, energy, and great life.

These 3 cards add up to 23, and the number 23 reduces to 5. Then number 5 means freedom.

Sunday, 1.14.18, Video

The 2 of Swords card had to do with Equilibrium. It is a good idea to meditate and connect with God for ideas and inspiration. (I went on a morning hike in Bommer Canyon, which was a meditative 6-mile walk).

King of Vesicas card indicates you have control to change your surroundings. (I do need to do a lot of reorganizing).

The 2 of Vesicas card has to do with Change. The actions that you take on Sunday will affect your life, enabling you to make the changes you want in your personal life as an artist.

These 3 cards add up to 5, and the number 5 means freedom.

Monday, 1.15.18, Video

The Chariot card, 7th card, is about success and victory. Everything will feel natural, and you will go with it and succeed.

The 10 of Pentacles card is in reverse, which indicates you will transition, which will help you move forward.

Prince of Pentacles card is in reverse, which indicates you need to take action and move forward toward success.

These 3 cards add up 18, and the number 18 reduces to 9. The number 9 means spirituality and completion, which involves meditating and connecting with God for inspiration. Fill your schedule today and stay busy. It will help you move forward.

Tuesday, 1.16.18, Video

The 10 of Cups card indicates dreams coming true as well as family, love and harmony.

Ace of Pentacles card is in reverse, which indicates that you still have more work to do. You need to take action.

The Death card, 13th card, has to do with an ending or completion of something. (I continue to work on my graphic novel, and I now have 18 more pages to draw. At 1:11 pm, I took a break).

These 3 cards add up to 24, and the number 24 reduces to 6. The number 6 means temporary opportunity.  You can transform something to improve your life. (I need to transform my townhouse into a different style as well as make it more organized so that I can find what I need when I need it easier).

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