3rd WK of Autumn in the Evenings 10.2017

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Monday, 10.16.17, Video

The Judgment card, 20th card, indicates you will get a wake-call from Angels and God to tell you to take a new direction in your life. You need to live your real life.

The 8 of Cups card indicates that you already have lots of good things in your life, and your life seems positive. But you need to move in a different direction.

Ace of Swords card has to do with a blessing from God, in which you will get ideas and inspiration. If you follow this new inspiration or idea to move in a different direction, it will work out well for you.

These 3 cards add up to 29, and the number 29 reduces to 11, which has to do with service. You are likely to help others with this new inspiration or idea.

Monday morning, I end up going again to the Fullerton house to pick up bunch of glassware that my brothers didn’t want. There were other cute items that I wasn’t about to take because I ran out of boxes and my VW Beetle became filled up. I had to leave behind these cute glass tiny teacup because I just couldn’t find a way to carry it without breaking it. I accidentally broke two small glass teacups while I was trying to wrap them up and place them into a box. The stupid caretaker woman wanted the glass teacups, and I ended up giving it to her because I didn’t have any choice. But I don’t know what happened to the other items in the kitchen cupboards that I wasn’t able to take, either because of lack of boxes or lack of room in my Beetle. I arrived home at 4 pm, and started organizing my townhouse to make space for what I was able to carry in my car. As I arranged them inside my home, I felt a little depressed, but I am also trying to move on.

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Tuesday, 10.17.17, Video

The 4 of Cups card has to do with having a lot of blessings in your life, which includes youth, beauty, enough money, and freedom, but you might feel a little bit negative. (I don’t think I feel negative. I just feel depressed and sad).

The 10 of Cups card has to do with family happiness, wishes coming true, and you have a happy relationships with others. Your cups are overflowing with happiness. It is about being able to fulfill your hopes and dreams. You might meet your soulmate, maybe at a Meetup group? (I am just trying to move on with my life. I am not exactly happy nor I do I feel that my wishes are coming true, but I just feel like I am ready to what is next in my life).

The 5 of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates that you will have a positive experience. (I went to a hiking meetup. It was a good walk, which is around 2 to 5 miles, dependent on the route. It is a good walk for unwinding with others and chatting some silly talk).

These 3 cards add up to 19, and the number 19 reduces to 1. The number 1 means taking initiative, make the effort, and take action. It has to do with love. (I don’t think my Tuesday had anything to do with any romance or love situation. It was more social and casual).

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017, Video

Queen of Pentacles card is in reverse, indicates that you feel that something is off, in which there is something about your life that you aren’t happy with.

The Moon, 18th card, indicates a fear.

The 3 of Pentacles card indicates that you can solve the issues if you work on the problem.

These 3 cards add up to 22, and the number 22 means builder. Face your fears because you will build your life purpose.

At around 7 pm, I went to the Canon Experience Center to check out some short films. They were interesting as well as better than I expected because the filmmakers were young guys. They seemed serious in making films as a career because their work was professional for their age. I think some studied film in school. I studied their work and their process to pick up tips in order to create YouTube short films.

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Thursday, 10.19.17, Video

New moon in Libra improves relationships and romance.

Transformation, 13th card is in reverse, which has to do with a new beginning. Transform your situation. You are finished with constant highs and lows. (I went to South Coast Plaza at 11 am to check out a Munro Trunk Show in Nordstrom. Then, I went to Mother’s Market because Gumby was out of food. I couldn’t find any Wellness dry food. I told the people there, and they said that they will order some bags. Apparently, I seem to be the only person who buys that dry cat food, and the store stopped ordering bags. They said to come back in a week for the dry food. I went home and worked on the upstairs room and organized lots of albums. The room now looks quite cozy).

Triumph, 21st card is in reverse, which indicates that you still haven’t reached the end of your journey as well as you haven’t met your soulmate yet.  (True).

Prince of Arrows card has to do with Cupid, which is all about falling in love. (I didn’t fall in love with anyone today).

These 3 cards add up to 35, and the number 35 reduces to 8. The number 8 means power, or power of love. It will just happen when you least expect it.

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Friday, 10.20.17, Video

He uses the Truthseekers card deck for Friday’s mini reading.

The 10 of Pentacles card is about being at the peak of your financial situation and getting whatever you want. You feel secure. You will walk through a doorway, where you will no longer worry about losing anything.  Something will open up for you, where you will realize a spiritual truth about yourself.

The 5 of Wands card is in reverse, which indicates there isn’t anything trivial in your life. You don’t have any conflicts or distractions. You will move forward in the right direction, where you will discover many things and you will enjoy many things.

The Hierophant card, 5th card, is in reverse, which indicates you are free from anyone restricting you from doing what you want to do. You will feel who you really are, and it empowers you.

These 3 cards add up to 20, and the number 20 reduces to 2. The number 2 means relationship.

I went to the Urban Workshop meetup for a tour of their facility at noon. I notice that it is about do-it-yourself projects, such as welding, industrial sewing and silkscreen, car mechanics, computers, electronics, business startups, woodshop, and other such projects. As I was driving home, I noticed the time was 1:11 pm, which is an angel sign. When I returned home, I continued my home makeover project.  At 6 pm, I went on a walking group meetup. While walking, I noticed that the weather is cooling off and it is starting to feel like autumn in the evenings.

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Saturday, 10.21.17, Video

Truthseeker card

The 10 of Wands card has to do with all your worries have transformed, and you now feel you don’t have any burdens. You will walk through a doorway toward a very happy future.

The Tower card, 16th card, indicates something might be falling apart because you don’t quite understand the whole situation. You understand only 1 thing, which frees you a little.

Hanged Man card, 12th card, indicates you don’t have the full picture. Don’t make major changes.

These 3 cards add up to 38, and the number 38 reduces to 11. The number 11 means service.

I woke up around 9 am, and the day just felt positive right away for some reason. I walked downstairs, wondering if anyone from the other world was currently with me, or it was just angels because the air just felt clean, pure, and positive. I fed Gumby, and I decided to eat one of the flatbreads that I made last night. I made only 4, and I ate one as a snack last night, while it was still warm. I didn’t do a good job with it because I didn’t steam the sweet potato very well and it didn’t get very soft, just less hard. When I added the flour, the dough was still crumbly. It didn’t really stick very well together, and it seemed kind of dry. I had added some coconut oil on the dough, which made it less dry. It was OK. It tasted like sweet pita bread, but it wasn’t soft and fluffy like the video demonstration. And, mine was sloppy-looking.

When I was making French Press espresso, I noticed the time was 10:10 am. I decided to turn on the computer. The first post that I checked out on Virily is Ali Shehzad’s Ashtanga Yoga post and one hour and a half video, which reminded me that I need to get back into doing yoga. I haven’t done any yoga since my mother death in July. I might still currently be in my mourning period, as I try to work on other projects. I don’t chant anything in yoga. There is usually soft music playing in the background.

I needed to print something from a form, but my printer was giving me a hard time, and I finally figured out after doing my own troubleshooting that I need a new photo cartridge. I drove to a local Office Depot to buy the needed photo cartridge for my printer. I also downloaded HP Print and Scan Doctor, which helped fix the issue. I just hope it is now permanently fixed. I scanned and printed out a needed document for some forms that I am filling out.

Sunday, 10.22.17, Video

The 10 of Chalices card has to do with a family and a feast. There is positive abundance. They appear healthy and happy. You don’t have any fears or doubts.

Knight of Pentacles card is in reverse, in which you are relaxing today and not thinking about work.

Queen of Pentacles card is in reverse, in which you are content with your current life.

These 3 cards add up to 12, and the number 12 reduces to 3. The number 3 means new beginnings and communications because you might meet someone today.

I dropped by Trader Joe’s because Gumby needed dry cat food. The parking lot was very crowded. I got what I needed and came back home. The weather was nice today, hot and humid in the morning, and cool in the evenings, which is typical Southern California tropical weather.

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