1st week of Oct 2017: Working on things…

Sunday, 10.1.17, Video

It is now 12:12 am, and I am still up, browsing on the internet as well as wondering what will happen on Monday. I have plans, but my plans might change.

The World card, 21st card, is very positive. You are complete, and you don’t need to do anything. God will protect you, and everything works for you and naturally come into place.

The 9 of Swords card indicates God will free your worries, obstacles, and negative feelings.

The 3 of Wands card indicates you will move forward and ahead because you can do whatever you want.

These 3 cards add up 33, and the number 33 means Prophets of God are working with you to help you move forward and ahead.


Monday, 10.2.17, Video

3 reversed cards indicate a major shift in energy…

Princess of Disks card is in reverse, which indicates you have a lot of clarity in what is useful and important in your life.

Queen of Wands card is in reverse, which indicates you might have some negative feelings.

The Strength card, 9th card, is in reverse, which indicates that I might feel weak or insecurity that you won’t be able to do what you want to do on Monday.

In order to make things works out on Monday, turn all three cards upright and backwards:

Strength card indicates that if you set a goal on Monday, which is for the Association to fix my room…

Queen of Wands card indicates that your desire will help you work it out.

Princess of Disks card indicates you will get the right outcome, if it is possible.

These 3 cards add up to 11, and the number 11 means service.

I woke up early to start my day, not sure what I am actually going to do next. I turned on my computer to check on things, before going on youtube to watch videos. All of the sudden, I noticed that time was 10:10 am. At noon, I called the on-call jury duty number, and it stated that my group should call again on Tuesday at noon. Now, I am waiting for the Association to come to fix some issues, and it is already after 1 pm.  I drank a cup of green tea. I called the Association and left a message to remind them at around 3 pm. Thirty minutes later, someone came, and worked on the discolored area in the room that had the leak, as well as checked other stuff. He said he will come back later, maybe on Wednesday to finish the areas at four different places of my townhouse. At 5 pm, I ate dinner. While I was making Turkish coffee, I noticed the time was 5:55 pm.


Tuesday, 10.3.17, Video

Osho Zen card deck—I like the pictures of this Osho Zen card deck because it looks artistic and surreal. A couple of years ago, I had bought a used book about the OSHO Zen card deck from street vendor because the pictures and description for each card gave me inspiration for drawing my graphic novel.

The Creator card has to do with being able to create on your own, or doing stuff on your own because you are self-confident as well as you have a lot of energy.

The Completion card, 21st card, is in reverse, which indicates that something is missing in your life. But you also feel empty and unsure about some stuff.  Meditate and connect with God to help you move forward.

We are the World, 10th card, has to do with connections, relationships, and coming together to share. It is about different people coming together to work together.

These 3 cards add up to 32, and the number 32 reduces to 5. The number 5 means freedom.

I woke up at around 8:19 am, which is significant number because they are the numbers of my birthday. After feeding Gumby, I ate my breakfast while watching Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore, which had already started an hour ago, but I have seen it many times anyway and it didn’t really matter. After this movie, I noticed that Searching for Sugarman came on, which is a documentary about Sixto Rodriguez, a Mexican-American musician from Detroit, Michigan. He mostly performed in the early 70s, but I have never heard of him in America. But according to this documentary, he ended up becoming a famous star in South Africa. I think his music is interesting because it sounds like those indie music. I later had researched him, and I realized that he wasn’t famous in America because he was political. I listened to his songs on YouTube, and it sounds he was exposing the truth in his songs. He was a true artist. Whatever money he did make, he gave most of it away to family and friends, and he preferred to live a very modest lifestyle. Most of his income came from working blue collar jobs because he preferred it that way.  Then, all of the sudden, I noticed the time was 11:11 am. I made a cup of coffee to fully wake up while watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I thought it is interesting that this movie came on again after the recent Las Vegas false flag, which is like signs. At noon, I called the local court house for my 5-day on-call jury duty to see if I am needed or not. The recording instructed my group to call back again on Wednesday at noon. I drew another page, and put it aside for later. While chatting with someone about meetup site, I suddenly noticed the time is 4:44 pm. At 6:30 pm, I drove to my 7 pm meetup about dreams, but when I arrived there, I realized it had been cancelled at 4:30 pm. I don’t think this meetup will last long. It keeps getting cancelled because not much people show up. I returned home and browsed on Facebook.


Wednesday, 10.4.17, Video

The Empress card, 3rd card, is in reverse, which indicates that you won’t feel any interest in any people. You are more interested in focusing on yourself and what you want.

Mother of Cups card has to do with staying open for what lies ahead.

The Sun card, 19th card, has to do with feeling confident and positive. You will have a great day.

These 3 cards add up to 23, and the number 23 reduces to 5. The number 5 means freedom, which indicates that you disciplined and unable to be distracted. You will rid conflicts.

I finished drawing a page all morning, before calling the on-call jury duty recording at noon. My group was instructed to call again tomorrow at noon. Thursday is my last day to be on call. By 3:33 pm, I decided to get ready for a 4:30 pm business networking meetup. The Association worker didn’t come today to finish off the room upstairs, as well as do minor work in other rooms. I went to the business meetup mixer to network. I gave out some business cards, and I realized that I need to create new business cards. I need to create a new logo. I snacked on hors d’oeuvres, coffee, and liquor. I chatted a little bit, and then I decided to leave at 7:15 pm, in which I soon noticed that there is a beautiful moon outside and there will be a full moon on Thursday, which might be a sign of completion.


Thursday, 10.5.17, Video

Full Moon on Thursday and it seemed to be a positive and productive day. I worked on a graphic novel page all morning until around 3 pm, where someone from the Association came to fix the discolored area in the upstairs master bedroom, and we ended up painting other areas in the townhouse. After filling up and cover a hole in the ceiling, he painted it, and it looked very natural. The paint can is now mine, and I probably will buy more in the future so I can paint and touch up areas on walls throughout my townhouse. I would like to do the hallway and some living room walls. My walls actually look better, even though I didn’t paint up to the ceiling. He left at 4:30 pm, and he might continue tomorrow with the attic and chipped roof tile. I also have a walking group meetup on Friday.

Ace of Wands card is a blessing from God. I will get special insights.

The 10 of Cups card has to do with focusing on relationships and family. You will realize what you really want, and it will make you happy and complete.

Wheel of Fortune card, 10th card, is in reverse, which indicates that you have clarity in solving your obstacles and make it work, and you receive insight. You will move forward with that and make things happen.

These cards add up to 21, and the number 21 reduces to 3. The number 3 means new beginning, communications, and expression.


Friday, October 6, 2017

The 4 of Swords card indicates it is a good time to take action.

The Sun, 19th card, is about strength, power, and taking action. You will be productive, getting a lot of things done. You know more than you think, and you are more powerful than you realize.

Knight of Swords card has to do with rushing into situations. You will be ahead of others, while others are slow. Don’t think too much, just go for it and get things done. It is very positive, and you will benefit. You will be able to transform your life.  You will make a change.

These cards add up to 24, and the number 24 reduces 6. The number 6 means temporary opportunity. Take some action and make things happen.

I mostly worked on my graphic novel in the morning, and then I went to a walking meetup at 6 pm for one hour. Then, a group of us went browsing through the new grocery store, Bargain Outlet. It looks interesting, and has some interesting items. I might shop there sometimes in the future. Then, I came home to relax.


Saturday, 10.7.17, Video

The Devil card, 15th card, has to do with lust, or getting stuck in an illusion of something not real.

Queen of Swords card indicating with you are dissatisfied with something and relatives. You are better up going for something more difficult because it will lead you toward the right path. The quick fix might not be a good idea.

Ace of Chalices card is a blessing from God, which will be a long term process, such as true love.

These 3 cards add up 17, and the number 17 reduces to 8. The number 8 means power to improve your relationships.

I went to Mother’s Market at 1 pm because I was  out of stuff. Then, I went to the art gallery reception at 5 pm. I returned home at  7 pm.


Sunday, 10.8.17, Video

Mutter der Schwerter im Suden is Konigin der Schwerter or Nut, which is actually the Queen of Swords card. It is a good day for making long term decisions.

Unterdruckung is Zehn der Stabe card, which is actually the 10 of Staves card. This card has to do with burden and worries. Get rid of certain burdens.

Vater der Steine im Westen is Ritter der Scheiben, or Old Man, which is actually Knight of Pentacles card. You might be reluctant to make any changes.

These 3 cards add up to 12, and the number 12 reduces to 3. The number 3 means new beginnings, communications, and expressions.

While blogging, I noticed the time was 3:33 pm. I didn’t do much today except the usual. I stayed home and worked on stuff.






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