3rd week of December 2017

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I went to the Fullerton house again to meet Helen, before we went to a Placentia Jeweler to fix some jewelry. We fixed 2 of the 3 jewelry. But the ring was hard to do, and I probably should take it to its original jeweler in San Dimas. Helen needs to make the appointment soon because she knows the man and the location. We met my brother there because he knows the Placentia jeweler. I returned home and got ready for a nighttime hike, which is local in my neighborhood. I also went to two other hikes this week, in Woodbridge and Turtle Rock. I also went to see the I Tonya movie, which was entertaining.

Monday, 12.18.17, Video

The 5 of Wands card has to do with small conflicts, but you might feel overwhelmed. But you have the energy to grow and move forward. You need to get organized so you can do all your ideas.

The 7 of Wands card indicates you are trying to move forward, but you have obstacles in your way. These obstacles are important ideas that you can use, and you should organize them in order to help you move forward.

The 8 of Wands card indicates you will get more new information and inspiration. It will be good news, and you will resolve things. Your path will clear, and you will move forward.

These 3 cards add up to 20, and the number 20 reduces 2. The number 2 means cooperation and relationships. It also has to do with lots of enthusiasm because you have a lot of energy.

I didn’t sleep all night. But relaxed in bed, doing body tensing exercises, and I managed to get up at 6 am and get ready for a short trip. I met Helen at Fullerton house, and we went on errands until we stopped at the jewelers to fix three of my items. We were only able to fix 2, and the third one will probably be fixed at another place. After we stopped for a snack, I arrived home at 4 pm, and I changed my clothes for tonight’s walking group hike. I glanced at my TV clock to notice that time is 4:44 pm. Plans for Christmas Week 2017: Local walking hikes, decorations, Christmas tree, brew passion flower tea, happiness, listen to relaxing music. Too much traffic in the streets all day and night. Do yoga and go ice skating. Merriment. Caroling at UTC. Wear watch. Look glam. Opera Fairy Tale. Holiday Party. Browse through a magazine for inspiration and ideas. Chat with other people for ideas or even read different people’s blogs for ideas.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017, Video

The Strength card, 8th card, indicates that you have the strength to deal with anything you put your mind to, and you can overcome difficulties.

The Magician card, 1st card, is in reverse, which indicates that it is important to connect with God to help you deal with things. There is an infinity symbol.

Death card, 13th card, is in reverse, which indicates that you can bring new life into your difficult situations by turning negative into positive.

These 3 cards add up to 22, and the number 22 means builder.

I worked on my graphic novel for a while. Then, I decided to get ready for a hiking group meetup. I checked the time at 5:55 pm while watching a live video from a young man in Gaza, Palestine. At 6:15 pm, I drove to Turtle Rock for a 4-mile hilly sidewalk hike through a residential area, and it was cold. I wore my Australian knit hat, gloves, and a scarf, as well as sweats, legwarmers, and an old army coat. Afterwards, I went to Peets and bought a Havana Cappuccino, which was good, and I sipped it while walking around the UTC. I didn’t see anyone I know there, although two of them were at Peets buying coffee. So, I don’t know where they went afterwards. So, I went home to relax inside my warm townhouse. Although I didn’t put the heater on, my townhouse felt warm, compared to the weather outside which is around 54 degrees Fahrenheit. I changed my clothes and ate a small snack. I opened my refrigerator and now the filter light turning yellow, which is a warning sign that I need to buy a new filter before it turns red. So, I plan to go to South Coast Plaza tomorrow. I also want to drop by Macy’s to see if the Spiralizer is on sale.


Wednesday, 12.20.17, Video

Wheel of the Year cards

The 9 of Chalices card depicts a group of people enjoy a picnic under a tree, and they appear to be celebrating. There are also birds flying in the background and a large ladybug in the foreground. It has to do with dreams coming true and you are very lucky. You feel connected and very hopeful.

The 5 of Coins card is in reverse, which indicates you are grateful for everything you have and you want to make best of your current situation. You have a positive mood.

King of Wands card depicts an established man with his black lab dog. You will achieve your hopes and dreams.

These 3 cards add up to 15, and the number 15 reduces to 6. The number 6 means temporary opportunity coming your way.

At around 2 pm, I decided to drive to South Coast Plaza to buy a refrigerator filter. It looked very cloudy and cold outside, but it didn’t rain. I was dressed warm anyway, and I didn’t really feel the cold. I dropped by Macy’s to check out the Spiralizer, and I noticed that this Macy’s didn’t have the same sale. The Martha Stewart Spiralizer was on sale for $17 at the Brea Mall Macy’s, while the South Coast Plaza Macy’s had the same Spiralizer at $67 with 40% off. That is still a rip off, and it isn’t worth it. I plan to check Bed Bath & Beyond after New Year’s, and get it from there because they have more interesting items. The same Salvation Army man was there, as well as mall staff giving out free hot cocoa and hot apple cider to people who walk by. I decided to get one of each, and I sipped it while a browsed the mall. I also dropped by the Regency Theater to inquire about any Bolshoi Ballet shows for the holidays. I soon realized that I was too late. There was a Bolshoi Ballet Nutcracker show on December 17 and 19, and I just missed it by 3 days for a matinee and 1 day for the evening showing. Oh, well, maybe next year? I returned home at 4 pm and relaxed in my fleece PJs, robe and slippers while eating my dinner at 5 pm, before checking on the internet for showings at the IMAX Spectrum Center. I noticed that the new Star Wars movie is playing at the theater in 3D. I will consider it if I am bored, but I am not sure yet.


Thursday, 12.21.17, Video

The 8 of Chalices card is in reverse, which indicates you are focusing on your current situation. You are likely to have a positive relationship.

The 6 of Wands card is in reverse, which indicates that you need to focus on relationships and connecting with others.

The 10 of Pentacles card indicates that you could meet and connect with someone that will lead to a long term and permanent relationship as well as wealthy and prosperity. It will open a doorway into something better.

These 3 cards add up to 24, and the number 24 reduces to 6. The number 6 means temporary opportunity. Go for this opportunity because it helpful for the long term.

It is the first day of winter 2017. I woke up to the song, It’s Magic, by The Cars, playing inside my head, over and over again, until I got out of bed. After I ate breakfast, I decided to make my morning cup of coffee via Bodum French Press, and I noticed the time was 11:11 am. I worked on my graphic novel all day, took out the trash in the evening for Friday morning pickup, and just hung out at my computer. On the first day of winter, it is starting to feel like wintertime here. I have noticed that the trees outside are losing their colorful autumn leaves. Soon, they will all be bare.


Friday, 12.22.17, Video

The 9 of Cups card has to do with dreams and wishes coming true, and you will be celebrating soon. Everything is becoming clear now.

The Hanged Man card, 12th card, indicates you are seeing things differently now.

The 6 of Wands card indicates that you are able to move towards your future, toward success and victory. You will make more connections, and there will be more people in your life.

These 3 cards add up to 27, and the number 27 reduces to 9. The number 9 means spirituality and completion.


Saturday, 12.23.17, Video

The 9 of Wands card indicates that you can deal with everything in your life.  You will be very busy.

The 9 of Pentacles card indicates success in organizing everything neatly.

The 7 of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates success.

These 3 cards add up to 25, and the number 25 reduces to 7. The number 7 means mind and creativity.

Since Sue couldn’t make it for Sunday to go to a movie we wanted to see, I decided to go on my own this weekend. I decided to go today, instead, early in the afternoon, around 12 pm or 1 pm. I am curious to see the movie, I Tonya, which is about Tonya Harding and that mess at the Olympics. As I was eating my breakfast, I noticed that time was 10:10 am, and before I went upstairs to change my clothes, the time was changing to 11:11 am. I later turned on my computer to check on things, and noticed an IMVU’s 2nd holiday gift. The first one was a holiday room with an animated fireplace and snowing outside the windows. And, today’s gift was a couch with pillows and a small coffee table. I placed it inside the room for now, but I will probably post it later in the week. I went to the movie, I Tonya, and I thought it was entertaining, which is based on the true story on the incident that happened during the Olympics. The movie was more like a documentary, where each character involves was interviewed, and particular scenes described their story about what actually happened. The audience was filled. I returned home to watch One Day on the indie channel while eating my early dinner. As I was making my after dinner coffee, I noticed the time was 4:44 pm. I decided to watch Blue Jasmine again while browsing on the internet.


Sunday, 12.24.17, Video

The Day Before Christmas 2017

Art of Life cards depicts famous artwork in each card.

Queen of Pentacles card states, “Riches are not from abundance of worldly goods, but from a contented mind.”  You are in control, and you are prosperous.  You are wiser than usual, which makes you feel very happy, mostly because you are connecting with others.

Page of Cups card states, “There is no instinct like that of the heart.” You are inexperienced in love. You are open, and you will meet someone.

The 2 of Pentacles card states “Happiness is not in the mere possession of money: it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” You are connecting with others, and you will have a positive experience. You are looking to your future with hope, but living in the present.

These 3 cards add up to 4, and the number 4 means stability, security, and structure. You will have a solid and stable Christmas Eve 2017.

I woke up, ate my breakfast, and I ended up watching all three Home Alone movies. I remember the first one, in which I have actually seen in the theater, and I think the first one was the famous Home Alone. The second one was about being lost in NYC. It was OK, but I thought the Home Alone #1 was better. And, Home Alone 3 was totally differently, which involved a different family. The Home Alone kid was played by Alex Linz, and there were 3 kids in the family. His older sister was played by Scarlett Johansson and an older brother. The parents were played by different people. The criminal robbers were more high tech savvy, dressed in fashionable attire, and not as stupid as the two numbskulls from Home Alone 1 and 2. Actually, there was a group of 4 robbers working together with tiny modern gadgets that James Bond or Get Smart characters might have. They looked like modern, experienced, and prepared criminals. It was also interesting version, but I think the one with Macaulay Culkin were the classic version, especially the first one.

I turned on the computer and entered IMVU to notice a 3rd gift for the holiday, which is a Christmas tree with gifts. I placed it into my first gift holiday room, with 2nd gift couch and coffee table, as well as old items I already had. I did some rearranging of the furniture inside this room, and I decided to make this room into a studio apartment. I realized that I need to add a small bathroom and simple kitchen for a studio apartment in the city.

I mostly watched Home Alone 1, 2, and 3 all day, before going to Trader Joes to buy olive oil as well as few other things because I was running out.

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