Last Wk of 10.2017

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Monday, 10.23.17, Video

Knight of Swords card has to do with urgency. She rushes into situations to get things done.

The 8 of Wands card has to do with overcoming the worst behind you, and you are relaxed and happy now, and you feel safe and protected.

The 4 of Chalices card has to do with being blessed with many things, but you feel bored and depressed.

These 3 cards add up 13, and the number 13 reduces to 4. The number 4 means security, structure, and stability. You will find something that will make you happy and last for a long time.

I worked on forms, drew another page for my graphic novel, checked on internet sites, and made some tacos, paninis, and raw vegan burrito as well as affogato al caffe, Turkish coffee, and Polish Cacao with vegan marshmallow. Life goes on, as they try to move on each day toward my future…

Tuesday, 10.24.17, Video

The 3 of Wands card has to do with creating a triangular that is solid and firm for the future. There is opportunity for ideas and insight. You will realize what the truth is, and what you next step in your life will be.

The Strength card, 11th card, has to do with overcoming certain issues, moving on, and making progress. You have wisdom and knowledge. You realize what you really want, and you are ready to make the necessary changes and take action.

King of Wands card has to do with fulfilling your wishes and dreams.

These 3 cards add up to 15, and the number 15 reduces to 6. The number 6 means at temporary window of opportunity will open. Grab it and move forward. You will make changes in the physical world. You will leave your mark on the world.

I woke up early, ate something, and I decided to work on my graphic novel. Around 12:12 pm, I took a break before I continued. By 5:55 pm, I decided to turn on my computer.

Wednesday, 10.25.17, Video

Truthseekers cards

The 4 of Swords card has to do with preparing for something and letting everything naturally grow and work out.

The 6 of Swords card indicates that something hasn’t work out.

The 7 of Wands card has to do with harvesting and collecting rewards.  The biggest rewards are within you, in which consider meditating.

These 3 cards add up 17, and the number 17 reduces 8. The number 8 means power. Aim for the best, and move forward.

Thursday, 10.26.17, Video

The Empress card, 3rd card, has to do with new beginnings, giving birth, and life. You are protected. You have the opportunity to create the life you want. Make decisions.

Princess of Cups card has to do with innocence, purity, and trusting.

Queen of Swords card indicates that you are protected from losers and problem makers.  You are in charge of your life, from today and beyond.

These 3 cards add up to 5, and the number 5 means freedom, and you are free to do whatever you want.

I worked on my graphic novel today, most of the day, until I felt I needed a snack break. I glanced at the time at 3:33 pm, while I was making coffee. At 6 pm, I decided to check on things on the internet.

Friday, 10.27.17, Video

Sacred India cards

Knight of Lotuses card has to do with trying to make sense of everything. It has to do with emotions, intuitiveness, and creativity. You might either be reluctant or impulsive. You will realize something.

The 10 of Discs card has to do with financial security and happiness. You see the truth and trust God for giving you everything you need.

The World card, 21st card, indicates that you will receive insights that will help you create the life that you want or do whatever you want. It has to do with transforming the old and giving rebirth to the new you.

These 3 cards add up to 32, and the number 32 reduces to 5. The number 5 means freedom, which has to do with emotional and spiritual freedom to make the necessary changes for a positive outcome.

Today, I went to the regular gas station I always go to, Campus Gas to fill my MX-3. I decided to use Unleaded Plus, even though it is $2 higher than regular Unleaded, which is 2.879/gallon and Unleaded Plus is 3.079/gallon and Unleaded Premium is 3.17/gallon. I did it last time by accident, and it made my MX-3 drive better than currently, which was good before. It is like an extra energy boost.  I went to a Woodbridge 2-mile hike with a group, and then I browsed inside Grocery Outlet. I returned home at 7:30 pm.

Saturday, 10.28.17, Video

Sacred India cards

Temperance card, 14th card, has to do with having balance and moving forward. Cleansing all the chaos via meditation and connecting with God so to clear a path toward your destination.

Queen of Staves card has to do with growing and enjoying your current life. You get rid of negatives. Set goals.

King of Arrows card has to do with spirituality, insights, and wisdom. Everything is clear, and you can change anything.

These cards add up to 16, and the number 16 reduces to 7. The number 7 means mind and creativity. Focus on certain ideas to make them grow in your reality.

Sunday, 10.29.17, Video

Son of Wands card is in reverse, which indicates that you are not as inexperienced as you think. You are certain of your focus on what you really want to do, and you don’t doubt anything. You might get insights.

The 5 of Wands card indicates some conflicts, but you can handle it because you understand the situation now as well as the morons who don’t know what they are talking about.

The World, 21st card, is in reverse, which indicates that you are still working on your journey. You are protected, and others understand you better. You will connect with others. You will choose something that will make you feel complete.

These cards add up to 27, and the number 27 reduces to 9. The number 9 means spirituality and completion.

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